Online schooling: Calls to cut data fees during Covid lockdowns
05/01/2021 | news | technology | 317
The children's commissioner for England and Labour's leader call on firms to help low-income families.
UK government 'likely to miss' broadband and 5G targets
22/12/2020 | news | technology | 490
More must be done if the UK is to be future-proofed rather than playing catch-up, say MPs.
One in four UK homes 'can access 1Gbps broadband'
17/12/2020 | news | technology | 184
Many in towns and more rural locations across the country are still struggling on really slow connections.
Coronavirus creates boom in digital fitness
16/12/2020 | news | technology | 26
Fitness apps saw a spike in sign-ups from users exercising during the pandemic.
EU reveals plan to regulate Big Tech
15/12/2020 | news | technology | 943
Facebook, Google and others face yearly checks and limits on what they can do with users' data.
EA to buy Dirt Rally-maker Codemasters for £1bn
14/12/2020 | news | technology | 116
Games giant Electronic Arts is set to acquire the British game-maker, beating an earlier rival offer.
Coronavirus: NHS Covid-19 app starts offering self-isolate payments
10/12/2020 | news | technology | 380
Users of the app in England and Wales can now apply for £500 if eligible.
Currys PC World asked to honour cancelled Black Friday sales
09/12/2020 | news | technology | 419
Shoppers say they are being charged full price to re-order products cancelled because of a fault.
Cyber-warning for festive shoppers
04/12/2020 | news | technology | 40
Online shoppers are being warned of the risks of cyber-fraud during the festive season.
Black Friday: Why bots will beat you to in-demand gifts
26/11/2020 | news | technology | 166
Black Friday and Christmas shopping are here - but it may be harder than ever to snag what you want.
Gigabit broadband: Watered-down plans a 'kick in the teeth'
25/11/2020 | news | technology | 87
Now the aim is to reach 85% of homes in the UK with gigabit broadband speeds by 2025.
Climate change: Can sending fewer emails really save the planet?
19/11/2020 | news | technology | 396
UK officials are reportedly considering asking us to stop sending "thanks" emails - but why?
Video games 'good for well-being', says University of Oxford study
16/11/2020 | news | technology | 102
Gamers who played titles for longer reported feeling happier than those who did not.
Xbox and Call of Duty cause record broadband data use in UK
12/11/2020 | news | technology | 240
BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk are among broadband providers that saw record demand on Tuesday.
Virgin Hyperloop pod transport tests first passenger journey
09/11/2020 | news | technology | 789
The "sci-fi" travel concept involves travelling in pods inside vacuum tubes at very high speeds.
NHS England's IT plan expensive and risky, say MPs
06/11/2020 | news | technology | 264
The Public Accounts Committee says massive sums of public money could be wasted.
NHS Covid-19 app to issue more self-isolate alerts
29/10/2020 | news | technology | 657
Officials have decided to lower the threshold at which stay-at-home notifications are served to users.
Brexit border software developers warn of delays
27/10/2020 | news | technology | 648
Software designed to solve post-Brexit border friction is unlikely to be ready in time, they say.
Mobile networks banned from selling locked phones
27/10/2020 | news | technology | 416
The watchdog Ofcom says the move should encourage more people to switch and save money.
Google reveals Mineral crop-inspecting robots
14/10/2020 | news | technology | 127
The project will analyse every leaf on every crop, helping farmers tend the fields.
NHS Covid app updated to 'fix' phantom messages
13/10/2020 | news | technology | 183
People will still see alerts but will now get a follow-up message telling them to ignore it.
Apple iPhone 12: The chip advance set to make smartphones smarter
13/10/2020 | news | technology | 183
A chip-making process pioneered in the Netherlands will let smartphones take the next leap forward.
Disappearing Covid-19 app alerts cause alarm
02/10/2020 | news | technology | 159
Users of the England and Wales contact-tracing apps are reporting getting alerts which then vanish.
Amazon One: Palm scanner launched for 'secure' payments
29/09/2020 | news | technology | 257
The tech giant launches a palm scanner for secure payments and other biometric checks.
NHS Covid-19 app: One million downloads of contact tracer for England and Wales
24/09/2020 | news | technology | 2,264
Users are being urged to install the app to protect themselves and others against the resurgent virus.
Coronavirus: England's contact tracing app trial gets under way
13/08/2020 | news | technology | 608
It will serve self-isolation alerts based on logs of who the user was recently in close contact with.
Freeview viewers complain of fewer channels after retune
12/08/2020 | news | technology | 261
People complain of a loss of channels following works to transmitters in parts of the UK.
Xbox xCloud: How does Game Pass streaming work?
11/08/2020 | news | technology | 6
Microsoft's game streaming service is set to launch in beta - including in the UK and US.
Google's new transatlantic data cable to land in Cornwall
28/07/2020 | news | technology | 165
The tech giant plans a new high-end transatlantic data cable to go from the US to Bude, in Cornwall.