'Grade inflation' in top degree grades stopping
16/01/2020 | news | education | 330
The sharp rise in first class degrees from universities has stalled after pressure from ministers.
Outstanding schools to face inspections again
09/01/2020 | news | education | 52
The exemption on inspections for outstanding schools is set to be scrapped.
Ofsted offers to help 400 'stuck schools'
07/01/2020 | news | education | 54
Inspectors call for new freedom to inspect struggling schools without publishing a judgement.
Warning over 'fake' apprenticeship courses
02/01/2020 | news | education | 221
Apprenticeship funding worth £1.2bn has been spent on low-quality training, says report.
Universities warned over student 'sales pitches'
18/12/2019 | news | education | 41
The Office for Students also raises concerns about "conditional unconditional" offers of places.
'Target extra cash to schools in the red'
18/12/2019 | news | education | 42
Ministers should target extra cash for schools to those "in most financial need", a think tank says.
'Conditional unconditional' offers on the rise
16/12/2019 | news | education | 49
One in four university applicants received a "conditional unconditional" offer this year - but fewer accept them.
Primary league tables: How did your school do?
11/12/2019 | news | education | 112
New primary school league table data for England has been published by the Department for Education.
Parent school donations 'exacerbating inequality'
10/12/2019 | news | education | 64
In 2017-18, the average school in London raised £43,000 from donations. In Yorkshire, it was about £13,300.
New GCSEs 'widen gap between rich and poor'
04/12/2019 | news | education | 236
Grades for poorer pupils fell by just over a quarter of a grade across nine subjects compared to their peers - study.
Young people 'panicky' when denied mobile phones
28/11/2019 | news | education | 49
Psychiatrists warn a quarter of young people have addictive behaviour towards their smartphones.
Half of students get degree place with lower grades
27/11/2019 | news | education | 63
Admissions service, Ucas, says 49% of 18-year-olds were accepted with lower grades than those advertised.
UK improving in international school rankings
26/11/2019 | news | education | 343
The UK moves upwards in global school league tables - but with low levels of life satisfaction.
Good grades and a desk 'key for university hopes'
14/11/2019 | news | education | 127
High parental expectations and being happy at school are also important factors, a study suggests.
Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'
14/11/2019 | news | education | 249
More managerial jobs generate more meetings, but they are not about making decisions, says a study.
Children 'less active over the primary years'
12/11/2019 | news | education | 61
Between the ages of six and 11, children became 17 minutes less active per week every year - study.
Labour promises free jobs retraining for adults
11/11/2019 | news | education | 1,530
Labour pledges a £3bn increase in adult education investment to update skills for work.
Students more likely to vote tactically on Brexit
06/11/2019 | news | education | 579
Student voters are ready to target support over Brexit, research suggests.
Nativity play warning over school polling stations
06/11/2019 | news | education | 403
Schools should not be used as places to vote in case it disrupts Christmas plays, says minister.
Universal credit adverts banned as 'misleading'
05/11/2019 | news | education | 184
The Advertising Standards Agency bans adverts claiming people found work faster on universal credit.
Universities 'undermined by overseas autocracies'
05/11/2019 | news | education | 56
MPs warn academic freedom in the UK is under pressure from autocracies.
French and German GCSE to get 'easier grading'
04/11/2019 | news | education | 50
French and German GCSEs in 2020 will have their grading made easier by up to half a grade says the regulator Ofqual.
Student housing told to fix 'awful' problems
29/10/2019 | news | education | 52
The universities minister holds a summit over failures in student accommodation.
Would student vote go missing in December election?
29/10/2019 | news | education | 288
Would the term times of universities have an impact on a pre-Christmas general election?
Pupil background 'should be part of league tables'
28/10/2019 | news | education | 200
Ethnicity, free school meals and special needs should be factored in, Bristol University research says.
Career ambitions 'already limited by age of seven'
14/10/2019 | news | education | 96
Young people are often trapped by a lack of knowledge about job options, a report says.
'Sadfishing' warning on social media
30/09/2019 | news | education | 363
Schools report growing worries about young people being tricked by emotional appeals online.
Parenting classes 'could help reduce social costs'
30/09/2019 | news | education | 113
Parenting classes should be offered on a wider scale to help families develop strong bonds, says study.
Private schools say abolition would be vote-loser
27/09/2019 | news | education | 897
Independent-school leaders hit back at Labour's plans to ban fee-paying schools.
The symbolic target of 50% at university reached
26/09/2019 | news | education | 325
Tony Blair's ambition for half of young adults to go into higher education is reached, 20 years later.
Quarter of secondary pupils 'get private tuition'
25/09/2019 | news | education | 188
Social-mobility campaigners say poorer families need fairer access to extra lessons from tutors.
Extra school cash 'enough to reverse cuts'
18/09/2019 | news | education | 97
Financial experts say schools are receiving a big funding boost - but only back to levels of a decade ago.
Job applications 'filtered by university rank'
17/09/2019 | news | education | 23
Research suggests Russell Group graduates are more likely to walk straight into a job.
Teachers 'have worked long hours for many years'
17/09/2019 | news | education | 117
Reducing teachers' hours in England is likely to be difficult and may require "radical action", says study.
'Ban all watches from exams to stop cheating'
09/09/2019 | news | education | 194
A review into cheating says the rise in smart watches means all watches should be banned from exams.
Teacher starting salaries could rise to £30,000
02/09/2019 | news | education | 518
Unions say the increase is long overdue, and necessary, to attract graduates into the profession.
Food banks 'increasing in schools'
29/08/2019 | news | education | 432
Governors report that more schools are setting up food banks to help feed pupils and their families.
Schools set for long-awaited cash injection
23/08/2019 | news | education | 36
Tackling school funding shortages is expected to be the government's next spending pledge.
GCSE pass rate and top grades edge up
21/08/2019 | news | education | 300
The GCSE pass rate and top grades edge up slightly, despite concerns about exam difficulty.
Students set clearing degree place search record
16/08/2019 | news | education | 198
Students snap up record number of university places through clearing a day after the A-level results.
Labour plans to scrap predicted grades system
13/08/2019 | news | education | 597
They are wrong "in the vast majority of cases" and the system is "deeply unfair", the party says.
A-level top grades dip to lowest since 2007
09/08/2019 | news | education | 249
Girls overtake boys with top grades as 300,000 pupils learn results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.