'Gob-smacking' vision for future UK transport
27/03/2020 | news | science | 712
Public transport and active travel will be the "natural first choice", the Transport Secretary says.
How to predict threats to animals from plastic
27/03/2020 | news | science | 62
Scientists find out more about the threats of plastic to thousands of fish, whales and other aquatic life.
Help needed to rescue UK's old rainfall records
25/03/2020 | news | science | 254
Pre-1960s handwritten rain gauge data can inform drought and flood planning, but only if digitised.
How safe is takeaway food and grocery shopping?
25/03/2020 | news | science | 775
If coronavirus can be transferred on to surfaces, safe food shopping presents challenges.
Calls to protect great apes from coronavirus
25/03/2020 | news | science | 82
The possibility of infection in great apes like gorillas warrants the utmost caution, say experts.
Green energy plant threat to wilderness areas
24/03/2020 | news | science | 255
Solar, wind and hydro electric installations are often built in conservation areas.
Natural history TV 'boosts species awareness'
19/03/2020 | news | science | 108
Programmes, such as Sir David Attenborough's, triggered a greater interest in species.
Polluting gases fall rapidly as coronavirus spreads
18/03/2020 | news | science | 676
Some regions show significant drops in air pollutants as the coronavirus hits work and travel.
Greenland and Antarctica ice loss accelerating
11/03/2020 | news | science | 789
The Earth's great ice sheets are losing mass six times faster today than they were in the 1990s.
Mars rover mission delayed until 2022
11/03/2020 | news | science | 101
Europe and Russia decide to postpone their mission to search for life on the Red Planet.
Budget gets mixed reaction on green issues
11/03/2020 | news | science | 137
The Budget has simultaneously pleased and infuriated environmentalists.
New rules could spell end of 'throwaway culture'
10/03/2020 | news | science | 391
Regulations hope to tackle products that are are bought, used briefly, then binned.
UK 'can't go climate neutral before 2050'
09/03/2020 | news | science | 1,253
The UK cannot reach net zero before 2050 unless people stop flying and eating red meat, a report says.
Europe experiences exceptionally warm winter
05/03/2020 | news | science | 512
The continent's winter months have seen average temperatures reach 3.4C above the long-term norm.
Europe's telescopes 'can meet satellite challenge'
04/03/2020 | news | science | 63
Europe's flagship telescopes will cope with the effects of thousands of new satellites in the sky.
Climate woes grow amid wettest February on record
02/03/2020 | news | science | 579
Last month was the wettest ever February in the UK, according to records that stretch back to 1862.
Onshore wind 'to make comeback in UK'
02/03/2020 | news | science | 634
The cheapest form of new power in the UK - onshore wind - is to make a comeback.
'Biggest explosion since Big Bang' detected
28/02/2020 | news | science | 512
The blast in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster left a cavity 15 times bigger than our Milky Way galaxy.
PM gives green light to post-Brexit research deal
27/02/2020 | news | science | 124
The UK will endeavour to continue in an EU science programme after Brexit.
Can we finally answer the big question about Mars?
18/02/2020 | news | science | 243
The US space agency's next rover will hunt for life's traces among the rocks of the Red Planet.
Forecasters set for 'billion pound' supercomputer
14/02/2020 | news | science | 498
A new supercomputer is to be built by 2022 to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting.
Deforested Amazon areas 'net emitters of CO2'
11/02/2020 | news | science | 352
Up to a fifth of the Amazon rainforest has become a net source of CO2, research suggests.
We're worse with food waste than we think
10/02/2020 | news | science | 158
Every person in the world is wasting about 500 calories of food a day, according to a new study.
Solar Orbiter: Sun mission blasts off
07/02/2020 | news | science | 408
The European probe will gather some of the most detailed ever pictures and movies of our star.
OneWeb launches first big batch of satellites
06/02/2020 | news | science | 147
The UK-based firm launches 34 spacecraft for its broadband internet mega-constellation.
Fireflies are at risk - tourism is partly to blame
06/02/2020 | news | science | 62
Tourists love the sight of fireflies glowing at night but it can kill the insects, scientists say.
Clean tech 'won't solve climate change in time'
05/02/2020 | news | science | 628
Breakthrough technologies cannot be relied on to help the UK meet its climate targets, a report says.
Green light for UK telecoms satellite at Moon
04/02/2020 | news | science | 89
The Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft will sell communications services to other missions at the Moon.
Loss of bumblebees driven by 'climate chaos'
04/02/2020 | news | science | 360
"Climate chaos" has caused widespread losses of bumblebees across continents, experts say.
PM 'admitted he doesn't get climate change'
04/02/2020 | news | science | 2,049
Boris Johnson has failed to lead over the UK's hosting of a key climate summit, its former boss says.
Ban on petrol and diesel car sales brought forward
03/02/2020 | news | science | 3,031
Boris Johnson unveils the plan as he launches a "year of climate action" alongside Sir David Attenborough.
Bill proposes ban on plastic waste exports
30/01/2020 | news | science | 111
Plastic waste exports to developing countries to be banned or restricted under new law.
Space probe 'transforms planet formation theory'
29/01/2020 | news | science | 149
Scientists say they have overturned the prevailing idea for how the planets in our Solar System formed.
'Hidden' plastic chemicals build up in seabirds
28/01/2020 | news | science | 228
Chemicals in plastics can build up in seabirds at levels thousands of times higher than normal.
PM unveils fast-track science visas after Brexit
26/01/2020 | news | science | 706
Boris Johnson hails the UK as "open to the most talented minds" with quicker route in for scientists.
Cut meat and dairy intake 'by a fifth' says report
22/01/2020 | news | science | 1,226
Taxes may be needed to curb eating meat and dairy in the effort to combat climate change.
Mission to reveal 'Truths' about climate change
21/01/2020 | news | science | 848
A UK-led satellite aims to get an absolute measurement of the light reflected off Earth's surface.
New UK housing 'dominated by roads'
20/01/2020 | news | science | 1,437
Roads are dominating new housing developments, a report says, despite more people wanting to drive less.
Soil at heart of farm grant revolution
15/01/2020 | news | science | 371
Soil protection will be a core issue as the Agriculture Bill returns to Parliament later.
Last decade confirmed as warmest on record
14/01/2020 | news | science | 2,347
Global data from three agencies also shows that 2019 was the second warmest year since 1850.
Citizens' assembly aims to tackle climate change
14/01/2020 | news | science | 639
UK panel will tackle some of the dilemmas around global warming.
Reconnecting with nature 'triggers' eco-actions
14/01/2020 | news | science | 93
People with access to green spaces are more likely to be more environmentally friendly, study says.
Australia's fires 'will be normal' in warmer world
13/01/2020 | news | science | 485
UK scientists say the recent fires in Australia are a foretaste of decades to come.
Plastic packaging ban 'could harm environment'
08/01/2020 | news | science | 1,124
Stopping plastic packaging could lead to higher carbon alternatives, a Parliamentary report says.
Food 'made from air' could compete with soya
07/01/2020 | news | science | 288
Finnish scientists say the food could be grown with near-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
Last decade was UK's 'second hottest in 100 years'
02/01/2020 | news | science | 2,291
The year 2019 saw several high temperature records in the UK - concluding a record-breaking decade.
Met Office: Warming trend will continue in 2020
18/12/2019 | news | science | 611
Next year is expected to be another warm year, extending the series of the hottest on record.
$5bn fund unveiled for climate-friendly shipping
17/12/2019 | news | science | 128
Ship owners announce plans for a $5bn fund to design zero-emissions vessels.
Major emitters accused of blocking progress
10/12/2019 | news | science | 437
Brazil, China, India and Saudi Arabia are criticised as anger grows at a UN climate change meeting.
How a laurel leaf led to a new solar energy plan
09/12/2019 | news | science | 208
Tie-up of flexible solar film and energy storage aims to take homes and business off-grid.
1.9 billion people rely on natural 'water towers'
08/12/2019 | news | science | 72
A new study ranks the importance and vulnerability of high-mountain stores of water.
Negotiators 'playing politics' amid climate crisis
08/12/2019 | news | science | 483
Political posturing is harming attempts to address key issues at the UN climate talks, participants say.
Carbon emissions edge up as coal use falls
03/12/2019 | news | science | 1,133
Emissions of CO2 have risen in 2019, say researchers, as oil and gas use continues to grow.
Climate summit told of nation's 'fight to death'
30/11/2019 | news | science | 2,893
The president of the Marshall Islands tells a summit that rising tides threaten its existence.
Last decade 'on course' to be warmest
29/11/2019 | news | science | 878
Provisional data suggests the decade from 2010-2019 is the warmest yet recorded.
Europe's new space budget to enable CO2 mapping
28/11/2019 | news | science | 52
A multi-billion-euro funding package for the European Space Agency is agreed by its member states.
Critical year for climate change begins in Madrid
28/11/2019 | news | science | 183
Delegates from almost 200 countries meet in the Spanish capital on Monday.
Massive Attack help create carbon-zero tours
26/11/2019 | news | science | 46
Scientists team up with group Massive Attack to create blueprint that will 'transform the music industry'.
Future forests facing climate balancing act
25/11/2019 | news | science | 145
Forests can cope in a warming world only if temperatures increase in line with rises in CO2, a study finds.
'Bleak' outlook as carbon emissions gap grows
25/11/2019 | news | science | 1,664
The UN says nations must "dramatically strengthen" carbon cuts to avoid dangerous climate change.
Europe keen to demonstrate Moon ambitions
21/11/2019 | news | science | 170
Research ministers meet in Seville next week to approve European Space Agency projects and funding.
Greenhouse gas concentrations break records
21/11/2019 | news | science | 3,081
The World Meteorological Organization says the levels of warming gases continue to reach new highs.
Thousands of homes to be built in flood zones
14/11/2019 | news | science | 216
Almost 10,000 new homes could be built on some of the most flood-prone areas of England.
Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain'
12/11/2019 | news | science | 169
Chicken eggs were found to contain 70 times the level allowed under European safety standards.
Where plastic outnumbers fish by seven to one
11/11/2019 | news | science | 304
Plastic is building up in the areas of the ocean where fish feed and grow, according to research.
Black Friday? Why not 'Green Friday' instead?
09/11/2019 | news | science | 66
More than 300 fashion brands pledge to not participate in Black Friday because it's not good for the planet.
Speed limits for ships can have 'massive' benefits
08/11/2019 | news | science | 270
Cutting the speed of ships by 20% can benefit health, protect whales and limit warming, say campaigners.
Sea ice loss linked to spread of deadly virus
07/11/2019 | news | science | 280
Scientists say the decline of Arctic sea ice is connected to the spread of disease among marine mammals.
Climate emergency 'clear and unequivocal'
05/11/2019 | news | science | 2,402
Around 11,000 scientists have endorsed research that says the world is facing a climate emergency.
Nuclear fusion: 'A question of when, not if'
01/11/2019 | news | science | 366
Scientists say we are close to making fusion power a reality - but will it arrive in time to combat climate change?
'Alarming' loss of insects and spiders recorded
29/10/2019 | news | science | 125
A new study shows hundreds of different butterflies, bugs and flying insects are declining across Germany.
Google claims 'quantum supremacy' for computer
23/10/2019 | news | science | 766
The company claims a quantum computer has surpassed conventional devices for the first time.
Climate policies 'will transform UK landscape'
17/10/2019 | news | science | 819
Britain's countryside could be transformed by policies to combat climate change.
Electronic devices 'need to use recycled plastic'
14/10/2019 | news | science | 50
Consumers need to demand electronic devices that use recycled plastic, campaigners say.
Brexit hits UK science funding and workforce
14/10/2019 | news | science | 249
The first figures emerge demonstrating that Brexit uncertainty has adversely affected UK research.
Southwest Atlantic humpbacks recovering
14/10/2019 | news | science | 77
The population first ravaged by commercial whalers in the 1900s is almost back to where it was.