Labour leadership hopefuls bid for union backing
21/01/2020 | news | politics | 208
The GMB will announce its favoured candidate amid speculation Jess Phillips could quit the contest.
Government loses first votes since election
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,526
Ministers are defeated three times over Brexit legislation - on citizens' rights and court rulings.
Give regions a 'voice' or UK may end, Brown warns
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,021
The former PM says the country is "not at ease with itself" and must change from "top to bottom".
Immigration system to 'put people before passports'
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,419
Boris Johnson says post-Brexit immigration to the UK will become "fairer and more equal".
Ministers 'looking into' relocating House of Lords
19/01/2020 | news | politics | 408
Moving the upper chamber could "reconnect" politics with voters, the Tory party chairman says.
No automatic deportation for EU citizens, says No 10
17/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,824
So far more than 2.7 million EU citizens have applied for settled status after Brexit in the UK.
Don't just blame 2019 campaign - Starmer
16/01/2020 | news | politics | 303
The leadership hopeful tells the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg he can restore trust in Labour as a "force for good".
Fundraising appeal launched for Big Ben Brexit chimes
16/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,369
A crowdfunding project aims to raise £500,000 by the weekend to pay for the bell to ring on 31 January.
Health secretary hints at end to A&E target
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 677
Matt Hancock tells BBC Radio 5 Live the government should be judged on "the right target".
Brexit day gathering in London gets go-ahead
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,126
Nigel Farage says the Parliament Square party on 31 January will mark a "big moment" in UK history.
Next phase of Labour leadership contest under way
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 423
Lisa Nandy wins the NUM's backing as the candidates seek endorsements from unions and local parties.
PM: Public can fund Big Ben bongs for Brexit day
14/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,727
Boris Johnson said it would cost £500,000 for the famous bell to chime, but crowdfunding is an option.
Five Labour leadership hopefuls reach next round
13/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,105
Emily Thornberry gains enough support just before nominations close, but Clive Lewis withdraws.
Long Bailey, Nandy and Phillips secure nominations
09/01/2020 | news | politics | 849
The Labour MPs join Sir Keir Starmer on the ballot paper in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.
MPs give final backing to Brexit bill
09/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,570
The Withdrawal Agreement Bill will now pass to the House of Lords for further scrutiny next week.
UK's largest union backs Starmer for Labour leader
08/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,804
Unison says Sir Keir Starmer is best placed to unite the party and take it back into government.
Full UK-EU trade deal 'impossible' by end of 2020
07/01/2020 | news | politics | 6,737
The EU Commission president says the sides must prioritise areas of agreement to meet talks deadline.
Corbyn won't endorse any leadership contenders
07/01/2020 | news | politics | 369
The Labour leader says he won't publicly back any of the six candidates hoping to succeed him.
MPs resume scrutiny of PM's Brexit bill
06/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,120
Legislation implementing Boris Johnson's agreement to leave on 31 January returns to the Commons.
Five crucial decisions facing Boris Johnson
06/01/2020 | news | politics | 732
The fate of HS2, Scotland and social care are some of the issues that could define the PM's tenure.
New Labour leader to be announced on 4 April
05/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,287
The party's top body has agreed the timetable for the contest and who is eligible to vote.
Jess Phillips joins Labour leadership race
03/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,016
The third MP to join the contest says Labour members are "ready to try something different".
MPs back Johnson's plan to leave EU on 31 January
20/12/2019 | news | politics | 8,400
The PM says Brexit is "one step closer" after MPs back his EU withdrawal bill by a majority of 124.
Armed forces 'must cut cloth to match ambition'
20/12/2019 | news | politics | 332
Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says he has had a meeting in No 10 to discuss ways to improve spending.
MPs voting on Johnson's Brexit bill
19/12/2019 | news | politics | 3,091
The PM says the legislation, enabling Brexit to happen on 31 January, will allow the UK to "move forward".
Government to shut Brexit department on 31 January
19/12/2019 | news | politics | 306
The closing of the government department coincides with the deadline for the UK to leave the EU.
Johnson hails 'radical' Queen's Speech
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,537
Seven Brexit-focused bills and plans for extra NHS funding are unveiled in the Queen's Speech.
Brexit bill to give new powers to British judges
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 928
More British judges should be able to depart from previous EU court rulings, Downing Street says.
Thornberry enters Labour leadership race
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,259
The shadow foreign secretary tells the BBC she can win the contest "from the heart of the party".
Corbyn's 'comic indecision' on Brexit - Blair
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,496
Former prime minister Tony Blair says Labour "let our country down" at the general election.
Climate watchdog urges PM to get back on track
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 473
The comments from the UK's official climate come ahead of a global climate conference in Glasgow.
Welsh secretary vows no 'petty' rows with Cardiff
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 61
Simon Hart said he wants "a positive relationship" with the Welsh Government.
Brexit bill to rule out extension
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 9,844
The move comes as MPs gather for the first sitting of the new Parliament after the general election.
Thornberry 'warned Labour over Brexit neutrality'
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,652
The shadow foreign secretary told the BBC in September a pro-Remain stance would help its election chances.
MPs' vote on Brexit bill planned for Friday
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,783
No 10 says the government wants to begin the legislation process before Christmas.
Labour prepares for leadership race after defeat
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,019
Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Lisa Nandy say they are thinking about competing to replace Jeremy Corbyn.
Johnson to welcome new MPs to Westminster
15/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,971
A priority will be a vote on the EU withdrawal bill that the PM wants to bring back before Christmas.
Sturgeon: Scotland 'cannot be imprisoned' in UK
15/12/2019 | news | politics | 960
The Scottish first minister tells the BBC that if the union is to continue, "it can only be by consent".
Let the healing begin, urges PM after poll win
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,831
Boris Johnson says he hopes his party's "extraordinary" election victory will bring "closure" to years of acrimony.
Sturgeon: PM has 'no right' to block Indyref2
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,073
Scotland's first minister says the SNP election victory strengthens the mandate for another referendum.
Johnson: I will repay the trust of voters
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,284
The PM meets the Queen to ask to form a new government, following the Conservatives' election victory.
NI parties clash during BBC election debate
10/12/2019 | news | politics | 147
The parties discuss Brexit, healthcare and the collapse of the assembly during the BBC debate.
Leaders in final push for votes ahead of election
10/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,749
The party leaders focus on key messages in the critical final hours before polls open on Thursday.
Parties focus on key messages as poll day nears
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 7,986
Pitches about the NHS and Brexit come to the fore, but both Labour and the Tories face criticism too.
Johnson 'could look at' abolishing BBC licence fee
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,473
The prime minister questions whether funding the broadcaster out of general taxation "makes sense".
Sturgeon: Treatment of Scotland justifies indyref2
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,766
The first minister says an independence poll should be held even if the UK does not leave the EU.
Johnson's Brexit plan 'presents major challenge'
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,844
A leaked government document says customs plans for Northern Ireland may not be ready in time.
Tories target Labour Leave seats in final push
08/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,650
The prime minister tours Labour seats that voted for Brexit, three days before the election.
Labour Budget to 'end austerity' in first 100 days
08/12/2019 | news | politics | 7,011
John McDonnell says Labour would "remake government" in a February Budget if it wins the election.
NHS boss says parties 'ducked too many' big issues
06/12/2019 | news | politics | 323
Chris Hopson says election debate has "fallen short" with regard to long-term solutions for the NHS.
PM 'misrepresenting' Brexit deal, says Corbyn
06/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,130
The Labour leader says he has "hard evidence" disproving claims there will be no border in the Irish Sea.
Labour pledges more help for smaller firms
05/12/2019 | news | politics | 638
The party says it would set up a new agency to offer support and advice to smaller companies.
Johnson and Corbyn clash over Brexit in BBC debate
05/12/2019 | news | politics | 11,232
The Tory and Labour leaders faced off in the final head-to-head debate ahead of next week's election.
Farage defends decision not to contest Tory seats
05/12/2019 | news | politics | 168
The Brexit Party leader claims his party are "tearing chunks out of the Labour vote", as three of its MEPs quit.
Farage hits out at MEPs over Tory support
05/12/2019 | news | politics | 674
The Brexit Party leader says three of his MEPs who quit have strong links to the Conservatives.
Labour pledges to cap class sizes at 30 pupils
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,512
The party promises to recruit nearly 20,000 extra teachers in England over five years if it wins power.
Tories promise Brexit and Budget in first 100 days
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 8,641
Boris Johnson's blueprint prompts attacks from Labour, the SNP and Lib Dems.
Swinson: SNP victory means 'fresh' indyref2 threat
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 499
An SNP victory will bring the "threat of a fresh Scottish independence referendum", the Liberal Democrat leader warns.
Scottish party leaders clash in BBC TV debate
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 921
Nicola Sturgeon, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie answered questions from voters.
Swinson sorry for backing coalition welfare cuts
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 325
Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson tells the BBC the "bedroom tax" was a mistake and austerity went too far.
SNP pledges 'could mean more austerity' - IFS
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 912
The SNP's election pledges could lead to more austerity after independence rather than less, an economic research group says.
McDonnell underlines Labour pledges on inequality
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,659
Ten years of Tory rule has led to injustices, he says, but experts say the sums promised are questionable.
SDLP leader criticises MPs who do not take seats
04/12/2019 | news | politics | 398
Launching his party's manifesto, Colum Eastwood says "decisions are made by those who show up".
Scottish party leaders clash in election debate
03/12/2019 | news | politics | 468
Nicola Sturgeon, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie debated on STV ahead of the general election.
Conservatives pledge £4.2bn for local transport
03/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,340
The party promises new spending on trains, buses and trams outside London.
Election 2019 is not just about Brexit
03/12/2019 | news | politics | 35
It has been dubbed the Brexit election, but for Scottish voters it isn't all about the UK's place in Europe.
Sturgeon: 'All options' open if indyref2 blocked
02/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,784
The SNP leader has refused to rule out taking legal action if a second Scottish independence vote is blocked.
UKIP launches 'Brexit and beyond' manifesto
02/12/2019 | news | politics | 720
UKIP promises a "clean-break Brexit" and a cut to net immigration to below 10,000 per year.
Lib Dems won't support Labour nationalisations
01/12/2019 | news | politics | 337
Jo Swinson says Labour's plans to take utilities back into public ownership are "not the way forward".
Parties clash over Brexit in TV debate
01/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,286
Senior figures from seven political parties also exchanged views on the NHS and terror legislation.
PM pledges help for struggling firms after Brexit
29/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,050
Boris Johnson also says it will be easier for public bodies to "buy British" if the UK leaves the EU.
Row over Johnson debate 'empty chair'
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,106
Conservatives say Channel 4 broke impartiality rules while Labour claims the PM is "hiding from scrutiny".
Climate debate fact-checked
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 230
Reality Check examines some of the claims made in Channel 4's climate debate.
Lib Dems pledge end to 'constitutional chaos'
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 453
The Scottish Liberal Democrat election manifesto promises to "stop Brexit and stop independence".
Work harder to sell Brexit plan, FM tells Labour
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 56
Pro-Remain Mark Drakeford responds to reports of a change in strategy to win over Leave voters.
Lib Dems pledge to end rough sleeping
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 145
The party says it would end no-fault evictions and compel councils to offer emergency accommodation.
DUP 'will still seek changes' to Brexit deal
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 376
The party reiterates its opposition to the prime minister's Brexit deal, at the launch of its election manifesto.
Tory and Labour spending plans 'not credible' - IFS
28/11/2019 | news | politics | 6,069
Both main parties are not being honest ahead of the general election, an influential research group says.
Labour to change election strategy
27/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,044
The party plans to appeal to voters in Leave-supporting areas, insiders tell the BBC.
Labour promises to plant two billion trees by 2040
27/11/2019 | news | politics | 487
The party sets out its £3.7bn "plan for nature", which includes creating 10 new national parks.
Conservatives 'only party to push Brexit forward'
27/11/2019 | news | politics | 92
The party's chairman tells the NI launch of its manifesto that the PM's Brexit deal is good for NI.
Row over Labour's 'NHS for sale' claim
27/11/2019 | news | politics | 9,603
Jeremy Corbyn says he has proof the NHS is part of US/UK trade talks - but the Tories reject his claim.
Is the DUP affair over?
26/11/2019 | news | politics | 76
Can the unexpected power brokers of the 2017 election cling on to their influence this time round?
Johnson claims Scotland 'paralysed' by SNP
26/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,431
The PM rules out allowing a second independence referendum as he launches the Scottish Conservative manifesto.
Nuclear power and Wales - what will parties do?
26/11/2019 | news | politics | 51
With climate change never far from the headlines, where does nuclear power fit in?
Heseltine: Lifelong Tories should back Lib Dems
26/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,776
The ex-deputy PM says Boris Johnson's claim he can "get Brexit done" by January is "nonsense".
Ex-UK diplomat attacks PM's 'Get Brexit done' vow
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 747
Sir Ivan Rogers describes Boris Johnson's "Get Brexit done" election pledge as 'diplomatic amateurism'.
Which parties want to tax frequent flyers?
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 123
It's the greenest election campaign ever - but how much are the parties promising on climate change?
Living with bad broadband in rural Wales
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 39
What is it like living in a broadband not spot? And how are parties planning to fix it?
Sturgeon: Scotland 'seeking a way back in' to EU
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 830
The Scottish First Minister says Scotland could rejoin the EU "relatively quickly" if independent.
FM not disappointed by Corbyn's Brexit neutrality
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 119
Mark Drakeford defends Jeremy Corbyn's stance, but says the party in Wales will campaign to remain.
Alliance says this campaign among worst for 'lies'
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 556
Alliance leader Naomi Long was speaking at the launch of her party's general election manifesto.
Scottish Greens target free public transport
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 212
The Scottish Greens target free public transport and a four-day working week in their election manifesto.
Pro-yes majority in 2021 is 'mandate for indyref2'
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 982
Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard says a Labour UK government would not block indyref2 if there is a yes majority.
Cross-party solution 'possible' for social care
25/11/2019 | news | politics | 160
Politicians are urged to work together to find a way of funding services for an ageing population.
Johnson promises 'tide of investment' on Wales visit
24/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,483
The prime minister courts the farming vote at a winter fair before he sets out pledges for Wales.
Labour plans to bring in rent controls
24/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,109
The party is also vowing to "put bad landlords out of business" if it wins the general election.
Tory manifesto 'to forge a new Britain' - Johnson
23/11/2019 | news | politics | 5,641
Boris Johnson promises to unite the country by getting Brexit done and to boost nurse numbers by 50,000.
Brexit Party proposals 'fantastic news for Wales'
22/11/2019 | news | politics | 31
Welsh members welcome policies to support farmers, coastal areas and "left-behind" communities.
IFS wrong on Labour tax plans, says McDonnell
22/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,873
The shadow chancellor denies the party's manifesto proposals would bring wage cuts and higher prices.
Brexit Party promises 'political revolution'
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 5,295
Nigel Farage pledges to cut foreign aid, cap immigration and plant trees, as he makes his pitch to voters.
Corbyn: I'd stay neutral in Brexit referendum
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,185
Boris Johnson asks how the Labour leader could agree a new EU deal and then be "indifferent" about it.
Tories plan stamp duty hike on non-UK residents
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 690
The party says the money raised would go towards tackling rough sleeping.
Labour calls for free school meals for all pupils
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 615
Scottish Labour says every pupil in Scotland should be able to receive a free school meal 365-days a year.
Plaid leader wants £20bn 'green jobs revolution'
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 685
Adam Price backs schemes to tackle climate change at his party's election manifesto launch.
Tories pledge extra cash for social care
21/11/2019 | news | politics | 259
But Health Secretary Matt Hancock says a long-term plan will require "cross-party consensus".
Labour vows to 'transform' UK at manifesto launch
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 12,168
The party promises to renationalise key industries, end tuition fees and scrap a rise in the pension age.
Labour and Tories push rival housing policies
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 215
Labour wants to build 100,000 new council houses a year, while the Tories vow more help for first-time buyers.
Labour commits to lagoon and nuclear plant
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 102
The party's manifesto backs a Swansea Bay tidal energy scheme and a new power station on Anglesey.
Johnson pledges cut to National Insurance
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,578
The PM says he will raise the threshold next year so people do not have to pay until they earn £9,500.
Sturgeon insists Corbyn will back indyref2 deal
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 977
Nicola Sturgeon says Jeremy Corbyn would not oppose an independence referendum deal if it paves the way for a Labour government.
Lib Dems vow £50bn 'windfall' from stopping Brexit
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,333
The "Remain bonus" will go on schools and the low-paid, Jo Swinson says at their manifesto launch.
Tories reject criticism in debate 'fact-check' row
20/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,950
The party says it is entitled to rebut "nonsense" amid calls for action over rebranded Twitter account.
Lib Dems promise 20,000 more teachers
19/11/2019 | news | politics | 582
The party is promising billions more for schools in England, taken from a £50bn so-called "Remain bonus".
Workers under Labour 'will take back control'
19/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,469
John McDonnell also says there would be a cap on chief executives' pay in the public sector.
Johnson and Corbyn clash over Brexit
19/11/2019 | news | politics | 8,686
Nearly 7 million people watched leaders lock horns over the NHS in the first TV debate of the election.
Income tax rise will boost NHS budget - Lib Dems
18/11/2019 | news | politics | 507
The penny rise would allow it to match Labour's NHS front-line spending plans, the party says.
Green manifesto pledges zero carbon by 2030
18/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,630
The party wants to spend £100bn a year on tackling climate change - and calls for a new EU referendum.
Lib Dems and SNP lose ITV debate legal challenge
18/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,361
The parties took the channel to court after their leaders were left out its head-to-head debate.
PM shelves business tax cut to help fund NHS
17/11/2019 | news | politics | 6,291
Boris Johnson says public services will benefit as planned corporation tax cuts are put on hold.
Labour promises 'free teeth MOTs'
16/11/2019 | news | politics | 237
Check-up charges in England of £22.70 will be scrapped under a Labour government, the party says.
Green Party offers universal basic income by 2025
15/11/2019 | news | politics | 672
Under the plan every adult would get at least £89 per week with extra payments for disabled people.
Tories promise help for 'left-behind' towns
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 282
A reduction in business rates for small firms is among a raft of measures pledged by the Conservatives.
Lib Dems pledge £100bn 'climate emergency' fund
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,616
Plan to "decarbonise capitalism" would be funded by extra borrowing and tax changes, party says.
Labour pledges free broadband for all
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 7,603
Labour would part-nationalise BT to deliver the policy and tax tech giants to help cover the £20bn cost.
Corbyn v Johnson fact-checked
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 794
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed in the first leaders' debate, we've been looking into some of their claims.
Corbyn rules out 'arbitrary' immigration target
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 97
The Labour leader will not say whether he wants the number of people coming into the UK to rise or fall.
The towns and cities least likely to vote
14/11/2019 | news | politics | 301
City dwellers tend to vote differently to the rest of the country and this divide is deepening.
Donald Tusk: Don't give up on stopping Brexit
13/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,356
The outgoing European Council chief says leaving the EU would leave the UK a "second-rate player".
Tories will seek to reduce unskilled migration
13/11/2019 | news | politics | 4,540
The party says it will not set "arbitrary" targets but will aim to reduce immigration if it wins the election.
Labour's 32-hour week policy 'applies to all'
13/11/2019 | news | politics | 307
Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth earlier said NHS staff would not be included.
No electoral deals with Labour, Swinson insists
13/11/2019 | news | politics | 137
The Lib Dem leader rejects calls to stand down candidates to avoid splitting the anti-Brexit vote.
Green Party pledges to appoint 'carbon chancellor'
13/11/2019 | news | politics | 89
Their role will be to allocate the annual £100bn pledged for climate action, the party's co-leader says.
Gauke: Tory majority 'bad outcome for country'
12/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,791
The former Conservative justice secretary will stand as an independent to oppose a "hard Brexit".
PM vows to close 'opportunity gap' after Brexit
12/11/2019 | news | politics | 4,467
Boris Johnson says the Tories will double funding for research and development if they win the election.
'It's all about Brexit' in key marginal seat
12/11/2019 | news | politics | 170
Leaving the European Union - or not - is the subject on everyone's lips in Blackpool.
Farage: Tories should stand down in Labour seats
12/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,117
The Brexit Party leader insists his candidates will run in Labour-held seats in the North and Midlands.
Tories in fresh attack on Labour spending plans
11/11/2019 | news | politics | 737
Labour rejects Tory calculations about what their economic policies would cost as "more fake news".
Lib Dems pledge £5bn for flood prevention
11/11/2019 | news | politics | 234
Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn urge ministers to declare a national emergency to deal with recent floods.
Brexit Party rules out standing in Tory seats
11/11/2019 | news | politics | 9,591
Nigel Farage says the party will not contest seats won by the Tories in 2017, but will stand against Labour.
Labour and Tories vow to help forces personnel
10/11/2019 | news | politics | 687
Armistice Day pledges include a Tory vow to protect combat veterans from "vexatious" legal action.
Lib Dems propose £10k 'skills wallet'
10/11/2019 | news | politics | 668
Money for training courses will be made available to adults of all ages, under the Lib Dem plan.
Johnson and Corbyn to face off in live BBC debate
08/11/2019 | news | politics | 4,335
There will also be a seven-way podium debate between major parties and Question Time specials.
Tory plan to attract more NHS staff from abroad
07/11/2019 | news | politics | 998
The Royal College of Nursing says the proposed "NHS visa" will not do enough to fix staff shortages.
Labour promises to extend paid maternity leave
07/11/2019 | news | politics | 942
The party promises a "step-change" in working rights, but the CBI warns against "bureaucratic" plans.
Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid agree election pact
07/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,456
The pro-Remain parties have said the agreement will cover 60 seats across England and Wales.
Labour and Tories pledge more borrowing
06/11/2019 | news | politics | 4,899
John McDonnell sets out investment plans, as the Tories also vow to spend on infrastructure.
Johnson says he had 'no choice' over election
05/11/2019 | news | politics | 7,792
Boris Johnson tells supporters he needed to get Parliament working again, as he launches the campaign.
This must be the climate election - Greens
05/11/2019 | news | politics | 2,419
Co-leader Sian Berry urges £100bn a year to be spent on climate action at the party's campaign launch.
Labour has clear and simple Brexit plan - Corbyn
05/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,902
But the Tories say his proposal for a new deal and referendum within six months is a "fairy tale".
Election could bring 'seismic change' - Swinson
04/11/2019 | news | politics | 7,129
The Lib Dem leader says a government led by her would "stop Brexit and build a brighter future".
Labour pledges to save free TV licences
04/11/2019 | news | politics | 351
The party's deputy leader, Tom Watson, says removing the benefit for over-75s was "utterly callous".
SDLP will not contest election in three seats
03/11/2019 | news | politics | 183
It will not contest North Belfast, East Belfast or North Down to "maximise the pro-remain vote".
Two left in contest for new Commons Speaker
03/11/2019 | news | politics | 3,299
Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Chris Bryant go through to the final round of voting to find John Bercow's successor.
Don't use NHS as political weapon - health bosses
03/11/2019 | news | politics | 1,653
Politicians are urged not to make "empty promises" and tell "outright lies" about health funding.
Benefits freeze to end in 2020, government says
03/11/2019 | news | politics | 37
The first rise in four years is the latest spending pledge made by ministers ahead of the general election.
Farage calls on Johnson to 'build Leave alliance'
01/11/2019 | news | politics | 9,438
The Brexit Party leader says the PM must ditch his EU deal - or he will stand candidates against Tories.
Farage wants election 'alliance' with Tories
31/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,729
The Brexit Party leader hints at a pact but does not reveal how many candidates his party will field.
Corbyn launches Labour campaign to 'transform' UK
30/10/2019 | news | politics | 12,072
The Labour leader vows to take on the "elite" in "radical" election pitch, but the PM blames him for delaying Brexit.
Corbyn challenges Johnson to election TV debate
30/10/2019 | news | politics | 146
Wrangling over potential televised leaders' debates ahead of 12 December gets under way.
The first 24 hours of social media election ads
30/10/2019 | news | politics | 84
We look at the official adverts, and less official memes, with social media set to dominate the pre-Christmas poll.
Remain parties in electoral pact 'negotiations'
30/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,491
Pro-Remain parties are planning to work together to prevent a Conservative majority at December's poll.
Leaders in pre-election clash on NHS and economy
30/10/2019 | news | politics | 9,377
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour offers "real change" but Boris Johnson accuses him of "protest" politics at PMQs.
Could snow delay the vote?
29/10/2019 | news | politics | 222
If it snows on election day, would the vote be postponed and how much will the election cost?
PM agrees to Brexit extension - but urges election
28/10/2019 | news | politics | 9,583
MPs vote on a December poll - as Boris Johnson officially accepts a further Brexit delay until 31 January.
Brexit coins 'paused' amid uncertainty
25/10/2019 | news | politics | 608
Production of thousands of coins intended to commemorate the UK's exit on 31 October is put on hold.
EU agrees to Brexit delay - but no date yet
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 8,978
Ambassadors agree to postpone the 31 October deadline, but will not decide a date until next week.
PM to try for 12 December election
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,356
Labour says it will "absolutely support" an election but only if a no-deal Brexit is "off the table".
A million people's help urged on invasive species
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 721
Train citizens to stop "outbreaks" of non-native species in the UK, a committee urges ministers.
Government wins vote on Queen's Speech
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,797
MPs approved Boris Johnson's legislative agenda, which includes bills on Brexit and the NHS.
EU Brexit extension decision expected on Friday
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,573
Most EU leaders favour a three-month delay - but France is sceptical about it, the BBC understands.
No 10 denies government division over Brexit plans
24/10/2019 | news | politics | 3,592
Ministers are being urged to go for an early election - but some want to get a Brexit deal through first.
Johnson and Corbyn meet amid Brexit uncertainty
23/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,816
They fail to agree a new timetable to get the PM's deal into law, as the EU considers delaying Brexit.
PM to seek election if EU agrees three-month delay
23/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,037
It comes as Boris Johnson "pauses" his Brexit bill after MPs reject his fast-track Commons timetable.
Brexit bill 'in limbo' as MPs reject timetable
22/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,685
Boris Johnson pauses Brexit legislation after MPs reject plan to get it through Commons in three days.
PM to pull Brexit bill if timetable not approved
22/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,270
No 10 will push for an election if MPs rule out passing the bill in three days and the EU grants a Brexit delay.
PM aims to push Brexit bill through in three days
22/10/2019 | news | politics | 3,962
Boris Johnson urges Parliament to approve his intensive timetable but opposition MPs want more time.
MPs' vote on Brexit deal ruled out by Speaker
21/10/2019 | news | politics | 6,735
The government says it is disappointed, but will go ahead with introducing legislation putting the deal into law.
No 10 to push again for Brexit deal vote
20/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,623
The PM wants "a straight up-and-down vote", but it is down to the Speaker to decide whether this happens.
PM sends unsigned request seeking Brexit delay
19/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,026
No 10 source says an accompanying letter makes clear Boris Johnson believes an extension would be a mistake.
PM vows to press ahead despite Brexit delay defeat
19/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,743
He tells EU Council President Donald Tusk he will send a letter seeking another extension - but warns MPs the EU may reject the request.
Commons set for knife-edge Brexit votes
18/10/2019 | news | politics | 3,578
Boris Johnson urges MPs to back his agreement with the EU, amid moves by MPs to delay approval of the deal until Brexit laws are passed.
Johnson in race to win support for Brexit deal
17/10/2019 | news | politics | 6,666
No 10 is trying to persuade MPs to back the PM's deal ahead of a vote in the Commons on Saturday.
New Brexit deal agreed but DUP refuses support
17/10/2019 | news | politics | 10,941
The prime minister hails "excellent deal" with the EU, but a successful vote in Parliament is not yet certain.
DUP rejects Brexit deal 'as things stand'
17/10/2019 | news | politics | 779
It is a blow for Boris Johnson as the PM heads to EU summit for more talks on his draft agreement.
PM to chair new climate change committee
16/10/2019 | news | politics | 560
A committee is set up to push climate action but critics point to delay on environment policy.
Brexit deal hangs in balance as PM seeks support
15/10/2019 | news | politics | 8,173
Issues between the UK, EU and Ireland are said to be "pretty much sorted", but No 10 is still seeking the DUP's backing.
Corbyn: Voter ID plans 'clearly discriminatory'
15/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,019
The government's plans will "disproportionately" affect ethnic minorities, the Labour leader says.
Brexit talks continue amid claims deal is close
14/10/2019 | news | politics | 7,088
Downing Street plays down the chances of an imminent breakthrough amid reports the sides are close to agreement.
What's in the government's new environment bill?
14/10/2019 | news | politics | 242
Environmentalists welcome parts of the new law, but others say the government is going backwards.
Corbyn aides warn against pre-election Brexit vote
14/10/2019 | news | politics | 529
Behind the scenes, there is major disagreement over Labour's policy on another EU referendum.
PM sets out 'ambitious' plans in Queen's Speech
14/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,669
Crime and health take centre stage, but opposition parties dismiss the programme as "election manifesto".
Brexit talks continue ahead of crunch summit
13/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,324
Negotiating teams meet again after all sides warn there is still a lot of work to do to find agreement.
Brexit: EU and UK agree to 'intensify' talks
11/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,172
Both sides are pushing for a deal ahead of a summit next week, but Boris Johnson says there's "a way to go".
Barnier: Brexit like climbing a mountain
10/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,838
The EU's chief negotiator urges patience, as the deadline for reaching a deal with the UK nears.
UK to deport EU citizens who miss registration
10/10/2019 | news | politics | 891
Home Office minister says those who don't apply for settled status after Brexit by December 2020 must leave.
Corbyn: No Brexit referendum before election
10/10/2019 | news | politics | 1,374
Labour leader says it's his "absolute priority" to prevent no-deal, as he lays out his plans for government.
Johnson and Varadkar 'can see pathway to a deal'
10/10/2019 | news | politics | 6,484
Ireland's PM calls Brexit talks "very positive" and "very promising", with UK-EU meetings set to resume on Friday.
EU heading for no-deal by mistake, Hunt warns
09/10/2019 | news | politics | 410
Ex-Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt pleads with the EU to avoid a "catastrophic failure in statecraft".
EU leaders criticise UK Brexit proposals
09/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,407
They say they are no closer to an agreement, but "with goodwill" there is still a chance a deal can be done.
Nine MPs make pitch for Bercow's job
09/10/2019 | news | politics | 542
Tory candidates attack his record - and a deputy speaker says he believes Parliament has a drugs problem.
Special sitting for MPs to decide Brexit future
09/10/2019 | news | politics | 6,464
Parliament will meet on Saturday 19 October after a key EU summit to approve the next steps for the UK.
Deal by Brexit deadline very difficult - Irish PM
08/10/2019 | news | politics | 364
Leo Varadkar says "big gaps" remain between the EU and the UK as the 31 October deadline looms.
Brexit deal essentially impossible - No 10 source
08/10/2019 | news | politics | 9,572
The source says Germany's Angela Merkel was highly pessimistic in a call with Boris Johnson, but the EU's top official hits back.
Divisions continue over opposition Brexit strategy
07/10/2019 | news | politics | 337
Talks continued this weekend, but an opposition ambush planned for Monday is put on ice.
PM calls on EU to 'thrash out' Brexit objections
07/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,724
Boris Johnson says EU leaders have not offered specific criticism of his Irish border proposals.
Macron: Brexit deal decision 'at end of week'
06/10/2019 | news | politics | 3,621
The EU will evaluate then whether a deal is possible, the French president tells Boris Johnson.
PM will send Brexit extension letter, court told
04/10/2019 | news | politics | 5,756
But Boris Johnson says the UK will still leave on 31 October "new deal or no deal - but no delay".
Scrap 'pernicious' Home Office, says Green leader
04/10/2019 | news | politics | 637
A new Ministry for Sanctuary should oversee a "fairer" immigration system, Jonathan Bartley says.
PM: Brexit plan 'genuine attempt to bridge chasm'
03/10/2019 | news | politics | 7,497
The PM updates MPs on his Brexit proposals but Jeremy Corbyn says the plans are "unrealistic".
Boris Johnson sets out Brexit plan to MPs
02/10/2019 | news | politics | 2,183
The PM's plan would see Northern Ireland stay in the single market for goods but leave the customs union.
Government publishes new Brexit proposals
02/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,477
The PM's plan would see Northern Ireland stay in the EU single market for goods and new customs checks away from the border.
Johnson: No-deal only alternative to Brexit plan
02/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,571
Addressing his party conference in Manchester, the PM says his offer requires compromise on both sides.
UK Brexit plans to include Irish customs checks
01/10/2019 | news | politics | 3,406
The PM addresses his party conference in Manchester before submitting the new proposals to Brussels.
Corbyn must head 'interim government' - Labour
01/10/2019 | news | politics | 4,504
John McDonnell also says a no confidence vote is "unlikely" before 17 October's EU council meeting.
Johnson: Irish customs checks will be 'reality'
01/10/2019 | news | politics | 6,911
But the PM rejects reports there could be a series of customs posts set five or 10 miles back.
UK to reveal detailed plan for Brexit negotiations
30/09/2019 | news | politics | 533
It includes the legal text of an updated Brexit deal, including suggested "customs clearance zones" in Northern Ireland.
Speaker and MPs agree to 'use moderate language'
30/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,395
The agreement follows a stormy week in Parliament where MPs were criticised over their language.
Javid pledges National Living Wage rise
30/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,210
The chancellor says it will be £10.50 an hour by 2024, with a lower age threshold - down from 25 to 21.
No confidence vote 'won't happen this week'
30/09/2019 | news | politics | 2,224
Opposition party leaders say they are united in wanting to block a no-deal Brexit after a meeting.
Javid promises 'significant response' to no-deal
29/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,888
The chancellor holds out the prospect of tax cuts, as the PM faces more questions about his conduct.
Minister 'looking seriously' at compulsory vaccines
29/09/2019 | news | politics | 319
Matt Hancock says there is "absolute clarity" on the science and not being immunised puts others at risk.
Government plans billions for hospital projects
28/09/2019 | news | politics | 169
The plans, unveiled at the start of the Conservative conference, include £2.7bn for six hospital trusts over five years.
Sturgeon 'open-minded' about interim PM
27/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,000
Scotland's first minister insists she is not pushing for Jeremy Corbyn to become leader of a temporary government.
UK 'planning concrete Brexit proposals'
27/09/2019 | news | politics | 8,596
Minister Stephen Barclay says the "moment of truth" is approaching, as Brussels asks for new ideas.
MPs reject Parliament recess for Tory conference
26/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,957
It is the seventh vote the government has lost in the Commons since Boris Johnson became PM.
Angry Commons exchanges over Parliament suspension
25/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,703
Emotions run high as MPs return to work after Tuesday's Supreme Court verdict, ruling prorogation unlawful.
MPs return after court rules suspension unlawful
24/09/2019 | news | politics | 2,236
Boris Johnson will give a statement in Parliament later in the wake of Tuesday's ruling.
Johnson faces resignation calls over court ruling
24/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,098
Jeremy Corbyn leads the condemnation as some opposition MPs say the PM could be removed from office.
Suspending Parliament was unlawful, court rules
24/09/2019 | news | politics | 19,486
Boris Johnson says he "profoundly disagrees" with the judges' decision, but MPs will return on Wednesday.
Corbyn ally defends Labour Brexit vote process
24/09/2019 | news | politics | 194
Rebecca Long Bailey says the official in charge would have questioned the result if she'd had concerns.
Historic court ruling on Parliament suspension
23/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,352
Parliament could immediately reconvene if the PM loses, but he has not ruled out another suspension.
Labour cash boost for wind farms and electric cars
23/09/2019 | news | politics | 304
Billions will be spent on public ownership schemes to accelerate the "green industrial revolution".
Labour promises 32-hour working week
23/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,533
John McDonnell also vows to eliminate in-work poverty if Labour wins power at the next election.
Corbyn wins party backing in crunch Brexit vote
22/09/2019 | news | politics | 7,246
Members at the party's annual conference vote against a motion which would have called for Remain backing at an election.
Labour pledges free personal care for over-65s
22/09/2019 | news | politics | 336
Help with dressing, washing and meals will be paid for by the state in England, costing £6bn a year.
Labour vote to 'integrate' private schools
22/09/2019 | news | politics | 634
Party members call for assets to be "redistributed democratically and fairly" through the state sector.
Brexit secretary: EU and UK share common purpose
20/09/2019 | news | politics | 7,467
Both sides promise to look for an agreement ahead of 31 October, following a meeting in Brussels.
UK shares Brexit documents with EU
19/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,912
A UK government statement says the written documents "reflect the ideas the UK has put forward".
Parliament suspended 'to stop MPs interfering'
19/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,868
The final day saw a submission from ex-PM Sir John Major - but a decision won't come until next week.
UK 'has 12 days to set out Brexit plans'
18/09/2019 | news | politics | 2,150
The Finnish PM says EU leaders need written proposals by the end of September.
Brexit talks 'should not be a pretence' - Barnier
18/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,459
The government insists "constructive" talks are ongoing after the EU's chief negotiator's remarks.
Second day of legal prorogation battle ends
17/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,749
Judges at the Supreme Court continued to hear arguments over the legality of suspending Parliament.
Corbyn 'will deliver Brexit option people choose'
17/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,227
He refuses to say which side he might back in a future referendum under a Labour government.
Tories target over-45s with Facebook Brexit ads
17/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,051
Political parties’ Facebook ad campaigns are gearing up ahead of any election, BBC News research reveals.
Swinson: Being a woman is not a weakness
16/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,530
Jo Swinson vows to "take on" Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage - and says she can be PM.
Prorogation case 'a difficult question of law'
16/09/2019 | news | politics | 8,830
The Supreme Court hears competing arguments about the legality of the PM's decision to suspend Parliament.
Swinson rejects propping up Johnson or Corbyn
16/09/2019 | news | politics | 2,370
The Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson would not support Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in the event of a hung Parliament.
Brexit is a 'nightmare', says Luxembourg PM
15/09/2019 | news | politics | 11,413
Boris Johnson misses a press conference amid noisy protests, but says there has been "a lot of work".
Lib Dems pledge to cancel Brexit
15/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,298
Members vote in favour of the policy, which would see the party revoke Article 50 if they took power.
PM 'won't be deterred' from Brexit on 31 October
13/09/2019 | news | politics | 7,887
Boris Johnson says the UK will leave by the deadline, but he is "cautiously optimistic" of getting a deal.
Bercow warns PM against disobeying Brexit law
12/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,797
The Speaker says MPs will show "creativity" to avoid being bypassed, but is accused of being "politicised".
PM denies lying to Queen over Parliament suspension
12/09/2019 | news | politics | 9,220
Boris Johnson denies lying over his reasons for the shutdown, after Scottish judges rule it unlawful.
Commons recall urged after no-deal papers released
12/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,603
Labour wants MPs to return to Parliament to scrutinise the government's plans for no deal.
No 10 rejects Nigel Farage election pact proposal
11/09/2019 | news | politics | 2,836
The Brexit Party leader is calling on the Tories to make a deal to help "secure a big Brexit majority".
MPs demand Parliament be recalled after court case
11/09/2019 | news | politics | 3,263
Opposition parties say it should return as soon as possible so scrutiny of the government can resume.
Labour must unequivocally back Remain, says deputy
10/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,877
Tom Watson's position puts him at odds with Jeremy Corbyn, who wants a general election first.
There is a way to get a Brexit deal, PM insists
10/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,030
Boris Johnson also rebuffs criticism of Parliament's five-week shutdown as a "load of nonsense".
Protests as five-week Parliament shutdown begins
10/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,251
In dramatic scenes in the Commons, MPs hold up signs, chant and sing songs to protest against the suspension.
Corbyn promises 'biggest' boost to workers' rights
09/09/2019 | news | politics | 720
The Labour leader wants to set up a new department to protect workers' rights if he gets into power.
MPs call for pavement parking ban
09/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,308
The Transport Committee says blocking paths has a big impact, including on people with disabilities.
PM's second attempt to trigger election fails
09/09/2019 | news | politics | 10,714
MPs reject a second call from Boris Johnson for a snap election, before the suspension of Parliament begins.
Opposition parties united against PM’s election bid
06/09/2019 | news | politics | 13,614
Labour and other parties vow to block mid-October election, as Lords pass anti-no-deal Brexit bill.
Election 2019: Ten seats to watch in Scotland
05/09/2019 | news | politics | 343
A handful of constituencies in Scotland could tell the story of the general election.
MPs set for fresh early election vote on Monday
05/09/2019 | news | politics | 8,888
The announcement comes as the PM criticises Jeremy Corbyn for not backing his call for a snap poll.
Bill designed to stop no-deal 'will clear Lords'
05/09/2019 | news | politics | 1,986
The parties agree not to hold up a bill ruling out no-deal, as Boris Johnson says the people must choose what Brexit they want.
PM challenges Corbyn to back October election
04/09/2019 | news | politics | 7,902
Boris Johnson pushes Labour for a national poll as MPs prepare to vote on halting no-deal Brexit.
Tory MP defects ahead of crucial Brexit vote
03/09/2019 | news | politics | 8,851
Phillip Lee's move to the Lib Dems leaves the PM with no working majority as he faces a showdown over no deal.
PM faces Commons showdown over election threat
03/09/2019 | news | politics | 6,911
Last-ditch efforts by Boris Johnson to get Tory rebels on side have reportedly gone "less than swimmingly".
Election discussions in No 10 amid Brexit battle
02/09/2019 | news | politics | 5,926
Boris Johnson will appear outside No 10 shortly to set out the choices facing MPs in a crucial week.
Government 'wants to purge Tory Brexit rebels'
01/09/2019 | news | politics | 4,770
MPs have been threatened with expulsion from the party if they vote against no deal this week.
MPs trying to block no deal 'makes it more likely'
30/08/2019 | news | politics | 11,207
The PM says the way to get a Brexit agreement is to stop the EU thinking MPs are going to block no deal.
Brexit negotiators 'to step up tempo'
29/08/2019 | news | politics | 2,044
The EU agrees to more frequent discussions, as the PM tries to placate a backlash against his plan to suspend Parliament.
£3m fund to help UK nationals with EU forms
29/08/2019 | news | politics | 122
Support will go to UK nationals who need help applying for residency in the EU in the run-up to Brexit.
Next week 'only chance' to act on no deal
29/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,852
Ex-minister says options have "narrowed" for MPs opposing a no-deal Brexit, ahead of Parliament's suspension.
Parliament suspension sparks furious backlash
28/08/2019 | news | politics | 5,215
Opposition to the PM's plan continues, but the government insists there will still be time to debate Brexit.
Queen approves Parliament suspension
28/08/2019 | news | politics | 20,840
The PM says there will still be time to debate Brexit before October's deadline, but the move sparks anger and a new legal challenge.
Javid pledges cash for schools, NHS and police
28/08/2019 | news | politics | 393
But the chancellor rules out a "blank cheque", promising to keep within existing spending rules.
No-deal Brexit opponents agree strategy
27/08/2019 | news | politics | 8,872
The MPs vow to work together, but No 10 accuses them of trying to sabotage negotiations with the EU.
No deal 'only acceptable' Brexit, says Farage
27/08/2019 | news | politics | 3,559
The Brexit Party leader says he would work with the PM but only if he pursued a "clean break" exit.
Corbyn meets MPs to discuss plan to stop no deal
26/08/2019 | news | politics | 3,822
The Labour leader has pledged to discuss "all tactics available" with opposition parties.
Job of all MPs is to deliver Brexit - Johnson
26/08/2019 | news | politics | 662
The PM refuses to be drawn on whether he would suspend Parliament to stop it blocking no deal.
Johnson: New Brexit deal won't be a cinch
23/08/2019 | news | politics | 2,850
PM says progress is being made, but people "shouldn't hold their breath" over a breakthrough with the EU.
Backstop indispensable, Macron tells Johnson
21/08/2019 | news | politics | 11,967
PM meets French president in Paris, insisting Brexit impasse can be broken "with energy and creativity".
HS2 rail project to be reviewed
21/08/2019 | news | politics | 2,824
It will look at the costs and benefits, with a “go or no-go" decision by the end of the year.
Johnson meets Merkel with call to scrap backstop
21/08/2019 | news | politics | 5,772
The pair shook hands outside the Chancellery in Berlin, as protesters nearby shouted "stop Brexit".
'No prospect of deal' unless backstop scrapped
20/08/2019 | news | politics | 5,772
The PM calls the Irish border plan "unviable", but the EU says no realistic alternatives are offered.
Corbyn refuses to echo allies' Brexit stance
20/08/2019 | news | politics | 730
Two close allies of the Labour leader say they would back Remain in any further EU referendum.
PM says 'undemocratic' backstop must be scrapped
20/08/2019 | news | politics | 5,658
The PM calls the Irish border plan "unviable", but the EU says he hasn't offered realistic alternatives.
EU migration rules 'to end straight after no-deal'
19/08/2019 | news | politics | 6,144
The government has ditched the idea of phasing out freedom of movement under a no-deal Brexit.
Gove: No-deal dossier is 'worst-case scenario'
18/08/2019 | news | politics | 1,067
A no-deal Brexit will bring "bumps in the road", Michael Gove admits, as a leaked government document warns of food and drug shortages.
Clarke and Harman 'open to leading government'
16/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,814
Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says the veteran MPs could become PM, but Jeremy Corbyn rejects the idea.
Ex-Tory MP Sarah Wollaston joins Lib Dems
14/08/2019 | news | politics | 1,994
Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson says the pro-Remain MP will bring "real expertise" to the party.
Corbyn outlines plans to defeat no-deal Brexit
14/08/2019 | news | politics | 5,744
But Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says others should become caretaker PM, instead of the Labour leader.
Johnson: Brexit opponents 'collaborating' with EU
14/08/2019 | news | politics | 7,827
The PM says opposition to Brexit in Parliament means the EU is less likely to compromise on a deal.
Hammond: PM's demands 'wreck' new Brexit deal
13/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,796
Leaving the EU without a deal would be "a betrayal" of the referendum result, the former chancellor warns.
Ministers expect no-deal challenge next month
13/08/2019 | news | politics | 1,503
No 10 assumes the EU will wait for MPs to try and block a no-deal before engaging in further talks.
Green MP criticised over all-female cabinet plan
12/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,354
Caroline Lucas defends her plan aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit, saying women are less tribal.
We need all-female emergency cabinet - Lucas
11/08/2019 | news | politics | 2,315
The Green MP says women are less tribal, but her plan to stop a no-deal Brexit receives criticism.
No deal during election 'anti-democratic' - Corbyn
08/08/2019 | news | politics | 2,986
Labour's leader says a no-deal Brexit should not happen by default in the run-up to an autumn election.
PM calls for 'common sense' Brexit compromise
08/08/2019 | news | politics | 1,203
Boris Johnson says there is "bags of time" for the EU to compromise before the Brexit deadline.
Gove: EU 'refusing to negotiate' on Brexit
06/08/2019 | news | politics | 8,658
The EU says there is currently no basis for "meaningful discussions", but the UK rejects that view.
No 10 rejects EU's view of Brexit talks
05/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,225
The UK says Brussels needs to "change its stance" after suggestions talks are back to square one.
Parliament can't stop no deal, says minister
05/08/2019 | news | politics | 4,626
The health secretary tells the BBC he thinks MPs have missed their chance to block it.
Javid to HMRC: Make no-deal planning top priority
02/08/2019 | news | politics | 137
Preparations for a no-deal Brexit must be the number one priority, chancellor tells the tax authority.