Assembly members set to get £1,000 pay rise
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 177
The hike will see assembly members' pay increase from £49,500 to £50,500.
Network Rail probe over 'poor performance'
21/01/2020 | news | uk | 402
The rail regulator says Network Rail's performance was not good enough in the north and central England.
Farming fear over plans to plant 20 million trees
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 61
The Farmers Union of Wales says forestation could be damaging for agriculture and food production.
Devolution politicians reject PM's Brexit bill
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,339
Welsh politicians refuse consent to Brexit bill after politicians in Scotland and NI did the same.
How could NI's finance minister raise more money?
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 106
Conor Murphy may have to raise an extra £1bn to meet the public services bill.
'Illegal' plastic waste returned to UK by Malaysia
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,078
Malaysia will not become "the garbage dump of the world", says the country's environment minister.
Zero carbon economy 'still needs good roads'
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 110
Infrastructure minister Michael Matheson says projects such as the A9 dualling were not incompatible with climate targets.
Farmers and vegans 'can co-exist side by side'
20/01/2020 | news | uk | 34
Farmers in Scotland say the industry is doing its bit for the environment as interest in Veganuary grows.
Job loss claim over 'deeply flawed' Brexit plan
19/01/2020 | news | uk | 43
Chancellor Sajid Javid has pledged to end alignment with the EU after the UK leaves.
Clean energy to power all new homes from 2025
17/01/2020 | news | uk | 50
The proposals could mean new houses are cheaper to run and are more efficient.
Economy slows down as private sector shrinks
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 12
Northern Ireland's economy is lagging behind when compared to the rest of the UK.
NI health workers' unions thank public over strikes
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 73
Unison and RCN step back from industrial action over pay and staffing following Stormont deal.
NI secretary defends Stormont financial package
16/01/2020 | news | uk | 276
The Westminster government is to give the NI Executive an extra £1bn to support the Stormont deal.
Scottish FA poised to ban kids heading footballs
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 905
Rules could be in place within weeks after a study found ex-players are more likely to die of dementia.
No way to measure city deal success, says watchdog
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 163
Governments and councils have committed £5.2bn to the deals designed to boost growth and create jobs.
NI ministers write to PM over Stormont deal
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 108
Arlene Foster and Michelle O'Neill write to the prime minister about Stormont's financial package.
UK 'should be Ireland's best friend' after Brexit
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 113
Dr Liam Fox says the UK may have "missed a trick" when it comes to Anglo-Irish relations.
Plan to convert black bag landfill waste to energy
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 20
Five councils in west Scotland sign a deal to divert 190,000 tonnes of waste from landfill to create electricity.
Health union 'needs reassurance' before strike ends
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 104
The Royal College of Nursing director says she cannot yet suspend next week's planned health strike action.
HS2 'threatens' natural habitats, report warns
15/01/2020 | news | uk | 226
Wildlife group says rare species could be wiped out by rail link and calls for a "greener" approach.
Retailers suffer 'bleak midwinter' for sales
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 33
A survey finds sales rose year-on-year last month, but the figures were skewed by Black Friday data.
£2 congestion charge plan to cut Cardiff traffic
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 282
Cardiff could join London and Durham and charge city centre drivers to meet clean air targets.
Johnson rejects Sturgeon's indyref2 demand
14/01/2020 | news | uk | 7,149
Boris Johnson confirms he will not agree to Nicola Sturgeon's request for a second independence referendum.
PM's Brexit deal 'gives EU what it wanted for NI'
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
Theresa's May former chief of staff, Lord Barwell, says Boris Johnson's deal is bad for the union.
Health unions to consider £30m pay offer
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 376
However, unions express concern that the money is coming from Stormont instead of Westminster.
Schools 'could teach Mandarin' to boost trade
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 53
The idea to help prepare for Chinese visitors is part of a post-Brexit international strategy.
Company rewards non-smokers with extra holiday
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 526
Recruitment agency boss Don Bryden says "a healthier workplace is a happier workplace".
NI Brexit deadline is 'almost impossible' to meet
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 29
A think tank casts doubt on whether the NI part of the deal can be implemented by the end of 2020.
Plan to ban cars through centre of Birmingham
13/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,109
Private cars would only be allowed in and out of the city in certain places under plans by the city council.
Governments must 'deliver financial package'
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 20
New Finance Minister Conor Murphy says the two governments must "honour their pledge".
Stormont financial package 'falls way short'
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,769
Finance Minister Conor Murphy says government must live up to commitments made to Stormont parties.
Councils 'need extra £1bn' to prevent further cuts
12/01/2020 | news | uk | 380
Local authority lobby Cosla wants the government to act "before it is too late".
Teachers worry over funding for smaller classes
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 71
What will happen to a £36m fund aimed at cutting infant class sizes in Wales?
Manufacturers report sharp drop in new orders
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 181
A regular survey of firms also shows that overall business activity in Scotland stagnated in December.
Deal 'holds NI to ransom' over health staff pay
10/01/2020 | news | uk | 823
Unison accuses Julian Smith of trying to infringe on human rights with Stormont deal.
UK's new warmest December confirmed in Highlands
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 27
The data recorded last month at Achfary has been validated by meteorologists and showed a temperature of 18.7C.
UK nuclear weapons programme £1.3bn over budget
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 377
The MoD's "poor management" of the programme has resulted in growing costs and delays, a watchdog finds.
Electric buses launched in bid to cut emissions
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 74
Bus operator First Glasgow says it is a "statement of intent" as the city aims to become "net zero".
Parents urged to apply for new free childcare plan
09/01/2020 | news | uk | 505
Previously families could receive 600 hours of free childcare a year - it rises to 1,140 hours in August.
Stormont talks 'at critical moment' say DUP
08/01/2020 | news | uk | 426
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said the party was working towards a "fair and balanced" agreement.
Quarter of region's schools at below 50% capacity
08/01/2020 | news | uk | 29
Many of the primaries and secondaries in Dumfries and Galloway have more classrooms than they need.
Thousands of nurses across NI in 12-hour strike
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 117
More than 2,000 appointments are cancelled and the health board expects "significant disruption".
MSPs vote to reject UK Brexit legislation
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,524
Holyrood votes by 92 to 29 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement Bill after MSPs hit out at Brexit.
Congestion to be tackled amid city pollution fears
07/01/2020 | news | uk | 45
There is a belief that plans could include a congestion charge on motorists to improve air quality.
'Exhausted' London bus drivers could strike
06/01/2020 | news | uk | 166
A union says drivers are so tired they are at risk of putting passengers and road users in danger.
NI emergency care has 'fallen off a cliff'
03/01/2020 | news | uk | 230
More than 400 patients were waiting more than 12 hours in emergency departments by Friday.
MSP says Scottish Labour must split from UK party
03/01/2020 | news | uk | 969
Monica Lennon says the radical move is the only way the party can end its "long-term losing streak" in Scotland.
Talks to end NI devolution deadlock resume
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 506
Irish Deputy PM Simon Coveney says he is hopeful of "a new beginning for politics in NI".
Rail fares to go up across Scotland
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 183
The average rise will be 2.4% - slightly less than the UK average of 2.7%.
Commuters hit by 2.7% rail fare rise
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 1,722
Many passengers are facing an increase of more than £100 for annual season tickets.
Army urges young people lacking confidence to join
01/01/2020 | news | uk | 978
Social media addicts, gym junkies and binge-drinkers are all targets of the recruitment drive.
York to ban cars from city centre
31/12/2019 | news | uk | 758
The measure would ban all "non-essential" private car journeys in the city centre by 2023.
PM to 'carefully consider' indyref2' request
20/12/2019 | news | uk | 1,434
The Scottish secretary insists Boris Johnson will not mark Nicola Sturgeon's letter "return to sender".
DUP 'flatly rejects' talks impasse is its fault
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 695
The British and Irish governments wanted to table an agreement on Thursday but could not get DUP support.
Call to 'scrap CalMac ferries and start again'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 455
Ex-Ferguson shipyard boss Jim McColl speaks out against plans to spend £110m on part-finished ferries.
Heathrow third runway 'delayed for 12 months'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 160
The airport claims a decision by the aviation regulator to limit its spending will delay progress.
What will happen in Scottish politics in 2020?
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 342
After a tumultuous 2019, what does the new year have in prospect for Scottish politics?
Brexit deal deadline 'dangerous and misleading'
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 54
Wales' first minister criticises Boris Johnson's EU departure plan laid out in the Queen's Speech.
How will Wales stop landfill waste by 2050?
19/12/2019 | news | uk | 60
Repair cafes and treatment plants for hard-to-recycle items like nappies are part of new proposals.
SoS does not want 'blame game' over health crisis
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 169
Mr Smith held a health summit with Stormont parties following strike action by health staff.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for powers to hold indyref2
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 6,002
Scotland's first minister calls on UK government to negotiate the transfer of power to allow another independence referendum.
Scotland's economy grew by 0.3% over the summer
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 89
The Scottish economy avoided recession earlier this year with the modest GDP increase, latest figures show.
Fishing quotas will see cod landings cut by half
18/12/2019 | news | uk | 135
Talks in Brussels end with agreement that 2020 will see far fewer fish landed from the North Sea.
Strike action by thousands of NI nurses ends
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 161
Action by UNITE health workers and NIPSA ambulance staff will continue into Thursday morning.
Climate emergency 'has not led to action in Wales'
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 79
The Welsh Government is accused by assembly members of continuing "business as usual".
What would no-trade-deal mean for NI?
17/12/2019 | news | uk | 232
BBC News NI's Economics and Business Editor breaks down the implications of a no-trade-deal Brexit.
Could Scotland still become independent?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 1,881
How will Nicola Sturgeon respond to Boris Johnson's refusal to grant formal consent for indyref2?
Public's help wanted on future energy strategy
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 21
Submitted ideas will be brought to an incoming economy minister and will feed into future schemes.
A&E record low as ambulance service struggles
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 55
Welsh A&E departments are struggling, with the worst of the winter pressures yet to come, figures show.
Scotland must 'walk the talk' on climate change
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 191
The Committee on Climate Change says the 2045 date for net-zero emissions is a "step-change in ambition" for Scotland.
Is it OK to call in sick with a common cold?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 438
Should you just crack on with it when you have a cold, or hide under the duvet for everybody's sake?
Is Labour's position on independence changing?
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 765
As Scottish Labour seeks to regroup after its election loss, party members are publicly talking about their stance on indyref2.
Rail services cancelled as new timetable starts
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 339
Commuters criticise rail firms Northern and Transpennine Express over the cancellations and delays.
Passengers complain of new train timetable delays
16/12/2019 | news | uk | 54
Transport for Wales rolled out its new timetable on Sunday but blamed delays and cancellations on staff shortages.
Medical leaders call for end to political deadlock
15/12/2019 | news | uk | 21
The British Medical Association and seven royal colleges have issued a joint statement.
'Now is the moment' to restore devolution
15/12/2019 | news | uk | 613
The Northern Ireland secretary met the leaders of the five biggest parties at Stormont on Monday.
Welsh Government cash boost in budget
13/12/2019 | news | uk | 94
Every department from health to housing, transport and education will see funding go up from April.
Bid to create Scotland's 'largest upland woods'
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 73
A Moray-based charity plans to plant a 100,000-tree woodland in hills near Loch Ness to create new habitats.
'No more' can be done to save money in NI schools
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 74
The head of the Education Authority says she acknowledges principals' growing frustration over funding.
NI Brexit concerns 'must not be allowed to fester'
10/12/2019 | news | uk | 97
The unionist response to the Brexit deal carries echoes of 1985, says a former Irish ambassador.
Bottle deposit scheme 'needs variable rate'
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 56
MSPs call for more flexibility said larger bottles could incur a higher charge.
Health crisis: Nurses in 48-hour industrial action
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 134
Members of the Royal College of Nursing are refusing to do things like working unpaid hours.
Clean air plan targets cars, stoves and industry
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 154
Public Health Wales estimates air pollution contributes to up to 1,400 deaths a year in Wales.
More wind on the way after Storm Atiyah disruption
09/12/2019 | news | uk | 116
Electricity supplies are restored after gales cut power and bring down trees across Wales.
Nurses at Altnagelvin join industrial action
08/12/2019 | news | uk | 73
Unison nurses at the Londonderry hospital join the ongoing action over pay and conditions.
Scottish private sector output expands
06/12/2019 | news | uk | 62
A regular RBS survey suggests there are "some positive signs" for firms, after output grows in November.
Business activity drops at sharpest rate in years
06/12/2019 | news | uk | 36
Brexit uncertainty is the main reason for the fall, according to the Ulster Bank report.
Frustration over five-week rail cancellations
05/12/2019 | news | uk | 38
A replacement bus service can take up to two hours to travel the 40-mile journey.
What happens if wintry weather hits the election?
05/12/2019 | news | uk | 155
Scottish councils have been making plans in case adverse weather causes disruption on Thursday.
Ulster Unionists 'want hung parliament'
04/12/2019 | news | uk | 387
Launching the UUP manifesto, Steve Aiken says he hopes party MPs will stop the current Brexit deal.
NI Railways on track for service changes
03/12/2019 | news | uk | 30
Additional commuter trains and extra Saturday night services are on the way.
Mixed report for Scots education in world rankings
03/12/2019 | news | uk | 497
Scottish 15-year-olds' performance in reading has improved but it falls in maths and science.
Sinn Féin hits out at DUP's 'crazy Brexit agenda'
02/12/2019 | news | uk | 679
Leader Mary Lou McDonald unveils the party's manifesto ahead of next week's general election.
Industrial action could delay cancer diagnosis
01/12/2019 | news | uk | 189
More than 10,000 outpatient appointments and surgeries will not go ahead on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
North of England 'deserves better' on transport
28/11/2019 | news | uk | 151
London's transport spending is two-and-a-half times more per head than the north's, figures show.
Does gritting roads harm the environment?
28/11/2019 | news | uk | 21
Using salt to de-ice roads is harmful to wildlife and alternatives should be tried, a scientist says.
NI health system 'at point of collapse'
28/11/2019 | news | uk | 66
Royal College of Surgeons says situation is "unacceptable" as NI waiting times reach all-time high.
EU net migration to UK at lowest for 16 years
28/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,260
Fewer people came to the UK from the EU to work and a record number returned home, the ONS says.
Minister says 1,000 Tata jobs at risk in Wales
27/11/2019 | news | uk | 101
Ken Skates says it "appears to be the case" that planned job losses could fall in Wales.
Bags for life 'adding to rising plastic waste'
27/11/2019 | news | uk | 334
Households bought 54 "reusable" bags on average last year, research says, prompting calls for a ban.
How wet has autumn 2019 really been?
27/11/2019 | news | uk | 132
There seems to have been a lot of rain and flooding this autumn but how wet has it really been?
UK 'has the technology' for zero carbon emissions
27/11/2019 | news | uk | 48
"Unproven" future technologies are not needed to eliminate greenhouse gases, a report says.
SNP vote 'will send clear message on indyref2'
26/11/2019 | news | uk | 5,149
Nicola Sturgeon says her party wants to "escape Brexit and put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands".
Child poverty 'will rise' under Tory plans
26/11/2019 | news | uk | 2,884
New analysis of election manifestos shows no major UK party's plans would reduce child poverty.
Over 1.2 million coffee cups recycled in city bins
25/11/2019 | news | uk | 16
But organisers of a scheme in Leeds estimate 80% of recyclable products still go in the wrong bin.
Most common Christmas delivery problems revealed
22/11/2019 | news | uk | 221
One shopper found a parcel in her toilet after it was pushed through a window, a survey says.
Labour vows no Irish Sea border in new Brexit deal
21/11/2019 | news | uk | 104
The party's manifesto contains the pledge of a new deal with no regulatory border between NI and GB.
NI music tourism 'generates £90m' in 2018
20/11/2019 | news | uk | 48
The latest UK Music report studies money spent on things like tickets and merchandise in Northern Ireland.
What is the 'most iconic' Scots word?
19/11/2019 | news | uk | 407
"Glaikit", "scunnered" and "shoogle" lose out to a word commonly used to describe the Scottish weather.
Third biggest UK arena could be in Concorde hangar
18/11/2019 | news | uk | 36
There have been years of setbacks and rows over sites in Bristol's city centre and outskirts.
Welsh politicians clash in TV election debate
17/11/2019 | news | uk | 62
Five leading Welsh politicians vie for party votes in the first TV head-to-head debate in Wales.
Staff shortages put 'cancer survival rates at risk'
17/11/2019 | news | uk | 352
A Holyrood committee finds 18% of cancer patients in June were not seen within the six-week target.
'Do not ditch valued and recognised GCSEs'
15/11/2019 | news | uk | 66
The exams should be kept, says a watchdog, as the school curriculum in Wales heads for major reforms.
PM claims there will be no Irish Sea border
15/11/2019 | news | uk | 164
Boris Johnson tells a radio phone-in he "guarantees" businesses will face no extra costs or checks.
Major local electoral changes include votes at 16
14/11/2019 | news | uk | 253
Prisoners could also get the vote in the the biggest changes to Wales' electoral system in 50 years.
Sturgeon ridicules Corbyn over indyref2 stance
14/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,212
Nicola Sturgeon has joked Jeremy Corbyn will end up demanding another indyref after further timing confusion.
Corbyn rows back on indyref2 timing comments
12/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,819
Jeremy Corbyn had ruled out a Scottish independence referendum in a Labour government's first term.
Flood-hit villagers 'could be homeless for weeks'
12/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,126
Boris Johnson is heckled on a visit to South Yorkshire as 200 Army personnel join the relief effort.
Grass 'could replace plastic' for packaging
12/11/2019 | news | uk | 49
Leftover farming materials could replace plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables, scientists say.
Will there be electoral pacts in Scotland?
12/11/2019 | news | uk | 191
In some parts of the UK parties are not fielding candidates, but is that the case north of the border?
Labour and Lib Dems criticise floods response
12/11/2019 | news | uk | 2,801
Boris Johnson is chairing a government emergency committee to discuss how flooding has been handled.
Welsh Lib Dems launch campaign to 'stop Brexit'
11/11/2019 | news | uk | 225
Their plans includes stopping Brexit, investing in public services and tackling the climate crisis.
Deposit return plan 'could increase plastic waste'
11/11/2019 | news | uk | 248
An aluminium recycling body warns a flat rate levy could lead to shoppers switching to plastic containers instead.
'Brexit uncertainty affects NI businesses'
08/11/2019 | news | uk | 77
Private sector activity in October fell for the eighth month in a row, according to a survey.
'Remainers who want to fight for EU need Labour'
08/11/2019 | news | uk | 83
Keir Starmer says a new referendum can only come about if his party forms the next UK government.
No checks on goods between NI and GB, says PM
08/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,549
Boris Johnson briefed Northern Ireland Conservative members but did he get all the details correct?
Farage makes last ditch plea for pact with Tories
07/11/2019 | news | uk | 918
The Brexit Party leader says he will try "for a few more days" to agree a leave alliance.
Sturgeon lists SNP's conditions for backing Labour
07/11/2019 | news | uk | 5,855
The SNP leader says Jeremy Corbyn would need to back the "principle" of a second independence referendum.
Scottish Greens say climate 'most pressing' issue
07/11/2019 | news | uk | 56
The party highlights that the next parliament will run over a crucial period for combating climate change.
Aston Martin launches first Wales-made car
07/11/2019 | news | uk | 71
The luxury car brand hopes the new DBX SUV will deliver a sales boost after a disappointing year.
PM says only Conservatives can save 'fantastic' UK
06/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,427
Boris Johnson urges voters to use next month's general election to call a halt to Nicola Sturgeon's plans for indyref2.
Labour pledges Scots council house building drive
06/11/2019 | news | uk | 473
Richard Leonard launches the Scottish Labour election campaign with a pledge to build 120,000 homes.
GCSE and A-level languages marking under review
05/11/2019 | news | uk | 64
The NI exams board is investigating concerns it is harder to achieve top marks in language exams.
Rail workers to hold 27 days of strikes
05/11/2019 | news | uk | 1,048
The stoppage will affect South Western Railway services in December and on New Year's Day.
Tory party has 'failed' working people - Drakeford
05/11/2019 | news | uk | 166
Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford launches the Welsh Labour's general election campaign.
Housebuilder's profits hit by 'challenging' market
04/11/2019 | news | uk | 25
Glasgow-based Mactaggart & Mickel saw revenues rise in the year to 30 April but pre-tax profits were down.
Publicly funded arts bodies 'not reaching poor'
04/11/2019 | news | uk | 22
Organisations labelling people "hard to reach" are "not trying hard enough", AMs are told.
NHS given extra £10m to ease winter pressures
03/11/2019 | news | uk | 651
The Scottish government says the cash will ease pressure on the health service in the coming months.
Plaid Cymru's 'ambition for Wales without limit'
03/11/2019 | news | uk | 890
Leader Adam Price outlined the party's plans at its general election campaign launch.
Building wind farms 'could destroy landscape'
01/11/2019 | news | uk | 141
Campaigners accept the need for renewable energy, but are concerned about the impact on tourism.
Council lists £12m cost-cutting proposals
01/11/2019 | news | uk | 54
Cuts to school subjects, road maintenance and increases in council tax are being considered.
AI recognition drones to help find the missing
01/11/2019 | news | uk | 62
The police drones use advanced cameras and neural computer networks to spot missing and vulnerable people.
Do your 'plastic-free' teabags contain plastic?
01/11/2019 | news | uk | 148
Here's a look at how some of the UK's biggest tea brands are trying to tackle the plastic problem.
UUP refuses to say if it will run 18 candidates
31/10/2019 | news | uk | 463
Steve Aiken has previously said the party would run in every constituency for the general election.
New six-bag recycling scheme 'too complicated'
31/10/2019 | news | uk | 99
One resident says she will "not be able to carry all the boxes and bags" in the new scheme.
Call to unlock billion pound wind potential
30/10/2019 | news | uk | 90
The renewables industry says floating wind farms could deliver tens of billions to the economy.
Dip in Scottish economy 'less than predicted'
30/10/2019 | news | uk | 60
The government's revised figures showed output contracted by 0.2% between April and June.
DUP whip says rejection of unionist pact 'bonkers'
30/10/2019 | news | uk | 422
Jeffrey Donaldson reacts to the UUP's decision to not co-operate with the DUP in certain constituencies.
MPs close to backing December election
29/10/2019 | news | uk | 10,103
MPs approve the principle of a pre-Christmas poll but there is wrangling over the exact date.
Welsh Labour MPs split on general election vote
29/10/2019 | news | uk | 236
The UK looks set for a snap poll - but Welsh Labour MPs were split on whether it should happen.
Northern Ireland full-time wages rise by 1.2%
29/10/2019 | news | uk | 31
Figures suggest typical weekly pay rose from £528 to £535, bringing us back to 2009 levels.
No-deal Brexit motorway plan to be stood down
29/10/2019 | news | uk | 55
Work to deactivate the system between Maidstone and Ashford has begun, Highways England says.
Upland and marginal farms to benefit from subsidy
28/10/2019 | news | uk | 39
The agriculture sector is to receive £160m of backdated money from a European Union subsidy.
Landfill a 'better option' than burning waste
28/10/2019 | news | uk | 51
Councils are trying to stop rubbish ending up in landfill, but an AM says burning it is even worse.
Consumer confidence dips over Stormont and Brexit
28/10/2019 | news | uk | 58
Danske Bank says about a quarter of people surveyed feel worse off than last year.
No-deal Brexit motorway plan operational
28/10/2019 | news | uk | 255
Operation Brock sees one side of the M20 being used only by HGVs heading to cross-Channel ports.
Archbishop warns MPs to avoid 'dangerous' language
27/10/2019 | news | uk | 3,038
Justin Welby said it was "extraordinarily dangerous" for MPs to make careless comments.
Patients to stand up in GP surgery during trials
24/10/2019 | news | uk | 111
The aim is to shorten consultations and see GPs act as healthier role models.
'Minimal' checks needed on NI-GB trade movements
24/10/2019 | news | uk | 565
The PM's deal means there will be new forms and checks between NI and GB, says the Brexit secretary.
Brexit is 'chance to grow Scots grocery sector'
24/10/2019 | news | uk | 57
The UK's departure from the EU is an opportunity to buy in more Scottish produce, an industry group says.
Smart motorways 'too confusing for drivers'
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 379
Highways England says it has no plans to build any new smart motorways amid confusion.
Brexit deal 'a considerable challenge' for economy
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 207
A report by the Fraser of Allander Institute says output in Scotland has already taken a £3bn "hit".
Give more children free school meals, say AMs
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 53
The earnings level for families entitled to the benefit should double in 2020, a committee says.
How will Brexit affect the Welsh food industry?
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 75
Some businesses fear the cost of delays but an economist says there could be new opportunities.
Scottish and Welsh leaders back general election
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 1,725
But Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford say the risk of no-deal must first be removed before they agree to an early poll.
Brexit factor in 'care jobs emergency'
23/10/2019 | news | uk | 45
Recruiter says Brexit is a key factor in the staffing crisis facing Scotland's care sector.
Irish PM Varadkar backs January Brexit extension
22/10/2019 | news | uk | 113
The EU may offer a "flextension" allowing the UK to leave before 31 January if a deal is passed.
Most Welsh MPs reject PM's Brexit deal timetable
22/10/2019 | news | uk | 38
MPs have blocked the UK government's attempt to get a Brexit bill through Parliament in three days.
Brexit deal 'could reduce NI spending and trade'
22/10/2019 | news | uk | 129
A government risk assessment warns of potential negatives of EU Withdrawal Bill for Northern Ireland.
NI firms to declare GB-bound goods under new deal
22/10/2019 | news | uk | 865
The Brexit secretary says there'll be no forms to fill in - then reverses his position shortly afterwards.
SNP says NI Brexit plan must also benefit Scotland
21/10/2019 | news | uk | 582
The Scottish National Party says special arrangements for NI should not be at Scotland's expense.
Justice powers for Wales urged by commission
21/10/2019 | news | uk | 180
Wales should run police, its courts and have laws distinct from England, an independent commission urges.
'Extra time needed' for assembly Brexit deal vote
21/10/2019 | news | uk | 193
The Welsh and Scottish FMs call for a long enough extension so AMs and MSPs can examine at the deal.
Inward migration 'needed to boost population'
21/10/2019 | news | uk | 114
A new government report warns Scotland's population could stagnate over the next 25 years.
Waitrose to stop putting plastic toys in crackers
21/10/2019 | news | uk | 472
The company also plans to ban plastic glitter from its own-brand Christmas range by December 2020.
Court delays decision on PM's Brexit tactics
20/10/2019 | news | uk | 2,771
Campaigners said the move would ensure that Boris Johnson fully complied with the Benn Act.
Labour's 'door is open' to DUP for talks on Brexit
20/10/2019 | news | uk | 340
The DUP is also planning to hold further talks with the government this week to seek "reassurances".
Jubilant scenes at 'final say' Brexit protest
19/10/2019 | news | uk | 8,112
Supporters of the "People's Vote" cheered as MPs voted to withhold approval of the PM's deal.
DUP 'encouraging' Tory MPs to reject Brexit deal
18/10/2019 | news | uk | 1,034
The party's Brexit spokesperson says it wants Conservatives to "take a stand" in Saturday's vote.
Dual nationality: Same country but roads apart
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 224
In 21st Century Wales, there's no dual carriageway linking north and south - why?
Court dismisses bid to stop 'illegal' Brexit deal
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 2,344
Lord Pentland ruled the application by Remain campaigners was "misconceived and unjustified".
Lifeline ferry services in council savings plans
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 6
Argyll and Bute Council is considering trying to move the responsibility for the ferries to Transport Scotland.
Single-use cup charge plan in waste crackdown
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 42
As 200 million cups are discarded in Scotland every year, ministers plan to introduce a new law.
SNP calls for Brexit extension and election
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 530
Ian Blackford tables an amendment calling for a three-month delay to allow time for a general election.
Anti-deal MPs 'should look voters in the eye'
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 441
The Welsh secretary urges MPs to back Boris Johnson's deal and honour the referendum result.
DUP says PM 'too eager to get deal at any cost'
17/10/2019 | news | uk | 799
The DUP says it will not support the PM's plan for NI as it has concerns about customs and consent.
Legal bid to halt 'illegal' Brexit deal
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 1,665
Anti-Brexit campaigner Jo Maugham has lodged a petition at Scotland's highest civil court.
NI economy could be slipping into recession
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 26
Some 77% of respondents in a survey believe a recession in NI is likely in the next six to 12 months.
'Urgent action' needed to halt bank closures
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 56
AMs warn money is draining from smaller communities to bigger towns as bank closures escalate.
Car parts firm to shut with 125 jobs to be lost
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 87
Japanese firm Hi-Lex makes parts for car manufacturers including BMW, Honda and Bugatti.
Minimum alcohol price set for March 2020
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 72
The date for when alcohol prices will be set at 50p a unit in Wales has been announced.
Tory MPs will 'take their line' from DUP
16/10/2019 | news | uk | 434
Former Brexit Secretary David Davis says the DUP's line on a Brexit deal is "important" to some MPs.
What impact will US tariffs have on Scotch whisky?
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 43
The whisky, shortbread and cashmere industries explain how the new 25% tariff could affect their business.
School mobile phone ban relaxed to 'ease friction'
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 75
A head teacher says the ban detracted from pupils' education - but other schools take a different view.
Rallying cry for climate change solution
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 59
Some of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases are to be asked to pledge to help the environment.
NI unemployment falls to one of lowest rates ever
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 154
However, the number of people in work - the employment rate - also fell in the last quarter.
Students moving on to work or training on the rise
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 5
The Scottish Funding Council says almost nine out of 10 students move on to so-called "positive destinations".
Rail fares: Why do prices vary around Wales?
15/10/2019 | news | uk | 40
Have you ever wondered why some train tickets are more expensive than others?
Sturgeon says indyref2 'must happen next year'
14/10/2019 | news | uk | 6,362
The SNP leader tells her party's conference that Westminster has 'no right' to block a Scottish independence referendum.
SNP 'winning independence economic argument'
14/10/2019 | news | uk | 2,245
Scotland's finance secretary uses his speech to the SNP conference to argue that the country can "more than afford" independence.
Sharpest fall in private sector activity since 2012
13/10/2019 | news | uk | 28
Ulster Bank says the decline in NI is due to range of factors, not least uncertainty over Brexit.
SNP formally backs decriminalisation of drugs
13/10/2019 | news | uk | 259
SNP conference delegates unanimously pass a motion backing the decriminalisation of drugs.
Union's plan to save Tata's Orb steelworks
11/10/2019 | news | uk | 30
Tata Steel says it is shutting the site, putting 380 jobs at risk.
Hundreds of archaeological sites found across NI
11/10/2019 | news | uk | 15
The discoveries from the last four years range from Stone Age farms to 19th Century urban industry.
UK 'must be open' to Wales quitting union
11/10/2019 | news | uk | 816
The Welsh Government says a referendum should be allowed if pro-independence parties win a mandate.
Scale of city's 'urban creep' revealed in study
11/10/2019 | news | uk | 71
Several hectares of green space is being covered over each year by paving or home extensions in Edinburgh.
Family's anger as hundreds hit by Flylolo chaos
11/10/2019 | news | uk | 90
More than 900 people have their holiday plans disrupted by the last-minute cancellations in Glasgow.
'No community will have Brexit plans veto' - Smith
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 500
NI Secretary Julian Smith does not rule out possible NI-only referendum on post-Brexit plans.
Brexit uncertainty raises NHS concerns
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 33
Public Health Wales says there could be disruption to medical supplies and price hikes on food.
Translink 'needs £3bn' to pursue zero emissions
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 42
The public transport provider says a rise in passenger numbers means it needs twice as much funding.
Welsh learners on language app up by a third
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 38
One app saw a 34% rise in people in the UK using its Welsh language course in September.
Sturgeon: 'No shortcut route to independence'
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 1,064
Scotland's first minister insists that a legal referendum remains the only way for the country to win independence.
Travel agent to open up to 100 new stores
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 19
Barrhead Travel says it also wants to rehire "a significant number" of former Thomas Cook employees.
Rail boss urges patience after first year
10/10/2019 | news | uk | 60
Transport for Wales' chief executive says he understands passengers' frustration.
MSPs approve workplace parking tax powers
09/10/2019 | news | uk | 845
Plans to allow councils to impose a levy on workplace parking spaces are passed as part of the transport bill.
Sea-threatened villagers call for answers
09/10/2019 | news | uk | 36
Defences at Fairbourne will stop being maintained in the 2050s with residents moved out.
Brewing giant to invest £14m in green initiatives
09/10/2019 | news | uk | 18
Cans of Tennent's lager will be packaged in cardboard rather than the traditional plastic rings from next year.
Rally will be held in Wales despite uncertainty
09/10/2019 | news | uk | 9
Organisers were in talks about hosting it in Northern Ireland, but confirm it will stay in Wales.
'Massive risk' of tackling empty homes due to cost
09/10/2019 | news | uk | 63
There are calls for a national plan to bring nearly 30,000 empty homes in Wales back into use.
Teaching assistant cuts 'heartbreaking' for pupils
08/10/2019 | news | uk | 23
A generation of school children have been let "down by the system", says head teacher Jane Jenkins.
Stormont given £31m to prepare for no-deal Brexit
08/10/2019 | news | uk | 223
Civil servants set aside millions for roads, ports and "vehicle parks", according to a spending plan.
Irish PM: Difficult to get Brexit deal by deadline
08/10/2019 | news | uk | 382
Leo Varadkar says he will work until the "very last moment" for an agreement but "not at any cost".
AMs back new bilingual name for Welsh Assembly
08/10/2019 | news | uk | 441
A majority of AMs have backed renaming the assembly the bilingual Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament.
Court asked to consider Brexit delay letter to EU
07/10/2019 | news | uk | 523
Scotland's Court of Session is considering whether it should act directly if Boris Johnson does not.
Dairy industry's 'doomsday' no-deal Brexit warning
07/10/2019 | news | uk | 214
It is questionable whether processors and farmers could survive, says Dairy Council for NI.
Judge dismisses no-deal Brexit court move
07/10/2019 | news | uk | 3,201
Lord Pentland says he must trust Boris Johnson to write a letter to the EU requesting an extension if no deal is agreed.
Speed limits cut pollution at traffic hotspots
04/10/2019 | news | uk | 177
Introducing limits at five locations has cut nitrogen dioxide gas pollutants, the government says.
Julian Smith defends government's Brexit plan
04/10/2019 | news | uk | 730
The NI secretary is also meeting four of the main Stormont parties to discuss devolution.
Leaders urged to end 'misery' caused by fireworks
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 136
A government survey shows "overwhelming" support for restricting their use, say campaigners.
PM 'can't be trusted' on Brexit delay, court told
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 3,386
Government promises that it is prepared to write a letter seeking an Article 50 extension are contradictory, claim campaigners.
Sturgeon says PM's Brexit plan 'not acceptable'
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 469
The first minister says she cannot support any plan that leaves Scotland outside the EU, single market and customs union.
Welsh independence referendum 'before 2030'
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 1,376
Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price says an independence referendum will take place in the next decade.
'Extinction risk' for 270 species in Ireland
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 29
Birds, insects and fish are among those with an uncertain future, states a report on biodiversity.
Scottish small business confidence 'evaporates'
03/10/2019 | news | uk | 37
Optimism among small firms in Scotland fell into negative territory, a survey shows.
Scotland becomes first UK country to ban smacking
02/10/2019 | news | uk | 2,673
The Scottish Parliament votes overwhelmingly to make it a criminal offence for parents to physically punish their children.
'Impossible' no-deal cross-border trade warning
02/10/2019 | news | uk | 201
Complex certification rules could cause problems for food retail and distribution companies, says NI's chief vet.
Promise to end fuel poverty in Wales broken
02/10/2019 | news | uk | 21
But ministers have helped halve the number of people struggling to heat homes, a watchdog says.
Care homes part of no-deal Brexit warehouse plan
02/10/2019 | news | uk | 19
About £5m has been spent so far in stocking an extra warehouse with medical products and food.
Labour driving wedge between nations says Cairns
01/10/2019 | news | uk | 126
The Welsh secretary claims the party is "flirting" with nationalism and ignoring Welsh Leave voters.
New homes 'must have' electric car chargers
01/10/2019 | news | uk | 50
Some motorists say they are unable to switch due to a lack of chargers in rural areas.
Call for elections reform over 'missing' voters
01/10/2019 | news | uk | 33
Campaigners warn that a snap UK election could leave hundreds of thousands of Scots unable to vote.
'Modest' economic impact of minimum drinks pricing
01/10/2019 | news | uk | 118
Researchers find that drop in alcohol sales was offset by increased prices and a switch to premium brands.
Harland and Wolff saved from closure
01/10/2019 | news | uk | 75
A UK-based energy company steps in to buy the Belfast shipyard, with 79 jobs retained.
'We will not be dragged out of the single market'
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 587
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was speaking after reports the UK had proposed customs sites near the border.
'Unreasonable' parking fines 'deterring visitors'
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 71
A solar-panelled machine and poor phone signal is making payment difficult, says a councillor.
New standards code for teachers to be drawn up
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 26
The General Teaching Council for Scotland is inviting submissions for its new code from teachers and the public.
'Political partisanship' in NI affects education
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 5
New research claims NI's "fractious" political system has prevented positive changes in education.
Scots Conservatives would not support Brexit delay
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 852
Interim leader Jackson Carlaw also confirms that the party has dropped its opposition to a no-deal Brexit.
Labour heartland seats 'at risk' say Welsh Tories
30/09/2019 | news | uk | 82
The party chairman says it will win back lost seats and take votes in the south Wales valleys.
Plaid Cymru urged to back free social care for all
27/09/2019 | news | uk | 61
A commission set up by the party said social care free of charge for all was affordable.
'No bovine TB money cuts before badger cull plan'
26/09/2019 | news | uk | 46
An advisory group says the cattle disease already costs farmers in time, stress and lost production.
New bid to help young people break into farming
26/09/2019 | news | uk | 39
A new land matching service pairs landowners with people looking to get a foot on the ladder.
Scouts waiting list rises to more than 60,000
26/09/2019 | news | uk | 37
The amount of children waiting to become Scouts, Beavers, Cubs or Explorers rose by 20% since 2017.
Johnson pledges government support for Wrightbus
26/09/2019 | news | uk | 280
Prime minister says government will do "what we can to help" after Wrightbus enters administration.
'Shenanigans' won’t change Brexit, says Dodds
25/09/2019 | news | uk | 125
The DUP deputy leader says the "fundamentals" of Brexit haven't changed after Supreme Court ruling.
Ireland 'open to Brexit extension', says Varadkar
25/09/2019 | news | uk | 1,288
The Irish prime minster made the remarks in New York as the House of Commons returned from suspension.
Campaigners 'would fight' more turbines off coast
25/09/2019 | news | uk | 131
Four areas are being made available to wind farm developers, including one off north Wales.
Pokemon Go-style road safety app developed
25/09/2019 | news | uk | 7
Primary school pupils can learn how to cross the road through the virtual reality game.
SNP wants confidence vote to remove 'zombie' PM
25/09/2019 | news | uk | 2,794
The party calls on other opposition leaders to unite around a no confidence motion that would remove Boris Johnson from office.
Wrightbus administrators confirm 1,200 job losses
24/09/2019 | news | uk | 1,049
About 50 posts will be kept after the firm, best known for the "Boris Bus", went into administration.
School scraps bright furniture to help kids focus
24/09/2019 | news | uk | 48
Teachers believe the new decor, which is like "grandma's living room", will improve behaviour.
North Sea cod loses 'blue tick' certification
24/09/2019 | news | uk | 124
The Marine Stewardship Council says fish stocks are now below the "safe biological level".
Pupils 'short-changed' by mixing course levels
23/09/2019 | news | uk | 92
A teaching union wants to curb the practice of teaching Nat 4, 5 and Higher courses at the same time.
Funding given to Snowdonia rocket launch centre
23/09/2019 | news | uk | 30
Funding announcements as hundreds of space industry figures land in Newport.
Wales 'will not back Corbyn' in any Brexit deal
23/09/2019 | news | uk | 302
The Welsh Government would campaign for remain in any Labour-led referendum, Jeremy Miles says.
Housing crisis 'affects 8.4 million' in England
22/09/2019 | news | uk | 698
Millions are in unaffordable or unsuitable homes, research for the National Housing Federation says.
Are Scots becoming more or less healthy?
20/09/2019 | news | uk | 94
Seven charts from the latest Scottish Health Survey looking at drinking, smoking and exercise.
Offshore wind expands at record low price
20/09/2019 | news | uk | 499
The UK announces projects to power seven million homes with wind power - and no need for subsidy.
Thousands join UK climate change protests
20/09/2019 | news | uk | 4,494
Schoolchildren and workers down tools and walk out of lessons, demanding "climate justice for all".
Thousands join school strikes on climate change
19/09/2019 | news | uk | 524
The demonstrations across Scotland are the latest in a series started by Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg.
UKIP conference amidst row over leader's no-show
19/09/2019 | news | uk | 298
New leader Richard Braine's non-attendance due to "low ticket sales" is described as "an insult".
What is climate change doing to Wales?
19/09/2019 | news | uk | 57
Climate change is already affecting the country's sea defences, wildlife and agriculture.
When Wales hosted the Rugby World Cup
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 17
Organisers reveal the chaos behind the scenes amid fears the Millennium Stadium would not be ready.
Hospitals relying on 'emergency' loans
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 20
NHS trusts are paying back millions of pounds to the government each year in interest.
Call for UK rollout of alcohol minimum pricing
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 130
Early evidence suggests alcohol related deaths in Glasgow have fallen by a fifth.
Lack of toilets on new tram-trains 'dehumanising'
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 272
Passengers will be forced to wait to use facilities at stations on the new South Wales Metro.
Protein drinks firm warns of no-deal Brexit exodus
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 61
Firms will consider relocating if export tariffs hit trade, the company says.
Scotland's economy shrinks on 'Brexit uncertainty'
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 91
Data released by the Scottish government shows output contracted by 0.3% between April and June.
Poorest 'three times' more likely to die young
18/09/2019 | news | uk | 154
The figures show the "massive inequality" between rich and poor in Scotland, researchers say.
How has Scotland changed since the indyref?
17/09/2019 | news | uk | 988
Five years on from the independence referendum, how have things changed in Scotland?
Unpaid breaks rota change 'risks nurse goodwill'
17/09/2019 | news | uk | 72
One health board plans to stop paying staff for their 30-minute break each shift.
Ineos to build new 4x4 vehicle in Bridgend
17/09/2019 | news | uk | 255
The company will get public money to help bring up to 500 jobs to the town.
Map of 'loneliness risk areas' to be trialled
17/09/2019 | news | uk | 10
It will match people's likes and dislikes to activities nearby and work out how to get them involved.
JPMorgan Chase to build new Scottish tech base
16/09/2019 | news | uk | 38
The US finance giant is to invest millions in a new centre for its 2,000 tech specialists based in Glasgow.
Caledonian Sleeper staff set strike date
16/09/2019 | news | uk | 100
Members of the RMT union are taking industrial action over concerns about staffing levels and training.
US IT giant commits to Scotland after Brexit
16/09/2019 | news | uk | 144
Hewlett Packard Enterprise commits to maintaining a key base in Scotland, regardless of how the UK leaves the EU.
Principals' union ballots on strike action
15/09/2019 | news | uk | 75
The union members will be asked if they back either a strike or industrial action short of a strike.
Education review ordered amid subject concern
15/09/2019 | news | uk | 337
The review follows concern there has been a narrowing of subject choice for secondary pupils to study between S4-S6.
Newry's bid to take centre stage
13/09/2019 | news | uk | 19
Plans are afoot for the frontier town to branch out but not everyone is happy about the proposals.
£194m railway stations upgrade revealed
13/09/2019 | news | uk | 69
All stations in Wales will benefit from improvements over the next 15 years.
Brexit Party forms pact for Hartlepool control
13/09/2019 | news | uk | 876
The Brexit Party formed the pact with Tories and independents to "put country before party".
Fine weather means good summer for UK butterflies
13/09/2019 | news | uk | 54
Survey finds many common species of butterfly enjoyed a good summer this year.
DUP denies changing position on Brexit
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 1,519
The Times says the party has agreed to drop its objections to regulatory checks in the Irish Sea.
Cash from dormant bank accounts to go to charity
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 21
Dormant accounts charity schemes have existed in the rest of the UK for more than 10 years.
Can the world's largest HMV work in a digital age?
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 107
Will HMV Vault in Birmingham become the "nirvana for music and film fans" the firm hopes for?
'Serious' talks on Lib Dem-Plaid election pact
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 184
Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson says her party is in genuine discussions with Plaid on a deal.
Northern Ireland economy 'continuing to grow'
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 20
The retail and hospitality sector accounted for most of the growth in the second quarter of 2019.
File shows no-deal Brexit 'devastating' for Wales
12/09/2019 | news | uk | 214
A Welsh minister says no amount of preparation can cope with the disruption the paper outlines.
'Shops struggle because people need more money'
11/09/2019 | news | uk | 54
Plans to improve city centres are "doomed to fail" unless people have cash to spend, researchers say.
NHS buildings' £261m backlog of urgent repairs
11/09/2019 | news | uk | 23
The total maintenance backlog in hospitals and other NHS buildings is more than £500m.
Could we build a Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge?
11/09/2019 | news | uk | 588
What are the prospects of the multi-billion pound construction project becoming a reality?
Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful
11/09/2019 | news | uk | 13,691
Scotland's highest court says Boris Johnson, in effect, misled the Queen over the move.
PM rules out Northern Ireland-only backstop
11/09/2019 | news | uk | 316
DUP leader Arlene Foster says the UK needs to move on and find a Brexit deal that works.
Ministers reverse May-era foreign student rules
10/09/2019 | news | uk | 342
Overseas citizens who study in the UK can stay on for two years after graduating, the government says.
'Significant risk' from drivers on school run
10/09/2019 | news | uk | 58
A head teacher says a man drove at him as he tried to stop them driving through a group of pupils.
'Sensible compromise' could break Brexit deadlock
10/09/2019 | news | uk | 112
Labour MP Stephen Kinnock says a cross-party version of Theresa May's deal could break the impasse.
PM rejects NI-only backstop solution, says DUP
10/09/2019 | news | uk | 433
The party says Boris Johnson confirmed his view during a meeting in Downing Street.
Labour manifesto to offer vote on Leave and Remain
10/09/2019 | news | uk | 5,234
Jeremy Corbyn vows a fresh Brexit referendum but arguments continue over which side it should back.
Man spends £30,000 fighting £100 speeding fine
09/09/2019 | news | uk | 566
Richard Keedwell "simply wanted justice" but has lost his savings and his sons' inheritance money.
Number of empty homes up 40% to 27,000
09/09/2019 | news | uk | 64
The problem is described as a "wasted resource" as so many people need affordable homes.
Impeach PM if Brexit law ignored, says Plaid Cymru
08/09/2019 | news | uk | 228
No prime minister has ever successfully been impeached but Plaid says opposition parties could try.
NI economy 'may have already entered recession'
06/09/2019 | news | uk | 175
An economic survey finds a slowdown was seen across manufacturing, construction, services and retail.
PM 'political stunt' police speech criticised
05/09/2019 | news | uk | 99
Boris Johnson is criticised for using West Yorkshire Police officers as a backdrop during a speech.
PM says his opponents 'don't trust the people'
05/09/2019 | news | uk | 4,447
Boris Johnson says the public is tired of "dither and delay" as opposition parties vow to again block his snap election plan.
Election 2019: Questions facing Scotland's parties
05/09/2019 | news | uk | 890
With a general election looming in December, what are the key questions facing Scotland's parties?
Sturgeon says she would 'relish an election'
05/09/2019 | news | uk | 666
Scotland's first minister predicts the SNP will "beat the Tories" in Scotland if there is an early election.
Opposition 'disingenuous' for not backing election
04/09/2019 | news | uk | 106
As MPs block a general election, the Welsh secretary warns they will face angry voters.
More violent crime reported on British railways
04/09/2019 | news | uk | 26
Overall crime also increased across the railway network, British Transport Police figures show.
'Outstanding' schools not inspected for 13 years
04/09/2019 | news | uk | 118
The top rated state schools have been exempt from routine inspection but this is going to change.
Underground water could heat homes, study says
04/09/2019 | news | uk | 50
Scientists found they could warm a school without "draining" the heat left in the water.
No-deal Brexit: Three-year stay for EU nationals
04/09/2019 | news | uk | 453
A three-year temporary Leave to Remain scheme will replace free movement, the government says.
Judge rejects parliament shutdown legal challenge
03/09/2019 | news | uk | 3,232
The cross-party group of MPs and peers behind the case say they will appeal against the ruling.
PM 'approved Parliament shutdown in mid-August'
02/09/2019 | news | uk | 2,260
A plan to prorogue Parliament was signed off two weeks before it was publicly announced, a Scottish court is told.
'Get ready for Brexit' campaign launches
01/09/2019 | news | uk | 2,538
An advertising campaign urging the public to prepare for Britain's exit from the EU begins.
Judge rejects temporary ban on Parliament shutdown
30/08/2019 | news | uk | 5,336
The Court of Session will now make a full ruling next week on whether Boris Johnson is acting legally.
Human rights body hit by eight budget cuts
29/08/2019 | news | uk | 223
The NI Human Rights Commission says its budget is severely restricting its ability to take legal cases.
Judge considering parliament shutdown challenge
29/08/2019 | news | uk | 3,971
A cross-party group has put forward arguments claiming that proroguing parliament ahead of Brexit is unlawful.
Ruth Davidson quits as Scottish Tory leader
29/08/2019 | news | uk | 3,650
Ms Davidson, who led the party for eight years, has been a vocal critic of Boris Johnson's approach to Brexit.
Labour leader would delay not block Indyref2
29/08/2019 | news | uk | 404
Jeremy Corbyn says he would not allow a vote "in the formative years" of a future Labour government.
Lib Dems hold off SNP to win Shetland by-election
28/08/2019 | news | uk | 667
The SNP was bidding to take Scotland's safest seat after long-serving Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott stood down.
Parliament suspension 'callous political play'
28/08/2019 | news | uk | 589
Sinn Féin, Alliance, the SDLP and UUP criticise plan but the DUP welcomes new Parliament session.
EU pours cold water on Brexit backstop alternative
27/08/2019 | news | uk | 287
An alternative proposal to the Brexit backstop is 'not anywhere near landing zone' says EU.
Home Office's 'misleading' Brexit ad banned
27/08/2019 | news | uk | 199
Ad watchdog bans government advert telling EU citizens how to stay in the UK after Brexit.
£1.5 billion of paper banknotes never cashed in
27/08/2019 | news | uk | 184
The Bank of England says the relatively low value of old £5 notes might explain their low return rate.
Parties agree plan to block no-deal Brexit
27/08/2019 | news | uk | 224
Cross-party talks provide "a solid platform for co-operation", Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price says.
Is boost to Belfast city centre living realistic?
26/08/2019 | news | uk | 98
Only 3,000 people live in Belfast city centre and the council wants to boost that to 66,000 more by 2035.
How do you solve a problem like the seagulls?
23/08/2019 | news | uk | 50
A Scottish football club has been plagued with issues - but what are the options to address it?
Call to scrap paper and pens in GCSE exams
22/08/2019 | news | uk | 159
A consultation will take place later this year on how pupils should be tested in the future.
MLA appeal over backstop in letter to Tusk
22/08/2019 | news | uk | 448
The letter, signed by a majority of MLAs, stresses their continuing support for the backstop.
UK 'cannot end freedom of movement' on Brexit day
22/08/2019 | news | uk | 2,449
The UK has no system to work out who is legally in the country after a no-deal Brexit, experts say.
Fracking halted by largest tremor yet
22/08/2019 | news | uk | 186
Cuadrilla said micro seismicity had been recorded near Blackpool at 20:46 BST on Wednesday.
Rise in A*-C GCSE grades in Northern Ireland
21/08/2019 | news | uk | 32
The number of top A* grades falls, mainly due to the introduction of a new C* grade.
Bank holiday travellers warned of delays
21/08/2019 | news | uk | 379
The RAC is recommending that the best time to travel by road on Friday will be after 21:00 BST.
Free childcare possibility for non-working parents
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 31
Currently only working parents of three and four year olds are eligible for the benefit.
Further improvement in Scotland's public finances
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,800
The country spent £12.6bn more on public services than it raised in taxation last year - the equivalent of 7% of its GDP.
Climate change 'will expose more ancient ruins'
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 74
A prehistoric forest, a 150-year-old shipwreck and monuments have all been uncovered.
Welsh Labour 'to back Remain' in any referendum
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 227
First Minister Mark Drakeford goes further than Jeremy Corbyn who does not rule out a Labour deal.
Council at a crossroads with no lollipop people
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 152
Moray Council is the first in Scotland to completely scrap school crossing patrols to make savings.
Rethink call as nine stores close every month
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 37
Scottish business leaders call for a reversal to more than 400 bank and business closures since 2016.
Increase in school pupils getting top GCSE grades
20/08/2019 | news | uk | 113
The A* to C pass rate is 62.8%, but there is some concern about a decline in English language grades.
Call for crackdown on junk food price deals
19/08/2019 | news | uk | 386
Health groups want restrictions on multi-buy promotions in a bid to tackle obesity.
Watchdog would want to review indyref2 question
19/08/2019 | news | uk | 585
The Electoral Commission would expect to be consulted on the wording, even if it was the same as in 2014.
CBI boss says Scotland still faces big Brexit risk
19/08/2019 | news | uk | 99
Carolyn Fairbairn says a no-deal departure from the European Union could cost Scotland £14bn a year.
Corbyn: General election will stop Brexit 'crisis'
19/08/2019 | news | uk | 6,290
A general election would be the "change of direction" the UK needs, the Labour leader has said.
'Agency needed' to enforce building standards
18/08/2019 | news | uk | 118
Greenpeace criticises the current system which relies on builders to certify much of their work, with limited checks.
Sinn Féin calls PM reckless after Brexit leak
18/08/2019 | news | uk | 481
DUP leader Arlene Foster says she believes the dossier is "outdated" and leaked to undermine the PM.
Police Scotland spend £7m on Brexit planning
18/08/2019 | news | uk | 144
A report on the force's plans names civil unrest as the biggest issue it faces in preparing to leave the EU.
Wales' first electric bus to hit the road
16/08/2019 | news | uk | 43
The former demonstration bus will be the first in Wales to be used on a permanent basis.
Not leaving EU would be 'betrayal of democracy'
16/08/2019 | news | uk | 499
Andrew RT Davies says not delivering Brexit would be a "danger to the fabric of the United Kingdom".
Slate world heritage plans put to the public
16/08/2019 | news | uk | 8
A council publishes a plan outlining how Unesco World Heritage status could improve the area.
Youth climate strikers allowed one school day off
16/08/2019 | news | uk | 873
However, no punishment will be levelled at pupils or parents if they choose to strike for a longer period.
Strength of British military falls for ninth year
16/08/2019 | news | uk | 918
The government is accused of "running down" the military, as figures show a further drop in numbers.
Large subsidies not paid to 'phantom' energy plants
15/08/2019 | news | uk | 71
Onshore wind turbines were among the plants accredited to a scheme to incentivise renewable electricity.
Corbyn hails Wales' lead in 'green revolution'
15/08/2019 | news | uk | 562
Labour leader restates support for renewable energy schemes to "transform society" and create jobs.
£13m written off the value of public stake in BiFab
15/08/2019 | news | uk | 496
The Scottish government's stake in the engineering yards is slashed from £19m to £6m after a watchdog's review.
Leaders call for £39bn for Pennine rail project
15/08/2019 | news | uk | 410
Boris Johnson said a "very, very good case" is being made for improving connections.
Corbyn less damaging than no-deal, says Tory
15/08/2019 | news | uk | 187
Guto Bebb says the Labour leader's offer to run a caretaker government should be taken seriously.
Corbyn: UK parliament should not block Indyref2
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 961
The Labour leader says Westminster should not prevent a vote - but he does not think it is a "good idea".
Top A-level grades rise in Northern Ireland
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 110
About 28,000 students are deciding their next move after receiving A-level and AS-level results.
Electricity bills to increase for 450,000 homes
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 60
Power NI is hiking prices in a move that will see domestic bills go up by an average of £35 a year.
Schools funding rise hit by pension costs
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 95
Schools have had to pay a 7.4% increase in employer pension contributions since 1 April.
Olympics power firm challenged to cut carbon
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 35
The Glasgow-based company, which also powers Glastonbury, is increasing its use of solar technology and storage batteries.
Scottish life expectancy improvements stall
14/08/2019 | news | uk | 347
The latest official statistics says the change follows three decades in which people have been living longer.
Record numbers get top grade A-levels
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 65
The proportion of students getting A* is at its highest since the grade was introduced in 2010.
'No answer' down the track to train overcrowding
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 102
One commuter says he took a pay cut to avoid a longer journey.
Scotland sees surge in unemployment
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 331
From April to June Scots out of work rose by 12,000 to 102,000, although the rate is lower than the rest of the UK.
Slight rise in NI unemployment rate
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 179
The latest figures reveal a small increase on the historic low recorded earlier this year.
Unemployment rate falls in Wales
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 68
Wales has seen the biggest fall in its unemployment rate over the last three months.
'Wild west' coast named Wales' best experience
13/08/2019 | news | uk | 65
Some of the best things to do include cheering on the national rugby team and climbing Snowdon.
UK 'first in line' for US trade deal, says Bolton
12/08/2019 | news | uk | 2,505
The US would consider negotiating deals on "sector-by-sector" basis, says a senior Trump aide.
Hands-free phone driving ban 'should be looked at'
12/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,768
A committee of MPs says there is a "misleading impression" the devices are completely safe.
Johnson pledges £100m to boost prison security
12/08/2019 | news | uk | 468
Jails in England and Wales cannot be allowed to become "factories for making bad people worse", PM says.
Brexit legal challenge to be heard in September
12/08/2019 | news | uk | 3,973
A group of politicians want the courts to rule out suspending parliament to push through a no-deal Brexit.
Scottish government 'ready' to nationalise shipyard
12/08/2019 | news | uk | 663
However, owner Jim McColl has been strongly critical of the move towards public ownership.
£85m extra for CPS to tackle violent crime
11/08/2019 | news | uk | 563
A review into sentencing is also promised as Downing Street continues its focus on law and order.
New orders and business output drop fastest in NI
09/08/2019 | news | uk | 192
A bank survey finds business activity in Northern Ireland slowed for the fifth month in a row.
Premier League club staff 'should get living wage'
09/08/2019 | news | uk | 444
A charity says staff members such as cleaners are not paid enough by England's top football clubs.
'Brexit carving into cosmetic surgery market'
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 31
Two "leading" providers have gone into administration amid "a lack of Brexit clarity".
Veteran Tory NI adviser issues union warning
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 132
Lord Caine says Irish unity is not "inevitable", but there are "clear warning signs".
Labour at loggerheads over indyref2
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,098
The Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party issues a statement challenging the national party's position on indyref2.
Old oil rigs could become CO2 storage sites
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 26
Scientists find modifying old rigs to lock away CO2 beneath the seabed would be 10 times cheaper than decommissioning.
Labour must do more to stop no-deal Brexit - Plaid
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 61
A Plaid MP says a cross-party alliance could be the only way to avoid leaving the EU without a deal.
No new 1p coins for first time in decades
08/08/2019 | news | uk | 448
The Treasury said there were already enough in circulation so no new ones were needed.
Scots pay rises used for savings and clearing debt
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 40
Official figures show that extra earnings last year were not matched by a rise in consumer spending.
Scots firms turn to temporary staff to fill posts
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 124
The number of permanent staff appointments in Scotland fell for the first time in two and a half years.
Scottish Labour leader hits back in indyref2 row
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,882
Richard Leonard insists Labour would oppose an independence referendum despite the shadow chancellor saying otherwise.
Police to use facial recognition app on phones
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 47
About 50 officers will use the app to track down suspects as part of a three-month trial.
'Stop moaning and invest', says fund boss
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 37
Nigel Wilson says Scotland and the UK are still great places to invest, amid Brexit concerns.
Wales 'not too poor to be independent'
07/08/2019 | news | uk | 193
There would be no future for an "England and Wales" union, says former first minister Carwyn Jones.
Labour government 'would not block' indyref2
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 776
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says any decision about a second vote would be up to Holyrood.
Concern over 'staffing crisis' at private nurseries
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 31
Hundreds of childcare providers are facing recruitment problems ahead of an increase in free nursery entitlement.
Residents wait for news on Whaley Bridge return
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 20
Many of the 1,500 evacuated people have been told to wait until after midday for a decision.
Legal bid to prevent PM shutting down parliament
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,474
Politicians start legal action to prevent Boris Johnson shutting down parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit.
Universities and councils cut back on plastic cups
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 86
About 2.2 million fewer single-use cups were used by public bodies in Wales in the last year.
UUP calls for direct rule within two months
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 63
Robin Swann says there is no impetus towards finding agreement in the current NI talks process.
Thousands of new council homes over next 20 years
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 70
There are also plans for more urban living in the Welsh development vision for the next 20 years.
Irish unity vote 'not way forward' - Irish PM
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 958
Leo Varadkar says a border poll in the wake of a no-deal Brexit would be "divisive".
Water level target reached at Whaley Bridge dam
06/08/2019 | news | uk | 557
Water levels at Toddbrook Reservoir are now low enough for engineers to assess the damage.
Sturgeon points to 'growing urgency' for independence
05/08/2019 | news | uk | 1,051
Scotland's first minister was speaking on the day a poll suggested a majority of Scots were now in favour of independence.
Higher pass rate falls as students receive results
05/08/2019 | news | uk | 289
Figures released by the SQA show that the pass rate fell for Highers but rose among those sitting National 5s.
Welsh language 'risks becoming like Irish'
05/08/2019 | news | uk | 192
The Welsh Language Commissioner says he will focus on increasing the daily use of the language.
Scots insolvencies up 46% in six months
04/08/2019 | news | uk | 176
KPMG said economic volatility is behind the trend, with Brexit creating uncertainty for businesses.
Deaf pupils 'left behind' by education system
04/08/2019 | news | uk | 110
The National Deaf Children's Society says deaf children are more likely to leave school without qualifications.
'Radical change is needed to save the union'
03/08/2019 | news | uk | 788
Wales' Brexit minister believes a "get what you're given" attitude to Wales needs to change.