Covid-19: 'Unrealistic' to expect NI lockdown to end on 5 March
22/01/2021 | news | uk | 672
Health Minister Robin Swann warns restrictions are likely to continue after latest extension.
Covid in Scotland: I'm over 80 and waiting for my vaccine
22/01/2021 | news | uk | 460
Some elderly Scots are anxious as they wait for the jab despite assurances the vaccine programme is on track.
Covid-19: Cancer surgery 'cancelled for 275 people in past week'
22/01/2021 | news | uk | 46
The Royal College of Surgeons wants to get operations "back up and running" and says any help is welcome.
Brexit: Horticulture "incredibly frustrated" by Irish Sea border
22/01/2021 | news | uk | 205
Some common plant species, like honeysuckle and oak, are now banned from being moved from GB to NI.
Covid-19: NI lockdown to be extended until 5 March
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 897
The curbs may even continue until Easter in an attempt to drive down Covid-19 case numbers.
Covid-19 vaccines: Health minister accused of 'misleading' over claim
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,724
Vaughan Gething says he made a "mistake" after claiming most over 80s had received their first dose.
Covid: 'Too early' to say if lockdown will end in spring - Boris Johnson
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 5,496
Boris Johnson says England's measures will be reviewed once the priority groups have had the vaccine.
Spread of Covid-19 in Scotland 'decelerating' as R number falls
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,775
Modelling suggests that lockdown has "stabilised" the spread of new cases in Scotland.
Covid: £800 house party fines to be introduced in England
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 169
Fines of £800 will be handed to anyone attending a house party of more than 15 people from next week.
Brexit: Movement Assistance Scheme costs £330,000 in 20 days
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 174
The Movement Assistance Scheme helps businesses with the cost of moving food and plant products.
Northern Ireland pubs 'pressured' not to sell independent beer
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 22
Stormont is hearing from independent brewers, who want to be able to sell draught beer on-site.
Covid: NHS Wales hospital waiting lists eight times pre-pandemic levels
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 31
There are nearly 232,000 people waiting more than nine months for routine hospital treatment in Wales.
Covid: Nearly 2m UK people got first Covid vaccine in last week
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,890
Around 200 vaccines are being given every minute, the health secretary tells the Commons.
Brexit: Lamb exporter to EU 'making virtually nothing'
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,056
Powys meat processing plant warns the extra cost of selling into the EU could mean major job losses.
Covid-19: Back office healthcare staff are on priority vaccine list
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 99
There has been confusion over the eligibility of workers in non-patient facing roles.
Wind turbines: Renewables body counters 'excessive subsidies' report
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 18
Wind turbines are not as lucrative as the NI Audit Office reported, says the renewables industry.
P7 parents 'worried sick' over post-primary transfer process
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 10
A primary school principal says standardised tests could be provided in February, if permitted.
Covid vaccine: 'Patience and perspective' needed in Wales
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 487
Wales has made a "very good start" on delivering jabs, a former chief medical officer says.
Food supply problems in NI clearly a Brexit issue - Coveney
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 375
NI Secretary Brandon Lewis said empty shelves in Northern Ireland were down to Covid-19.
Covid: House hunters travelling 'hundreds of miles' to view homes
21/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,045
Estate agents call for tougher measures - as buyers race to beat the end of the stamp duty holiday.
Covid: Parents fear losing childcare funding in lockdown
20/01/2021 | news | uk | 26
One mother says parents face being penalised financially if they keep children home from nursery.
Covid vaccine: Priti Patel 'working to get jabs to front-line roles'
20/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,702
The PM says he wants them vaccinated "as soon as possible" but will listen to scientific advice.
Covid in Scotland: Phased return 'likely' for Scottish schools
20/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,613
The youngest and oldest pupils, plus those with additional support needs will be among the first to return to classrooms.
Long Covid: Recovery app for sufferers unveiled
20/01/2021 | news | uk | 44
The bilingual app created by NHS Wales offers more than 100 videos and links to advice.
Storm Christoph: Flood warnings in parts of England
20/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,405
Police in Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire say they are expecting flooding in their regions.
Covid vaccine 'delivered with increasing urgency' in Wales
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,325
Vaughan Gething says the challenge in Wales is "having enough infrastructure" to deliver the jabs.
Covid: UK records new daily high of 1,610 deaths
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 4,346
The total number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test during the pandemic is now above 90,000.
Covid in Scotland: Concerns about vaccine supply amid GP frustration
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 228
Opposition parties say vaccine rollout is "slow" but the FM insists mid-February targets will be met.
Covid in Scotland: Schools to stay closed as lockdown extended
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,986
Mainland Scotland and some islands to remain under toughest coronavirus rules until at least mid-February.
Covid in Scotland: Police issue record number of travel fines
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 55
The total of 241 fines in a week is nearly eight times more than when the rules were introduced.
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon to announce outcome of lockdown review
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,438
The first minister says her statement to MSPs will concern the duration of Scotland's restrictions.
Covid-19: NI nurses face 'tsunami of mental health issues'
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 63
Many healthcare staff in NI are showing symptoms of PTSD because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the RCN says.
Driving tests: Extra slots to replace lockdown cancellations
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 5
Learners whose tests were cancelled during the latest lockdown are being contacted to rebook.
Covid in Scotland: Taxi grant 'not for those on state benefits'
19/01/2021 | news | uk | 364
Grants of £1,500 are being made available but those in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit, are not eligible.
Covid vaccine: Health minister denies jabs being held back
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 3,795
Earlier the first minister said he did not want vaccinators "standing around with nothing to do".
Covid-19: 'Toughest week yet' of pandemic for NI hospitals
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 317
The number of people needing intensive care is expected to continue rising for at least two weeks.
Brexit: Edwin Poots issues jelly and gravy shortage warning
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 94
Edwin Poots says some processed goods could be unavailable in NI after the protocol grace period ends.
Covid-19: Critical care wards full in hospitals across England
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 787
There are very few spare beds for the most seriously ill patients in parts of the country, the NHS says.
Covid set to be leading cause of death in Wales in 2020
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 29
The Covid mortality rate is also at its highest level since the peak in April, new figures show.
Covid in Scotland: Army helping set up 80 new vaccine centres
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,805
Soldiers from the Royal Army Medical Corps and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are involved in the effort.
Covid: Paramedic questioned job after being spat at
18/01/2021 | news | uk | 118
The Welsh Ambulance Service boss warns that difficult weeks lie ahead in Covid-19 fight.
Covid: NHS given 'as many vaccines as it can cope with'
17/01/2021 | news | uk | 117
There has been criticism that the rollout has been slower in Wales than in other parts of the UK.
Covid in Scotland: February school return 'tall order' warns Swinney
15/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,006
Scotland's education secretary says it will be a challenge for schools to reopen as normal by 1st February.
Covid-19: Leaders hold 'positive' meeting with retail sector
15/01/2021 | news | uk | 461
It comes after criticism that large retailers are selling non-essential items during lockdown.
Covid: Wales' new shop rules 'follow evidence of spread'
15/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,495
First Minister Mark Drakeford says there is "no doubt at all" Covid-19 is spreading in shops.
UK weather: Snow and ice warnings for England and Scotland
15/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,061
Some areas could see freezing temperatures and 5-10cm of snow on Saturday, the Met Office says.
Covid: Hospitals in Wales' hardest-hit area pause some urgent surgery
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 442
Some urgent procedures including cancer surgery are postponed in one health board area due to Covid.
Covid-19: NI to introduce international travel Covid tests
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 275
On Thursday, 16 more deaths related to Covid-19 were recorded along with 973 new positive cases.
Covid-19: NI economy expected to stall after record growth
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 43
The growth coincides with a period of eased Covid-19 restrictions but is expected to be short-lived.
Covid: Infections levelling off in some areas - scientist
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,748
But the expert says the new Covid variant means any relaxation of rules will be a "gradual process".
E-scooter gifts should be returned to shops, Met officer says
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 386
A senior Met Police officer says the devices are "simply not built for our roads".
Covid-19: Schools get more time to decide on admission criteria
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 29
Post-primary schools get extra time to decide how they will admit pupils after transfer tests are cancelled.
Growing food: Call to give vegetable growers public cash
14/01/2021 | news | uk | 350
An alliance of food experts want more public funds to go towards Wales-grown produce.
Brexit: Supply problems for NI supermarkets being 'overcome'
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 250
The issues are an "inevitable consequence" of the lateness of the Brexit trade deal, says an industry body.
Covid in Scotland: Freeman targets 400,000 vaccinations every week
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 915
Scotland's health secretary says 400,000 jabs could be administered every week by the end of February.
Covid-19: More than 100,000 vaccine doses administered in NI
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 198
The health minister says it is a "strong start" but there is more to do.
Covid-19: Lockdown measures 'starting to show signs of some effect' - PM
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,577
But Boris Johnson does not rule out tougher restrictions in England, saying they are kept under review.
Covid: London's virus death toll exceeds 10,000
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 107
There are currently 7,607 patients in London's hospitals with Covid after a surge in cases.
Covid in Scotland: How do the rules compare to last year?
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 493
Some restrictions have been tightened amid concerns the "stay at home" message has not had the same impact.
Covid in Scotland: Tightening of lockdown rules announced
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 3,646
Restrictions around takeaway food and click-and-collect services in Scotland are to be toughened.
Covid-19: We can make this the peak by following rules, says Hancock
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,131
The health secretary urges people to follow rules, saying "individual decisions" make a difference.
Covid in Wales: Online education 'patchy and inconsistent'
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 78
Commissioner calls for a clearer approach to home learning while schools are shut to most children.
Clean air: Coal burning ban and wet wood restrictions planned
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 977
A new clean air law could see burning house coal banned in Wales, and stricter rules on using wood fires.
Plastic bag charge to double to 10p from April in Scotland
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 109
The increase is to further discourage shoppers from buying single-use plastic bags.
Brexit: Supermarkets call for action on NI food supplies
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 587
Retailers have been grappling with problems importing some products from Great Britain
Covid-19: Northern Ireland's R-rate 'falls significantly'
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 562
Stormont's political leaders urge people to stick to the rules, as the Covid-19 infection rate falls.
Covid: 'Loads of people without masks' in supermarkets
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 509
A supermarket worker says door staff are facing abuse when they challenge those not wearing masks.
Covid-19 deaths pass 5,000 mark in Wales
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 566
Cwm Taf Morgannwg saw the highest number of weekly deaths and the highest number since April.
Covid-19: Rule-breakers 'increasingly likely' to be fined - Cressida Dick
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,550
People are still holding house parties, raves and gambling gatherings, the UK's most senior police officer says.
Covid in Scotland: NHS staff shortages 'major problem'
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 485
The increasing number of staff off work could prevent the NHS Louisa Jordan opening to Covid patients.
Covid in Scotland: Lockdown lifting 'unlikely' as deaths pass 5,000
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,873
Scotland's first minister says the current restrictions are "very unlikely" to be lifted at the end of the month.
Covid: 2020 saw most excess deaths since World War Two
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 3,159
Last year saw 697,000 deaths registered in the UK - 14% above what would be expected.
Irish Sea Border: Mixed food loads pose problems for traders
12/01/2021 | news | uk | 133
One NI business has had nine haulage firms refuse to collect groupage loads of meat from GB suppliers.
Covid: All over-50s in Wales to be offered jab by spring
11/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,241
The new Welsh Government vaccine plan says all eligible adults will be offered a jab by the autumn.
Covid: UK at 'worst point' of pandemic, says Hancock
11/01/2021 | news | uk | 6,486
Health Secretary Matt Hancock says 2.3 million people in the UK have now had a Covid-19 vaccine dose.
Covid-19: Worst 48 hours in NI since start of pandemic
11/01/2021 | news | uk | 498
Some trusts were close to declaring a major incident, before extra staff were drafted in, it is understood.
Stormont: UK and Irish governments lead progress review
11/01/2021 | news | uk | 51
Political parties discuss what has been achieved in the year since the institutions were restored.
Covid in Scotland: All over-80s to be vaccinated by February
11/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,912
About 560,000 people will have been vaccinated by the beginning of next month, the health secretary says.
Covid: Wales' schools and colleges shut until half term unless cases fall
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 660
Lockdown measures across Wales will also be extended and strengthened, the first minister says.
Covid-19: 'Major incident' declared by London Mayor Sadiq Khan
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 71
The mayor says in some parts of London 1 in 20 people has Covid-19, as he declares a "major incident".
Covid in Scotland: Students' return to universities delayed
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,661
Teaching for the vast majority of students will be online only until at least the end of February.
Transfer test: NI ministers clash over plans for exam
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 218
Five grammar schools have said that they will not use the AQE test in February this year.
Covid: Wales' vaccine programme 'not a competition'
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 307
The first minister says the "ambition" is to get top priority groups vaccinated by mid-February.
Covid-19: Stay-at-home order in NI comes into force
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 264
People will "notice an increase in visible policing" as new lockdown begins, says justice minister.
Brexit: New NI fishing boat rules 'create hard border'
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 198
The number of Irish ports at which NI-registered boats can land their catch has been reduced to two.
Covid-19: Travellers to UK will need to show negative test result
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,428
International travellers will have to take a Covid test up to 72 hours before departing.
Brexit barriers for the arts 'heartbreaking'
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 305
Industry leaders say uncertainty over future funding is causing concern.
Covid in Scotland: Shop footfall 'falls like a stone'
08/01/2021 | news | uk | 330
Research indicates that footfall fell last month by more than 50% as lockdown restrictions took hold.
Covid-19: Vaccine rollout widens as hospital pressure rises
07/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,054
GPs in England receive doses of the Oxford Covid jab as medics warn of "stretched" wards.
Covid-19: UK records more than 1,000 daily virus deaths
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 421
It is the highest toll recorded on one day since April, as MPs support new measures in England.
Covid-19: Johnson warns England's lockdown won't end 'with a bang'
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 3,061
There will be a "gradual unwrapping" of England's lockdown, Boris Johnson tells MPs ahead of a vote later.
Covid-19: Stormont ministers explain need for tighter rules
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 273
New, tighter restrictions imposed in NI as UK reports the highest daily death toll since April.
Northern Ireland cancels GCSE and A-level exams
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 158
Meanwhile, a Tyrone grammar school says it will opt out of February's AQE test "for children's welfare".
Lockdown: Clap for Carers to return as Clap for Heroes
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 3,602
Founder Annemarie Plas says the initiative will return on Thursday under the new name of Clap for Heroes.
Covid in Scotland: Medics concerned over 12-week gap between vaccine doses
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,233
The BMA in Scotland says it is concerned about the potential impact of delaying the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
Calls for clarity for university students in Wales on return
06/01/2021 | news | uk | 267
Current Welsh Government advice for students in Wales is not to return to university until notified.
Covid: Wales' school closures has 'grave consequences for children'
05/01/2021 | news | uk | 378
School leaders and politicians question whether the two-week classroom closure is enough.
Covid-19: 'Stay at home' to become law in NI on Friday
05/01/2021 | news | uk | 651
The executive agrees new changes to lockdown rules in response to a spike in Covid-19 cases.
Covid in Scotland: 'Stay at home' order comes into force
05/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,183
Strict new Covid-19 restrictions come into force in Scotland, prohibiting people from leaving their homes.
Covid in Scotland: Scots ordered to stay at home in new lockdown
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 4,454
Mainland Scotland faces tougher restrictions from midnight, and schools will remain closed until February.
Covid: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rollout begins in Wales
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 501
Wales will have 22 mass-vaccination centres, mobile vaccine units and surgeries offering the jab.
Covid: Boris Johnson set to announce new England lockdown
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 4,874
Boris Johnson will make a televised address at 20:00 GMT to outline further steps as virus cases rise.
Covid-19: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine rollout begins in Northern Ireland
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 191
The Department of Health's aim is for all people older than 80 to receive a jab by the end of January.
Covid in Scotland: First doses of Oxford vaccine administered
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,428
The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine programme is being rolled out less than a week after it became the second approved in the UK.
Covid: Brian Pinker, 82, first to get Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 1,552
The PM says the number of vaccine doses will amount to "tens of millions" by the end of March.
Covid: Closing schools in Wales a last resort, says health minister
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 322
Some school pupils are due back this week, unless "evidence changes" in the spread of coronavirus.
Brexit: Fresh test for Irish Sea trade border processes
04/01/2021 | news | uk | 711
As businesses return to work after Christmas, the amount of freight moving through NI will increase.
Covid-19: UK bans travel from South Africa over variant
24/12/2020 | news | uk | 170
The rule reflects the "increased risk" from a variant linked to two cases in England, officials say.
Covid-19: Truckers who tested negative board ferries for France
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,781
Those with a negative test result can now leave the UK, but it could take days to clear the backlog.
Covid-19: new powers for 'stay at home' message
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 479
Police are being granted new powers to enforce the "stay at home" lockdown message.
UK has two cases of variant linked to South Africa
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,703
Travel restrictions and quarantine rules have been introduced to limit the spread.
Covid: Marston's to run Brains pubs, saving 1,300 jobs
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 423
The Welsh brewery chain says the coronavirus pandemic has put the business under "financial pressure".
Covid-19: More areas of England could be moved to tier 4 restrictions
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,959
Ministers meet to discuss how to stem the spread of a new fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus.
Brexit: IT systems facilitate trade between GB and NI
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 34
Many businesses in Northern Ireland remain concerned about how the entire process will work.
Call to prioritise lorries with perishable goods as travel ban eases
23/12/2020 | news | uk | 118
Scottish ministers want drivers moving perishable goods such as seafood to be prioritised as France eases its travel ban.
Covid-19: Sinn Féin calls for all-Ireland travel ban from GB
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 887
A ban from the Irish Republic and NI would help stop the spread of Covid-19, says Michelle O'Neill.
Covid-19: Almost 3,000 lorries stuck in Kent as UK and France aim to restart freight
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 4,373
Politicians are in talks to resume freight, after France closed the border because of the new variant.
Covid in Scotland: Scottish level four rules 'may be strengthened'
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,108
Nicola Sturgeon warns that the current top level of restrictions may need to be tightened further.
Coronavirus: Impact of new variant on children investigated
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,005
Experts urgently assess whether the mutation of coronavirus spreads more easily among the young.
Covid: PPE 'could be recycled' with help of sunlight
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 9
It could help tackle the problem of what to do with the pandemic's medical waste, scientists say.
Brexit: EU trade deal 'important for shoppers too'
22/12/2020 | news | uk | 115
A "tax" would be added to the price of everyday items without a deal, a manufacturing employer says.
Covid-19: NI Executive meeting over GB-NI travel ban
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 4
An executive meeting is under way to consider proposals from Robin Swann on travel between Britain and NI.
Covid-19: More than 40 countries ban UK arrivals
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 12,078
Spain and India are among the nations to suspend flights amid concern over spread of new variant.
Coronavirus: Remote learning for some secondary pupils in NI
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 92
Education Minister Peter Weir outlines plans for the return of schools in the new term.
Covid in Scotland: Schools to remain open this week, says Swinney
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 368
The deputy first minister says the prevalence of the virus is much lower than other parts of the UK.
Welsh budget: Tax hike on second homes announced
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 858
A tax hike on second homes to raise cash for social housing is part of the Welsh Government budget.
Covid: Wales' NHS 'stretched to limit' with 2,300 cases in hospital
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 483
Critical care units are "operating far beyond their normal capacity", the first minister says.
Covid in Scotland: Police will investigate 'flagrant' breaches of travel ban
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,176
Officers in Scotland "will act" if they believe there is a "flagrant" breach of travel restrictions.
Coronavirus: Center Parcs shuts UK sites due to restrictions
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 17
Continuing to accept visitors would go against the government's "strong advice", the firm said.
Brexit: Hugo Boss and Zalando suspend NI deliveries
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 600
Some online retailers step back from NI deliveries as the new Irish Sea border begins to operate.
Sir Keir Starmer promises to shift power from Westminster
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,145
In a key policy speech, the Labour leader set out plans for the "boldest devolution project in a generation".
Covid: Policing Christmas rule-breakers in Wales 'difficult'
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 212
Bodies representing police say trying to break up celebrations will put officers at risk of harm.
Covid: Vaccine clinics operating up to Christmas Eve
21/12/2020 | news | uk | 21
About 14,000 are now vaccinated in NI, including vaccinators, care home residents and staff.
Covid in Scotland: Businesses warn they need 'extraordinary' support
20/12/2020 | news | uk | 263
Retail and hospitality industry leaders say more financial help is needed as they prepare for three weeks of tough restrictions.
Covid: New coronavirus variant 'in every part of Wales'
20/12/2020 | news | uk | 49
There could be a spike in Covid cases after Christmas, even with lockdown, the health minister says.
Covid-19: Christmas rules tightened for England, Scotland and Wales
20/12/2020 | news | uk | 9,170
Family mixing at Christmas will be much reduced and scrapped completely for parts of the South East.
Covid-19: 'Many deaths' without NI lockdown
18/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,031
NI's chief scientific adviser says without a six-week lockdown, the number of deaths would be "severe".
Covid in Scotland: 'All options on table' for post-Christmas rules
18/12/2020 | news | uk | 3,149
The health secretary was speaking as three council areas prepare to move to a tougher level of restrictions.
Covid-19: Emergency fund for arts bodies 'is £16m short'
18/12/2020 | news | uk | 5
Many arts and entertainment venues have been closed since March and do not know when they can reopen.
Brexit: Firms stockpiling over Brexit border 'anxiety'
18/12/2020 | news | uk | 200
A Wales-Ireland ferry route sees its busiest-ever three weeks as businesses prepare for 1 January.
Electric cars will leave hole in tax revenues, says Treasury
18/12/2020 | news | uk | 549
The Treasury says taxes must rise or services cut to compensate for the loss of fuel tax income.
Covid: Staggered return for Wales' schools in January
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 162
Online learning will continue for some, with a full return to the classroom by 18 January.
Brexit: Invest NI to be hit by loss of EU grants
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 105
A substantial part of Invest NI's budget was from two EU funds - the ERDF and the ESF.
Covid: Toughest rules extended in south of England
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,977
It means more than two-thirds of the nation's population will be in tier three from Saturday.
Covid: 11,000 positive tests delayed in Welsh figures
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,021
Public Health Wales warns IT maintenance has led to "significant under-reporting" of cases.
Covid-19: Irish ambulances to help out in Northern Ireland
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 164
The Republic of Ireland's National Ambulance Service will help out over the weekend.
Coronavirus: Northern Ireland health officials propose six-week lockdown
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 644
The executive is discussing the plans, amid speculation many shops could close after Christmas Eve.
Covid in Wales: Clear path out of lockdown needed, says Plaid
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 172
The alert level four lockdown from 28 December has no end date and will be reviewed every three weeks.
Covid: Plan ahead warning as Christmas getaway set to start
17/12/2020 | news | uk | 7
Half of people in Wales are expected not to make car journeys over Christmas amid Covid warnings.
Covid Christmas rules: Boris Johnson calls for shorter, smaller celebrations
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 5,444
"Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's sensible in any way," Prof Chris Whitty warns.
Covid: Boxing Day sales off in Wales ahead of lockdown on 28 December
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,925
Non-essential shops will have to close from Christmas Eve, with a level 4 lockdown from 28 December.
Covid-19: Patient waits 28 hours as hospitals struggle
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 281
One patient at the Ulster Hospital waited more than 28 hours to be given a bed.
Brexit: Garden centres and nurseries to benefit from 'grace period'
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 4
New controls and processes for moving plants from GB to NI will not be introduced until April
Farming: ‘Radical’ changes set out in post-Brexit plan
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 129
Welsh Government says it is planning the biggest shake up of farming policy in Wales for a generation.
Brexit emergency lorry park plan for Cairnryan port
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 613
An airfield could be used as a lorry park in the event of post-Brexit delays at Cairnryan.
Historic England: Shipwreck and Selfridges on 2020 protected list
16/12/2020 | news | uk | 22
Historic England has added 423 sites to its National Heritage List in 2020.
Covid-19: Ambulance queues 'at all NI emergency departments'
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 362
There were long queues at Antrim Hospital but the situation has now improved.
Covid: Christmas rules change will not be taken 'lightly'
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 606
First minister says UK nations face grim choice as talks continue on whether to keep relaxed plans.
Covid in Scotland: Tougher virus restrictions for three council areas
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,619
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and East Lothian will all move up to level three of the country's tiered system.
Covid: 'Rash' Christmas rules 'will cost many lives'
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,012
Officials from the four UK nations discuss the plans, as top medical journals call them a "blunder".
UK offers 'mutual aid' to Covid-hit Welsh hospitals
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 270
English NHS offers to take Welsh coronavirus patients - but Matt Hancock is accused of posturing.
Covid: New coronavirus strain present in Wales
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 164
There have been at least 10 confirmed cases of the new variant in Wales, the Welsh Government says.
Covid: More teachers turn to outdoor classes
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 21
Enrolment on outdoor learning courses is "through the roof" as teachers increasingly turn to nature.
Covid-19: A-level students to sit fewer exams in 2021
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 21
NI's education minister insists exams will go ahead next year, as he outlines changes to the assembly.
Unemployment: Wales sees highest rise across UK
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 187
However the rate of unemployment is now 4.6% in Wales and 4.9% across the UK as a whole.
Coronavirus: Greenwich Council told 'keep schools open'
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 783
Education secretary threatens legal action after classes move online due to a rise in infections.
Redundancies: Over 10,000 fewer on NI payrolls since March
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 465
More than 10,000 redundancies have been proposed by NI firms since the pandemic began.
Covid in Scotland: Pre-Christmas review of restriction levels
15/12/2020 | news | uk | 663
All 32 local authority areas in the country will be assessed by politicians and public health officials.
Covid: London to move into tier 3 as infections rise
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,384
Parts of Essex and Hertfordshire will also face the toughest restrictions, the health secretary says.
Covid: Christmas coronavirus rules easing 'makes no sense'
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,444
Front-line staff warn relaxing rules for the festive period is not a "luxury" the NHS can afford.
Covid in Scotland: First care home resident receives vaccine
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 685
Annie Innes, 90, from South Lanarkshire, is the first person to be be vaccinated in a care home.
Covid: Schools and colleges to get tests from January
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 81
From January, close contacts of people with coronavirus cases can get daily tests for 10 days.
People in Scotland told to 'cut down contacts' before Christmas
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,904
Nicola Sturgeon says Scots planning to meet up at Christmas should cut down on "unnecessary contacts" now.
Covid-19: London mayor calls for schools to close early
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 261
Sadiq Khan wants all secondary schools and colleges to close early ahead of Christmas across London.
Sizewell C: Government in talks to fund £20bn nuclear plant
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 700
Officials will hold discussions with France's EDF about funding the Sizewell C project in Suffolk.
Brexit: More trade talks 'give hope' to businesses in Wales
14/12/2020 | news | uk | 41
More trade talks mean a deal is still possible, the organisation CBI Wales says.
Covid: Teaching in Wales 'must reinvent itself in a day again'
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 312
Headmaster asks why there was only one working day's notice of Wales' secondary schools moving online.
Covid: Post-Christmas lockdown warning for Wales
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,166
Stricter rules will come into force after Christmas if Covid cases do not fall, first minister warns.
Covid-19: Lockdown restrictions lift across NI
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 172
Businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, can reopen but "drink-only" pubs must stay shut.
Covid: Secondary school pupils in London, Kent and Essex hotspots urged to get tested
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 412
Secondary schools in the worst-affected parts of London, Kent and Essex will be offered tests.
Covid in Scotland: Shops reopen as toughest restrictions eased
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,826
Non-essential shops across much of western Scotland have reopened for the first time in three weeks.
Covid in Scotland: Dumfries and Galloway and Borders step down to level 1
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 13
Pubs which do not serve meals, soft play areas and football grounds are all able to reopen.
Brexit: 'Unacceptable risk' Wales' ports not ready
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 244
MPs are concerned that neither Holyhead nor Fishguard will be ready for new customs checks.
Covid-19: More than 50 schools urge Peter Weir to rethink early closing
11/12/2020 | news | uk | 123
The west Belfast schools write a letter to Peter Weir warning of "a tsunami of cases" in the new year.
Coronavirus: Ministers warn against 'reckless' Christmas behaviour
10/12/2020 | news | uk | 442
Northern Ireland's leaders urge people not to get caught up in the christmas spirit as lockdown eases.
Covid: NAHT 'hopeful' Wales' schools will close for Christmas after Friday
10/12/2020 | news | uk | 144
NAHT expects schools in Wales to shut so children can isolate before seeing relatives at Christmas.
Covid-19 rules leave shops on a 'knife edge'
10/12/2020 | news | uk | 23
Retailers are facing a "make or break" Christmas according to the Welsh Retail Consortium.
Brexit: Supermarkets will get 'grace period' for NI food
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 850
The deal agreed by the UK and EU will give supermarkets time to adapt to deal with new Brexit checks.
Covid in Wales: Record high case rates in half of council areas
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 982
Twelve council areas in Wales hit their highest Covid-19 case rates since the pandemic began.
Covid: Self-isolation and quarantine period to shorten in Wales
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 228
People in Wales will only need to self-isolate for 10 days, rather than the current 14 days for most.
Covid in Scotland: Second wave reignited by summer holidays
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,519
A new report identifies that UK and foreign travel was the trigger for the second wave of the pandemic.
Covid in Scotland: New support grants for taxis, tourism and weddings
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,733
Details of a further £185m of support for Scottish firms hit by Covid-19 restrictions are announced.
Coronavirus: 'London must enter tier 3 now' warn experts
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 638
Health experts warn rising Covid-19 cases in London could lead to a spike in deaths over Christmas.
Climate change: NI 'should cut carbon emissions by 82% by 2050'
09/12/2020 | news | uk | 36
It is the first time such a target for NI has been set by the government's advisory body.
Coronavirus vaccine: First care home residents in NI receive Covid jab
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 201
Twenty-five men and women from Palmerston in east Belfast were vaccinated on Tuesday morning.
Covid: Health and care workers get first vaccine in Wales
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 96
Some 283 days after Wales' first positive case, the jab is being rolled out to health workers.
Covid: Deaths in Wales 'above worst case scenario'
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 920
Death rate in Wales exceeded 'reasonable worst case' estimate in recent weeks, according to report.
Scotland's toughest Covid restrictions to be eased
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,973
All 11 council areas currently under level four restrictions are to be downgraded to level three on Friday.
Covid vaccinations begin at sites across Scotland
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 295
The first people to be offered the coronavirus vaccine begin receiving their jabs.
Covid in Scotland: Have the level four restrictions worked?
08/12/2020 | news | uk | 807
As people in Scotland wait to hear what Covid alert level their area will be put in to, we analyse the statistics and ask whether the toughest measures have been working.
Covid vaccine: First batch arrives in Wales
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 152
Inside an unassuming brown cardboard box in a white van arrived the vaccine that is bringing "hope".
Covid: Wales only part of UK without falling coronavirus rates
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,489
Welsh ministers are considering further action after the Christmas period as cases continue to rise.
Isle of Wight monolith: 'Magical' structure appears on beach
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 880
A similar structure found in the US last month caused wild speculation online and apparent copycats.
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon confirms level 4 restrictions will end on Friday
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,393
Nicola Sturgeon says 11 councils in west and central Scotland will come out of the highest tier of restrictions.
Covid: Scottish Care homes trial rapid tests for visitors
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 240
The lateral flow tests will be trialled among visitors to 14 care homes in five local authority areas.
Scotland's health chiefs warn of no-deal Brexit risk
07/12/2020 | news | uk | 857
Patient care could be put at risk if an agreement is not made before the 31 December departure date.
Covid-19: UK 'confident' of having 800,000 vaccine doses by next week
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,583
Alok Sharma says he expects the doses to arrive for the start of the UK's vaccination programme.
Covid: First people to be vaccinated in Wales on Tuesday
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 475
Supplies of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine have already started to arrive in the UK.
Coronavirus: NI businesses welcome relaxed rules for Christmas
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 106
Many businesses can reopen from next Friday, but drink-only pubs must remain closed.
Covid: Wales 'must act now' insists health minister
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 638
Wales "could not suppress" Covid after its firebreak lockdown, the health minister says.
Brexit: Red meat industry 'cannot be ready at end of transition'
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 148
The industry, which generates sales of £1.4bn, asks the UK government for a year-long grace period.
Coronavirus: Nisra records first fall in death toll for two months
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 1
For the first time in about two months, deaths with coronavirus registered in NI have fallen.
Coronavirus: University teaching to move online from 9 December
04/12/2020 | news | uk | 31
The move will allow students in Northern Ireland to take Covid-19 tests and return home for Christmas.
Coronavirus: Much of NI lockdown to end next Friday
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 297
No more restrictions will be imposed before Christmas, according to the first minister.
Covid: Travel allowed between Wales and parts of the UK
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 1,234
Wales' Covid rules previously banned all but "essential" travel but now that has been eased.
Covid-19: UK surpasses 60,000 deaths
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,251
Only the US, Brazil, India and Mexico have recorded more coronavirus deaths than the UK.
Covid in Scotland: Vaccine will reach care homes from 14 December
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 3,047
The first batches of the vaccine, which arrive in Scotland on Tuesday, will be given to health staff.
Coronavirus: Vaccination 'could become routine from 2022'
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 70
The timetable for delivery of the vaccine was outlined to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Covid in Scotland: No extension to Scottish school Christmas holidays
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 405
The country's education secretary confirms that the Christmas holiday dates will not change.
Broadband: Virgin to offer hyper-fast speeds in parts of Wales
03/12/2020 | news | uk | 30
Hundreds of thousands of people would have access to the faster service, the telecoms firm says.
Coronavirus: First NI vaccinations 'to happen next week'
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 329
The health minister had said the originally-planned date of 14 December could be brought forward.
Covid vaccine: 'Unknown' schedule for care home residents in Wales
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 288
Wales' top doctor is unable to say when care home residents will be able to get the vaccine.
Covid in Scotland: First vaccinations to start next week
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,819
People in Scotland could start receiving the Covid-19 vaccine from next Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon says.
Covid: No Senedd vote allowed before pub alcohol ban
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 395
Calls for a debate before Friday, when pubs across Wales must stop serving alcohol, are rejected.
Brexit: HMRC to take 'sympathetic' customs approach from 1 January
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 47
HMRC is "aware" many businesses are not yet clear about forthcoming Brexit rules on Irish Sea trade.
Stormont: Criticism over devolution safeguarding law changes delay
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 7
The UK government had committed to safeguarding against future collapses of the NI Executive.
Northern Ireland set to get 100 zero-emission buses
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 16
They will come into service over the next two years and will be a mix of hydrogen and battery operated.
Keeping pools closed 'a catastrophe for health and wellbeing'
02/12/2020 | news | uk | 111
More than 200 council-run pools will stay closed despite the easing of lockdown restrictions.
Covid: Families with negative test can visit care homes in England
01/12/2020 | news | uk | 25
More than a million tests will be sent to care homes in England to allow safe indoor visits.
Covid: Brains to close more than 100 pubs due to Wales' alcohol rules
01/12/2020 | news | uk | 650
Most of its 1,500 staff will be put on furlough while the measures are in force, Brains says.
Covid in Scotland: No change to virus alert levels
01/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,589
Ministers will continue to "look carefully" at Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, but both will remain in level two.
Covid: Alcohol ban for pubs 'an insult' to industry
01/12/2020 | news | uk | 158
The boss of Wales' biggest brewery says a ban on alcohol sales is an 'insult'.
Covid-19: No plans for 'vaccine passport' - Michael Gove
01/12/2020 | news | uk | 2,494
It follows suggestions pubs and restaurants may turn away people who don't get a coronavirus vaccine.
Covid: Alcohol ban for Welsh pubs and restaurants from Friday
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 4,254
Pubs and restaurants will have to shut at 6pm and will not be able to serve alcoholic drinks.
SNP conference: £500 'thank you' payment for healthcare staff
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 4,877
Nicola Sturgeon says the one-off cash payment is to thank health staff for their "extraordinary service".
Covid: PM calls for 'unity' as he agrees to publish data behind new tiers
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 658
Boris Johnson will publish data behind England's new tiers later in a bid to win over Tory rebels.
Covid-19 vaccines: Belfast Trust staff 'can decide to have jab'
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 258
If the Pfizer vaccine is approved Belfast Trust staff could receive a first jab within a fortnight.
Covid in Scotland: Students and 'hotspot' areas targeted in testing
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 474
Two new mass testing programmes are under way in a bid to drive down infection rates before Christmas.
Covid-19: Drinkers in tier two 'could order Scotch egg' as substantial meal
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,638
They would count as a "substantial meal" under new rules for parts of England, a minister says.
Stonehenge tunnel: Legal challenge to 'destructive' plans
30/11/2020 | news | uk | 62
Plans to build a £1.7bn road tunnel near the ancient monument are being opposed by campaigners.
Coronavirus: Suspend peak rail fares over Christmas, says Labour
29/11/2020 | news | uk | 129
A surge in travel is expected when restrictions across the UK are eased between 23 and 27 December.
Covid in Wales: Greater restrictions for pubs ahead of Christmas
27/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,429
Bowling alleys and indoor entertainment venues will also have to close under new restrictions.
Covid: Close schools early for Christmas, says union
27/11/2020 | news | uk | 227
There are fears Covid cases in schools may force children and teachers to self-isolate at Christmas.
Covid-19: New guidance issued for click and collect services
27/11/2020 | news | uk | 270
Click and collect will operate 'on an appointment-only basis with maximum mitigations in place'.
Oxford Covid vaccine: Regulator asked to assess jab
27/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,086
The referral is "a significant first step" to a possible rollout of the vaccine, the government says.
Covid: Pubs and restaurants in Wales fear new restrictions
27/11/2020 | news | uk | 34
The industry says restrictions would be "incredibly difficult" for businesses in Wales.
M4 congestion: Spend £800m on public transport, report says
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 529
A "workplace parking levy" and cheap tickets to encourage public transport use are also suggested.
Covid-19: Tougher post-lockdown rules 'strike a balance', says PM
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 622
Almost all of England will go into tiers two and three when the lockdown ends on 2 December.
Covid: Cardiff police given random vehicle check powers
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 32
Officers are granted extra powers to search vehicles this weekend in Cardiff to stop Covid breaches.
Coronavirus: Limit contacts before Christmas bubbling, executive urges
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 127
Eight more people die after testing positive for Covid-19 in NI and 442 new cases are recorded.
Covid vaccine ready for use within week of go ahead, says Mark Drakeford
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 156
Mark Drakeford tells BBC Wales ministers are "working on the capacity now".
Covid in Scotland: Eight-person limit for Christmas bubbles
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 4,039
Government guidance says the bubbles should contain a maximum of eight people over the age of 11.
Greater Manchester mayor hopes 'to be out of tier 3 in two weeks'
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 192
Andy Burnham said, if Covid rates continue to fall, he will push for Greater Manchester to go into tier two.
Brexit: M&S warns that 15% of food lines may be unavailable in NI
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 451
Retailer Marks & Spencer says that some of its food product lines may be unavailable in January.
Spending Review: London's Crossrail 2 funding stopped
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 106
The £41bn rail line was scheduled to open in the 2030s and run north to south under London.
Social care funding falls 'alarmingly short' - council directors
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 26
Chancellor Rishi Sunak said an extra £1bn in social care funding would be available to councils.
Post-Brexit UK trade law threatens devolution, Senedd members warn
26/11/2020 | news | uk | 125
Senedd members warn a new law could "profoundly" limit the powers of the Welsh Parliament.
Covid: Christmas tier rules being considered for Wales
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 41
Wales' first minister is looking at similar coronavirus rules as the top English and Scottish tiers.
Covid: Call for UK-wide rules after Christmas
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,110
Mark Drakeford says restrictions brought in after Christmas should be agreed by the four nations.
NI Water to plant one million trees on its estate
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 3
Native species will be planted and will contribute to an executive proposal to plant 18 million.
What the spending review means for Scotland
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,177
An increase in the money coming to Scotland but uncertainty about costs and pay awards.
Five Covid numbers to watch: Has Scotland's 'second wave' peaked?
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 706
Covid hotspots are still emerging across Scotland, but the number of daily deaths is declining.
Brexit: NI businesses facing 'very, very difficult' January
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 200
There are "low levels of preparedness" over Brexit as firms deal with the pandemic, a civil servant warns.
Coronavirus: £50 tourism voucher will arrive 'when the time is right'
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 20
A £50 holiday at home voucher was initially proposed by the Department for the Economy.
Coronavirus: Three NI households allowed to meet over Christmas
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 170
The executive agrees to relax coronavirus restrictions over Christmas in line with the rest of the UK.
Covid in Scotland: Oil and gas sector in economic turmoil, says report
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 42
Reduced activity sees confidence "slashed" and more redundancies expected in 2021, a survey reveals.
GCSE pupils 'over-tested' in some schools, says Weir
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 30
Minister says some schools are over-testing pupils in the belief exams will be cancelled.
Covid-19: Three households can mix over Christmas in UK
25/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,371
People can form a "Christmas bubble" and mix in homes and outdoors between 23 and 27 December.
Christmas Covid rules 'not an instruction to meet up'
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 469
Wales' first minister warns people to act responsibly after government agrees relaxed Christmas rules.
Covid-19: UK leaders reach deal on easing of Christmas rules
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,351
Three households will be allowed to meet indoors over a five-day period between 23-27 December.
Covid-19: England arrivals to be able to cut quarantine with private test
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,068
People arriving in England can end their self-isolation with a negative test taken after five days.
Covid in Scotland: No changes to local levels after review
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,882
Nicola Sturgeon says the existing restrictions in place across Scotland are "having an impact" on the virus.
NHS waiting times remain high in lockdown backlog
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 47
The number of patients treated within 18 weeks falls by more than half compared to last year, but is now rising.
Brexit: Hauliers fear 'mayhem' at Holyhead port
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 525
There are claims Holyhead port will not be ready for the end of the Brexit transition period.
Coronavirus: Ulster University warns of creative sector impact
24/11/2020 | news | uk | 26
A report by Ulster University says jobs in the creative industry are most threatened by the pandemic.
Covid-19: PM sets out 'tougher' post-lockdown tiers for England
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,128
England will return to a regional approach from 2 December but the tiers will be "tougher", the PM says.
Coronavirus: NI ministers agree lockdown financial support
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 289
The multi-million pound package will include a high street voucher plan and funds for drink-only pubs.
Covid in Scotland: Relaxing of rules 'not expected' at Hogmanay
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,795
Nicola Sturgeon says there could be a "careful" easing at Christmas - but does not expect a relaxation at new year.
Tighter Covid restrictions in Wales before Christmas considered
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 483
Health minister says changes to Covid-19 rules could bring Wales in line with other parts of the UK.
Covid: Care home visitors in Wales to get 20-minute tests
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 24
The UK-wide pilot will initially involve 15 care homes in Wales, but more will follow if successful.
Covid-19: Daily coronavirus test plan to cut contacts' 14-day self-isolation
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 617
Contacts of people with the virus will not need to quarantine if they test negative, the government says.
QUB: Minister hails 'game changer' rapid testing
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 8
Health Minister Robin Swann says the tests at Queen's University will provide results within an hour.
Covid: Boris Johnson to unveil post-English lockdown plans
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,206
Boris Johnson will unveil the latest Covid plans, including lifting a ban on outdoor grassroots sport.
Coronavirus: Restaurant owners angered by long shopping queues
23/11/2020 | news | uk | 45
Shoppers lined Belfast's streets days before Northern Ireland's non-essential shops shut for two weeks.
Covid in Scotland: Toughest virus rules in force for two million Scots
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,999
The level four rules have closed shops and many other businesses across much of central Scotland.
Coronavirus: Foster denies DUP U-turn on restrictions
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 545
First Minister Arlene Foster says evidence presented to the Executive 'has changed' from last week.
Covid: Christmas restrictions warning if Wales' cases rise
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,675
Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford tells people not to "fritter away" the "success" of lockdown.
Covid-19: Flu jab push as Covid vaccine roll-out planned
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,061
Matt Hancock said the NHS was preparing to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine if one is approved for use.
Covid: What are Scotland's new travel restrictions?
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 676
The new legally-enforceable rules come into force across the country on Friday evening.
Covid in Scotland: When will we be vaccinated?
20/11/2020 | news | uk | 131
Who will be vaccinated first and when will that be? BBC Scotland takes a look at the government's vaccination plans.
Coronavirus: NI to face new lockdown measures from next Friday
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 39
The executive has agreed new measures to last for two weeks in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.
Covid: NHS waiting lists will take 'years' to recover
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 306
The number of people waiting the longest time for treatment rises six-fold since Covid hit.
Coronavirus: Christmas socialising poses 'substantial risks' - scientist
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,573
Proposals to ease restrictions over Christmas will be set out next week, a No 10 spokesman said.
Covid in Scotland: First vaccine delivery due next month
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,446
It is hoped up to one million people could get the jab by the end of January if the vaccines win safety approval.
Coronavirus: Talks continue to reach agreement on restrictions
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 597
The executive has been meeting to consider calls for new Covid interventions by the end of November.
Defence funding boost 'extends British influence', says PM
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 5,192
Boris Johnson says "the safety of the British people must come first" as he outlines a new package.
Covid in Scotland: 'Difficult balance' over Christmas restrictions
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 658
Nicola Sturgeon warns that easing of restrictions over Christmas could cause a spike of cases in January.
Brexit: UK 'will be less safe without EU security deal' - police chief
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,464
The UK's counter-terrorism head says a deal is "incredibly important" for the country's security.
Brexit: Councils in Wales 'to have stronger role' in replacement aid scheme
19/11/2020 | news | uk | 146
Welsh Secretary Simon Hart hints at plans for what will replace EU economic aid.
Covid-19: Family Christmas get-togethers being considered
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 6,554
Rules could be relaxed for a few days, with people urged to travel by car and not hold big gatherings.
Brexit: NI businesses 'not ready for Irish Sea border'
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 731
Meanwhile, Naomi Long warns of potential crime "bonanza" on Irish border if there is no Brexit deal.
Covid in Scotland: Keeping level 4 schools open 'is vital for pupils' wellbeing'
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 901
The deputy first minister says prioritising schools is "absolutely central" to the wellbeing of children.
Fibrus wins £165m deal to improve rural broadband
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 78
More than 76,000 premises in NI are set to benefit from access to full-fibre broadband.
Clothes and food price rises push inflation higher
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 468
The UK's inflation rate, which tracks the prices of goods and services, increases to 0.7% in October.
Covid in Scotland: Police to enforce travel ban in level 3 and 4 areas
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 621
People living in 20 council areas will be breaking the law from Friday if they travel to another local authority for non-essential reasons.
Covid: Scottish retailers 'in daily fight for survival'
18/11/2020 | news | uk | 126
The warning by an industry body comes as new figures show another slump in high street sales last month.
Covid: £10k fines for gatherings can resume, say police chiefs
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 788
Forces in England and Wales were advised on Friday to temporarily suspend issuing the fines.
Brexit changes set to hit second-hand cars in NI
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 622
From January, NI car dealers will have a bigger VAT bill for vehicles bought in GB and sold on here.
Coronavirus: Ministers want 'greater consistency' in tier system
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 706
England's Covid alert levels are being reviewed ahead of plans to bring them back, one minister says.
Scots Tory leader says Boris Johnson 'believes in devolution'
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,144
No 10 has not denied reports that Boris Johnson described devolution as a "disaster" in a meeting with Tory MPs.
Covid: Mouthwash 'can kill virus in lab in 30 seconds'
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 240
Cardiff scientists say using mouthwash may become part of a daily routine to prevent coronavirus.
Covid: West of Scotland awaits decision on level 4 rules
17/11/2020 | news | uk | 763
Nicola Sturgeon is to announce whether the toughest Covid restrictions will be imposed in Glasgow and surrounding areas.
Covid-19: Boris Johnson and six Tory MPs self-isolating after No 10 meeting
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 5,202
Boris Johnson, six Tory MPs and two aides have been told to self-isolate after a breakfast meeting in No 10.
Covid-19: Liverpool mass-testing finds 700 cases with no symptoms
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 66
Nearly 100,000 people have been tested for the virus over 10 days in Liverpool.
Covid: England tier system may need strengthening - government adviser
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 57
The impact of the three-tier Covid system in England was varied, says a senior health official.
No shortage of flu vaccines in Northern Ireland says Swann
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 100
It follows concerns NI was almost 200,000 doses short and could not complete the programme.
Coronavirus: Executive aiming to 'protect' Christmas period
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 539
Michelle O'Neill says people need hope, as officials warn more restrictions could come mid-December.
Covid Christmas rules 'won't be agreed for weeks'
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 518
Ministers are in talks over rules to be in place over the festive period across the UK.
Covid in Scotland: Level 4 move 'could help ease rules at Christmas'
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,395
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says tougher restrictions in the west of Scotland are "likely" but "not inevitable".
Covid-19: New 'mega labs' in early 2021 to speed up testing
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 592
The labs will use technology to speed up the process so results come faster, the government says.
Covid: Tayside and Fife vaccine trial has 'tremendous' response
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 52
Hundreds of volunteers in Tayside and Fife are being sought for a new Covid vaccine trial.
Coronavirus: 'Look after your mental health this winter'
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 41
NI's chief medical officer says Covid-19 restrictions have "far-reaching implications" on wellbeing.
Alcohol ban comes into force on Scotland's rail network
16/11/2020 | news | uk | 468
People are no longer allowed to drink alcohol on trains or at stations as part of measures to stem Covid.
Coronavirus: Non-Covid patients 'may die in wait for treatment'
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 282
People with other serious illness may have to wait for diagnosis or operation, says health minister.
Covid: Level 4 lockdown 'possible' in west of Scotland
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,987
Councils in the west of Scotland are told it is possible they may be placed under the highest level of restrictions.
Covid-19: Belfast International Airport only opening when flights operate
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 156
The airport says it will close for several hours on certain days as a result of the Covid pandemic.
Tata: Concern over future of Port Talbot steelworks
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 804
Urgent talks are being sought to see how a funding plan will affect Port Talbot's workforce.
New Nissan Qashqai to be built at Sunderland plant
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 71
A spokesman confirms the factory will manufacture the hybrid vehicle but no jobs will be created.
Scotland celebrates Euro finals qualification
13/11/2020 | news | uk | 56
The return of the men's team to a major tournament after more than 20 years has been hailed by fans.
Covid: UK daily cases reach new high of 33,470
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,800
The jump in cases comes a day after the UK became the first European country to pass 50,000 deaths.
Covid vaccine: Betsi Cadwaladr could start jabs next month
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 24
Some people in north Wales could get Covid-19 vaccines in December, a health board executive says.
Covid: Not all university students in Wales will get tests
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 223
The education minister confirms not all students will be tested after concerns over logistics.
Stonehenge A303 tunnel plan approved by transport secretary
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,834
The £1.7bn project will see a two-mile tunnel built near the ancient monument in Wiltshire.
Covid restrictions 'unfair' on theatres, sector says
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 60
While cinemas, bingo halls and casinos in Wales are able to reopen, theatres remain closed.
Coronavirus: Businesses urge decision on restrictions
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 105
Those in the hospitality and hair and beauty sectors still do not know when they can reopen.
Brexit: Customs software supplier's concern over NI-GB trade system
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 21
A major customs software supplier has doubts about the system for dealing with trade between NI and GB.
Covid: Could GCSE exams be scrapped in Wales altogether?
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 15
The cancellation of exams in Wales next year should spark a review into their purpose, commissioners say.
Continental-style stopovers planned for campervans in Highlands
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 215
Highland Council hopes a network of basic overnight rest stops could help visitors and local communities.
Covid in Scotland: Social distancing 'could wreck mountain footpaths'
12/11/2020 | news | uk | 47
Walkers leaving official paths to avoid other people is causing hillside erosion and damage to vegetation.
Coronavirus: Stormont in deadlock over NI Covid restrictions
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 622
The executive adjourns without any announcement, as the clock ticks towards the expiration of NI's laws.
Coronavirus: NI students in England can travel home for Christmas
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 24
Thousands of students at English universities can return home during a "student travel window".
Croydon Council bans new spending under Section 114 notice
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 841
All new expenditure at the authority is halted amid "severe ongoing financial challenges".
Coronavirus: Northern England 'worst hit' by pandemic
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 813
Health inequalities have led to Covid-19 taking a "devastating grip" on the north, a report says.
Medicine supply chains to change post Brexit, MPs told
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 65
MPs are assured despite the changes, there will be no disruption to availability in NI.
Brexit: Firms not ready for transition, says Welsh minister
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 317
A minister urges businesses in Wales to prepare for 31 December and the risk of no EU trade deal.
Covid in Scotland: Cancelling Higher exams cannot be ruled out
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,276
National 5 exams in Scotland have already been cancelled for 2021 but Highers are currently scheduled to go ahead.
Covid in Scotland: New pub rules 'like trying to learn Mandarin'
11/11/2020 | news | uk | 229
A pub which was forced to close on Friday says the new rules are difficult to understand.
Coronavirus: DUP blocks 14-day NI Covid restrictions extension
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 443
The party has tabled its own proposals to the executive, as ministers try to reach a compromise.
Covid: GCSE and A-levels in Wales cancelled for 2021
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,310
Assessments done under teacher supervision will replace exams, the education minister confirms.
Covid vaccine: No guarantees on Pfizer roll-out but NHS ready - Hancock
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 4,280
The health secretary also announces that, from Tuesday, NHS staff will be tested twice a week.
Covid: Mass testing for 67 local areas in England
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 642
Areas including Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and parts of the West Midlands will receive new rapid tests.
Coronavirus: NI 'could receive 570,000 doses of vaccine'
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 23
It comes as the health department announces a further 11 deaths and 514 more positive cases in Northern Ireland.
Covid-19: GCSE and A-level exams 'will go ahead in NI in 2021'
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 55
Northern Ireland's education minister says exams will be held in the summer despite cancellation calls.
Covid in Scotland: Tougher restrictions for three council areas
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,035
Fife, Angus and Perth and Kinross will be moved from level two to level three of Scotland's five-tier system.
Covid in Scotland: Health boards 'will be ready' to deliver vaccine
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 59
The Scottish government has already bought some "very large fridges" to store the new Covid vaccine.
NHS Wales: Ten-fold increase in patients waiting for treatment
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 76
At least 49,000 NHS patients in Wales were waiting for more than a year by September, figures show.
Covid-19: Nottinghamshire to get mass testing
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 73
The county is among 67 areas due to be given tests that can deliver results within an hour.
Brexit: Northern Ireland food supply warnings 'taken seriously'
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 104
NI's first and deputy first ministers write to the EU urging flexibility over the Irish Sea border.
Unemployment: Wales sees largest rise in rate across UK
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 201
The jobless rate for July to September in Wales leapt to 4.6%, an increase of 28,000.
Coronavirus restrictions: Grant scheme pays out £7.15m
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 5
A grant scheme for businesses in NI affected by coronavirus restrictions pays out £7.15m.
Coronavirus: Monthly redundancies hit year-high figure
10/11/2020 | news | uk | 22
There were 1,240 people made redundant in October - the second highest monthly total on record.
Brexit: NI leaders warn EU of 'real threat' to food supplies
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 7
Northern Ireland's first and deputy first ministers urge EU to be flexible on new Irish Sea border.
Covid: Hope for quarantine-free air travel - minister
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 827
A new testing regime could also reduce the 14-day self-isolation period, the transport secretary says.
Welsh economy in decline before Covid hit
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 109
Figures show it shrank 2.4% between January and March, a smaller drop than other parts of the UK.
Covid: Shoppers hit high streets as Wales' lockdown ends
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 209
New regulations allow shops to reopen and up to four people from different households to meet.
Covid in Scotland: Easing of restrictions 'highly unlikely'
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,678
The first minister does not expect any areas to move to a lower level when restrictions are reviewed on Tuesday.
Farming faces 'historic' shift to cut greenhouse gas emissions
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 255
Tackling greenhouse gas emissions will need the biggest change since swapping horses for tractors, a report says.
NI business activity 'stagnated' in October
09/11/2020 | news | uk | 51
Firms also continued to scale back staffing levels, according to the monthly survey from Ulster Bank.
Coronavirus: Hauliers included in Denmark restrictions
08/11/2020 | news | uk | 35
Rules for travel from Denmark were tightened after a coronavirus strain spread from mink to humans.
Covid: Lockdown 'should continue for months' in Merthyr
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 845
A consultant says Merthyr Tydfil should not come out of lockdown "for weeks, even months".
Sainsbury's concern over Brexit impact on NI food
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 191
A substantial number of food products may be restricted due to Brexit, says Sainsbury's chief executive.
Covid-19: UK and Ireland response 'must be aligned'
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 229
Economic recovery from Covid-19 was the focus of a virtual meeting of the British-Irish Council on Friday.
Indyref2: Scottish Secretary rejects new vote 'for a generation'
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 3,730
Alister Jack suggests there should not be a referendum on Scottish independence for "25 or 40 years".
Covid-19: Nichola Mallon says extending lockdown could help save Christmas
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 92
Extending Covid restrictions would help ensure families are together at Christmas, says Nichola Mallon.
Brexit: Irish Sea border 'may not not be fully operational' by January
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 82
National Audit Office highlights shortfalls in software systems and staffing for Irish Sea border.
Coal tip securing 'could cost more than £500m' in Wales
06/11/2020 | news | uk | 97
There are calls for urgent action following a 60,000 tonne landslip earlier this year.
Covid-19: Restrictions have gained NI 'important ground'
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 80
Arlene Foster says the R-rate has dropped to about 0.7 but more talks are needed over restrictions.
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson stresses 'stay at home' message for England
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,706
Boris Johnson says four weeks of the new measures will be enough to make "a real impact".
Caterpillar: Up to 700 jobs to go at Larne plant
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 260
The job losses over the next 18 months will mostly affect workers at its plant in Larne.
Covid: Furlough extension prompts delay apology call in Wales
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 256
Labour and Plaid Cymru say chancellor's pledge to extend scheme until March should have come sooner.
Covid in Scotland: Threat to make travel ban law criticised
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 381
Campaigners and opposition MSPs react to the first minister's comments that travel may be restricted in law.
Covid: 'Better to see the same one or two people' after Wales lockdown
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 56
Advice on the Covid-19 rules beginning after the firebreak in Wales urges people to be "restrained".
Covid-19: Warning over tough fines as new lockdown begins
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,178
People who seriously flout the new rules in England will face fines, the justice secretary says.
Covid in Scotland: 'Cautious optimism' over spread of virus
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,618
Tough restrictions on household visits and hospitality are starting to have an effect", the first minister says.
Covid: Care home visits advice impractical, say charities
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 377
New guidance for care homes in England suggests introducing screens, pods and window visits.
Covid: Failing to isolate fine 'will be similar to other penalties'
05/11/2020 | news | uk | 38
The Welsh Government is making it a legal requirement to self-isolate when instructed to.
Covid-19: Elective surgery cancelled at Craigavon Hospital
04/11/2020 | news | uk | 286
Procedures will be rescheduled for the 68 patients affected by the decision.
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon 'actively considering' travel ban in law
04/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,581
The first minister says she may enforce travel restrictions with fines when Covid rules are reviewed.
Covid-19 self-isolation fines 'tend not to work'
04/11/2020 | news | uk | 143
Fines should be "an absolute last resort," a Welsh Government advisor says.
Coronavirus: Transfer test pupils to be seated in class 'bubbles'
04/11/2020 | news | uk | 14
Pupils may be seated in bubbles if 2m social distancing is not possible, according to new guidance.
Covid: Cwm Taf Morgannwg reports 99 deaths linked to outbreaks
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 204
Health board bosses say the virus is stubborn and "very challenging".
Covid in Scotland: No rule changes planned before next week
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 425
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she wants to stick to her timetable and review the restrictions next Tuesday.
Coronavirus: More than 1,200 apply to business support fund
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 61
The first part of the Covid Restrictions Business Support scheme opened last Wednesday.
Covid-19 in Scotland: Confusion over funding for future Scottish lockdown
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,497
A UK minister appears to contradict the PM over whether full furlough will be available to Scotland after 2 December.
Alcohol licensing: Carál Ní Chuilín says law changes strike right balance
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 61
Carál Ní Chuilín lays out long-awaited plans to change the laws in NI on the sale of alcohol.
Covid: Wales' firebreak lockdown 'has hit charities hard'
03/11/2020 | news | uk | 16
Charities are concerned about the ability to raise funds while the firebreak is in place in Wales.
Coronavirus lockdown: PM warns UK faces 'medical disaster' without action
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 5,160
Boris Johnson says lockdown rules will expire on 2 December - with MPs to vote on what happens next.
Covid: Two households can form bubble after Wales' lockdown
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 825
Travel restrictions within Wales will also end, but people will not be able to leave the country.
Coronavirus: Schools reopen in NI with new Covid safety measures
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 198
Peter Weir urges parents and carers to limit the Covid-19 spread by not gathering at school gates.
Covid in Scotland: PM says furlough available for future lockdowns
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 2,901
The prime minister says the furlough scheme will "continue to be available wherever it is needed".
NI farmers welcome 'say' in future trade deals
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 18
The Trade and Agriculture Commission's role will be extended, the trade secretary announces.
Covid in Scotland: New five-level regional restrictions go live
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 1,109
The launch of the new five-level system comes as England prepares for a month-long national lockdown.
Covid: Follow rules plea ahead of Wales' post-lockdown exit plan
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 201
The first minister will outline Wales' firebreak exit plan but says people need to follow the rules.
Covid: Wales faces a 'rising tide of poverty'
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 244
Nearly a quarter of people lived in poverty before the pandemic hit, a report says.
Covid in Scotland: NHS dentistry returns but no 'business as usual'
02/11/2020 | news | uk | 59
The full range of treatments is restored but practices are operating under tough hygiene measures.
Covid-19: Ministers striving to avoid blanket rules - Raab
30/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,563
It comes amid calls from some scientists to introduce a strict national lockdown in England.
Covid: Wales 'will not have local lockdowns after firebreak'
30/10/2020 | news | uk | 15
The first minister says they were not sufficient to deal with the "onslaught" of the virus.
Covid in Scotland: Senior pupils to wear masks in class at level 3 and 4
30/10/2020 | news | uk | 576
Pupils in S4 to S6 and their teachers will have to wear face coverings in classrooms in level 3 and 4 areas.
Covid in Scotland: New restrictions will have 'damaging impact'
30/10/2020 | news | uk | 243
City leaders in Glasgow and Aberdeen voice concern about the impact of new restrictions on businesses and jobs.
Covid-19: 'Chatting indoors behind cases spike before new lockdown'
30/10/2020 | news | uk | 200
Most cases had nothing to do with pubs and restaurants making mistakes, Public Health Wales says.
Coronavirus: Payments for taxi drivers and bus operators approved
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 31
Some taxi drivers criticised reports the financial support would be a £1,500 one off payment.
Covid rules: Social club tier 3 clarification over alcohol
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 12
Some social clubs had been selling alcohol without food after being told this was allowed.
Covid-19 leaves 500 Scout groups 'at risk of closure'
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 15
Social distancing has ended fundraising activities like jumble sales, the Scout Association says.
Covid-19: Number of patients in hospital grows again
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 21
The biggest rise in patients with Covid-19 in Welsh hospitals is in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg area.
Covid: School absence before lockdown prompts catch-up fears
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 58
There are fears pupils in the most deprived areas could fall behind if attendance rates remain low.
Covid: Winter fuel payment should be extended, MP says
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 11
More people need it to prevent "the worst fuel poverty crisis in a generation," an MP says.
Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon to confirm restriction levels
29/10/2020 | news | uk | 525
Nicola Sturgeon is to announce the levels of restrictions that will be placed on each council area.
Covid rules: Confusion as social clubs serve alcohol in tier 3 areas
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,255
But government says social clubs cannot sell alcohol on site unless served with a substantial meal.
Covid-19: Nottinghamshire tier 3 to feature 9pm alcohol rule
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,337
Alcohol cannot be sold after 9pm in shops under tier three rules, and various businesses must shut.
Wales lockdown: Shops, pubs and gyms to reopen after firebreak
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 542
Ministers are working on new set of national rules to come into effect on 9 November.
Coronavirus: Executive 'intends' to reopen NI schools next week
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 96
Schools in NI were told to close for two weeks to help curb the spread of coronavirus.
Covid: Wales' supermarket staff 'having to referee' shopping rules
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 273
Staff should not have to decide which customers can buy non-essential items, says an association.
Coronavirus NI: Emergency fund of £13m for NI arts and heritage
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 10
Struggling venues and organisations can apply for grants of up to £500,000.
Covid-19: Call to improve 'disjointed' business support
28/10/2020 | news | uk | 60
Small companies want to see the Welsh and UK governments "work together", a business group says.
Wales lockdown: Baby clothes join essentials list
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 80
Ministers also say people should be able to ask for non-essentials in exceptional circumstances.
Covid-19: Scotland to ease pub and restaurant restrictions
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 4,062
Licensed premises in many areas of Scotland will be able to serve alcohol indoors again from next week.
Covid-19: Warrington moves into tier 3 restrictions
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 89
The Cheshire town is the latest area to be moved into the top tier of Covid-19 restrictions.
Covid: Don't let north get 'left behind' Tory MPs warn PM
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 3,025
More than 50 Tory MPs call for a "clear road map" out of lockdown restrictions for northern England.
Covid Wales: 'Urgent clarity' needed on rules after firebreak
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,109
Wales' tourism industry says it is struggling to plan for the future when lockdown is lifted.
Why Transport for London's finances are far from healthy
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 96
The prime minister and London's mayor have clashed over TfL's finances. What is the bigger picture?
Covid: Offshore workforce fell by more than a third after lockdown began
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 112
A halt in drilling and engineering construction are being blamed for the sudden loss of 4,000 jobs.
Covid-19: How mobile data shows journey patterns in Wales
27/10/2020 | news | uk | 47
Mobile location data shows how people in Wales travel differently and less during lockdowns.
Wales lockdown: What 'essential' items can I buy?
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 36
Some shoppers are frustrated over what goods can be purchased during Wales' firebreak lockdown.
Wales lockdown: Tesco 'wrong' to say period products 'not essential'
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 4,380
It had cordoned off the aisle after a break-in, but told a customer it was due to lockdown rules.
Prue Leith: NHS can serve 'delicious' food on a budget
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 672
Prue Leith leads a review into hospital meals, suggesting digital menus and 24-hour food service.
Driverless trains 'poor value' says leaked TfL study
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 142
Boris Johnson is calling for driverless trains to be a condition of future funding for TfL
Covid in Scotland: Students may not be allowed home for Christmas
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,763
John Swinney says there is a "realistic possibility" students will be asked to stay away from their families.
Coronavirus: More than 3,000 fines and warnings for rule breaches
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 82
The PSNI also reveals that 45 fines worth £1,000 have been handed to people who did not self-isolate.
Coronavirus: £15.75m arts and heritage fund confirmed
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 14
The money is part of £29m previously agreed by the executive to support culture, arts and heritage.
Covid-19: TfL issues almost 500 fines to passengers not wearing masks
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 47
Transport for London issues nearly 500 fines of £100 to people not wearing face coverings.
Covid: 'No touring West End shows in Cardiff until vaccine' warning
26/10/2020 | news | uk | 12
The Lion King was due to play over the summer, but has been postponed until 2022.
Wales lockdown: Supermarkets covering up non-essential items
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,757
Some shops are blocking off clothing and decorations after being told to stop selling them.
Marcus Rashford: Communities back school meals campaign
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,277
It comes after MPs rejected calls to extend free school meals over holidays amid the Covid-19 crisis.
Wales lockdown to start in bid to 'save lives not Christmas'
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,134
Pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will shut when the 17-day lockdown starts at 18:00 BST.
Covid: Warrington to move to tier 3 restrictions
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 115
The Cheshire borough with "stubbornly high" infection rates agrees to enter the very high category.
Covid: Scotland to enter new five-level alert system
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 4,785
The new system for setting Covid restrictions in Scotland adds two levels to the three tiers used in England.
Covid-19 confirmed cases in half of Northern Ireland schools
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 291
There have been 2,030 confirmed Covid cases in schools since the start of term, says the Public Health Agency.
Covid-19: NI retailers spend “over £10m” on safety measures
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 8
Shops bear the cost of in-shop signage, plastic screens and sanitising stations.
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon to set out five-tier alert system
23/10/2020 | news | uk | 767
It will include a top level of measures more rigorous than those south of the border.
Coronavirus: Financial support for some excluded traders
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 111
Financial help is agreed for some traders without access to Covid support funds.
Covid: NHS Test and Trace needs to improve, PM concedes
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,024
Boris Johnson says he shares people's frustrations at the turnaround times for results in England.
Transport for Wales rail services to be nationalised
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,125
Ministers step in to "stabilise the network and keep it running" as income plummets due to Covid.
Covid: Older people 'partly to blame' for bar shutdown
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 337
Jason Leitch says an older group in Lanarkshire helped inform the decision to restrict hospitality.
Covid rules: Stoke, Coventry and Slough face tighter restrictions in tier 2
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,545
In all of these areas the infection rate is over 100 per 100,000 people, the health secretary says.
Homes evacuated and cars stranded after Aberdeenshire flooding
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 97
The heavy rain also forced the closure of the train line between Inverness and Aberdeen on Thursday afternoon.
Covid: Scots told to prepare for 'digital Christmas'
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,856
The idea of people in Scotland having a normal Christmas in 2020 is "fiction", the national clinical director says.
Coronavirus: Derry city centre chief calls for retail closure
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 111
Jim Roddy warns the retail sector is facing a major crisis because of Covid-19 restrictions
Covid in Scotland: NHS dentists' fears of struggle to meet demand
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 57
Strict hygiene requirements including tight-fitting masks will limit patient numbers despite the resumption of NHS treatments.
Covid in Scotland: Licensed trade warns of 'battle' to survive
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 259
Bars and restaurants face an uncertain future after Covid restrictions were extended until 2 November, warn industry leaders.
Climate change: Watchdog's flooding response 'fell short'
22/10/2020 | news | uk | 52
A Natural Resources Wales review found staffing and equipment problems, and missing flood alerts.
Boris Johnson blames London mayor for TfL 'bankruptcy' before Covid-19
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 960
Sadiq Khan has responded to Boris Johnson's allegation by calling the prime minister "a liar".
Coronavirus: Robin Swann says taking no action 'is not an option'
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 523
Robin Swann says the evidence behind Stormont's decisions should "be considered in its totality".
Covid: Greater Manchester given £60m support package
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,549
Local leaders requested £90m but lowered their demand to £65m during talks to move into tier three.
Ban on smoking in playgrounds from next March
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 44
A ban on smoking in playgrounds and hospital grounds will come into effect early next year.
Covid in Scotland: Hospitality curbs extended for another week
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,148
Restrictions targeted chiefly at bars and restaurants in the central belt will continue until November.
Covid-19: Gyms can reopen in Liverpool City Region
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 831
They were ordered to close when the area was placed into tier three of the coronavirus restrictions.
UK borrowing jumps in September as Covid support continues
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 202
The government borrowed £36bn in September and has scrapped a broad spending review.
Covid: 2021 exam students facing 'difficult situation'
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 117
"Disruption" to education is considered ahead of decisions about next summer's exams, watchdog says.
Covid: Hancock defends 'fair' tier 3 offer for Greater Manchester
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 98
The health secretary says the £60m offer "remains on the table", despite local leaders rejecting it.
Covid: Councils 'face challenging future' after pandemic costs
21/10/2020 | news | uk | 388
The pandemic has cost Wales' 22 councils a combined £325m in extra costs and lost income.
Covid: Greater Manchester to move to tier 3 restrictions from Friday
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,663
Boris Johnson says he "regrets" a deal over financial support could not be reached with local leaders.
Covid: Redundancy warning in lockdown appeal to Treasury
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 645
First Minister says the Welsh Government's lockdown could lead to job losses without UK help.
Covid: New year firebreak lockdown 'cannot be ruled out'
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 897
Ministers say they cannot rule out an early 2021 lockdown if Covid-19 spreads quickly at Christmas.
Covid: Greater Manchester facing 'winter of hardship' without support - Burnham
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,781
Greater Manchester's mayor says more financial help is needed as the region is set to enter tier three rules.
Flooding: 'Conversation needed' on risk in Wales
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 58
Communities will be asked to think about how to prepare for possible flooding.
Covid in Scotland: Government will 'do everything' to keep schools open
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 909
Scotland's first minister says she will look to keep schools open even if new restrictions are imposed.
Covid: Call to cut VAT for beauty businesses 'to survive'
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 27
There are calls for the beauty sector to have a VAT cut to match the hospitality sector.
Mid Ulster VAT case win may see £50m in rebates for councils
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 8
Mid Ulster District Council's tax tribunal victory could see millions repaid to local authorities.
Heriot wind farm development appeal rejected
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 120
A reporter concludes a proposed wind farm "fails to respect" the character of the Borders landscape.
NHS Lothian staff 'worried' as Covid ward already full
20/10/2020 | news | uk | 568
As admissions rise dramatically at one Scottish hospital, staff are dreading the potential toll of the second wave.
Covid: Wales to go into 'firebreak' lockdown from Friday
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 5,113
People in Wales told to stay home from Friday, with pubs and restaurants ordered to close.
Coronavirus: Almost 1,500 cases recorded in NI schools
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 601
The figures come as NI's schools face a two-week closure aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus.
Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon plays down row over testing delays
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,913
The Scottish government says there have been capacity issues, but the UK government says this is "categorically untrue".
Covid lockdown: Wales poised for decision on circuit-breaker
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,134
The Welsh Government is expected to announce its decision on a "firebreak" lockdown later.
Coronavirus: Driving instructors 'forgotten' amid new rules
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 18
The chair of an NI organisation says 1,200 instructors are "wondering how they're going to pay bills".
'Pilot universal basic income and shorter working weeks in Wales'
19/10/2020 | news | uk | 345
A policy influencer says the next Welsh Government should also pilot a universal basic income.
Coronavirus: Pubs and restaurants have closed across Northern Ireland
17/10/2020 | news | uk | 501
There has been criticism of the level of support available to businesses forced to shut.
Travel ban: Can I visit Wales from Covid hotspots?
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,186
Rules banning people from entering Wales from coronavirus hotspots in the UK have come into force.
Fortnight Covid 'fire-break' lockdown within days in Wales
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,173
Wales faces a two-week stay-at-home "fire-break" lockdown, says First Minister Mark Drakeford.
Covid: Lancashire to move to highest alert level
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,392
The move to tier three, after intensive talks, sees pubs and car boot sales closed but gyms stay open.
Covid in Scotland: New face covering rules come into force
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,707
People must now cover their face in workplace canteens - but no longer need to if they are getting married.
Covid: Andy Burnham holding the government 'over a barrel', says Raab
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,458
Do "the right thing" and accept tougher rules, the foreign secretary urges Greater Manchester's mayor.
Covid: Loss of school trips in pandemic 'has cost £500m'
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 21
There is a campaign for a change in the rules to save the remaining 15,000 jobs in the sector.
Covid: Row over regional rules 'damaging to public health', scientist warns
16/10/2020 | news | uk | 147
Divisions between No 10 and local leaders in England are "very dangerous", a Sage scientist says.
Covid: Circuit-breaker lockdown 'likely for Wales'
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,031
Restaurateurs, food businesses and unions call for urgent clarity on the Welsh Government's plans.
Coronavirus: New support scheme announced for NI firms
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 102
The scheme will open next week to help businesses that have to close from Friday night.
Covid alert level: London, Essex, York and other areas moving to Tier 2
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 3,335
Millions of people face more restrictions from Saturday, including a ban on households mixing indoors.
Italy and Vatican City added to UK quarantine list
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 10
Travellers from Italy must self-isolate for 14 days as of Sunday, the government says.
Coronavirus: New restrictions are 'too little, too late' - BMA
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 194
Its chairman says this is the first time NI's British Medical Association has disagreed with Stormont.
Covid: Wales travel ban plan 'risks division'
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 243
UK government minister demands 'urgent clarification' over plans to bar travel from hotspots.
Covid in Scotland: No 'return to normal' when pubs reopen
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,407
Nicola Sturgeon says the expiry of existing rules on 26 October will not signal a return to complete normality.
Brexit: Time 'desperately short' to clarify Irish sea border arrangements
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 21
There is still nowhere on Anglesey to hold any lorries unable to board a ferry at Holyhead.
Covid-19: Talks continue over new restrictions for parts of England
15/10/2020 | news | uk | 148
Greater Manchester and Lancashire are among the areas that could be placed under "very high alert".
Covid: Wales to ban people coming from UK hotspots
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,844
People from areas with high coronavirus rates will be banned from travelling to Wales from Friday.
Covid-19: Boris Johnson defends regional curbs but 'rules nothing out'
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 4,499
England's new three-tier system can both control the virus and prevent economic harm, Boris Johnson says.
Covid in Scotland: Fears over speed of test results
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 499
Doctors have called for the testing programme to be "re-examined" amid fears over the impact of delays on the NHS.
Covid: Circuit breaker preparations under way in Wales
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 616
But an expert says the move would be "doomed to failure" and bring "cost without benefit".
Covid: Decision on restricting travel to Wales 'in next few days'
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 43
The health minister says it would be a protective measure and aimed at the whole of the UK.
London's bridges 'are the capital's embarrassment'
14/10/2020 | news | uk | 127
Hammersmith, Vauxhall and London Bridge have all been shut lately for repairs.
Coronavirus: Covid spike warning if schools and pubs stay open
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 467
NI's leaders hold late-night talks on tightening restrictions but there will be no announcements.
Covid-19: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer calls for circuit breaker
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 592
Sir Keir Starmer says the government has lost control of coronavirus, as daily deaths rise to 143.
Covid: Health secretary defends three-tier strategy
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,582
Another 143 deaths are reported as ministers defend rules after criticism expert advice was ignored.
Covid: Local leaders react to the three-tier system
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 350
Some are resisting higher alert levels, while others are calling for them to be introduced urgently.
Unemployment rate in Wales rises sharply to 3.8%
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 272
15,000 more people were looking for work between June and August than the preceding three months.
Covid: Sage scientists called for short lockdown weeks ago
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,515
The government took "robust action" at the time, such as the rule of six, a cabinet minister says.
Scotland's unemployment rate remains steady over summer
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 743
The Scottish government says the figures do not reflect the "full impact" of Covid-19 on employment.
Coronavirus: NI unemployment rate in biggest quarterly rise since 2012
13/10/2020 | news | uk | 77
Almost 2,000 people were made redundant in Northern Ireland in the past three months.
Care home Covid visiting restrictions relaxed
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 127
Visitors can now stay for up to four hours, and residents and visitors can touch again.
Covid: Threat of England hotspot travel ban to Wales
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 876
The first minister says he is giving Boris Johnson a final opportunity to impose curbs before he acts.
Covid in Wales: Second national lockdown considered
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 693
There are fears Covid cases could be back to April levels soon, as more restrictions are discussed.
Coronavirus: NI measures 'should last four to six weeks'
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 425
An executive meeting is brought forward to tomorrow as health officials urge tougher restrictions.
Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon to draw up 'three-tier' lockdown system
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,224
An alert system aligned as" closely as possible" to other parts of the UK will be introduced in Scotland.
Coronavirus: Ulster Bank survey suggests rise in trade but layoffs continue
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 2
An Ulster Bank survey says business picked up from July to September but many firms still cut jobs.
War of the Worlds: Cameras roll as actors wear face masks
12/10/2020 | news | uk | 19
Shooting of War of the Worlds and other dramas restarts in Wales as actors adapt to a new normal.
Covid: Children can leave Wales' lockdown areas for sport
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 218
More than 8,000 people signed a petition calling for it to be a "reasonable excuse".
Two-thirds pay at firms told to shut over Covid
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 2,320
The chancellor says his Job Support Scheme "expansion" comes ahead of "what may be a difficult winter".
NI records more than 1,000 new Covid-19 cases
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 205
The coronavirus situation is becoming graver by the hour, Health Minister Robin Swann warns.
Restaurants 'cannot turn themselves into cafes'
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,196
The first minister draws the definition of cafes "very tightly" to reduce the number of places people can meet.
Coronavirus: NI councils' job fears after furlough scheme ends
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 70
It remains unclear if councils can use the scheme replacing the furlough system after October.
Extra police patrols as pubs prepare to shut
09/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,058
Police Scotland says "highly visible" patrols will ensure pubs and restaurants close at 18:00.
Minimum fine for Covid law breach to rise to £200
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 273
The wearing of mandatory face masks is also being extended to other settings.
Covid: MPs call for more clarity on local lockdowns
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,977
Pubs and restaurants in worst-hit areas could close next week in an effort to stall rising infection rates.
Coronavirus: Nottingham has highest Covid infection rate in UK
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 881
Data shows the infection rate is 689.1 per 100,000, with restrictions yet to be imposed in the city.
Covid-19: New restrictions to be announced for parts of England 'within days' - Jenrick
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,943
Minister Robert Jenrick did not rule out closing pubs and restaurants in the worst-affected areas.
Coronavirus: Derry and Strabane infection rate continues to rise
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 108
Nottingham overtakes Derry City and Strabane, but the northwest's infection rate rises.
New Covid shutdown 'would devastate' hospitality
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 19
Bar and restaurant owners fear they will struggle to survive a second phase of lockdown closures.
Concern over Covid transmission in Wales' pubs
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 466
It follows a spike of 33 cases linked to a workingmen's club and another venue in a village.
NI economic output falls to 'all time low'
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 65
The construction sector reported its biggest ever drop in output, falling 30% in the second quarter.
New pub rules 'will cost thousands of jobs'
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,391
Industry leaders warn new Covid restrictions could sound the "death knell" for many pubs and restaurants.
Covid-19: London local lockdown 'unlikely this week'
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 56
The capital's mayor says infection rates remain lower than other UK cities.
Covid-19: Councils get millions of pounds for marshals
08/10/2020 | news | uk | 493
Marshals will advise people of virus rules while police forces share £30m to help with enforcement.
Leicester lockdown: 100 days of extra restrictions in city
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 12
Family and friends have been prevented from meeting at home in the city since March.
Covid in Scotland: Tighter restrictions on Scottish pubs expected
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,309
The new rules are likely to be focused on licensed premises in areas with higher levels of the virus.
Wales' top doctor warns of difficult winter
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 185
Frank Atherton says further restrictions cannot be ruled out as cases rise.
Coronavirus: NI circuit breaker 'only viable' with Treasury support
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 166
NI's Economy Minister Diane Dodds warns that more measures to tackle coronavirus will affect jobs.
East London burst pipe leaves homes without water
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 40
Panic buying of bottled water is reported following the burst in Hackney Marshes in London.
Covid-proofed events and coin for NI centenary
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 62
Events are planned for NI, Great Britain and further afield, while a special coin is also proposed.
Coronavirus: Thousands of learner drivers face long test delays
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 10
Months of delays are due to the cancellation of tests during the pandemic, officials say.
Equality Commission call for affordable, quality childcare for all
07/10/2020 | news | uk | 1
The Equality Commission says there is increasing demand, but a dwindling pool of childcare providers.
Coronavirus: Manchester universities move teaching online
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 41
The move in Manchester comes after hundreds of students in the city tested positive for coronavirus.
Tourism and hospitality in 'circuit breaker' fears
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 924
Industry leaders warn that some businesses may never reopen if further lockdown restrictions are introduced.
Coronavirus: Nottingham mixing ban 'likely' after spike
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 361
Restrictions similar to those in northern England could be announced later this week.
Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon 'not proposing return to full lockdown'
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,152
The first minister will announce new restrictions on Wednesday - but says it will not be a return to full lockdown.
Coronavirus: Call for surgery beds to be ring-fenced for second wave
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 4
Surgeons say a "tsunami of cancellations" must be avoided during a second wave of Covid-19.
Routine surgery lists have increased six-fold
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 142
One surgeon warns people could be waiting three years for knee and hip replacements in Wales.
Doctors' letter of concern about rising Covid cases
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 71
Senior doctors sign open letter urging the public to reduce social interaction.
Welsh councils hit for £325m during pandemic
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 38
The spending watchdog says councils face millions in increased costs and lost income.
Coronavirus: Almost 400 QUB students and staff self-isolating
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 24
There have been 166 positive Covid-19 cases at Queen's University, new figures show.
NI economy 'to contract by 11% in 2020'
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 27
Economic recovery may be held back by rising Covid cases and Brexit transition, bank forecasts.
Train passengers left out of pocket by lockdowns
06/10/2020 | news | uk | 208
Customers are angry at being unable to get refunds for tickets they can't use because of Covid rules.
New Covid-19 rules come into force in north west
05/10/2020 | news | uk | 61
Businesses in the Derry and Strabane Council area call for support as new measures are brought in.
Sturgeon to meet advisers over further restrictions
05/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,526
The first minister warns that fresh measures "may well be needed" in Scotland "in the near future".
'Rolling lockdowns' will become the norm in Wales
05/10/2020 | news | uk | 213
Parts of Wales will move in and out of local lockdowns, suggests Wales' chief medical officer.
Coronavirus: London transport 'will shut without second bailout'
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 274
Transport for London warns Tube and bus services will shut in a "doomsday scenario".
Northern Ireland announces 934 new cases of Covid-19
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 217
Health minister says Belfast Nightingale hospital may need reactivated within weeks.
Johnson: Post-Brexit trade deal 'up to EU'
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 4,251
The PM calls for Brussels to be "commonsensical" ahead of crucial talks with the EU Commission president.
People living alone in lockdown can meet others
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 207
Wales' first minister says people in local lockdown areas can meet one other household indoors.
NI farmers to benefit from extra £8m subsidy
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 7
A redistribution of surplus cash means an average additional £330 for 24,000 farms.
Post-Brexit aid replacement progress 'negligible'
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 140
A former Conservative cabinet member calls UK government progress "simply unacceptable".
Public transport use dropped by 90% in pandemic
02/10/2020 | news | uk | 6
At the height of lockdown Translink saw only 10% of normal passenger numbers.
Poland and Turkey added to UK's quarantine list
01/10/2020 | news | uk | 16
There will also be tougher fines of up to £10,000 for those who fail to self-isolate as required.
Covid in Wales: Lockdown tourism businesses fear closure
01/10/2020 | news | uk | 177
Lockdown restrictions came into force for Wrexham, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Conwy on Thursday.
Coronavirus: New restrictions announced in Derry and Strabane
01/10/2020 | news | uk | 191
NI executive agrees pubs and hotels to open only for takeaway, delivery and outdoor dining.
Covid in Scotland: No new virus restrictions announced
01/10/2020 | news | uk | 1,382
Nicola Sturgeon says she will not hesitate to take further action in the coming weeks if it is needed.
Plastic straw ban in England comes into force
01/10/2020 | news | uk | 297
Businesses can no longer sell or supply the single-use items as part of efforts to reduce pollution.
Covid: UK at 'critical moment' with coronavirus - PM
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 42
Boris Johnson says new measures to tackle a rise in virus cases will "take time to feed through".
Wales Covid lockdowns: 'Grave concern' over socialising in houses
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 180
Wrexham, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Conwy face lockdown restrictions from Thursday evening.
Coronavirus: NI 'at crossroads' in dealing with rise in cases
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 104
Health Minister Robin Swann says executive ministers will discuss further restrictions on Thursday.
PM defends 'strong local' Covid measures
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,874
Labour asks how people can be expected to understand and follow rules if the PM himself does not.
'Clarity needed' on GB-NI drugs supply after 2020
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 7
A trade body representing medicine manufacturers says it's unclear what rules they will have to follow.
Schools: 'Too many' children and staff without symptoms getting tested
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 17
Evidence suggests too many children and staff without symptoms are getting tested.
Scotland's Covid death toll hits highest level since June
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 592
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the seven deaths are a "sharp reminder" about the dangers of Covid-19.
New lockdown rules 'must be explained better'
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 30
North-east councils were left without the detail to back up government's message, a police chief says.
Covid: Welsh NHS waiting lists rise 'significantly'
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 12
Safety concerns are reducing the numbers of people being seen, according to a health boss.
Drivers set to be fined £200 for mobile phone use
30/09/2020 | news | uk | 18
The number of penalty points drivers can receive are also set to double from three to six.
I 'misspoke' over North East Covid rules, says PM
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 2,784
Boris Johnson apologises after failing to clarify the detail of new tighter coronavirus restrictions.
Pubs and restaurants must shut in NI at 11pm
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 153
First Minister Arlene Foster says the rule will be enforced and there can be "no exceptions".
Blaenau Gwent one of hardest-hit Covid-19 areas
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 131
The locked-down county has 307.7 positive coronavirus test results for every 100,000 people.
Brexit lorry park for industrial estate rejected
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 20
A request to allow a showground's park-and-ride to be used as a customs HGV facility is thrown out.
North East households mixing ban 'confusing'
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,350
People face a maximum £6,400 fine for mixing indoors, but council bosses say more detail is needed.
Potential 2021 election delay divides Senedd
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 51
Parties are split on whether coronavirus could mean a delay to the May 2021 Senedd election.
Why are we looking at the 'R number' in Wales?
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 36
The transmission rate in Wales - and other trends being looked at by experts.
Large drop in cancer referrals during lockdown
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 368
Figures for April to June show 851 fewer people were referred to specialists than the same time last year.
Covid: Tourist tax idea mooted for Snowdonia visitors
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 61
It comes amid calls for more funding for the park after huge crowds flocked to the area this summer.
Tackling coronavirus 'down to every one of us'
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 50
NHS Wales could be "overwhelmed" without quick action to curb rising cases, an eminent doctor says.
Recycling in NI: What does the future look like?
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 18
NI has done well at recycling - half our waste is dealt with that way - but we will be asked to do more.
Water-saving loos leaking billions of litres
29/09/2020 | news | uk | 449
Low flush toilets often waste more water than they save due to poor engineering and confusing buttons.
Covid vaccine volunteer 'just wants to play part'
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 13
Anita Yakkundi, from Belfast, is among 350 people enrolled for a major trial due to start by the end of this week.
Wales lockdown: Businesses affected by Covid offered grants
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 399
New grants are being offered to businesses as three more counties are placed under local lockdown measures.
About 100 Queen's students self-isolating in halls
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 77
It comes as 30 people within Queen's University accommodation tested positive for coronavirus.
Covid: Manchester mayor calls for 'urgent review' of 10pm closures
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 3,730
Greater Manchester mayor says the curfew is doing "more harm than good", but ministers defend it.
Brexit: EU says window to resolve NI part of deal rapidly closing
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 127
NI ministers took part in a meeting, which comes as the UK and EU continue talks to reach a trade deal.
Boris Johnson promises to protect 30% of UK's land by 2030
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 582
Countries must act now to reverse biodiversity loss, Boris Johnson tells a UN event.
'Struggling' students told they can return home
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,162
Nicola Sturgeon says allowing students to go home for Christmas is a "priority" after new guidance was published.
Covid-19: Up to £10,000 fine for failure to self-isolate in England
28/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,156
Anyone in England who tests positive has a legal duty to self-isolate or face a fine of up to £10,000.
Coronavirus: Support grows for rebel MPs over law
27/09/2020 | news | uk | 128
Labour hints it could back Conservatives trying to increase MP scrutiny over lockdown restrictions.
Number limits placed on pub and restaurant tables
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 77
New laws mean no more than six people from two households will be allowed to sit at the same table.
Three more areas of Wales to go into lockdown
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 584
Two of Wales' biggest cities are included, with 1.5 million people in total now affected.
Covid-19: Leeds household mixing ban confirmed by government
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 469
The ban comes in at midnight after a rise in Covid-19 cases, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirms.
Covid: Cardiff 'could go into local lockdown'
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 116
City council leader Huw Thomas warns of restrictions on travel and households mixing.
Curfew takes effect for bars and restaurants
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,125
The first minister warned that any premises that do not comply risk being shut down completely.
Coronavirus: Working from home 'costs central London £2.3bn'
25/09/2020 | news | uk | 160
More than £500m per month was lost to businesses who rely on office workers, research suggests.
Pubs and restaurants will need to shut at 10.20pm
24/09/2020 | news | uk | 232
Rules in Wales are different to England, where pubs and restaurants must close at 22:00.
Announcement on pubs' curfew postponed
24/09/2020 | news | uk | 112
Stormont ministers are now expected to revisit the matter next week.
Sturgeon calls for stronger UK Covid restrictions
24/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,327
Scotland's first minister writes to Boris Johnson saying further action is needed urgently.
Alcohol-only pubs reopen in Northern Ireland
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 60
But ministers will discuss whether to impose an earlier closing time when they meet on Thursday.
No case to extend lockdowns, first minister says
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 91
New measures to control the spread of covid need to be given a chance to work, Mark Drakeford says.
Brexit: Lorries will need a permit to enter Kent
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 2,168
The government plans to create an internal border to prevent gridlock on the county's motorways.
Scotland records highest number of new virus cases
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,214
A further 486 test positive for coronavirus - the biggest single day's number since mass testing began.
Household visits now banned across Scotland
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 384
Exactly six months since Scotland's first lockdown, tougher restrictions apply to every household in the country.
Lockdown surge in cycling continues
23/09/2020 | news | uk | 17
Figures show a 43% increase in cycle journeys between March and August compared to 2019.
Covid restrictions are a wake-up call - Foster
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 8
NI's first and deputy first ministers hold a live televised address as new restrictions are imposed.
Ban on meeting in houses extended across Scotland
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 3,379
Nicola Sturgeon says visiting other people's homes will no longer be allowed as part of efforts to slow the virus.
Pubs in Wales to close at 22:00 from Thursday
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 22
Pubs will be forced to close early every night in a bid to tackle the rising rate of coronavirus.
Foster and O'Neill to follow PM coronavirus update
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 202
The first and deputy first ministers will give a TV address after Boris Johnson on Tuesday evening.
New local restrictions come into force in Wales
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 270
People are not now allowed to enter or leave the six council areas without a reasonable excuse.
New Covid measures come into force
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 86
The restrictions, affecting 4.7m people, ban separate households from meeting in homes and gardens.
Lockdown tourism fear over Elvis Festival visitors
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 62
There are concerns tourists from high Covid-19 level areas in England can still visit Wales.
Work from home 'if you can', says minister
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 229
Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove says the message for England is changing as infections surge.
Pubs in England to close at 10pm amid Covid spread
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 139
Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove also says that "if people can work from home they should".
School workers 'should have priority for tests'
22/09/2020 | news | uk | 10
Unions say keeping schools open and properly staffed is a "key priority".
UK Covid-19 alert level raised amid virus warnings
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 151
The move, ahead of a statement from the PM, reflects that transmission is "high or rising exponentially".
Local lockdowns in four more counties in Wales
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 966
Newport, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent face new restrictions from 18:00 BST on Tuesday.
Coronavirus restrictions are extended across NI
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 550
In the last seven days, 1,014 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Northern Ireland.
Second Welsh national lockdown 'not imminent'
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 78
Health Minister Vaughan Gething says a second lockdown across Wales is not imminent, but possible.
Covid curbs of six months 'more realistic position'
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 787
Scotland's health secretary warned "difficult decisions" will be needed to combat the spread of coronavirus.
UK at 'critical point', top scientists to warn
21/09/2020 | news | uk | 466
The government's most senior advisers are to hold a televised briefing, as coronavirus cases surge.
'Grave concern' over NI Covid testing system
20/09/2020 | news | uk | 11
The chair of Stormont's health committee says it wants to discuss testing issues with Robin Swann.
Coronavirus: Care home visitors to be supervised at all times
18/09/2020 | news | uk | 686
The government's winter plan says staff should watch to ensure visitors maintain social distancing.
Local restrictions in BT60 set to come into force
18/09/2020 | news | uk | 74
New restrictions to be imposed in County Armagh as MLA reveals he has tested positive for the virus.
Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon issues warning over tougher rules
18/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,970
The first minister says some "hard but necessary" decisions will need to be taken in the coming days.
Puppy prices soar during coronavirus lockdown
18/09/2020 | news | uk | 283
The cost of a puppy has more than doubled, with dogs typically selling for nearly £1,900.
UK DIY sales soar but clothing stores fall behind
18/09/2020 | news | uk | 353
The amount of retail sales continued to climb in August, but some sectors are still struggling.
Coronavirus: Test demand 'significantly outstripping' capacity
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,393
The number of under-17s seeking Covid-19 tests has doubled, the head of NHS Test and Trace tells MPs.
Coronavirus: Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly death spike warning
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,559
Public health official warns older people are being infected in Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taf.
Drink-only pubs in NI set to reopen next week
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 165
The executive also says localised Covid-19 rules will be implemented in BT60 in County Armagh.
More than 100 people told to isolate by tracing app
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 403
The alerts were issued after more than 300 app users had a positive coronavirus test result.
Care homes in England to get £546m extra funding
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 288
The money will help to reduce the transmission of coronavirus during the winter, ministers say.
Almost a tenth of pupils did not attend first week
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 11
Department of Education figures show 91.6% of pupils attended in the week beginning 7 September.
Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Anger, hate and the politics of the planter
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 363
It is difficult to remember transport schemes attracting such vitriol as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.
PM: Speak to rule-breakers before calling police
17/09/2020 | news | uk | 521
Boris Johnson says he is not a fan of "sneak culture" over his new rule banning gatherings larger than six.
Coronavirus: Rhondda Cynon Taf to go into lockdown
16/09/2020 | news | uk | 752
No-one can leave or enter Rhondda Cynon Taf without reasonable excuse from Thursday evening.
Eat out scheme drives inflation to five-year low
16/09/2020 | news | uk | 880
The UK inflation rate fell sharply to 0.2% as Eat Out to Help Out scheme pushed down restaurant prices.
More mobile testing units pledged for Covid hotspots
16/09/2020 | news | uk | 40
Problems getting tests have become "a point of real frustration for people", the health minister says.
Coronavirus: Testing problems to be solved in weeks, says Hancock
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 2,226
The health secretary says testing policy will be updated to prioritise the most urgent cases.
Call for mini lockdowns as coronavirus cases mount
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 84
Plaid Cymru's request came ahead of an NHS plan on how to deal with coronavirus in the winter.
Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon 'hopeful' virus results backlog will be resolved
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 958
Nicola Sturgeon says she has had "constructive" talks with the UK health secretary over the issue.
What is yet to open in NI under Covid regulations?
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 13
What is still not allowed under Northern Ireland's Covid regulations?
Coronavirus: Families 'mingling' would be breaking rule of six - home secretary
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 3,855
Even stopping to talk in the street could breach the rules, the home secretary says.
Coronavirus: GPs prepare for a cold and flu season 'like no other'
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 36
Telephone appointments have replaced crowded waiting rooms as cold and flu season begins.
Unemployment in Wales: Slight rise to 3.1%
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 56
The figures for May to July suggest there were 2,000 fewer jobs than the same time last year.
Youth unemployment rises as job losses mount
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 63
Figures show that 8.2% of 16-24 year olds are looking for work after a "significant increase".
What is the row over 'internal markets' all about?
15/09/2020 | news | uk | 738
The Scottish and UK governments are gearing up for another constitutional battle over Brexit.
Brexit: Arlene Foster says NI is not EU's plaything
14/09/2020 | news | uk | 740
Arlene Foster makes her comments as MPs back a bill to override part of the Brexit deal relating to NI.
Covid restriction breaches could carry £1,000 fine
14/09/2020 | news | uk | 103
Restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 affect Belfast, Ballymena and parts of Glenavy, Lisburn and Crumlin.
New rules and lockdowns 'could be too late'
14/09/2020 | news | uk | 217
A consultant warns new rules and lockdowns are "shutting the door after the horse has bolted".
New rules limit social gatherings to six people
14/09/2020 | news | uk | 534
Regulations have come into force restricting groups of more than six people from two households meeting up.
Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon seeks 'urgent' talks over testing backlog
14/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,182
Scotland's first minister says she has "very serious concerns" about an apparent delay in processing tests.
Further clashes over work on NI port controls
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 113
The environment minister believes work to expand port controls would be a waste of resources.
Wales' mask rule 'to get ahead of gathering storm'
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 760
People are warned they face "more draconian measures" if they do not follow the new rules.
Lockdown restrictions extended to Lanarkshire
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 683
More than 1.75 million people in the west of Scotland are now covered by the curbs on home visits.
School exams set to be held again next year
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 175
The education secretary tells parents that current plans are to hold a full exam diet in 2021.
NI health official defends new Covid restrictions
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 121
NI's Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride says people should "use their good judgement".
Tory MPs criticise 'rule of six' decision
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,293
One ex-minister says it was "outrageous" new rules were made "without consultation" of Parliament.
Covid tracing app downloaded over 600,000 times
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 468
The free app lets people know if they have been in close contact with someone who later tests positive.
Drink-only pubs hope 'third time lucky' to reopen
11/09/2020 | news | uk | 23
Bar owners are hoping they can reopen on 21 September, the new indicative date from Stormont.
Parts of NI to be placed under new restrictions
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 6
Restrictions to curb Covid-19 affect Belfast, Ballymena and parts of Glenavy, Lisburn and Crumlin.
Hospital admissions rise in hotspot areas
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 97
Two health board areas in the south Wales valleys see a rise in Covid-19 hospital admissions.
New rules 'no longer than we have to' - Hancock
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,292
The health secretary says England's new rule limiting social gatherings to six people is "vital".
Welsh Parliament 'needs 20-30 more politicians'
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 294
An extra 30 politicians in the Senedd would cost about £12m a year.
Maximum size of gatherings in Scotland cut to six
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,451
Plans to reopen theatres and live music venues are pushed back to October after a rise in coronavirus cases.
Concerns over PM's mass virus testing plans
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 1,946
Medical experts raise doubts about plans to have "millions" of coronavirus tests processed every day.
Is home working here to stay?
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 31
A building society boss says the number of office workers might never return to pre-Covid levels.
NI arts sector facing Covid-19 'devastation'
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 15
Organisations warn a multi-million pound support package must arrive soon or venues will close.
Dramatic fall in coronavirus home testing speeds
10/09/2020 | news | uk | 22
Only 8% of home tests in Wales were processed within a day in the final week of August.
'We must act' to prevent second lockdown - PM
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 2,901
Boris Johnson outlines a new "rule of six" on gatherings and details a "moonshot" testing plan.
Worry over positive Covid-19 tests in two counties
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 137
Positive cases in Merthyr Tydfil are not far behind Caerphilly, which has just been locked down.
New Welsh spending powers set to go to UK
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 263
Westminster says it is replacing EU funds but Welsh ministers accuse it of "stealing powers".
Warning over lockdown pub get-togethers
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 120
People living apart are unable to meet inside but pubs remain open in a county under local lockdown.
Covid-19 cases recorded in 64 NI schools
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 72
A total of 88 positive cases have been identified in the first two weeks of the school term.
Scottish outdoor centres face Covid 'catastrophe'
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 279
Centres warn the outdoor education sector in Scotland will be lost forever without government aid.
New affordable homes 'can build pandemic recovery'
09/09/2020 | news | uk | 54
Up to 200,000 new jobs could be created if a target of 50,000 new homes by 2026 is met, charities say