Minister quits over Cummings' lockdown actions
26/05/2020 | news | politics | 14,545
Douglas Ross quits the government as more than 35 Conservative MPs call for Dominic Cummings to go.
Cummings: I don't regret what I did
25/05/2020 | news | politics | 15,297
The PM's top aide says he "behaved reasonably" as he explains why he drove to Co Durham during lockdown.
Johnson to face grilling by senior MPs next week
22/05/2020 | news | politics | 3,126
The PM will be questioned by the Commons' Liaison Committee for the first time since taking office.
NHS fees to be scrapped for overseas health staff
21/05/2020 | news | politics | 2,759
NHS staff and care workers from abroad are to be exempt, as Labour calls it "the right thing to do".
Net migration from outside EU hits 'highest level'
21/05/2020 | news | politics | 2,399
Official figures show an estimated 282,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in 2019.
Cap on care costs considered before outbreak
20/05/2020 | news | politics | 234
A social care tax was among options discussed to cover the costs, it is understood.
Contest to become Labour's top official heats up
20/05/2020 | news | politics | 203
There could be a tense stand-off in the race to replace Jennie Formby as the party's general secretary.
PM rejects call to scrap overseas carers NHS fee
20/05/2020 | news | politics | 926
Charging migrant health workers to use the NHS is cruel and unfair, opposition leaders tell the PM.
Lib Dems to hold leadership contest this summer
20/05/2020 | news | politics | 60
The party says its annual conference will take place online due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Will £4bn Parliament refit be scrapped?
19/05/2020 | news | politics | 235
A major rethink aimed at cutting costs is under way, but some MPs fear the project will be shelved.
Rees-Mogg sticks by plan to bring MPs back
19/05/2020 | news | politics | 961
MPs are set to return to Westminster in two weeks' time, despite opposition concerns over safety.
Government publishes 'approach' to EU trade deal
19/05/2020 | news | politics | 3,081
Michael Gove says the bloc held up talks with its "ideological approach" as the UK publishes its plans.
MPs give initial backing to immigration bill
18/05/2020 | news | politics | 5,114
The legislation paves the way for the UK to create a new post-Brexit immigration system.
UK warns of 'very little progress' in EU talks
15/05/2020 | news | politics | 3,738
Disagreements remain over fishing and competition as the EU's Michel Barnier warns of a stalemate.
UK urges EU to uphold rights of British expats
14/05/2020 | news | politics | 460
The UK says there is a "serious risk" to the Brexit agreement if its citizens are not treated fairly.
UK-EU trade talks resume ahead of June summit
11/05/2020 | news | politics | 2,025
Both sides are due to decide next month whether a 31 December deadline should be extended.
Private renters need help to 'ride out crisis'
06/05/2020 | news | politics | 314
Almost half a million people are at "high risk" of homelessness, local councils warn government.
PM 'bitterly regrets' care home crisis
06/05/2020 | news | politics | 4,336
The PM says government is "working hard" to tackle it - and sets 200,000 test aim by end of month.
Theresa May criticises global virus response
05/05/2020 | news | politics | 435
Countries have "gone their own way" rather than working together, the ex-prime minister says.
Labour calls for virus workplace safety standards
04/05/2020 | news | politics | 616
Sir Keir Starmer urges politicians, employers and unions to work together to address public "anxiety".
Universal credit claims reach nearly two million
04/05/2020 | news | politics | 409
About 8,000 job centre staff have been redeployed to process claims for financial help, minister tells MPs.
Starting gun to be fired on UK-US trade talks
04/05/2020 | news | politics | 1,027
Ministers say they will drive a "hard bargain" but Labour say they must be "wary" of President Trump.
Johnson 'focused on PPE delivery' on return to work
28/04/2020 | news | politics | 1,956
The government responds to a BBC Panorama investigation on shortages of protective equipment for NHS.
Hardship payment for dairy farmers considered
27/04/2020 | news | politics | 172
The virus outbreak has led to problems for the dairy industry, with warnings that cows could be slaughtered.
English councils vying for emergency virus cash
27/04/2020 | news | politics | 126
County councils say care funding must be a priority while district councils say services are at risk.
'Disappointing' progress in UK-EU trade talks
24/04/2020 | news | politics | 7,197
The EU's chief negotiator says the 'clock is ticking' as the UK calls for "constructive" talks.
PMQs returns in first day of 'virtual' Parliament
22/04/2020 | news | politics | 105
Dominic Raab will deputise for the PM and faces new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.
Pub sector faces 'bloodbath' over rents
21/04/2020 | news | politics | 292
An industry expert has called for government intervention "as a matter of urgency".
Government 'has 8,000 offers from PPE suppliers'
21/04/2020 | news | politics | 185
It follows criticism that firms had not had offers taken up by the government.
Warning over misleading 2019 election campaigns
21/04/2020 | news | politics | 434
The Electoral Commission says parties must make ads more trustworthy before the next election.
MPs approve new way of working as Commons returns
20/04/2020 | news | politics | 1,231
Questions via video link and a restriction on the number of MPs in the chamber are among the new measures.
PM fears second peak from relaxing lockdown
20/04/2020 | news | politics | 5,953
Government sources say measures are likely to be modified rather than eased in three weeks.
Councils 'on brink of financial failure'
17/04/2020 | news | politics | 1,723
Coronavirus has seen costs of supporting vulnerable people increase just as councils' incomes drop.
Supermarkets 'to face day of reckoning' on wages
17/04/2020 | news | politics | 371
Staff risking their health to serve the public should get more pay and respect, a union boss says.
UK will refuse any Brexit extension request
16/04/2020 | news | politics | 655
The UK will not let the transition period last beyond December even if the EU requests more time.
'Virtual' Parliament plans approved
15/04/2020 | news | politics | 1,039
MPs and peers plan to take part in some parliamentary business via video link.
Publish exit strategy this week - Labour
14/04/2020 | news | politics | 4,977
Labour urges clarity - but ministers say is too soon to talk about easing coronavirus restrictions.
Labour leadership ballot closes
02/04/2020 | news | politics | 808
Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy or Sir Keir Starmer will be announced as leader on Saturday.
Universal credit claims soar to nearly a million
01/04/2020 | news | politics | 356
Officials say the benefit system is coping despite unprecedented demand due to pandemic.
Delay Brexit deadline amid coronavirus, say MEPs
30/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,494
The UK is due to stop following EU rules by the end of 2020 but a group of MEPs say the date should be pushed back.
Things to get worse before getting better, PM says
28/03/2020 | news | politics | 5,154
Measures to target coronavirus may get tougher, Boris Johnson says in letter sent to every UK home.
'Mix-up' over EU ventilator scheme
26/03/2020 | news | politics | 4,482
Labour demands an "urgent explanation" from ministers over why they did not join EU equipment plan.
Virus crisis 'has paused Whitehall backbiting'
26/03/2020 | news | politics | 908
But a union boss questions whether ministers will value civil servants more "over the long term".
PM urged to face MPs during parliamentary break
26/03/2020 | news | politics | 693
Parliament has closed down for a month, meaning Boris Johnson will not be scrutinised by MPs.
NHS staff to get free parking amid virus outbreak
26/03/2020 | news | politics | 863
A petition signed by 400,000 called on the government to thank NHS staff by axing the fees.
Plan to cut MP numbers axed over 'Brexit workload'
25/03/2020 | news | politics | 319
David Cameron's proposal to shrink the size of the Commons by 50 MPs is dropped by the government.
UK Parliament shuts down for a month
25/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,921
Commons and Lords will stay empty until after the Easter break, to combat the spread of coronavirus.
Eviction protections watered down - Labour
24/03/2020 | news | politics | 211
Critics accuse the government of breaking its promise to renters to bring in a complete ban on evictions.
Emergency touches every part of UK life
23/03/2020 | news | politics | 206
The PM's announcement from Downing Street has no comparison in our recent history.
MPs stay away from House of Commons chamber
18/03/2020 | news | politics | 272
Tories and Labour ordered that only those asking the PM questions attend, amid coronavirus fears.
Sweeping emergency virus powers announced
17/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,372
Airports could be ordered to close and people detained on public health grounds under government plans.
Legislation to pass without vote amid coronavirus
16/03/2020 | news | politics | 417
Emergency laws to tackle the outbreak and the Budget will get "nodded through" the Commons.
English local elections postponed over coronavirus
13/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,767
The delay comes as visitor access to Parliament is restricted to reduce the impact of the virus.
EU drafts post-Brexit trade deal ahead of talks
13/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,344
The legal text has been sent to the 27 member states, but the UK is expected to reject most of it.
May elections 'should be postponed to autumn'
12/03/2020 | news | politics | 126
The England and Wales polling watchdog wants to "mitigate" the impact of coronavirus on voters.
Smart motorways plan aims to boost safety
12/03/2020 | news | politics | 126
Between 2015 and 2018 11 people a year have died on average on smart motorways in England.
'No apology' for borrowing, says chancellor
12/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,896
Rishi Sunak says low interest rates make the £30bn Budget package "the right economic thing to do".
Sunak pumps billions into economy to combat virus
11/03/2020 | news | politics | 3,936
The chancellor warns the outbreak is likely to cause a temporary but significant disruption to the UK economy, in his first Budget.
Budget to be unveiled amid coronavirus pressures
10/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,194
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will present plans to deal with the outbreak in his first Budget.
Government wins vote after Huawei rebellion
09/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,984
Rebel Tory MPs fail to pass their amendment blocking the company's involvement in the UK's 5G network.
Von der Leyen: UK 'must consider deal trade-offs'
09/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,815
She says the closer the UK's access to the single market, the more it has to adhere to EU rules.
Brexit preparations cost UK more than £4bn
05/03/2020 | news | politics | 3,074
In October last year, 22,000 civil servants were working on Brexit, the public spending watchdog said.
Barnier: Serious issues remain over trade deal
05/03/2020 | news | politics | 2,915
The EU's negotiator said the first round of trade talks had revealed "very difficult" areas to resolve.
Don't forget county councils, government told
04/03/2020 | news | politics | 166
English county councils say they are lagging behind big cities, ahead of next week's Budget.
UK fishermen 'to face trading friction with EU'
04/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,185
Environment Secretary George Eustice says firms will "probably" need to fill in export certificates.
Parliament's petition website re-opened
03/03/2020 | news | politics | 120
The popular site allows people to raise awareness of issues and secure debates in Parliament.
Labour 'braced for losses' in council elections
02/03/2020 | news | politics | 1,988
The party faces "one of its worst" performances in recent history in May, internal research suggests.
UK expects 0.16% economic boost from US trade deal
02/03/2020 | news | politics | 3,154
The UK sets out its strategy for trade talks with US - as separate talks with the EU get under way.
UK vows to seek 'hard bargain' in US trade talks
01/03/2020 | news | politics | 96
Negotiating aims being set out on same day discussions with the EU formally kick off in Brussels.
No 'artificial deadlines' in EU talks, UK warned
28/02/2020 | news | politics | 4,083
France's Europe minister says the focus must be on substance, as details and timings of the talks emerge.
Labour leadership: Can Corbyn secure a legacy?
28/02/2020 | news | politics | 953
Allies of the Labour leader are worried about how the contest to replace him is shaping up, writes Iain Watson.
UK prepared to ditch EU trade talks in June
26/02/2020 | news | politics | 8,249
Michael Gove says the UK will not accept any alignment with EU laws, as he announces the UK's strategy.
Javid: I resigned to uphold 'sensible' government
26/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,965
The ex-chancellor tells MPs No 10's plan to remove his advisers was not in the "national interest".
Chancellor must raise taxes in first Budget - IFS
26/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,980
A think tank says Rishi Sunak risks breaking Treasury rules on borrowing if he is to boost public spending.
PM launches review to 'overhaul' foreign policy
25/02/2020 | news | politics | 495
Policy experts will offer "constructive challenge to traditional Whitehall assumptions", says No 10.
Former Labour PMs support Murray for deputy
25/02/2020 | news | politics | 278
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have given their backing to their party's only remaining MP in Scotland.
EU ministers agree UK trade talks mandate
25/02/2020 | news | politics | 5,419
The EU will follow this blueprint in talks, as UK ministers also agree their stance.
We'll find out about EU talks, TUC boss warns PM
24/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,382
Frances O'Grady says "sister unions" in Europe will make sure she's "plugged in" on workers' rights.
Whitehall HR boss sought amid Number 10 'tensions'
24/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,828
The £60,000-a-year role involves overseeing the recruitment and treatment of special advisers.
Voting opens in three-way Labour leadership race
23/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,083
Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey remain in the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn.
Households in England 'to face council tax rises'
20/02/2020 | news | politics | 2,388
It will amount to an average rise of up to £69 per home, the County Councils Network says.
Nandy: I would serve under Labour opponents
20/02/2020 | news | politics | 591
The leadership candidate calls rivals Sir Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey "quite good mates".
Barnier: UK can't have Canada trade deal with EU
18/02/2020 | news | politics | 7,686
The chief negotiator says the UK's "particular proximity" to the bloc rules out a similar agreement.
No visas for low-skilled workers, government says
18/02/2020 | news | politics | 7,269
Ministers urge firms to stop relying on "cheap labour", but critics warn of damage to the economy.
Brexit negotiator: UK must be able to set own laws
17/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,285
David Frost's remarks come amid warnings the UK and EU will "rip each other apart" in trade talks.
Tory MPs warn No 10 against conflict with BBC
17/02/2020 | news | politics | 3,349
No 10 is urged not to pick fight with broadcaster amid reports it wants it "massively pruned back".
France warns UK of bitter post-Brexit trade talks
17/02/2020 | news | politics | 4,914
The UK and EU will "rip each other apart" as they vie for advantage, France's foreign minister says.
Budget may be delayed, says cabinet minister
16/02/2020 | news | politics | 328
Grant Shapps says the new chancellor, Rishi Sunak, needs "a few days to decide on the date".
Focus on delivering, PM tells cabinet
14/02/2020 | news | politics | 6,306
Boris Johnson sets priorities for his top team, following Sajid Javid's shock resignation.
Sajid Javid quits as chancellor
13/02/2020 | news | politics | 6,939
Rishi Sunak takes over at the Treasury, as his predecessor says he had "no option but to resign".
Cost of repairing Big Ben's tower rises by £18.6m
12/02/2020 | news | politics | 238
A survey of London's famous 177-year-old landmark revealed bomb damage, pollution and asbestos.
Big names sacked in cabinet clear-out
12/02/2020 | news | politics | 1,039
Geoffrey Cox, Andrea Leadsom and Julian Smith are out as Boris Johnson begins cabinet reshuffle.
Concerns about judges' powers must be heeded - Cox
12/02/2020 | news | politics | 823
The Attorney General says people are right to worry elected politicians are being usurped by the courts.
PM pledges £5bn for bus and cycling services
10/02/2020 | news | politics | 663
Labour says the plan "doesn't make up for deep cuts" to services since 2010.
Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge idea investigated
10/02/2020 | news | politics | 3,227
Number 10 says "a range of government officials" are looking at the idea of a linking bridge.
Cycling lessons for all children plan
07/02/2020 | news | politics | 333
The government is promising to make cycling proficiency lessons available to every child in England.
Raab in Australia on Brexit trade mission
06/02/2020 | news | politics | 3,027
The foreign secretary says the UK will be a "force for good in the world" as he begins his Asia-Pacific trip.
Ministers back bill to cut school uniform costs
05/02/2020 | news | politics | 91
The new law, drafted by a Labour MP, would strengthen advice to schools to keep costs down.
Minister defends press dealings amid briefing row
04/02/2020 | news | politics | 959
Labour questions whether rules were broken when journalists were turned away from a No 10 meeting.
UK set for Brexit, as PM promises 'new dawn'
30/01/2020 | news | politics | 9,970
After 47 years as a member of the European project, the UK will leave the EU at 23:00 GMT.
Javid backs HS2 ahead of crunch meeting
29/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,688
The chancellor is expected to tell Boris Johnson he supports the London to Birmingham rail link.
Long-Bailey makes Labour leadership final ballot
29/01/2020 | news | politics | 633
She joins Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy after receiving the backing of the Fire Brigades Union.
Ian Murray gets backing of ex-PMs for Labour bid
29/01/2020 | news | politics | 338
Gordon Brown and Tony Blair throw their weight behind Ian Murray's deputy leadership campaign.
European Parliament approves Brexit agreement
28/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,990
MEPs overwhelmingly back the terms of the UK's exit after an emotional debate in Brussels.
Laws for sustainable fishing planned post-Brexit
28/01/2020 | news | politics | 453
The government says the Fisheries Bill gives the UK power to operate as an independent coastal state.
Migrant salary threshold fall recommended
28/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,505
Reducing the minimum by £4,400 would help recruit NHS staff and teachers, says an independent committee.
Big Ben bongs fundraising appeal closes
27/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,487
Money was donated to get the bell ringing on Brexit day, but it will now go to a veterans' charity.
Watchdog questions 'Get ready for Brexit' campaign
27/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,237
The £46m publicity blitz did not leave people "significantly better prepared", says the NAO.
Five big decisions looming for Boris Johnson
27/01/2020 | news | politics | 840
The coming few weeks demand some big decisions from the PM and his cabinet. Find out more.
Varadkar: EU will have stronger team in trade talks
27/01/2020 | news | politics | 6,272
The Irish PM says it will be "difficult" to reach a deal this year, but Boris Johnson is bullish.
Starmer: We need to end Westminster 'monopoly'
26/01/2020 | news | politics | 388
The Labour leadership candidate argues against the status quo and for more power in the regions.
Commemorative Brexit 50p coin unveiled
25/01/2020 | news | politics | 435
It comes after the original batch of coins had to be melted down when the Brexit deadline was extended.
Unite union backs Long-Bailey for Labour leader
24/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,414
Unite leader Len McCluskey said the shadow business secretary had the "brains and brilliance" for the job.
UK has 'crossed Brexit finish line', says Johnson
22/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,125
The prime minister urges the UK to "move forwards as one" as legislation securing the EU exit passes.
Brexit bill clears final parliamentary hurdle
22/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,366
The legislation, which paves the way for the UK to leave the EU with a deal, now awaits royal assent.
Nandy joins Starmer on Labour leadership ballot
22/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,428
The Wigan MP receives backing from Chinese for Labour, meaning she joins Sir Keir in the final round.
Labour leadership hopefuls bid for union backing
21/01/2020 | news | politics | 208
The GMB will announce its favoured candidate amid speculation Jess Phillips could quit the contest.
Government loses first votes since election
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,526
Ministers are defeated three times over Brexit legislation - on citizens' rights and court rulings.
Give regions a 'voice' or UK may end, Brown warns
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,021
The former PM says the country is "not at ease with itself" and must change from "top to bottom".
Immigration system to 'put people before passports'
20/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,419
Boris Johnson says post-Brexit immigration to the UK will become "fairer and more equal".
Ministers 'looking into' relocating House of Lords
19/01/2020 | news | politics | 408
Moving the upper chamber could "reconnect" politics with voters, the Tory party chairman says.
No automatic deportation for EU citizens, says No 10
17/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,824
So far more than 2.7 million EU citizens have applied for settled status after Brexit in the UK.
Tears and relief as the UK's MEPs bid goodbye
16/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,369
It's been a "grim" last week for some but others are "delighted" to be leaving the European Parliament.
Don't just blame 2019 campaign - Starmer
16/01/2020 | news | politics | 303
The leadership hopeful tells the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg he can restore trust in Labour as a "force for good".
Fundraising appeal launched for Big Ben Brexit chimes
16/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,369
A crowdfunding project aims to raise £500,000 by the weekend to pay for the bell to ring on 31 January.
Health secretary hints at end to A&E target
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 677
Matt Hancock tells BBC Radio 5 Live the government should be judged on "the right target".
Brexit day gathering in London gets go-ahead
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,126
Nigel Farage says the Parliament Square party on 31 January will mark a "big moment" in UK history.
Next phase of Labour leadership contest under way
15/01/2020 | news | politics | 423
Lisa Nandy wins the NUM's backing as the candidates seek endorsements from unions and local parties.
PM: Public can fund Big Ben bongs for Brexit day
14/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,727
Boris Johnson said it would cost £500,000 for the famous bell to chime, but crowdfunding is an option.
Five Labour leadership hopefuls reach next round
13/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,105
Emily Thornberry gains enough support just before nominations close, but Clive Lewis withdraws.
Long Bailey, Nandy and Phillips secure nominations
09/01/2020 | news | politics | 849
The Labour MPs join Sir Keir Starmer on the ballot paper in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.
MPs give final backing to Brexit bill
09/01/2020 | news | politics | 2,570
The Withdrawal Agreement Bill will now pass to the House of Lords for further scrutiny next week.
UK's largest union backs Starmer for Labour leader
08/01/2020 | news | politics | 1,804
Unison says Sir Keir Starmer is best placed to unite the party and take it back into government.
Full UK-EU trade deal 'impossible' by end of 2020
07/01/2020 | news | politics | 6,737
The EU Commission president says the sides must prioritise areas of agreement to meet talks deadline.
Corbyn won't endorse any leadership contenders
07/01/2020 | news | politics | 369
The Labour leader says he won't publicly back any of the six candidates hoping to succeed him.
MPs resume scrutiny of PM's Brexit bill
06/01/2020 | news | politics | 3,120
Legislation implementing Boris Johnson's agreement to leave on 31 January returns to the Commons.
Five crucial decisions facing Boris Johnson
06/01/2020 | news | politics | 732
The fate of HS2, Scotland and social care are some of the issues that could define the PM's tenure.
New Labour leader to be announced on 4 April
05/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,287
The party's top body has agreed the timetable for the contest and who is eligible to vote.
Jess Phillips joins Labour leadership race
03/01/2020 | news | politics | 4,016
The third MP to join the contest says Labour members are "ready to try something different".
MPs back Johnson's plan to leave EU on 31 January
20/12/2019 | news | politics | 8,400
The PM says Brexit is "one step closer" after MPs back his EU withdrawal bill by a majority of 124.
Armed forces 'must cut cloth to match ambition'
20/12/2019 | news | politics | 332
Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says he has had a meeting in No 10 to discuss ways to improve spending.
MPs voting on Johnson's Brexit bill
19/12/2019 | news | politics | 3,091
The PM says the legislation, enabling Brexit to happen on 31 January, will allow the UK to "move forward".
Government to shut Brexit department on 31 January
19/12/2019 | news | politics | 306
The closing of the government department coincides with the deadline for the UK to leave the EU.
Johnson hails 'radical' Queen's Speech
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,537
Seven Brexit-focused bills and plans for extra NHS funding are unveiled in the Queen's Speech.
Brexit bill to give new powers to British judges
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 928
More British judges should be able to depart from previous EU court rulings, Downing Street says.
Thornberry enters Labour leadership race
18/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,259
The shadow foreign secretary tells the BBC she can win the contest "from the heart of the party".
Corbyn's 'comic indecision' on Brexit - Blair
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,496
Former prime minister Tony Blair says Labour "let our country down" at the general election.
Climate watchdog urges PM to get back on track
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 473
The comments from the UK's official climate come ahead of a global climate conference in Glasgow.
Welsh secretary vows no 'petty' rows with Cardiff
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 61
Simon Hart said he wants "a positive relationship" with the Welsh Government.
Brexit bill to rule out extension
17/12/2019 | news | politics | 9,844
The move comes as MPs gather for the first sitting of the new Parliament after the general election.
Thornberry 'warned Labour over Brexit neutrality'
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,652
The shadow foreign secretary told the BBC in September a pro-Remain stance would help its election chances.
MPs' vote on Brexit bill planned for Friday
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,783
No 10 says the government wants to begin the legislation process before Christmas.
Labour prepares for leadership race after defeat
16/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,019
Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Lisa Nandy say they are thinking about competing to replace Jeremy Corbyn.
Johnson to welcome new MPs to Westminster
15/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,971
A priority will be a vote on the EU withdrawal bill that the PM wants to bring back before Christmas.
Sturgeon: Scotland 'cannot be imprisoned' in UK
15/12/2019 | news | politics | 960
The Scottish first minister tells the BBC that if the union is to continue, "it can only be by consent".
Let the healing begin, urges PM after poll win
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,831
Boris Johnson says he hopes his party's "extraordinary" election victory will bring "closure" to years of acrimony.
Sturgeon: PM has 'no right' to block Indyref2
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,073
Scotland's first minister says the SNP election victory strengthens the mandate for another referendum.
Johnson: I will repay the trust of voters
13/12/2019 | news | politics | 6,284
The PM meets the Queen to ask to form a new government, following the Conservatives' election victory.
NI parties clash during BBC election debate
10/12/2019 | news | politics | 147
The parties discuss Brexit, healthcare and the collapse of the assembly during the BBC debate.
Leaders in final push for votes ahead of election
10/12/2019 | news | politics | 5,749
The party leaders focus on key messages in the critical final hours before polls open on Thursday.
Parties focus on key messages as poll day nears
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 7,986
Pitches about the NHS and Brexit come to the fore, but both Labour and the Tories face criticism too.
Johnson 'could look at' abolishing BBC licence fee
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,473
The prime minister questions whether funding the broadcaster out of general taxation "makes sense".
Sturgeon: Treatment of Scotland justifies indyref2
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,766
The first minister says an independence poll should be held even if the UK does not leave the EU.
Johnson's Brexit plan 'presents major challenge'
09/12/2019 | news | politics | 2,844
A leaked government document says customs plans for Northern Ireland may not be ready in time.
Tories target Labour Leave seats in final push
08/12/2019 | news | politics | 1,650
The prime minister tours Labour seats that voted for Brexit, three days before the election.
Labour Budget to 'end austerity' in first 100 days
08/12/2019 | news | politics | 7,011
John McDonnell says Labour would "remake government" in a February Budget if it wins the election.
NHS boss says parties 'ducked too many' big issues
06/12/2019 | news | politics | 323
Chris Hopson says election debate has "fallen short" with regard to long-term solutions for the NHS.
PM 'misrepresenting' Brexit deal, says Corbyn
06/12/2019 | news | politics | 4,130
The Labour leader says he has "hard evidence" disproving claims there will be no border in the Irish Sea.