Brexit: UK driver has ham sandwiches confiscated at Dutch border
11/01/2021 | news | world | 5,522
Dutch TV films officials confiscating ham sandwiches from UK drivers under new food import rules.
Coronavirus: EU urges countries to lift UK travel bans
22/12/2020 | news | world | 3,766
Dozens of countries, alarmed by a new coronavirus variant, have suspended travel links with the UK.
Brexit: EU sets out plans in case trade talks with UK fail
10/12/2020 | news | world | 7,009
The EU's contingency plans for "no deal" include measures to ensure smooth air and road travel.
Coronavirus: Irish shutdown eases with hospitality reopening
04/12/2020 | news | world | 6
Restaurants, cafes and some pubs in the Republic of Ireland are opening after six weeks of lockdown.
Covid-19: Preparation for NI vaccination programme in December
26/11/2020 | news | world | 32
Rollout will start with care home residents and staff, health and social care workers and those over 80.
Covid-19: Global coronavirus cases pass 50 million
09/11/2020 | news | world | 352
More than 1.25 million coronavirus-related deaths have been reported, Johns Hopkins university says.
Covid: Merkel warns of 'long, hard winter' as lockdowns return
29/10/2020 | news | world | 949
Germany and France reintroduce strict measures amid dire warnings over rising Covid-19 cases.
Brexit: Trade talks are back on - but what's changed?
21/10/2020 | news | world | 311
The UK's big walkout - and the EU's tough talking - had more than a hint of political theatre.
Coronavirus: Republic of Ireland to move to highest restrictions
19/10/2020 | news | world | 190
The new rules, broadly similar to the spring lockdown, are due to last for six weeks.
Coronavirus: Belgium facing 'tsunami' of new infections
19/10/2020 | news | world | 782
The country is close to being overwhelmed as the number of cases soars, the health minister warns.
Global Covid-19 death toll passes one million
29/09/2020 | news | world | 615
UN chief António Guterres calls it "an agonising milestone" as the fight to stem the virus continues.
Travel firms 'desperately need' government help
24/08/2020 | news | world | 509
The industry is asking government for a new rescue plan as jobs are being lost at an "alarming" rate.
Coronavirus: Australia records deadliest day but fewer new infections
10/08/2020 | news | world | 656
An outbreak in Victoria has seen over 100 deaths in the past week, but new infections may be slowing.
Coronavirus: Spain races to save tourism as cases surge
27/07/2020 | news | world | 1,917
The UK imposed a 14-day quarantine on all arrivals from Spain after a spike in infections.