Brexit: UK to decide on Gibraltar-EU travel deal
20/01/2020 | news | world | 512
Gibraltar considers joining the Schengen zone, but the UK government says it cannot decide alone.
China to ban bags and other single-use plastic
20/01/2020 | news | world | 94
One of the world's biggest users of plastic plans to phase out most single-use items by 2025.
China virus cases triple as infection spreads
20/01/2020 | news | world | 228
This comes as China confirms that a new strain of coronavirus can pass from person to person.
EU reveals clues ahead of post-Brexit talks with UK
16/01/2020 | news | world | 3,056
Presentation slides published online give an insight into how the future relationship might pan out.
Court rules Ryanair baggage fee policy 'excessive'
20/11/2019 | news | world | 62
A Spanish judge says a passenger should not have been forced to pay a fine for extra luggage.
China's mega-dump already full - 25 years early
15/11/2019 | news | world | 497
China collects hundreds of millions of tonnes of waste a year - and dealing with it is a problem.
No Stormont talks before election - Varadkar
14/11/2019 | news | world | 281
Politicians are in Dublin for a meeting of the British-Irish council.
Phone use video advice sparks sexism outcry
08/11/2019 | news | world | 79
A video by Turkey's religious authority stirs debate about gender equality.
Tory leaflets: Vote for rivals puts Brexit at risk
12/10/2019 | news | world | 900
Campaign material suggests the party accepts the UK might not have left the EU by the time of an election.
EU 'open but unconvinced' by UK PM's Brexit plan
03/10/2019 | news | world | 1,816
Britain's latest proposals for leaving the EU fall short of what is required to get a deal, the bloc's leaders say.
Thomas Cook in Germany files for bankruptcy
25/09/2019 | news | world | 222
After the UK parent company's collapse, the German subsidiary tries to save its national brands.
Mont Blanc glacier could collapse, experts warn
25/09/2019 | news | world | 583
Global warming is blamed as a huge section of glacier on the Italian side looks set to break away.
Austria blocks EU's trade deal with South America
19/09/2019 | news | world | 480
MPs in Vienna deal a blow to a landmark agreement which cannot pass without all EU states backing it.
Top MEP 'willing to revisit NI-only backstop'
12/09/2019 | news | world | 634
The UK has not yet put forward any workable alternatives to the Brexit border backstop, says the EU.
No-deal Brexit 'would be a failure' - Johnson
06/09/2019 | news | world | 4,784
Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar say "common ground was established" at their meeting in Dublin.
'No breakthroughs expected from Johnson meeting'
05/09/2019 | news | world | 2,095
Mr Varadkar said that the meeting is "an opportunity to establish a personal relationship".
Great Barrier Reef outlook is 'very poor'
30/08/2019 | news | world | 822
A report downgrades the reef's long-term health from poor to very poor due to climate change.
Has EU budged over Brexit deal?
26/08/2019 | news | world | 736
Irish backstop talks have been reignited as the UK and EU jostle for the moral high ground.
China warns HK protesters not to 'play with fire'
06/08/2019 | news | world | 370
Don't mistake Beijing's restraint for weakness, China's Hong Kong affairs office warns demonstrators.