Contact tracing to be phased in from 1 June
27/05/2020 | news | uk | 140
Contacts of those who have tested positive for Covid-19 will be asked to self-isolate.
Schools and workplaces could see 'local lockdowns'
27/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,547
Restrictions could be introduced if there is a local flare-up of coronavirus, a minister says.
Local lockdowns will be used to stop 'flare-ups'
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 169
The health secretary says coronavirus restrictions are part of plans to suppress infections in England.
Scots' fears over lockdown economic impact
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 566
Scotland's coronavirus restrictions are set to be eased, but what do Scots think about the future?
The billions being spent on coronavirus in Wales
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 321
The Welsh Government reveals how it is spending £2.4bn on tackling the coronavirus pandemic.
No Covid-19 deaths reported in NI on Tuesday
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 118
It is the first time since 18 March that no new deaths have been reported - a "clear sign of progress" according to the health minister.
Next steps for Welsh lockdown due on Friday
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 567
Health minister says people in Wales will be told of any relaxation of the rules in three days time.
Scottish test and trace scheme to start on Thursday
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 724
People who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive will now be traced and told to self-isolate.
Politicians back plans to fast track budget bill
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 78
The finance minister has warned a number of executive departments could run out of cash this summer.
Coronavirus crisis a chance to 'end rough sleeping'
26/05/2020 | news | uk | 286
Almost 15,000 rough sleepers have been in emergency accommodation since the start of the lockdown.
'Meaningful' school opening needs distancing change
25/05/2020 | news | uk | 27
Head of one of NI's biggest schools says social distancing guidelines will need to change for pupils.
Passengers 'expected' to wear face coverings
25/05/2020 | news | uk | 293
Public transport could be reduced to as little as 10% of normal capacity under the phase one plan.
Expiring driving licences to be extended
25/05/2020 | news | uk | 10
Driving licences expiring between 1 February and 31 August 2020 will be valid for seven more months.
Plan to boost environment post-virus urged
25/05/2020 | news | uk | 35
The RSPB wants less focus on building new roads in favour of improving public transport.
Scots' concerns over UK handling of lockdown
25/05/2020 | news | uk | 596
Scotland's virus restrictions are set to be eased, but what do Scots think about how the crisis has been handled?
Councils will take 'generation' to pay for virus
24/05/2020 | news | uk | 129
Raising council taxes would be a "very undesirable outcome", the local government association says.
Quarantine plans for UK arrivals unveiled
22/05/2020 | news | uk | 4,734
From 8 June, people arriving in the UK must self-isolate for 14 days - but some workers will be exempt.
£25m farming package 'not a magic bullet'
22/05/2020 | news | uk | 14
Edwin Poots says he hopes those who qualify for some of the cash will have it by the summer.
Chief constable issues bank holiday plea to public
22/05/2020 | news | uk | 117
Northern Ireland must "keep the momentum" going in adhering to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, says Simon Byrne.
UK arrivals could be fined for breaking quarantine
22/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,904
Travellers to the UK must self-isolate for 14 days from next month, the government is expected to announce.
NI 'needs network of off-road trails'
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 14
People taking regular exercise during the lockdown have seen major health benefits, a survey says.
Acting earlier would have cut deaths - Sage member
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,065
Locking down the UK sooner would have made a big difference to the death rate, a scientific adviser says.
Some pupils to return to school in late August
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 255
Children in key year groups will return ahead of others, says the education minister.
Deal agreed for antibody virus tests on NHS
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 392
NHS staff will be prioritised for the blood tests, which check if someone has already had the coronavirus.
Government defends NHS fee for overseas carers
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 440
A number of Conservatives are now calling for health and care workers to be exempt from the charge.
No more changes to NI lockdown restrictions yet
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 26
Ministers met to consider allowing people to visit family indoors, but have decided against it for now.
Don't forget rural communities, farmer pleads
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 118
The economic impact of coronavirus could hit harder in rural communities, a farmer says.
Resort locals 'shocked and angry' at beach crowds
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 104
Seaside town dwellers complain of crowds of people ignoring health fears for "a jolly on the beach".
Scottish schools to reopen in August
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 212
Staff will return to schools next month to prepare for "a different model of learning" after the summer holidays.
PM faces rebels over NHS fee for overseas carers
21/05/2020 | news | uk | 651
It comes after Boris Johnson rejected calls to scrap the fees health workers must pay to use the NHS.
Welsh aviation sector needs 'major intervention'
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 125
Only Downing Street has enough money to help the aviation sector, Economy Minister Ken Skates says.
'No free school meals' during summer
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 42
The families of about 97,000 children have been receiving payments in place of free school meals.
'Herculean' number of cancer cases looming
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 27
Surgeons warn there could be a major rise in cancer cases in NI after the coronavirus pandemic.
Maximum lockdown penalties rise to £1,920 in Wales
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 185
But minimum penalties of £60 will not increase, despite demands from police chiefs.
Scottish lockdown easing to begin next week
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 4,311
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon unveils a four-phase "route map" aimed at relaxing the coronavirus restrictions.
Cars 'from across country' cause beaches gridlock
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,586
A Devon car park is described as "like August", while a Merseyside council asks people to stay away.
Track and trace system in place from June - PM
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 4,494
It comes as Labour accuses the government of leaving a "huge hole" in the UK's coronavirus defences.
Plan for phased return to colleges and universities
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 40
A three-point plan to try and reopen colleges and universities in Wales has been published.
Wales 'fallen behind on testing' - Welsh Secretary
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 217
Simon Hart says it is making progress with recovering from Covid-19 "so much slower".
Music industry hit by coronavirus 'catastrophe'
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 25
Government support is needed to prevent irreversible damage to Scotland's music scene, the industry says.
Covid-19 response in NI mental health action plan
20/05/2020 | news | uk | 18
The Covid-19 pandemic brings mental health needs into sharp focus, says the health minister.
Government confirms new checks on goods entering NI
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 608
Details of the plans are contained in UK proposals for implementing the NI part of the Brexit deal.
Retail sales hit hard by coronavirus pandemic
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 280
Total sales on Scotland's high streets dropped year-on-year by 40.3%, new figures show.
Data delay saw care homes ‘fighting losing battle’
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 307
Public Health England did not share figures on the number of care home outbreaks until late April.
Meeting loved ones outdoors 'being considered'
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 239
Ministers in Wales look at changing rules as advice says virus may decay "very quickly" in sunlight.
Welsh MPs criticise return to Westminster
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 53
MPs will no longer be able to debate legislation online, and will have to travel to London.
Big jump in number claiming out-of-work benefits
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 26
Benefit claims related to unemployment leapt in April, a month into the coronavirus lockdown.
Executive will 'revisit indoor family meetings'
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 68
As some restrictions are eased, the health minister urges the public to "keep on keeping your distance".
Huge rise in Scots claiming unemployment benefit
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 476
It is thought about 75,000 more people in Scotland claimed unemployment benefit in April, the first full month of lockdown.
Unemployment in NI rose by almost 90% in April
19/05/2020 | news | uk | 45
New claims for Universal Credit have gone up by nearly 300% since the Covid-19 crisis began.
Ovo Energy to close offices and cut 2,600 jobs
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 147
The new owner of SSE's retail division says the lockdown has forced it to accelerate cost-cutting measures.
Five and overs in UK now eligible for virus test
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,719
Coronavirus testing has been extended to everyone aged five and over in the UK with symptoms.
Welsh manufacturers expect ‘gradual’ return
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 34
There is a desire to get back to work but it comes with challenges, say business leaders.
More NI lockdown measures to be lifted
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 204
Groups of up to six people will be allowed to meet outdoors and some sports can resume.
Push for cycling despite safety fears
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 296
Three in five people think cycling on the road in the UK is too dangerous, survey data shows.
Scotland aims to ease lockdown on 28 May
18/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,273
The moves will allow some sports and outdoor activities, and meeting someone from another household.
Care home testing to be completed by end of June
17/05/2020 | news | uk | 61
Robin Swann says Covid-19 testing will increase as NI records another six coronavirus-linked deaths.
Tracing technology trialled at three health boards
17/05/2020 | news | uk | 99
The Scottish government says software will be tested in NHS Fife, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Highland.
UK 'must work together on coronavirus supplies'
16/05/2020 | news | uk | 213
The UK nations must band together to compete for global testing supplies, an expert says.
We owe it to children to open schools - Williamson
16/05/2020 | news | uk | 5,304
The education secretary acknowledges some parents are "very anxious" about schools reopening in England.
Waves and hot weather 'a perfect storm of danger'
16/05/2020 | news | uk | 36
A large swell and a loosening of the lockdown are a "recipe for disaster", beachgoers are warned.
Recycling centres open as NI lockdown plan debated
15/05/2020 | news | uk | 83
Some lockdown-easing measures take effect today, but ministers are meeting to approve other changes.
Sturgeon: Scots 'need to get some normality back'
15/05/2020 | news | uk | 879
The first minister says people "can't live like this forever" as she hints that minor lockdown changes could come next week.
London congestion charge to be reinstated
15/05/2020 | news | uk | 945
The charge will resume on Monday and go up in June to avoid a build up of traffic in the capital.
Doctors 'told not to discuss PPE shortages'
15/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,527
One NHS doctor tells BBC Newsnight he was told by managers at his hospital to "stop causing a fuss".
Rural community groups threatened by Covid crisis
14/05/2020 | news | uk | 42
One in four community groups in rural areas says the pandemic threatens their financial viability.
Reopening NHS services must be safe, unions say
14/05/2020 | news | uk | 611
Hospitals face another "crucial test" when outpatient clinics and operations resume, health unions say.
Lockdown in Wales could be relaxed in two weeks
14/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,468
Wales' first minister announces a cautious plan for easing restrictions on daily life.
'No financial support' for some supply teachers
14/05/2020 | news | uk | 24
A union wants parity as some are left with "no financial support" during the coronavirus lockdown.
Plans for 600-job glass bottle factory unveiled
14/05/2020 | news | uk | 41
The plant in Ebbw Vale could make 1,200 pallets of glass bottles every day, a report says.
NI substitute teachers 'surviving day-to-day'
13/05/2020 | news | uk | 36
The closures of schools means about 3,800 subs are without work or pay in Northern Ireland.
Council votes to furlough more than 300 staff
13/05/2020 | news | uk | 129
Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council voted for the move at a special meeting on Thursday night.
Wales 'more exposed' to unprecedented jobs crisis
13/05/2020 | news | uk | 220
A high proportion of workers in Wales are employed in sectors currently shut down by coronavirus.
Small firms 'on knife-edge' amid virus crisis
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 473
A survey suggests a third of small businesses fear they will not be able to reopen after lockdown.
Recovery plan implemented 'long before' December
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 223
First Minister Arlene Foster's comments come as NI trade groups question the lack of a timetable in the blueprint.
Plans submitted for 650 homes in west Belfast
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 19
The scheme also includes proposals for shops, two care homes and a hotel.
Fear of spike in abandoned puppies post-lockdown
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 34
Charities and shelters say new owners may not be able to commit to their pets on returning to work.
Lockdown confusion for those living on the borders
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 407
Which lockdown rules apply for those who live in one country and work in another?
Coronavirus leaves £4bn black hole in TfL budget
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 145
During the lockdown Transport for London has lost 90% of its overall income, new documents reveal.
Councils 'should retain as many staff as possible'
12/05/2020 | news | uk | 14
One council is reviewing a decision to lay off 46 staff and 20 agency workers.
PM 'not expecting' flood of people back to work
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 465
Boris Johnson says people should only return to the workplace if it is secure against coronavirus.
Delay to P7 pupils finding out their new schools
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 6
The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the Saturday post being temporarily scrapped, causing delays.
Electricity price cut 'too little too late'
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 15
A business group criticises Power NI's decision to cut its electricity prices by less than 5%.
'Huge deficit' in critical care doctor training
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 146
Half of intensive care posts in hospitals are not properly filled, says a senior consultant.
NI five-step plan for easing lockdown published
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 524
The first step includes changes to rules on exercise and allowing churches to open for private prayer.
New face covering advice for people in England
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 283
Wearing face coverings on public transport and in some shops is advised in a new government document on easing the lockdown.
Non-essential trips to Scotland 'could break law'
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,779
Nicola Sturgeon says people in Scotland should only be out of their homes for "essential reasons".
Jury trials to resume in England and Wales
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 99
They will resume next week at selected courts, including the Old Bailey, with social distancing rules.
New 'loose rules' could make policing 'impossible'
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 796
Confusion about the new guidelines leaves them open to interpretation, the Police Federation says.
'Don't rush to beauty spots' plea after PM speech
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,127
Police, tourism bosses and politicians say they fear some areas will see an influx of visitors.
'Do not drive from England to Wales to exercise'
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,896
People are warned not to travel to Wales from England for leisure activities or to second homes.
'Severe contraction' in NI economy in April
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 86
The Ulster Bank's monthly business survey showed its steepest ever fall in activity.
Minister considering lockdown wedding rules change
11/05/2020 | news | uk | 252
The government lockdown has seen couples across the UK cancel or postpone their weddings.
Plan to ease NI lockdown 'over five stages'
10/05/2020 | news | uk | 217
Stormont ministers say they hope to bring a five-phase plan for recovery to the assembly on Tuesday.
Stay home advice 'has not changed in Wales'
10/05/2020 | news | uk | 181
First Minister Mark Drakeford said people should stay at home wherever they can.
Sturgeon: Stay at home message remains in Scotland
10/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,129
The first minister says the message in Scotland remains the same after the prime minister urged people to "stay alert".
Why are we looking at the 'R number' in Wales?
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 36
The transmission rate in Wales is the focus of health officials as we look to ease lockdown.
'Catastrophic mistake' to change lockdown message
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,437
Nicola Sturgeon extends the coronavirus lockdown in Scotland and says the stay at home message should remain in place.
'Stay away from beauty spots' bank holiday warning
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,075
Emergency services and other authorities say travel to beaches and national parks will "cost lives".
London Zoo faces 'perilous future'
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 276
The zoo is struggling to obtain support from banks, because it has no history of borrowing.
Ministers to announce lockdown plans on Friday
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 663
Wales' first minister will outline how and when minor adjustments to the restrictions will be made.
PPE gowns bought for NHS from Turkey unusable
07/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,531
More than 2,000 gowns ordered by the UK do not meet British safety standards, the government confirms.
Coronavirus has 'dramatic' impact on film industry
06/05/2020 | news | uk | 37
Twenty-five film and TV productions have been halted in Northern Ireland due to the pandemic
UK first European country to pass 30,000 deaths
06/05/2020 | news | uk | 3,919
The UK records a further 649 deaths, taking the total number of coronavirus deaths to 30,076.
A million under-25s face unemployment, study warns
06/05/2020 | news | uk | 140
It says school leavers face "years of reduced pay and limited job prospects" because of Covid-19.
UK coronavirus death toll higher than Italy's
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 5,283
The figure of 29,427 deaths is "a massive tragedy", the foreign secretary says, but steers clear of comparisons.
Mass testing earlier 'would have been beneficial'
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,344
The UK's chief scientist tells MPs mass testing is "part of the system that you need to get right".
Sturgeon sets out options for easing lockdown
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,635
The moves could include a gradual reopening of schools and allowing people to spend more time outside.
Furlough scheme change branded 'a smokescreen'
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 46
Many people who started jobs in March cannot get furlough payments despite the scheme being extended.
Reopening schools too early could 'overwhelm' NHS
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 414
The Scottish government sets out options for reopening schools, but warns that it is too early to take action now.
Thousands more in Wales told to shield from virus
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 254
The number of people being shielded in Wales has risen to 121,000, the Welsh health minister says.
Swann 'shocked' at images of packed flight
05/05/2020 | news | uk | 1,117
Aer Lingus is boosting capacity on its Belfast-Heathrow route after a photo showed a packed aircraft.
Tube numbers to be 'severely restricted'
04/05/2020 | news | uk | 0
A leaked report warns only tens of thousands can use the Tube to adhere to social distance rules.
Patients face long journeys for coronavirus tests
04/05/2020 | news | uk | 16
One NHS volunteer says he was told to visit a mobile testing centre more than 250 miles away.
'Huge gaps' in draft coronavirus workplace rules
04/05/2020 | news | uk | 2,041
The leader of the TUC says she cannot recommend the government's draft advice "in its current form".
Test and trace system 'in place by end of May'
04/05/2020 | news | uk | 863
The strategy will work alongside other coronavirus suppression measures, including physical distancing.
UK tests pass government's 100,000-a-day target
01/05/2020 | news | uk | 6,758
A third of the government's 122,300 tests in 24 hours were sent in the post but not necessarily completed.
Wales' social care workers to get £500 bonus
01/05/2020 | news | uk | 78
Wales' first minister announces the payment as coronavirus deaths in care homes continue to rise.
Wales has 'begun to come over peak'
01/05/2020 | news | uk | 275
But Mark Drakeford says he cannot be certain Wales has come far enough to ease restrictions.
Daily 100,000 tests target 'likely' to be hit
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,052
But the target is just a "stepping stone" to more testing, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick says.
Coronavirus testing to be expanded in Scotland
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 390
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said tests will be carried out in all care homes where there has been an outbreak.
Do British people still accept the lockdown?
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,284
Many say they would be uncomfortable leaving home even if restrictions were lifted.
UK past the peak of coronavirus, says PM
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,304
Boris Johnson says he will set out a plan next week on the economy, schools and transport beyond lockdown.
Doubt over plans to reopen rubbish tips
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 503
Some authorities say waste sites will reopen at the weekend, while others say further guidance is needed.
Recycling targets 'challenging' during pandemic
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 13
Cardiff is the only Welsh local authority to change the way it treats recycling in lockdown.
No major lockdown relaxation, says O'Neill
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 115
Deputy first minister plays down prospect of dramatic change when rules are reviewed next week.
'Too early' to start easing lockdown - Sturgeon
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 870
Scotland's first minister says it is unlikely any restrictions will be eased at the next review date on 7 May.
Tube may be 'overwhelmed' when lockdown is lifted
30/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,007
Transport and police in London could come under great strain if restrictions are eased, a report warns.
PM to update UK on 'steps to defeat' coronavirus
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,996
Boris Johnson will lead the Downing Street briefing for the first time since his return to work.
Lockdown could cripple builders firms 'in months'
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 179
Construction firms in Scotland call for a limited return to work as financial pressure mounts.
NI universities face losing 'more than £140m'
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 18
Queen's University Belfast is facing a potential loss of £80m while Ulster University could lose £64m.
Committee holds 'constructive' NI Brexit deal meeting
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 77
A committee of UK and EU officials has been set up to implement the NI part of the Brexit deal.
Laptops offered to school pupils during lockdown
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 51
Children who do not have access to internet-enabled devices could benefit from a £3m scheme.
UK coronavirus deaths pass 26,000
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 2,512
The foreign secretary says the figure is not a "sudden surge", as it includes retrospective deaths.
Education review delayed 'due to coronavirus'
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 632
The report into Scotland's education system will not now be published until after the Holyrood election.
Care home testing will not be expanded in Wales
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 599
First minister says there would be "no value" in giving everyone in care homes tests.
EnQuest signals 500 North Sea redundancies
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 123
Oil and gas operator EnQuest says it expects to make about 530 redundancies in the North Sea.
Minister calls for review of garden centre ban
29/04/2020 | news | uk | 176
Edwin Poots suggests centres in NI could reopen, if they can put in place social distancing.
Schools 'need £60m more per year to reverse cuts'
28/04/2020 | news | uk | 59
MLAs are to question senior education officials on 2020-21 budget, which is more than £2bn.
Bringing coronavirus news to the deaf community
28/04/2020 | news | uk | 15
Two sign language interpreters at Stormont briefings play a vital role for the deaf community.
Millions more to be eligible for coronavirus tests
28/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,429
Staff and residents of care homes in England, and over-65s, can now be tested, the health secretary says.
Scottish government suggests covering face in shops
28/04/2020 | news | uk | 2,712
Nicola Sturgeon says there may be "some benefit" in wearing a cloth face covering in enclosed areas.
Warning to traders overcharging during pandemic
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 32
People have reported small bottles of sanitiser being sold for £13 and eight kitchen rolls for £15 in NI.
Transfer test registration is postponed
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 8
Registration for P6 pupils was due to open on Wednesday but the AQE has delayed it until 14 May.
NI economy 'to shrink by 7.5% this year'
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 108
The forecast from Danske Bank is relatively optimistic compared to some other estimates.
'Thousands' of oil and gas jobs under threat
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 199
The UK's oil and gas industry says many firms will struggle to survive through the coronavirus crisis.
'Bare cupboards' as food bank use rises in pandemic
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 25
Volunteers say they have been helping hospitality workers who have been furloughed.
Sturgeon urges Scots to 'stick with' lockdown
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 945
Nicola Sturgeon says "real progress" has been made, but warns it is "fragile" and must be protected.
PSNI budget down by nearly a quarter in a decade
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 39
The shortfall in finances has been met by reducing personnel, a report by the Audit Office finds.
This is the moment of maximum risk, Johnson says
27/04/2020 | news | uk | 5,932
The PM returns as ministers pledge £60,000 for the families of NHS and care staff who die with Covid-19.
Staff needed to 'bolster' care homes, group warns
26/04/2020 | news | uk | 78
The call for more nurses comes as 10 more deaths linked to Covid-19 are reported, bringing the total to 309.
Government to fund 'essential' light rail services
24/04/2020 | news | uk | 139
Department for Transport funding will support "essential services" across England, a spokesman says.
Frozen airline food mountain to feed those in need
24/04/2020 | news | uk | 265
Disadvantaged people across Greater Manchester will receive meals intended for air passengers.
TfL furloughs 7,000 staff as financial woes deepen
24/04/2020 | news | uk | 562
London's transport commissioner says fare revenues have plummeted by 90% during the pandemic.
Firms urged to challenge insurers 'trying it on'
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 111
Small businesses like pubs and restaurants face issues with insurers not paying out over Covid-19.
'Traffic light' system to lift lockdown in Wales
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 885
First minister says some restrictions could be eased at end of current three-week lockdown period.
Lifting of Scottish lockdown 'likely to be phased'
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,343
A Scottish government paper on plans to lift lockdown warns life will not return to normal for some time.
Councils warn government bailout cash 'gone now'
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 96
Leaders say government grants worth a combined £3.2bn are "not even close" to covering their costs.
Pressure to give businesses 'hope' in lockdown
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,584
A senior Tory MP says the government must discuss a return to normality or risk companies folding.
NI lockdown could lift at a different pace, Foster
23/04/2020 | news | uk | 189
The first minister also says the executive is set to provide more clarity over whether people can travel to exercise.
Thousands 'missing out on £10,000 grant'
22/04/2020 | news | uk | 47
More than 3,000 small businesses have not applied for a Stormont grant while others are playing an anxious waiting game.
London transport 'will run out of money in weeks'
22/04/2020 | news | uk | 207
London mayor Sadiq Khan calls on the government to step in, warning services will otherwise be cut.
RAF plane lands with PPE from Turkey
22/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,233
The delayed flight arrived with about half of the promised protective kit for NHS staff.
Tourism firm survey shows 1,300 permanent lay-offs
21/04/2020 | news | uk | 33
Industry body Tourism NI says it has "major concerns" over Covid-19's long-term effect.
UK 'throwing everything' at coronavirus vaccine
21/04/2020 | news | uk | 307
Matt Hancock says human trials for a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford will begin on Thursday.
Libraries see surge in e-book borrowing
21/04/2020 | news | uk | 9
New library registrations were up by an average of 600% across England in March, compared with 2019.
Covid-19 has become an 'economic crisis'
21/04/2020 | news | uk | 637
The current lockdown restrictions are cutting output from the economy by a third.
Farmers can apply for self-employed Covid scheme
20/04/2020 | news | uk | 58
All eligible farmers can apply for support under a scheme to help the self-employed during the pandemic.
Wales target for 5,000 tests a day abandoned
20/04/2020 | news | uk | 251
Opposition parties criticise the first minister, who says he will not set another target.
Fears raised over fall in cancer case referrals
20/04/2020 | news | uk | 117
The number of urgent suspected cancer referrals in the Scottish health system has dropped by 72%.
Virus hospital 'open for at least five months'
20/04/2020 | news | uk | 405
The £43m NHS Louisa Jordan facility at the SEC campus in Glasgow is now ready to receive Covid-19 patients.
RAF plane en route to Turkey amid NHS kit row
20/04/2020 | news | uk | 4,564
The government says it is working "around the clock" to end the shortage of protective gear.
Executive 'should give disadvantaged children iPads'
19/04/2020 | news | uk | 60
A NI academic says school closures are more likely to harm children from low income families.
Extra 30,000 mortuary places to be provided
19/04/2020 | news | uk | 53
Ministers say the move is to ensure enough capacity for the most pessimistic outcome on the number of deaths.
Demand for fruit and veg boxes rises amid pandemic
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 28
Growers see increase in demand for their produce during the coronavirus crisis.
Virus tests expanded to more public service staff
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 2,589
Capacity is rising "sharply" but fewer NHS staff than expected are coming forward, Matt Hancock says.
Wales could do lockdown differently to rest of UK
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 463
The first minister says there will be a series of tests before lockdown ends.
'London-only lockdown' was considered by government
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 249
Strict limits on daily life could have been introduced in London first, the health secretary says.
UK to be 'guided by scientists' on face masks
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 2,226
There are growing calls for the public to wear face masks but ministers insist the evidence is mixed.
Airports 'at risk' of closure as flights grounded
17/04/2020 | news | uk | 593
Most remaining services are for freight, supplies and repatriation of people from overseas.
Mid Ulster most at risk of coronavirus economic hit
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 246
The scenario assumes a three-month lockdown followed by three months of gradual reopening.
Second-home owners 'use loophole' to claim grants
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 130
Small businesses can apply for £10,000 grants from a £1.1bn Welsh Government package.
Fly-tipping rise prompts plea to reopen tips
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 120
Some local authorities say they have seen a "sharp rise" in illegal dumping during lockdown.
UK lockdown extended for 'at least' three weeks
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 531
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says relaxing measures too early would harm public health and the economy.
What are key workers paid?
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 410
Every Thursday the country comes together to celebrate our key workers, but how well are they paid?
Social distancing needed 'until vaccine found'
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,249
Scientists say "significant" measures should stay for some time, with the UK lockdown set to continue.
Travelling for exercise 'breaching restrictions'
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 270
A senior police officer says that of 200 lockdown fines issued, only four have been over exercise.
Ministers to back three-week lockdown extension
16/04/2020 | news | uk | 325
Labour says it will support an extension but calls for details on how and when the lockdown will end.
Home gas checks 'unnecessary risk' in lockdown
15/04/2020 | news | uk | 39
Engineers call for gas safety tests in rental homes to be suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Medics to trial 'glimmer of hope' blood treatment
15/04/2020 | news | uk | 179
Blood will be extracted from people who have recovered from Covid-19 and the plasma given to patients.
Three-week extension to NI coronavirus lockdown
15/04/2020 | news | uk | 364
The first and deputy first ministers say now is not the time to relax in the fight against the virus.
'Unprecedented' level of scams linked to Covid-19
15/04/2020 | news | uk | 21
Trading Standards officers are seeing new types of face-to-face and online fraud on a "daily basis".
NI economy sees 'fastest and deepest' decline ever
14/04/2020 | news | uk | 185
The survey of businesses shows the steepest ever fall in activity as the coronavirus hits the economy.
Produce 'may be stuck on farms if crisis worsens'
13/04/2020 | news | uk | 115
Supply lines continue to function, but concerns remain should the coronavirus situation deteriorate.
Many vocational students 'to get predicted grades'
13/04/2020 | news | uk | 18
It follows the cancellation of exams and assessments in vocational and technical qualifications.
New coronavirus helpline for vulnerable Scots
13/04/2020 | news | uk | 398
A new phone line is set up to provide help and advice for Scots who lack a support network at home.
'Shamed' despite sticking to social distancing rules
09/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,395
Even those abiding by the lockdown regulations can find themselves the target for shaming.
Funding 'not enough' to keep some charities afloat
09/04/2020 | news | uk | 693
While many charities have welcomed the government's £750m package, others say more help is needed.
Police warning after 660 illegal parties shut down
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 4,512
Greater Manchester Police says some house parties even featured bouncy castles, DJs or fireworks.
Aerospace industry 'will take years' to recover
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 21
The reduction in flights is "a real challenge" for companies, Aerospace Wales says.
Coronavirus lockdown in Wales to be extended
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 587
The lockdown will not be lifted next week, Wales' first minister confirms.
'Without the deliveries my children would starve'
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 456
The Countryside Alliance said volunteers are bringing supplies to isolated rural communities.
Police 'should not be used as factory inspectors'
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 16
Officers should not have to enforce workplace virus rules, a police and crime commissioner says.
Appeal to stay at home over Easter weekend
08/04/2020 | news | uk | 63
People are to use their common sense and only leave the house if necessary, says ACC Alan Todd.
Belfast ferry services reduced amid virus crisis
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 1
The ferry operator is reducing its weekly sailings from 138 to 108, having made 150 staff redundant.
Call to ban funeral services due to coronavirus
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 22
Inconsistency in how guidelines are being interpreted is causing further distress, it is claimed.
Covid-19 cases detected in 20 care homes across NI
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 5
The figure is revealed as NI's chief medical officer says there are signs social distancing is working.
Coronavirus medics have 'grave concerns' over PPE
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 600
More than 100 Scottish health professionals warn that some front-line staff lack suitable protection.
'Eight out of 10 firms plan to furlough staff'
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 184
A survey also finds almost a third of firms intend to furlough all workers due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Hospices and charities 'need financial help'
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 11
They say their income has dried up due to shops being closed and events being cancelled.
Air pollution plummets across UK amid lockdown
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 769
Levels of nitrogen dioxide fall by an average 40% on the same period last year.
Plans for four drive-through test centres
07/04/2020 | news | uk | 78
Plans to roll out testing to critical frontline workers, with a centre set to open in Cardiff.
Covid-19 testing begins at Belfast MoT centre
06/04/2020 | news | uk | 108
It comes as three more people die with coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in NI to 73.
Key workers to get free childcare in Wales
06/04/2020 | news | uk | 32
The changes will cover the next three months and provide care for children under five.
Closing open spaces should be 'last resort'
06/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,230
The communities secretary warns councils to be "judicious" over locking up green spaces.
PPE delivery 'sufficient' for current NI demand
05/04/2020 | news | uk | 421
More than five million pieces of personal protection equipment arrived in Northern Ireland on Monday.
Calls for elderly to get grocery delivery priority
05/04/2020 | news | uk | 45
A County Fermanagh couple say they're trying to secure delivery slots in the middle of the night.
Public urged to follow 'mission-critical' rules
05/04/2020 | news | uk | 8,300
The health secretary criticised "unbelievable" behaviour after people packed into sunny public parks.
Essential deliveries begin for most vulnerable
03/04/2020 | news | uk | 278
Deliveries of food and medicine start for those most at risk of being severely ill if they contract coronavirus.
'Stay at home' plea as Easter holiday looms
03/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,407
Warm weather is expected but the coronavirus lockdown remains in place, authorities warn.
First coronavirus field hospital opens in London
03/04/2020 | news | uk | 3,001
It comes as the Queen will address the nation on Sunday, as the number of deaths rises to 3,602.
NI 'too slow' on virus testing, says O'Neill
03/04/2020 | news | uk | 959
The deputy first minister's criticism of the health minister exposes political tensions.
More than 220 NI schools ready to open at Easter
02/04/2020 | news | uk | 15
The facilities will be available for the children of key workers and vulnerable children.
17,000 NI jobs to be furloughed
02/04/2020 | news | uk | 3
The scheme will see the government pay 80% of salary for staff who are kept on by their employer.
Hancock aims for 100,000 tests a day by May
02/04/2020 | news | uk | 2,889
Just over 10,000 people were tested in the UK on Wednesday, as coronavirus deaths rose to 2,921.
Deserted streets are 'massive nature experiment'
02/04/2020 | news | uk | 35
Students are using remote tracking to see if animals are changing their behaviour.
'Lower priority' crime cases on hold during virus
02/04/2020 | news | uk | 12
Suspected fraudsters and gangsters should not be charged to avoid "clogging up courts", says guidance.
City Hospital to host NI's first Nightingale
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 72
Tower block will have 230 beds and will help deal with the expected surge in coronavirus cases.
How new funeral restrictions affect the bereaved
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 12
Families who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus are dealing with challenging new funeral arrangements.
Plea for company to cut hospital call charges
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 120
Families and politicians are calling on Hospedia to cut their charges during the coronavirus crisis.
Thousands missed off coronavirus 'high risk' list
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 1,559
Transplant patients and people with lung diseases are among those who have been missed off the list.
The struggle to identify vulnerable shoppers
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 60
How are supermarkets trying to help those in most need of home deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak?
Edinburgh festivals cancelled due to coronavirus
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 745
The Edinburgh Fringe and four other major cultural festivals in the city will not take place this year.
Hospital staff could 'limit work' over protection
01/04/2020 | news | uk | 100
Staff are said to be "petrified" at the lack of protective equipment during the coronavirus crisis.
Messages of hope and thanks flourish during crisis
31/03/2020 | news | uk | 20
People across Wales are decorating their homes and writing letters to thank key workers.
NI executive received extra £912m for coronavirus
30/03/2020 | news | uk | 423
Finance Minister Conor Murphy outlines the spending in the 2020-21 budget.
Tesco 'whipping up' storm over Welsh rate relief
30/03/2020 | news | uk | 210
The retail giant is accused of a "disproportionate" campaign to overturn Welsh Ministers' decision.
Shoppers confused over what 'essential items' are
30/03/2020 | news | uk | 683
The government says you should only shop for "basic necessities" - but what does that actually mean?
Where are all the extra coronavirus beds going?
30/03/2020 | news | uk | 68
Health boards and councils aim to increase the bed capacity in Wales by thousands.
Volunteers requested to help schools stay open
29/03/2020 | news | uk | 178
Department of Education appeals for volunteers to work alongside existing school staff members.
£1.1bn 'reprioritised' fund to tackle coronavirus
29/03/2020 | news | uk | 122
The cash is aimed at helping businesses and public services come through the pandemic.
UK wary of international market for ventilators
28/03/2020 | news | uk | 1,490
The UK is avoiding buying from middlemen as prices rocket amid feverish global trading conditions.
'Emotional' tribute paid to NHS and care workers
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 1,059
The UK thanks frontline coronavirus staff as firefighters agree to drive ambulances to help the NHS.
Dogs could help 'sniff out' coronavirus
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 40
Researchers first need to find out how to safely catch the odour of the virus from patients.
Video call doctor appointments 'vital'
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 26
All surgeries will offer these by April with a GP saying they are crucial for face-to-face contact.
Pressure on foodbanks is 'mounting daily'
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 43
Foodbanks are opening to help during the coronavirus outbreak while others are forced to close.
Police to enforce virus lockdown with fines
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 727
New powers will allow Scottish police to hand out fines to anyone breaking social distancing rules.
Cat rehoming pleas from owners over virus fears
26/03/2020 | news | uk | 29
A charity says it is getting calls from owners worried they will catch coronavirus from their pets.
Schools 'may open' at Easter for key workers
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 204
Department of Education guidance says schools may stay open to care for the children of key workers.
Cancer patients 'could die due to surgery delays'
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 22
Coronavirus is having an effect on all surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital, a surgeon says.
Coronavirus delays cleaner air plans in cities
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 20
Plans to charge some vehicles to enter city centres are postponed due to the impact of the virus.
'Continuing issues' with protective kit for NHS
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 103
Health minister announces more supplies are being distributed but acknowledges there are problems.
New Tube restrictions to stop non-essential trips
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 888
London mayor Sadiq Khan said the number of Tube passengers fell by a third on Wednesday.
PM thanks 500,000 who have signed up to help NHS
25/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,948
The role of volunteers will be "absolutely crucial" in fighting coronavirus, says Boris Johnson.
Jobless struggling to claim benefits
24/03/2020 | news | uk | 179
The system is reeling as hundreds of thousands of people, suddenly without work, try to claim support.
Restrictions 'will last more than three weeks'
23/03/2020 | news | uk | 413
The first minister says the rules may seem extreme but are crucial in slowing the spread of this virus.
Strict new curbs on life in UK announced by PM
23/03/2020 | news | uk | 3,797
Gatherings of more than two people are banned, shops ordered to close and social events halted as part of rules to keep Britons at home and stop the spread of coronavirus.
'Wave of deaths' if social distancing not followed
23/03/2020 | news | uk | 238
Warning issued by Arlene Foster at a press conference with Michelle O'Neill on Monday afternoon.
Packed Tube trains make distancing 'impossible'
23/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,515
The crowding has left London Underground drivers and staff "furious", a union leader says.
Hancock admits ‘challenges’ over NHS equipment
23/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,092
It comes after some NHS staff complained of shortages and said they were being treated as "cannon fodder".
NI health service to access private sector beds
22/03/2020 | news | uk | 43
The latest move is part of the Department of Health in NI's surge planning for Covid-19.
Stay at home to stay safe, 1.5 million advised
21/03/2020 | news | uk | 6,986
They will be advised to stay at home for 12 weeks, as the UK's death total reaches 281.
Call for more help for the self-employed
21/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,859
A former Conservative cabinet minister joins trade unions in pushing for more financial protection.
Social distancing may be needed for ‘most of year’
20/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,545
The government's scientific advisers say this will help to limit the spread of coronavirus.
Businesses can plan 'hibernation' to survive virus
20/03/2020 | news | uk | 18
Welsh minister says firms do not need to make "premature decisions" after aid from the chancellor.
Jaguar Land Rover halts production over virus fear
20/03/2020 | news | uk | 149
The firm said it was responding to "rapidly-changing circumstances" amid the spread of coronavirus.
Closure of social venues 'will lower death toll'
20/03/2020 | news | uk | 416
First Minister Arlene Foster says the move was needed as some people were "not listening" to advice.
Train services to be cut due to coronavirus
20/03/2020 | news | uk | 149
Operators will gradually reduce services from Monday, amid falling demand.
PM: We can 'turn the tide' on coronavirus crisis
19/03/2020 | news | uk | 429
Boris Johnson says he believes the UK can "send it packing" if people follow government advice.
Train cancellations due to coronavirus
19/03/2020 | news | uk | 114
A decrease in travel and an increase in staff absence has affected several routes.
'Schools may not reopen until September'
19/03/2020 | news | uk | 133
The education minister said authorities were dealing with "unprecedented times".
Scottish exams cancelled for first time in history
19/03/2020 | news | uk | 648
The education secretary says the "unprecedented" move is a measure of the gravity of the virus pandemic.
Coronavirus testing rolled out to NHS staff
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 40
Frontline health service workers will be screened as capacity for testing is increased.
Patients urged not to stockpile prescriptions
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 21
Pharmacists say people ordering drugs earlier than usual, or additional items, creates extra workload.
Welsh business support to include self-employed
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 7
Grants for small firms and a business rate holiday for hospitality companies are planned.
North Sea oil and gas hit by Covid-19 'storm'
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 190
Coronavirus and increased supply of oil have led to a "perfect storm" of tumbling prices and cash flow issues.
Warning over coronavirus pressure on charities
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 14
Vulnerable people could put more pressure on the NHS if charities are not given help, it is claimed.
NHS staff 'at risk' over lack of protective gear
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 78
Health workers feel like "cannon fodder" as they don't have equipment to keep them safe from the virus.
Coronavirus: Can Stormont step up?
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 149
The crisis has been politicised with parties split about the best way forward.
Coronavirus: Schools 'may be shut until summer'
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 396
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warns schools may not reopen before the summer due to coronavirus.
What Northern Ireland businesses want now
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 47
More moves on rates are likely, but businesses want cash grants and payroll help, writes John Campbell.
All schools in Wales to close by Friday
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 265
All exams have been cancelled as the Welsh Government responds to the coronavirus epidemic.
Dozens of Tube stations to shut over coronavirus
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 704
The night Tube will be stopped from this weekend as part of new contingency plans across London.
Scottish government to back virus-hit businesses
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 84
Employers say they need urgent help to pay staff wages and address cash-flow problems in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
How schools and charities plan to feed children
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 115
Charities are working to help pupils who are entitled to free school meals after they are sent home.
Renters to be protected from eviction, PM says
18/03/2020 | news | uk | 433
The government had been urged to do more for families, workers and tenants affected by coronavirus.
Single-use plastics ban unveiled for Wales
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 32
Plastic straws, cotton buds and balloon sticks are among the items set to be outlawed from 2021.
'Pregnant women should not be in schools'
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 259
Minister issues new advice for pregnant women as teaching unions call for a date for schools to close.
Coronavirus: Second-home owners urged to stay away
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 383
A rural GP says local health services will not be able to cope with a surge in people relocating.
Several schools close over coronavirus fears
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 2
Official advice is for schools to stay open, but a number have decided to shut.
How music, film and theatre are coping in Scotland
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 16
Cancellations and postponements are announced after official advice to avoid theatres, pubs and cinemas.
'Highly possible' schools could shut within days
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 121
Nicola Sturgeon said we could see a more "blanket approach" to school closures as teacher absences increase.
Schools in Scotland and Wales to close from Friday
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 456
Schools in England are expected to follow suit as the UK coronavirus death toll jumps by 32 to 104.
Sturgeon: 'I'm not keeping anything back'
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 757
The first minister says she is trying inform people without scaring them about the spread of the virus.
Pubs and restaurants 'could go bust within weeks'
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 163
The hospitality industry warns businesses will need government help during the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus: Second death confirmed in Swansea
17/03/2020 | news | uk | 97
A 96-year-old patient has died at Morriston Hospital, the chief medical officer confirms.
Executive announces coronavirus support package
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 47
Ministers say the measures will "protect the most vulnerable in society".
Coronavirus business rates relief for small firms
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 16
But ministers say more help is needed from the UK treasury to help businesses through the crisis.
Warning 3,000 tourism businesses 'may not survive'
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 3
The Balmoral Show has been postponed and an announcement is due on support for businesses.
Coronavirus: Will power and internet be affected?
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 59
As more work from home and those with symptoms self-isolate, will pressure grow on power and broadband networks?
The goodwill gestures tackling coronavirus
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 12
Communities are rallying to support the elderly and vulnerable people most affected by the outbreak.
Some schools close for coronavirus deep clean
16/03/2020 | news | uk | 54
Schools in Aberdeen, Perth and Dunblane are among those shut after being linked to people with the virus.
Health staff 'concerned' over coronavirus strategy
15/03/2020 | news | uk | 234
A letter to politicians warns the NHS in NI is the 'worst shape' to deal with the current crisis.
Mass gatherings off for up to four months
15/03/2020 | news | uk | 877
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland faces an "unprecedented situation" as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
'Only call NHS 111 if you cannot cope at home'
15/03/2020 | news | uk | 77
Anyone showing coronavirus symptoms no longer needs to call the NHS helpline, says new advice.
Coronavirus: GPs prepare for NHS's 'biggest crisis'
13/03/2020 | news | uk | 1,022
Family doctors are gearing up for a major increase in coronavirus in the community. How will they cope?
Coronavirus: Sick people asked to self-isolate
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 120
People with a new cough or fever are being asked to stay at home for a week.
School exam worry as coronavirus cases rise by 13
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 84
Schools remain open - but that could change - and some are getting ready for remote teaching.
Face-to-face lectures cancelled over coronavirus
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 26
Some universities are to offer lessons online as a precaution against coronavirus.
Republic of Ireland to close schools and colleges
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,238
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the measures take effect from 18:00 on Thursday until 29 March.
Mass events ban as coronavirus cases spike
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 702
Gatherings of more than 500 in Scotland will be cancelled from next week as the UK moves to the delay phase.
Business rates suspension 'would cost NI £200m'
12/03/2020 | news | uk | 88
NI Finance Minister says it would cost about £200m for Stormont to implement a similar business rates holiday to England.
Pavement parking could be banned in England
11/03/2020 | news | uk | 1,030
Ministers consult on a ban to help pedestrians, but the AA warns it could lead to "parking chaos".
Food bank shortage blamed on coronavirus panic
11/03/2020 | news | uk | 287
Food banks are asking the public to continue to donate as stockpiling affects their supplies.
Plans for Welsh national forest to be launched
11/03/2020 | news | uk | 68
The scheme - including £15m of grants - would see forest running the length and breadth of Wales.
Community transmission of virus detected in Wales
11/03/2020 | news | uk | 34
The first case of coronavirus transmitted within the community is detected among four new cases.
First community transmission of virus in Scotland
11/03/2020 | news | uk | 212
Nine new cases have been reported with one of those not related to travel outside the UK.
Belfast operations scaled back over coronavirus
10/03/2020 | news | uk | 34
The Mater Hospital will cancel most elective surgeries to free up beds and staff.
Nine new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Wales
10/03/2020 | news | uk | 48
Health officials say nine more individuals have tested positive for the virus bringing total to 15.
Stormont's changing priorities two months on
10/03/2020 | news | uk | 108
Coronavirus, the Budget and RHI - Jayne McCormack assesses the challenges facing the assembly.
Up to 500 jobs losses now expected at Tata UK
10/03/2020 | news | uk | 37
It is fewer than the 1,000 post closures that had been expected to hit its Welsh workforce.
Twenty-five post primary-schools get extra places
09/03/2020 | news | uk | 30
The Department of Education creates 443 more places to cope with an expected increase in demand.
NI schools and sports clubs close over coronavirus
09/03/2020 | news | uk | 26
Two County Armagh schools, two amateur football clubs and a Belfast GAA club close over virus concerns.
West Belfast Black Taxis blame Glider for job cuts
09/03/2020 | news | uk | 142
Some 85 drivers have lost their jobs since Glider buses were introduced in 2018, says a spokesman.
Connery-led company to run Scottish film studio
09/03/2020 | news | uk | 86
First Stage Studio will become the home of a major film and television studio for Scotland in the Port of Leith.
Seagrass planted to help climate change fight
09/03/2020 | news | uk | 137
The "wonder plant" absorbs carbon dioxide faster than trees and supports wildlife, scientists say.
Keep 'common sense approach' to coronavirus
08/03/2020 | news | uk | 126
Speaking after a Cobra meeting, Arlene Foster says the UK is still in coronavirus containment phase.
Tougher penalty plan for drivers using phones
08/03/2020 | news | uk | 47
The minister in charge intends to legislate for higher fines for drivers using a hand-held mobile phone.
Immigration plan 'doesn't work for Wales'
08/03/2020 | news | uk | 108
UK government thresholds for immigration after Brexit will harm Wales, Welsh Government says.
NHS will get 'whatever it needs' for coronavirus
08/03/2020 | news | uk | 202
The chancellor says he is also considering more support for businesses and individuals in an epidemic.
Starbucks bans reusable cups in response to virus
06/03/2020 | news | uk | 616
Customers with personal cups will still get a 25p discount - but drinks will be served in paper cups.
Study to assess impact of traffic on hedgehogs
05/03/2020 | news | uk | 137
Hedgehog numbers are declining in part because so many are killed while crossing our roads.
Tunnel could link Scotland and Northern Ireland
05/03/2020 | news | uk | 552
The Scottish secretary says a tunnel beneath the Irish Sea would be less expensive than a bridge.
Commons committee examines Brexit customs plans
05/03/2020 | news | uk | 44
The NI Affairs Committee is exploring how the Brexit deal will impact trade between NI and GB.
Airport in 'strong position' despite Flybe loss
05/03/2020 | news | uk | 184
Cardiff Airport is "not at risk" despite the collapse of Flybe, which accounted for about a quarter of its traffic.
Scottish airline Loganair takes two Flybe routes
05/03/2020 | news | uk | 133
Flybe operated 14 routes from Belfast City Airport, making up about 80% of all scheduled flights.
How wealthy is your local area?
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 836
New statistics highlight the wealthiest and poorest neighbourhoods in England and Wales.
Three days more sick pay for self-isolating workers
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 1,550
Workers will get statutory sick pay from the first day off work, Boris Johnson tells the Commons.
Scotland seeks clarity over Irish Sea border
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 293
The Irish Sea border refers to new controls on GB to NI trade at the end of the Brexit transition period.
Coronavirus crisis is 'top priority', says Foster
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 5
First minister says she and Michelle O'Neill need to be in NI to make coronavirus contingency plans.
Greener petrol at UK pumps to target emissions
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 572
The government is consulting on making lower carbon E10 the new standard grade of fuel for vehicles.
Patients to be seen by video to stem virus spread
04/03/2020 | news | uk | 158
Move to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in hospitals comes as hand-washing ad campaign begins.
Face mask ads banned for 'misleading' virus claims
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 400
Adverts by two firms made false claims about preventing the spread of coronavirus, watchdog rules.
Hand sanitiser rationed at chemists as sales surge
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 28
Pharmacy chains say they are limiting hand gel sales as demand spikes amid coronavirus fears.
Historic locations 'threatened by climate change'
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 18
From peat bogs to hill forts, a panel of experts say historic environments are feeling the impact.
Farmers 'need millions more' for climate change
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 45
NFU Scotland says the funds would be used to encourage farmers to invest in green projects.
Deal agreed to take over British Steel
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 184
Chinese firm Jingye Group says the £50m takeover of the business will be completed next week.
Coronavirus could peak in May, says top doctor
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 66
Wales' chief medical officer says his best guess is that cases could peak in late spring.
Fifth of workers 'could be off sick at virus peak'
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 5,061
Non-urgent NHS care may be delayed if the coronavirus outbreak worsens, the government says, as the number of UK cases rises to 51.
Coronavirus is 'serious situation' for Scotland
03/03/2020 | news | uk | 504
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sets out Scotland's coronavirus strategy as part of the UK action plan.
Thousands of staff needed to meet childcare target
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 173
Audit Scotland says much work still needs to be done to roll out extra nursery places by August.
Tube union demands tests into 'toxic' train dust
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 0
Particles containing metals are causing concern among drivers and commuters, a union says.
'Stop building new homes on flood plains'
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 91
More than 2,000 houses were given planning permission in flood risk areas in Wales between 2016-2019.
Leaders scale back US trip amid coronavirus crisis
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 220
The first and deputy first ministers intend to cancel plans for the New York leg of their itinerary.
Call for 5% of budget to help Welsh wildlife
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 60
More money is needed to tackle the "nature crisis" in Wales, environmentalists say.
Wales 'business as usual' despite coronavirus
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 46
First Minister Mark Drakeford said coronavirus should not stop people from carrying on as normal.
Scotland faces 'significant' coronavirus outbreak
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 781
The first minister warns that more cases are likely to follow the one confirmed case in Scotland.
Coronavirus could spread 'significantly' - PM
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 2,680
Boris Johnson says expansion of the virus is "on the cards" in the UK, as the number of cases rises to 39.
Scotland has second wettest February on record
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 53
Met Office figures showed only February 1990 had more rainfall, as a succession of storms arrived.
Flooding 'not over yet' as river level set to peak
02/03/2020 | news | uk | 408
The Environment Agency warns people not to get "complacent" as warnings remain on the Severn.
First confirmed case of coronavirus in Scotland
01/03/2020 | news | uk | 148
The patient from the Tayside area was diagnosed having recently travelled from Italy.
Coronavirus 'costing pubs hundreds of thousands'
01/03/2020 | news | uk | 122
Worries are heightened by the spread of the virus, with cases north and south of the Irish border.
Council tax now 'number one debt issue'
01/03/2020 | news | uk | 258
Citizens Advice Scotland launches a campaign to help people who are struggling with bills.
How will minimum alcohol pricing work in Wales?
29/02/2020 | news | uk | 49
As prices increase on some alcoholic drinks, how will the new system work?
20mph speed limit starts in central London
28/02/2020 | news | uk | 368
Critics say the plans will make no difference because traffic in London is so slow-moving already.
Minimum alcohol pricing comes into force
28/02/2020 | news | uk | 111
Anyone selling alcohol in Wales below 50p per unit could now be fined up to £1,000.
Flooding worsens as residents evacuated from homes
28/02/2020 | news | uk | 734
Water is pouring off fields which are unable to hold it from the swollen River Aire in East Yorkshire.
Rise in illegal metal detecting at historic sites
28/02/2020 | news | uk | 74
English Heritage says the activity is "robbing us of our past" and appeals to the public for help.
Further £6.8m loan for Cardiff Airport considered
27/02/2020 | news | uk | 53
The money follows on from last year's backing for a £21.2m loan by Welsh ministers.
'More complex surgery' due to NI waiting lists
27/02/2020 | news | uk | 60
Patients with advanced cancers are affected as they are waiting so long for operations, survey suggests.
Ministers urged to get on with EU aid replacement
27/02/2020 | news | uk | 148
Wales' Brexit minister presses for clarity from the UK government on how EU cash will be replaced.
UK's EU trade stance will cost Welsh jobs, says FM
27/02/2020 | news | uk | 94
Mark Drakeford says UK ministers are putting ideology ahead of livelihoods in a rush to get a deal.
Parent with coronavirus causes school closure
27/02/2020 | news | uk | 73
The primary school in Buxton has had a precautionary deep clean and will be closed until Monday.
'1.3 million bits of litter' on NI streets
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 34
Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded item, according to the most extensive survey of its kind.
New technology could end trains' wi-fi 'notspots'
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 69
Researchers develop a satellite antenna that could end the frustrations of millions of rail passengers.
Speedy 5G rollout 'will require planning reform'
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 17
It is more difficult to install masts in Northern Ireland as they require planning permission.
Council plans 'biggest' single investment in roads
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 136
Highland Council has responsibility for the longest non-trunk road network in Scotland.
Patient safety at hospital's A&E 'precarious'
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 90
There is only one full-time consultant at an under-threat A&E unit when there should be 10.
'No excuses for not cutting crime', police told
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,597
The home secretary signals the return of crime targets, saying "outcomes" in key areas will be measured.
Rail flooding causes transport disruption
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 96
Trains have been cancelled as parts of Wales see almost half a month's rain fall in 13 hours.
PM promises to 'passport' Welsh flood money
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 105
Boris Johnson said his government is committed to working "flat out" with the Welsh Government.
Childcare costs rise 5% for children under two
26/02/2020 | news | uk | 74
A report finds part-time nursery care costs more than £130 per week in England, Scotland and Wales.
Coronavirus preparations stepped up in Scotland
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 205
Nicola Sturgeon chairs a government resilience meeting as ministers say they are "expecting an outbreak".
Facebook dramas 'consuming council's energy'
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 236
Political "dramas" played out online are taking resources away from "more important matters".
EU warns UK over goods checks between NI and GB
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 175
Ministers say EU trade deal chances will be damaged unless preparations begin for checks on goods.
Plastic bag tax raises £2m for NI environment
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 22
The number of plastic bags used is down by two-thirds since the 5p levy was introduced in 2013.
Scotland 'could miss smoking target by 16 years'
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 131
Health campaigners fear more than one in 10 people will still be smoking beyond the government's target date of 2034.
Flood damage could cost £180m, first minister says
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 100
Mark Drakeford says damage is still being assessed, while a river appears to have burst its banks.
New coronavirus advice for Britons back from Italy
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 875
Several schools send pupils and staff home after they return from skiing trips in the country.
Train lines closed as river flood levels rise
25/02/2020 | news | uk | 398
There are two "danger to life" warnings on the Severn and flood defences are likely to be breached.
Warning over building homes on flood plains
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 240
The head of the Environment Agency says new buildings should be made more resilient to flooding.
Woodland tribute to George Harrison announced
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 12
Artwork inspired by the life and lyrics of Harrison are to be erected at the Liverpool attraction.
Health unions vote to accept pay offer
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 87
Unison, Unite and the Royal College of Nursing had been taking strike action over pay and staffing.
UK government 'well prepared' for coronavirus
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,618
The number of UK cases rose to 13 after cruise ship passengers returned to Britain on Saturday.
Children to no longer head footballs in training
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,244
The training guidelines are effective immediately but do not recommend a heading ban during matches.
TripAdvisor halts reviews of 'NatWest Hole'
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 384
A spate of spoof reviews saw the hole ranked as one of Ilkeston's top-rated attractions.
£500 for damaged homes as more flooding expected
24/02/2020 | news | uk | 160
Heavy rainfall is prompting fears of more flooding in areas still recovering from Storm Dennis.
Scottish budget deal 'may not be made this week'
23/02/2020 | news | uk | 728
However, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes says she is "optimistic" that the budget will be passed.
Scotland's parks 'could heat homes and cut carbon'
21/02/2020 | news | uk | 65
Ground heat in urban parks could generate significant energy, according to new research.
GCSE exams could be sat online in future
21/02/2020 | news | uk | 120
The new head of Wales' exam watchdog believes "significantly more" tests could be sat online.
Northern Ireland growth below UK average
21/02/2020 | news | uk | 29
An initial estimate is for 1.1% growth in 2019, slightly higher than the 0.9% in 2018.
Pupils' exam performance falls by up to 10%
21/02/2020 | news | uk | 820
Official figures show the number of students achieving passes in core Higher subjects dropped significantly in 2019.
Beaver reintroduction 'could cut flash-flooding'
20/02/2020 | news | uk | 84
But farmers say are worried the animals could "throw off the balance" between farming and wildlife.
Department for the Economy facing 'inescapable pressures'
20/02/2020 | news | uk | 7
The Economy Committee hears that £33m is needed to address salary pressures in further education alone.
'Too much emphasis' on regenerating cities
20/02/2020 | news | uk | 75
Hoping cash will "trickle out" from cities to surrounding towns "just won't happen", an expert says.
Storm Dennis flooding 'is going to get worse'
20/02/2020 | news | uk | 23
The recent flooding is "scary" and "not normal", warns Environment Agency boss Dave Throup.
Prime minister 'read and signed off Stormont deal'
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 915
Former NI Secretary Julian Smith dismisses claims the PM was unaware of the Stormont deal details.
Longest A&E waiting times hit a new record
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 72
Latest figures show more than 6,800 patients waited more than 12 hours in hospital emergency units.
Urgent action needed on prison pressures, say MSPs
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 369
A new report calls for more contingency measures to ensure the prison system can cope with "failing" jails.
Department for Education seeking £427m extra
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 10
A department official says front line cuts will have to be made if extra funding is not secured.
Village flooded for second time after tree felling
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 174
Natural Resources Wales admits tree felling caused blocked culvert, while two women are rescued from rivers.
EU citizens' 'settled status' application concerns
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 35
Many have yet to apply to remain in Wales after Brexit, prompting drop-in sessions to provide help.
UK immigration plans 'devastating' for Scotland
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,280
Nicola Sturgeon says proposals to stop giving visas to low-skilled workers is the wrong route to take.
Tory MP 'furious' over wait for flood cash help
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 41
Immediate financial help should have been given sooner, the MP for Calder Valley says.
New immigration rules condemned by NI parties
19/02/2020 | news | uk | 185
Politicians from a number of parties have expressed concerns about new proposed immigration rules.
Coronavirus fears hit NI tourism industry
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 23
BBC News NI is told that as many as 3,000 hotel rooms have been cancelled by Chinese tourists.
Why Wales is prone to landslides
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 20
Expert say heavy rain is increasing the risk of landslides, already witnessed after Storm Dennis.
Floods hit 1,000 properties in one county alone
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 109
A council leader says damage from Storm Dennis is bigger than first thought.
NI mumps cases 700% rise down to vaccine cycle
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 13
The PHA says a rise occurs every few years as the vaccine becomes less effective over time.
'Hollywood coming to UK' in new studio plans
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 37
US company Blackhall Studios wants to build a movie-making complex at Thames Valley Science Park.
Northern Ireland's unemployment rate falls slightly
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 24
The rate is one of the lowest on record and the lowest amongst UK's regions.
Unemployment at record low of 2.9%
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 41
The jobless rate for October to December in Wales fell to a lower rate than the UK as a whole.
Fears for Severn towns amid fresh flood warnings
18/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,523
Residents in communities on the river are being evacuated as water threatens to top flood defences.
Queen's nephew the Earl of Snowdon to divorce
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 297
David Armstrong-Jones and his wife Serena are separating after 26 years, a spokesman says.
Up to £10m for Storm Dennis flood victims
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 34
The funding was announced as people continue to be rescued in the aftermath of Storm Dennis.
Scotland's jobless total falls by 14,000
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 138
Official figures show the unemployment rate now stands at 3.5%, compared with 3.8% for the UK as a whole.
Authority warns policing budget is 'unsustainable'
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 73
The Scottish budget allocated an extra £37m to Police Scotland but it still faces a deficit of £49m.
Cross-border trade 'reached £6.5bn in 2018'
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 78
The value of cross-border trade in Ireland reached £6.5bn in 2018, according to InterTrade Ireland.
Further flooding as Storm Dennis damage continues
17/02/2020 | news | uk | 1,409
Fresh "danger to life" flood warnings are issued as the UK reels from damage caused by Storm Dennis.
Clean-up under way after 'devastating' floods
16/02/2020 | news | uk | 82
New severe flood warnings are in place after "unprecedented" flooding from Storm Dennis.
Tories 'totally opposed' to new independence vote
16/02/2020 | news | uk | 801
Jackson Carlaw said there should not be another vote for a generation, even if votes showed support for independence.
Labour 'can't win' without success in Scotland
15/02/2020 | news | uk | 93
The Labour leadership contenders agree that revitalising the party's fortunes north of the border is vital.
Abolish the Welsh Assembly party 'could win seats'
14/02/2020 | news | uk | 74
A political expert points to a poll suggesting nearly one in four people would scrap the Senedd.
Belfast film studios set for £45m expansion
14/02/2020 | news | uk | 18
Belfast Harbour says the plans will create the largest studio complex outside of the South East of England.
Scotland-NI bridge is £20bn 'vanity project'
14/02/2020 | news | uk | 744
Scotland's transport minister criticises Boris Johnson for not consulting Holyrood over the idea.
Hundreds warned over coronavirus after bus event
14/02/2020 | news | uk | 736
Two MPs cancel public engagements after attending a summit where an attendee was diagnosed with the illness.
RHI report due to be published at Stormont
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 301
A report into a renewable heating scheme that helped collapse NI's government will be published later.
Minimum alcohol pricing awareness campaign starts
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 116
In two weeks' time retailers will have to charge at least 50p per unit of alcohol.
Teachers and NHS staff 'priced out' of communities
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 85
One head teacher claims she cannot afford to live in her village because house prices are so high.
Brandon Lewis replaces Smith as NI secretary
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 46
Julian Smith, who helped to restore power-sharing at Stormont, was sacked after 204 days in the job.
Nigerian airline Green Africa orders 50 A220 jets
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 18
Wings for the A220 jet project are made at Bombardier's plant in Belfast.
Julian Smith sacked as NI secretary
13/02/2020 | news | uk | 367
Mr Smith says that serving the people of Northern Ireland was "the greatest privilege".
Will the 'Boris Bridge' ever rise from the seas?
12/02/2020 | news | uk | 56
The UK's largest transport body says a NI-Scotland bridge is a promise that will never be kept.
Body cameras for train staff facing more violence
12/02/2020 | news | uk | 14
More than 350 incidents of violence towards staff and the public were recorded in Wales last year.
More than 40 drivers with 12 points still driving
12/02/2020 | news | uk | 36
There are "mitigating" circumstances in which drivers are able to keep their licences.
UK's 2021 census 'could be the last'
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 845
The UK's national statistician hopes other data sources could replace the 200-year-old questionnaire.
Sturgeon and Gove make climate summit pledge
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 764
The politicians insist the Glasgow COP26 conference will not be derailed by "squabbles" between their governments.
Pupils failed by poor reading and numeracy lessons
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 86
Inspectors say teaching falls short in about half of Pembrokeshire's 52 primary schools.
Flood defences get 1% of infrastructure spending
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 188
Nearly £5bn is due to be spent on flood defences in England up until 2026, government figures show.
Carlaw wins Scottish Conservative leadership race
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 390
Jackson Carlaw had been the party's interim leader since Ruth Davidson quit the role in August.
Old nuclear site could pioneer mini-reactor
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 81
Trawsfynydd could become the first site of a new wave of small nuclear power stations.
Derry Eden Project 'could open by 2023'
11/02/2020 | news | uk | 13
The £67m plans could transform 250 acres on land on the banks of the River Foyle if funding is secured.
'No justification' for facial recognition
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 365
MSPs warn use of the software would be a "radical departure" from current policing in Scotland.
NI brothers to direct new Texas Chainsaw Massacre
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 12
Andy and Ryan Tohill will direct a reboot of the 1974 horror cult classic.
Electric car drivers 'avoid' parts of Wales
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 89
Wales only has four more rapid charging points in the whole country than Milton Keynes.
Four more people diagnosed with coronavirus in UK
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 52
The government issues new powers to force people into quarantine as UK cases double to eight.
Cars trapped as heavy snow follows Storm Ciara
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 98
As the Storm Ciara clean-up continues, heavy snow traps cars on roads in north Wales.
Man dies as tree falls on car during storm
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 114
Some areas across England saw a month-and-a-half's worth of rainfall on Sunday and gusts of 97mph.
Election marks seismic break for two-party system
10/02/2020 | news | uk | 60
Sinn Féin is the biggest winner of first preference votes following Saturday's election.
Salmon producers warn of 'huge' Brexit burden
09/02/2020 | news | uk | 724
The industry says the UK government has told it to prepare for trade barriers with the European Union.
Coronavirus labs to begin testing in Scotland
09/02/2020 | news | uk | 86
Two new testing facilities are created in Glasgow and Edinburgh to carry out coronavirus tests.
Confidence in private sector rises
07/02/2020 | news | uk | 3
The Ulster Bank credits the restoration of Stormont for the increase in business morale.
New Northern trains less reliable than Pacers
07/02/2020 | news | uk | 189
Figures show the new £500m trains have a higher breakdown rate than the ageing Pacers.
Crimes unreported as public lose faith in police
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 948
A new report reveals that a suspect is charged in under 8% of recorded crimes in England and Wales.
Call for public transport boost to ease M4 jams
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 118
The man seeking alternatives to a ditched relief road says commuters need alternatives to cars.
Johnson rebuked over universal credit jobs claim
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 411
The UK Statistics Authority says a 200,000 jobs boost claimed by the PM was only a prediction.
Welsh firefighters could perform NHS roles
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 105
Fire and rescue services could be given a wider role in keeping people safe under new plans.
Most rail customers 'not aware of delay payments'
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 128
A rail watchdog claims millions of pounds are being left unclaimed by people hit by train delays.
Veterans guaranteed job interviews
06/02/2020 | news | uk | 845
The move follows the unveiling of a new railcard that will offer veterans discounted train travel.
NHS orders 'coronavirus pods' in England hospitals
05/02/2020 | news | uk | 22
The move is meant to protect other patients from infection if people ignore advice to self-isolate.
NI consumers 'may face reduced choice post-Brexit'
05/02/2020 | news | uk | 73
Some goods entering NI from GB will face new checks and controls after Brexit.
MoTs every two years being considered
05/02/2020 | news | uk | 44
Nicola Mallon has sought legal advice on reducing MoT tests from every year to every two years.
Last UK flight for Britons in coronavirus-hit city
05/02/2020 | news | uk | 638
Government charter comes after expats were urged to leave China as the outbreak claims more lives.
Tax rises considered to pay for growing care costs
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 401
Ministers want a "grown-up debate" on paying for social care, with the idea of tax rises on the table.
Warmer winters 'puts species at risk'
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 34
Unseasonal weather and "lost" winters are forcing wildlife into early spring activity.
Minister unveils £23m welfare scheme extension
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 169
Payments to lessen the impact of the so-called bedroom tax in Northern Ireland were due to run out on 31 March.
Barnier: Work should start now on NI agreements
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 43
EU chief spoke as he launched the union's negotiating objectives for a trade deal with the UK.
It could be hard cheese for Stilton in name row
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 60
The Cambridgeshire village of Stilton's hopes to make the product following Brexit may be dashed.
How Brexit changed the debate over Scotland and the EU
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 964
The discussion has shifted since the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign.
PM: 'No need' for UK to follow EU rules on trade
03/02/2020 | news | uk | 10,094
But the EU's Michel Barnier offers a contrasting vision of negotiations, calling for a "level playing field".
Dry, hot summers could become 'common' in Scotland
02/02/2020 | news | uk | 324
Researchers say the country should prepare for more summers like 2018, with temperatures of about 30C.
Why did business rates become a battleground?
31/01/2020 | news | uk | 98
A battle is fought at Holyrood over who controls nearly £3bn raised each year in business rates.
Energy firm to build first subsidy-free wind farm
31/01/2020 | news | uk | 37
The 11-turbine project is SSE Renewables' first since UK government support for onshore wind ended.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for patience over indyref2
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 3,037
Scotland's first minister says she still wants indyref2 this year - but acknowledges it may not come until at least 2021.
More schools 'green' in performance ratings
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 29
There are still a stubborn number of secondary schools rated "red" and needing most help to improve.
Flag lowered at Senedd as the UK leaves the EU
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 404
The European Union flag is taken down in Cardiff Bay as Brexit formally takes effect.
Farming income in NI falls by a quarter
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 39
Money generated fell from £386m in 2018 to £290m in 2019, according to provisional figures.
Long emergency department waits more than double
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 63
In December 5,280 people waited for more than 12 hours - up from 1,991 a year before.
More than 10,500 MoTs cancelled, officials reveal
30/01/2020 | news | uk | 23
Figures from the Department for Infrastructure show 17,418 tests were carried out in the same period.
Girls' anxiety made worse by lack of sleep
29/01/2020 | news | uk | 76
Study shows almost a third of young people experience sleep problems - but older girls' mental health is suffering the most.
Netflix hits 'must not sideline' Welsh film talent
29/01/2020 | news | uk | 16
Independents say the government's focus has been on big shows like Netflix's Sex Education.
Rail firm Northern to be nationalised
29/01/2020 | news | uk | 2,085
The government is to take control of the troubled train operator after two years of passenger chaos.
Dad's bid to police parent-and-child parking bays
29/01/2020 | news | uk | 120
Simon Harris places flyers on the cars of drivers without children caught using the bays
NI hauliers call for government help over Brexit
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 68
The Freight Transport Association says funding for training will be required to develop expertise.
MSPs back new Scottish independence referendum
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 772
The Scottish Parliament votes 64 to 54 to back Nicola Sturgeon's call for a new vote on independence.
A&E downgrade 'needed' due to doctor shortage
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 105
Bosses say a shortage of doctors means "urgent action" is needed but protesters oppose the plans.
Flags commission to resume work
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 120
The Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition is to meet in early March.
Britons in China call for more UK coronavirus help
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 878
UK citizens criticise the government response as No 10 says it is finalising plans for their return.
Scotland's most and least deprived areas named
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 467
Research suggests parts of Greenock town centre are the areas with the greatest deprivation in the country.
Suspension of MoTs 'could last weeks or months'
28/01/2020 | news | uk | 125
Nichola Mallon says two separate reviews will be conducted to see what went wrong and how to fix it.
New plan for how children will be taught revealed
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 91
It will be the first complete reform to the curriculum in Wales in more than 30 years.
Alcohol sales fall in first year of minimum pricing
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 333
The volume of pure alcohol sold per person is down 3.6% in Scotland while south of the border it has risen.
Microsoft to establish Belfast cyber security centre
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 8
Eighty-five jobs will be created as tech giant Microsoft invests in new cyber security infrastructure.
Belfast schools set for increase in pupil numbers
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 48
Education chiefs are consulting on plans for more post-primary places in the south and east of the city.
What are the implications of Brexit for NI?
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 71
BBC News NI's John Campbell considers what happens after Friday night when the UK leaves the EU.
Wales to bring in smacking ban after assembly vote
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,008
Wales becomes the second part of the UK to ban parents from smacking their children.
Call for powers to set up 'Scottish visa' system
27/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,282
Ministers want powers to be devolved for a "tailored" system that could boost immigration to Scotland.
Thousands of MoTs cancelled over cracked lifts
26/01/2020 | news | uk | 40
Temporary MoT exemptions are being automatically issued to some but not all affected drivers.
Recycling centre closure plan to cut council costs
26/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
Residents are concerned over fly-tipping as their nearest recycling centre would be 17 miles away.
Department apologises over parking app problems
26/01/2020 | news | uk | 15
Several users of the JustPark app say they received incorrect bills and parking charges.
Met Police to deploy facial recognition cameras
24/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,274
Police say the short-term deployments will check watchlists of suspects wanted for serious crimes.
Valleys high street named the best in the UK
24/01/2020 | news | uk | 111
Treorchy has been praised for a thriving community - bursting with independent businesses.
Coronavirus plans in place as person tested
24/01/2020 | news | uk | 17
Dr Giri Shankar says one Welsh resident was tested for the virus but the results were clear.
Thousands of civil servants strike over pay
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 116
The trade union Nipsa says its members have had below-inflation pay rises for nine years.
What do the Labour candidates say about Scotland?
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 140
What do Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy and Emily Thornberry have to say about Scotland?
Health board delays staff recruitment to cut costs
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 34
Swansea Bay health board says the move does not affect doctor or nurse recruitment.
Academic selection has 'significant' impact on pupils
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 28
A new report shows academic selection has significant educational and economic consequences for pupils.
Welsh farms 'lag behind England' on diversifying
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
Farmers in Wales need more support to be entrepreneurial after Brexit, a report suggests.
'Increased likelihood' of China virus reaching UK
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 882
Fourteen people have now been tested for the virus in the UK, including nine awaiting results.
Incident team set up as five tested for coronavirus
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 101
The patients are being tested as a precaution in Scotland after returning from China with respiratory problems.
Number of suspects charged with crime hits new low
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 587
Only 7.3% of offences lead to a suspect being charged, figures show, as knife crime continues to rise.
Amazon set for £3m tax rebate amid floor space row
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 164
The online giant has won an appeal against a local council over mezzanines.
Call for 'Dracula Coast' tourist trail in Scotland
23/01/2020 | news | uk | 50
Experts say Dracula author Bram Stoker was inspired by the landmarks and scenery of north-east of Scotland.
Assembly members to give away £1,000 pay rise
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 98
Stormont parties agree a process to give the increase in their salaries to public funds or charity.
NI farmers 'must adapt to hit climate change goal'
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 60
NI's farmers must adapt along with those elsewhere in the UK to help reach a key target on climate change, a government advisory body has said.
Welsh A&E waiting times hit worst ever level
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 112
Only 72.1% waited less than fours hours in December, compared to the target of 95%.
NI should plant more trees in zero-carbon bid
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 4
NI is the least wooded part of the UK, and one of the least in Europe with tree cover at around 8%.
Ferries are a 'long way off completion', MSPs warned
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 259
Two delayed CalMac ferries are less than half built after an "OK Corral" style stand-off, a Holyrood inquiry hears.
Exam appeal costs 'not putting students off'
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 9
The exams agency says there is no evidence that charges are "a disincentive" to state school pupils.
Losses on TV and film investments 'worrying'
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 50
£15m of taxpayers money has been spent on 15 projects - only one has fully recouped the cash.
The drive to stop plastic pollution growing in new forests
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 40
Hundreds of thousands of plastic tubes are used to protect saplings - but the industry wants to reduce their impact.
'Failing' rail firm faces public ownership
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 294
The government reveals South Western Railway's franchise is "not sustainable in the long term".
Corporation tax cut 'not dead and gone' says Dodds
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 56
However, the economy minister says the most pressing issue is to look at how Brexit will impact NI.
Tesco Bank to create 100 tech jobs in Edinburgh
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 30
The jobs boost is part of a wider investment in the company's online banking operation.
NI's five main parties want MLA pay rise deferred
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 173
Party leaders ask Assembly Commission to halt £1,000 rise until decision to award it is reviewed.
UK to monitor China flights as virus precaution
22/01/2020 | news | uk | 143
Precautionary measures will apply to flights from Wuhan to Heathrow, the government says.
Sturgeon: Wellbeing as important as economic growth
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,030
In a speech later, Ms Sturgeon will say Scotland is creating an economy where "collective wellbeing" is as fundamental as GDP.
Council backs £500m plan to regenerate Belfast
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 13
Tribeca developer revised plans for the Cathedral Quarter, but it still faces opposition.
What will Brexit mean for Stormont?
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 370
BBC News NI's Jayne McCormack assesses what Brexit means for the recently-restored NI Assembly.
Police must 'think differently' due to austerity
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 21
Effort needs to go into crime prevention as the cost of reacting is too much, a chief constable says.
Assembly members set to get £1,000 pay rise
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 177
The hike will see assembly members' pay increase from £49,500 to £50,500.
Parking bans and clean air: The cities going green
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 167
How the clampdown on emissions is driving radical change in Scotland's busiest areas.
Network Rail probe over 'poor performance'
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 402
The rail regulator says Network Rail's performance was not good enough in the north and central England.
More people triggering emergency alarms on trains
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 339
Crowded carriages and lack of help for disabled people would make some rail users press the button.
How will we heat our homes without gas?
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 166
We have the answers to a selection of questions about climate change sent in by readers.
Farming fear over plans to plant 20 million trees
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 61
The Farmers Union of Wales says forestation could be damaging for agriculture and food production.
Devolution politicians reject PM's Brexit bill
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,339
Welsh politicians refuse consent to Brexit bill after politicians in Scotland and NI did the same.
How could NI's finance minister raise more money?
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 106
Conor Murphy may have to raise an extra £1bn to meet the public services bill.
'Illegal' plastic waste returned to UK by Malaysia
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,078
Malaysia will not become "the garbage dump of the world", says the country's environment minister.
Zero carbon economy 'still needs good roads'
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 110
Infrastructure minister Michael Matheson says projects such as the A9 dualling were not incompatible with climate targets.
Farmers and vegans 'can co-exist side by side'
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 34
Farmers in Scotland say the industry is doing its bit for the environment as interest in Veganuary grows.
Job loss claim over 'deeply flawed' Brexit plan
19/01/2020 | news | uk | 43
Chancellor Sajid Javid has pledged to end alignment with the EU after the UK leaves.
Clean energy to power all new homes from 2025
17/01/2020 | news | uk | 50
The proposals could mean new houses are cheaper to run and are more efficient.
Economy slows down as private sector shrinks
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 12
Northern Ireland's economy is lagging behind when compared to the rest of the UK.
NI health workers' unions thank public over strikes
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 73
Unison and RCN step back from industrial action over pay and staffing following Stormont deal.
Finance package keeps NI in 'austerity trap'
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 276
The Westminster government is to give the NI Executive an extra £1bn to support the Stormont deal.
Scottish FA poised to ban kids heading footballs
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 905
Rules could be in place within weeks after a study found ex-players are more likely to die of dementia.
No way to measure city deal success, says watchdog
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 164
Governments and councils have committed £5.2bn to the deals designed to boost growth and create jobs.
NI ministers write to PM over Stormont deal
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 108
Arlene Foster and Michelle O'Neill write to the prime minister about Stormont's financial package.
UK 'should be Ireland's best friend' after Brexit
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 113
Dr Liam Fox says the UK may have "missed a trick" when it comes to Anglo-Irish relations.
Plan to convert black bag landfill waste to energy
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 20
Five councils in west Scotland sign a deal to divert 190,000 tonnes of waste from landfill to create electricity.
Health union 'needs reassurance' before strike ends
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 104
The Royal College of Nursing director says she cannot yet suspend next week's planned health strike action.
HS2 'threatens' natural habitats, report warns
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 226
Wildlife group says rare species could be wiped out by rail link and calls for a "greener" approach.
Retailers suffer 'bleak midwinter' for sales
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 33
A survey finds sales rose year-on-year last month, but the figures were skewed by Black Friday data.
£2 congestion charge plan to cut Cardiff traffic
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 282
Cardiff could join London and Durham and charge city centre drivers to meet clean air targets.
Johnson rejects Sturgeon's indyref2 demand
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 7,149
Boris Johnson confirms he will not agree to Nicola Sturgeon's request for a second independence referendum.
PM's Brexit deal 'gives EU what it wanted for NI'
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
Theresa's May former chief of staff, Lord Barwell, says Boris Johnson's deal is bad for the union.
Health unions to consider £30m pay offer
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 376
However, unions express concern that the money is coming from Stormont instead of Westminster.
Schools 'could teach Mandarin' to boost trade
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 53
The idea to help prepare for Chinese visitors is part of a post-Brexit international strategy.
Company rewards non-smokers with extra holiday
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 526
Recruitment agency boss Don Bryden says "a healthier workplace is a happier workplace".
NI Brexit deadline is 'almost impossible' to meet
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 29
A think tank casts doubt on whether the NI part of the deal can be implemented by the end of 2020.
Is Scotland leading the way on climate change?
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 302
With a major UN climate conference coming to Glasgow, we ask what Scotland is doing about climate change.
Plan to ban cars through centre of Birmingham
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,109
Private cars would only be allowed in and out of the city in certain places under plans by the city council.
Governments must 'deliver financial package'
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 20
New Finance Minister Conor Murphy says the two governments must "honour their pledge".
Stormont financial package 'falls way short'
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,769
Finance Minister Conor Murphy says government must live up to commitments made to Stormont parties.
Councils 'need extra £1bn' to prevent further cuts
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 380
Local authority lobby Cosla wants the government to act "before it is too late".
Teachers worry over funding for smaller classes
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 71
What will happen to a £36m fund aimed at cutting infant class sizes in Wales?
Manufacturers report sharp drop in new orders
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 181
A regular survey of firms also shows that overall business activity in Scotland stagnated in December.
Deal 'holds NI to ransom' over health staff pay
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 823
Unison accuses Julian Smith of trying to infringe on human rights with Stormont deal.
UK's new warmest December confirmed in Highlands
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
The data recorded last month at Achfary has been validated by meteorologists and showed a temperature of 18.7C.
UK nuclear weapons programme £1.3bn over budget
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 377
The MoD's "poor management" of the programme has resulted in growing costs and delays, a watchdog finds.
Electric buses launched in bid to cut emissions
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 74
Bus operator First Glasgow says it is a "statement of intent" as the city aims to become "net zero".
Parents urged to apply for new free childcare plan
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 505
Previously families could receive 600 hours of free childcare a year - it rises to 1,140 hours in August.
Stormont talks 'at critical moment' say DUP
08/01/2020 | news | uk | 426
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said the party was working towards a "fair and balanced" agreement.
Quarter of region's schools at below 50% capacity
08/01/2020 | news | uk | 29
Many of the primaries and secondaries in Dumfries and Galloway have more classrooms than they need.
Thousands of nurses across NI in 12-hour strike
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 117
More than 2,000 appointments are cancelled and the health board expects "significant disruption".
MSPs vote to reject UK Brexit legislation
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,524
Holyrood votes by 92 to 29 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement Bill after MSPs hit out at Brexit.
Congestion to be tackled amid city pollution fears
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 45
There is a belief that plans could include a congestion charge on motorists to improve air quality.
'Exhausted' London bus drivers could strike
06/01/2020 | news | uk | 166
A union says drivers are so tired they are at risk of putting passengers and road users in danger.
NI emergency care has 'fallen off a cliff'
03/01/2020 | news | uk | 230
More than 400 patients were waiting more than 12 hours in emergency departments by Friday.
MSP says Scottish Labour must split from UK party
03/01/2020 | news | uk | 969
Monica Lennon says the radical move is the only way the party can end its "long-term losing streak" in Scotland.
Talks to end NI devolution deadlock resume
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 506
Irish Deputy PM Simon Coveney says he is hopeful of "a new beginning for politics in NI".
Rail fares to go up across Scotland
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 183
The average rise will be 2.4% - slightly less than the UK average of 2.7%.
Commuters hit by 2.7% rail fare rise
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,722
Many passengers are facing an increase of more than £100 for annual season tickets.
Army urges young people lacking confidence to join
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 978
Social media addicts, gym junkies and binge-drinkers are all targets of the recruitment drive.
York to ban cars from city centre
31/12/2019 | news | uk | 758
The measure would ban all "non-essential" private car journeys in the city centre by 2023.
PM to 'carefully consider' indyref2' request
20/12/2019 | news | uk | 1,434
The Scottish secretary insists Boris Johnson will not mark Nicola Sturgeon's letter "return to sender".
DUP 'flatly rejects' talks impasse is its fault
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 695
The British and Irish governments wanted to table an agreement on Thursday but could not get DUP support.
Call to 'scrap CalMac ferries and start again'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 455
Ex-Ferguson shipyard boss Jim McColl speaks out against plans to spend £110m on part-finished ferries.
Heathrow third runway 'delayed for 12 months'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 160
The airport claims a decision by the aviation regulator to limit its spending will delay progress.
What will happen in Scottish politics in 2020?
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 342
After a tumultuous 2019, what does the new year have in prospect for Scottish politics?
Brexit deal deadline 'dangerous and misleading'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 54
Wales' first minister criticises Boris Johnson's EU departure plan laid out in the Queen's Speech.
How will Wales stop landfill waste by 2050?
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 60
Repair cafes and treatment plants for hard-to-recycle items like nappies are part of new proposals.
SoS does not want 'blame game' over health crisis
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 169
Mr Smith held a health summit with Stormont parties following strike action by health staff.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for powers to hold indyref2
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 6,002
Scotland's first minister calls on UK government to negotiate the transfer of power to allow another independence referendum.
Scotland's economy grew by 0.3% over the summer
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 89
The Scottish economy avoided recession earlier this year with the modest GDP increase, latest figures show.
Fishing quotas will see cod landings cut by half
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 135
Talks in Brussels end with agreement that 2020 will see far fewer fish landed from the North Sea.
Strike action by thousands of NI nurses ends
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 161
Action by UNITE health workers and NIPSA ambulance staff will continue into Thursday morning.
Climate emergency 'has not led to action in Wales'
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 79
The Welsh Government is accused by assembly members of continuing "business as usual".
What would no-trade-deal mean for NI?
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 232
BBC News NI's Economics and Business Editor breaks down the implications of a no-trade-deal Brexit.
Scottish independence: Will indyref2 still happen?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 1,881
Nicola Sturgeon has urged independence supporters to be patient - but could indyref2 still happen in 2020?
Public's help wanted on future energy strategy
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 21
Submitted ideas will be brought to an incoming economy minister and will feed into future schemes.
A&E record low as ambulance service struggles
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 55
Welsh A&E departments are struggling, with the worst of the winter pressures yet to come, figures show.
Scotland must 'walk the talk' on climate change
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 191
The Committee on Climate Change says the 2045 date for net-zero emissions is a "step-change in ambition" for Scotland.
Is it OK to call in sick with a common cold?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 438
Should you just crack on with it when you have a cold, or hide under the duvet for everybody's sake?
Is Labour's position on independence changing?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 765
As Scottish Labour seeks to regroup after its election loss, party members are publicly talking about their stance on indyref2.
Rail services cancelled as new timetable starts
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 339
Commuters criticise rail firms Northern and Transpennine Express over the cancellations and delays.
Passengers complain of new train timetable delays
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 54
Transport for Wales rolled out its new timetable on Sunday but blamed delays and cancellations on staff shortages.
Medical leaders call for end to political deadlock
15/12/2019 | news | uk | 21
The British Medical Association and seven royal colleges have issued a joint statement.
'Now is the moment' to restore devolution
15/12/2019 | news | uk | 613
The Northern Ireland secretary met the leaders of the five biggest parties at Stormont on Monday.
Welsh Government cash boost in budget
13/12/2019 | news | uk | 94
Every department from health to housing, transport and education will see funding go up from April.
Bid to create Scotland's 'largest upland woods'
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 73
A Moray-based charity plans to plant a 100,000-tree woodland in hills near Loch Ness to create new habitats.
'No more' can be done to save money in NI schools
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 74
The head of the Education Authority says she acknowledges principals' growing frustration over funding.
NI Brexit concerns 'must not be allowed to fester'
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 97
The unionist response to the Brexit deal carries echoes of 1985, says a former Irish ambassador.
Bottle deposit scheme 'needs variable rate'
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 56
MSPs call for more flexibility said larger bottles could incur a higher charge.
Health crisis: Nurses in 48-hour industrial action
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 134
Members of the Royal College of Nursing are refusing to do things like working unpaid hours.
Clean air plan targets cars, stoves and industry
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 154
Public Health Wales estimates air pollution contributes to up to 1,400 deaths a year in Wales.
More wind on the way after Storm Atiyah disruption
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 116
Electricity supplies are restored after gales cut power and bring down trees across Wales.
Nurses at Altnagelvin join industrial action
08/12/2019 | news | uk | 73
Unison nurses at the Londonderry hospital join the ongoing action over pay and conditions.
Scottish private sector output expands
06/12/2019 | news | uk | 62
A regular RBS survey suggests there are "some positive signs" for firms, after output grows in November.
Business activity drops at sharpest rate in years
06/12/2019 | news | uk | 36
Brexit uncertainty is the main reason for the fall, according to the Ulster Bank report.