Covid-19 linked to depression and dementia, study suggests
07/04/2021 | news | health | 299
Researchers looked at how likely 600,000 patients were to develop one of 14 common brain conditions.
It's the obese and those with unhealthy lifestyles who get really ill with Covid. Being fat and unfit make you feel depressed anyway. If we had no obese people needing ICU there wouldn't have been a Covid crisis. Removed
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Nope, the people I know with long covid are relatively young and not even overweight
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You are right. I read an article some months ago about a couple in ICU getting married as they thought they might die of Covid - in their thirties and both absolutely enormous. They made choices about allowing themselves to get so fat.
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On average yes but long covid wipes out the healthy too.

Just bear this in mind
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All those people getting old were the real problem. Government did its best by sending them to care homes, but they still cluttered up beds reserved for the obese and those with unhealthy lifestyles.
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So does being virtually under house arrest for over 12 months
Understandable. Everytime I see anti vaxxers murdering innocent people with their abject lies. Its depressing that people are to stupid that they believe them Removed
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Absolute totally insane, simple minded, highly uneducated rubbish. Where do you get you totally fictitious, insane ideas from? Have you ACTUALLY seen the so called anti vaxers go round stabbing or shooting people in the streets or in their homes? If you think you have then you are very sick indeed, like your comment.

I suggest that you STOP reading your children's comics and GROW UP
07/04/2021 10:14:59 17 10
Four years of Trump explains the depression. The rest could be coincidence. Sounds like one of 'those' studies, sample size to small to mean much.
We are 1 or 2 days away from the Astrazeneca vaccine being banned by UK regulators and I'm still waiting for my apology from the BBC moderators who keep banning my posts saying the vaccine long term side effects are unknown. Removed
07/04/2021 11:39:55 1 0
That is because they consider themselves to be perfect, and do not like anything really truthful. They even have the audacity to delete comments about what senior politicians stated in interviews on TV, which again proves they do not like the truth to be exposed.

Instead all they appear to be champion on is producing mainly negative, scaremongering articles. A waste of TV license money.
I dont vote for anyone or anything

"already stopped thousands of people getting the az vaccination"

If you don't vote for anyone or anything - best to shut up?

"AstraZeneca resumes UK trials of COVID-19 vaccine halted by patient illness"

It's normal procedure to stop delivery in the face of problems.