Euro 2020 host cities reveal fan plans
08/04/2021 | sport | football | 248
As the deadline passes for Euro 2020's 12 host cities to reveal their plans for accepting fans, BBC Sport takes a look at each country's position.
just to follow on , remember the all london euro final chelsea v arsenal, pre covid
what a ridiculous venue to have to play in, as both clubs and there adoring fans had find ways to travel to Baku in azerbypass. At the time one of arsenals 1st pick was refused a entry visa into the country cos he was originally a armenian , azerbypasses sworn bordered enemys , you couldnt make it up . lol
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Ok mate
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Good job Armenia didn't qualify then, isn't it?
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but there will be fans....thats what the article says. did you read it?
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It's a shambles. In the midst of a global pandemic, where unnecessary travel has been ruled out & social distancing is paramount to save lives, uefa blindly pushed on with its journey thru Europe euro's. It's an insult to all those who have been restricted in order to save lives. The respectful course of action should have been to either scrap the euro's altogether or change to one host nation.
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Sorry is the men's Euros? Can you please be clear about this because the women's game is so popular now it can get confusing
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BBC can you please separate woman’s football from this page and give it’s own page, its so off putting for people who are not interested in it. If people want to see it they will search for it! Removed
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This page was Euro 2020?
It must be upsetting to read about sports, both men and women, if you are stuck to the sofa like captain sweatpants and a slow 50 minute 10k.