Disney+ to launch a week early in the UK
21/01/2020 | news | technology | 197
The US media giant also confirmed the service will cost more than its earlier DisneyLife platform.
Google boss Pichai calls for AI regulation
20/01/2020 | news | technology | 25
Sundar Pichai seeks a "sensible approach" after Europe said it was mulling a facial recognition ban.
Microsoft makes 'carbon negative' pledge
16/01/2020 | news | technology | 153
The tech giant promises to remove all the carbon it has emitted since its founding in 1975.
Cookies crumbling as Google phases them out
14/01/2020 | news | technology | 136
A study suggests that cookie consent forms are flouting the EU's tough data laws.
Concept cars of the future pile up in Las Vegas
08/01/2020 | news | technology | 93
A wide range of futuristic vehicles, including flying machines, has parked up at the CES tech show.
Plant-based pork launched by Impossible Foods
06/01/2020 | news | technology | 481
A company that makes synthetic meat has shown off its latest products in Las Vegas.
Russian car with no driver at wheel tours Vegas
05/01/2020 | news | technology | 120
The BBC is offered a ride in a driverless car - without a human safety driver at the wheel.
Restaurant cat robot meows angrily at diners
05/01/2020 | news | technology | 118
BellaBot, which waits on tables, is one among a number of wacky robots at the CES tech show.
Three million homes can get one gigabit broadband
20/12/2019 | news | technology | 74
But "a long way to go" to make it available across UK, says one analyst.
Ofcom proposes locked-handset ban
17/12/2019 | news | technology | 417
Several mobile phone providers offer handsets that cannot easily be transferred to a new network.
Call to probe Boston police test of 'dog' robot
26/11/2019 | news | technology | 142
A civil liberties group wants to know if the robots will ever be armed and what roles they may take on.
Tories criticised over 'factcheckUK' rebranding
19/11/2019 | news | technology | 208
Twitter said the stunt was misleading to the public and would not be tolerated in future - but did not take any direct action.
Crowds flock to Wikipedia creator's Facebook rival
18/11/2019 | news | technology | 109
Jimmy Wales says his new social network, WT:Social, now has more than 160,000 members.
Can Valve tempt gamers to try virtual reality?
15/11/2019 | news | technology | 82
The game studio is preparing a prequel to its iconic Half-Life title that will be set entirely in VR.
What big tech isn't telling us about election ads
14/11/2019 | news | technology | 72
Exploring the gaps in the political advertising databases provided by the tech giants.
Motorola revives iconic Razr flip phone
14/11/2019 | news | technology | 439
Device-maker heralds "impossible" engineering as it launches a flip phone with a foldable screen.
Disney bets the House of Mouse on streaming
12/11/2019 | news | technology | 104
Disney's highly-anticipated streaming service launches in some markets on Tuesday.
UK drone registration scheme kicks off
04/11/2019 | news | technology | 382
Owners must pass a quiz but will get access to a scheme that seeks to match lost drones with owners.
Apps eavesdrop on smart-speaker owners
21/10/2019 | news | technology | 93
Researchers build voice apps for smart speakers that can listen in on owners without them knowing.
Three phone services restored 'for majority'
17/10/2019 | news | technology | 272
Three says it is experiencing "technical difficulties with voice, text and data".
Banning out-of-hours email 'harmful to some staff'
16/10/2019 | news | technology | 480
Stopping staff accessing email outside the office could leave some feeling stressed, research suggests.
O2 launches 5G network in five UK cities and Slough
16/10/2019 | news | technology | 29
The operator is going head to head with rivals EE, Vodafone, Three and BT Mobile.
Ministers dodge 'full fibre for all by 2025' pledge
14/10/2019 | news | technology | 217
Gigabit broadband is promised but the government neither says it must be full-fibre nor sets a deadline.
No-deal Brexit data - should firms worry?
08/10/2019 | news | technology | 133
In a no-deal Brexit, the UK will need to prove to the EU that its data protection is up to scratch.
Facebook encryption threatens safety - ministers
03/10/2019 | news | technology | 246
Priti Patel says extra security in messages will hamper attempts to fight terrorism and child abuse.
Booking.com still duping customers, says watchdog
18/09/2019 | news | technology | 159
The consumer watchdog claims the website is still using 'pressure-selling' tactics.
Facebook unveils its plan for oversight board
17/09/2019 | news | technology | 110
Mark Zuckerberg says the independent panel's powers over contentious material will be binding.
UK's full-fibre broadband coverage rises to 8%
17/09/2019 | news | technology | 58
Ofcom's report highlights how much work must be done to provide full fibre access to all by 2025.
Live facial recognition surveillance 'must stop'
17/09/2019 | news | technology | 188
Campaigners say the technology is inaccurate, intrusive and infringes on an individual's right to privacy.
Electric car owners to 'choose' engine sounds
17/09/2019 | news | technology | 26
Proposals by a US road safety body could see electric vehicle owners choose the noise their car makes.
UK launch for app that cancels subscriptions
13/09/2019 | news | technology | 270
The virtual card automatically protects people from being charged at the end of a free trial period.
Almost one-fifth of Britons are 'non-net users'
06/09/2019 | news | technology | 193
Survey says almost everyone under 50 is online but after that, use declines by about 2% per year.
'Brain hack devices must be scrutinised'
06/09/2019 | news | technology | 74
The UK's Royal Society warns of the risk of companies accessing our thoughts and moods.
Tech firms must give up their awkward secret: Humans
23/08/2019 | news | technology | 137
Silicon Valley needs to start being honest about privacy, even if that makes them uncomfortable at first.
'Dangerous' AI offers to write fake news
23/08/2019 | news | technology | 77
An AI that allows anyone to write fake news or rewrite old jokes such as "a man walked into a bar".
Facebook workers listened to voice messages
14/08/2019 | news | technology | 69
People were paid to transcribe voice recordings - but Facebook says the work has now stopped.
Tech firms face huge fines from Ofcom over videos
12/08/2019 | news | technology | 420
The UK plans to give new powers to the media regulator in order to comply with EU law.
Hyundai releases car with solar panel roof
06/08/2019 | news | technology | 252
The solar power system is available on the hybrid versions of the Korean car maker's Sonata vehicle.
Facebook urged to act on fake Amazon reviews
05/08/2019 | news | technology | 62
Which? claimed to have uncovered several active groups that recruited people to write fake testimonies.
UK coastguard plans £1m drone rescue trial
05/08/2019 | news | technology | 32
Officials seek bids to provide unmanned aircraft that could help rescue lives and track pollution.
Apple and Google stop workers playing back voices
02/08/2019 | news | technology | 102
The tech giants say they will temporarily stop using humans to monitor smart speaker recordings.