Million students 'forgotten' in lack of uni return date
01/04/2021 | news | education | 642
Million students still waiting for a university return date, with calls for it to be April not May.
01/04/2021 13:21:20 8 7
This year might finally makes students see sense and not waste money on Gender Studies of Black Studies Degrees.
As I have said many times on HYS, the younger generation has been sacrificed to keep a bunch of oldies from getting ill and meeting their (oft not greatly untimely) doom. Selfish UCU, aided and abbeted by the bed-wetting so called scientists and weak ministers. Removed
01/04/2021 12:39:24 158 21
As a student, I can say 17 May is after my final exam and coursework submission date. There will literally be no point in returning for many students.

Which means the entire year has been online, devoid of any social life, sharing of ideas, etc. NOT what was signed up to for £9.5k per year.
01/04/2021 14:28:05 5 3
The one unis should donate this years fees to their local councils to help clear up the trash their parties in parks has left
Plus I think the Met Police/govt should return the wages paid to the "constable" convicted of neo-Nazi party affiliation to the public purse or be given to charity Removed
01/04/2021 13:17:37 48 141
Stop wingeing and get a grip on reality.
They’ll be paying for your pension you cretin Removed