Peacocks stores back in business but only half will reopen
06/04/2021 | news | business | 346
Half the fashion chain's 400 stores will reopen, saving 2,000 jobs, but the rest are left behind.
Have they taken the pea or saved the cock? Removed
Pea, cock and gammon is a traditional British dish. I'm surprised it hasn't been bought out by a notorious high street pub chain.. Removed
06/04/2021 10:29:29 27 13
Too many stores like this, selling mass produced and unethical clothing, made in sweatshops abroad. Hopefully people will start thinking about where the clothes come from, how they are made and how many will just end up on landfill.
Mate, most of the morons who shop in these places, it's just depressing to observe these creatures moping around in stores, consuming, usually leaning on their shopping trolly like it's a damn zimmer frame Removed
Another to wash bent money. Removed
07/04/2021 00:09:10 0 0
This came about as shops ripped everyone off for decades or a century. So landlords, councils, 'taxed' them like a protection racket. Wanting a slice of easy money. Local monopolies effectively all matching prices, high.

A better system came along that saw retail as a big easy cost saving and high street shops and their attitudes and legacy from it of high cost mean they can die off good riddance