Superstars & veterans - IPL returns
08/04/2021 | sport | cricket | 154
Who are the favourites? Which England players are taking part? And who should I look out for? Find out in our 2021 IPL preview.
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You need an apostrophe in "Lets".
Your mum needs an apostrophe. Removed
08/04/2021 14:14:47 7 6
So what . Real cricket is on right now,not that ipl rubbish.
Sad boy. Get a job. Removed
Sad boy. Get a job. Removed
08/04/2021 17:13:48 1 3
Obviously you´ve never watched IPL. Firstly, it´s a different game altogether, and secondly, it´s far more exciting than watching Glamorgan grind out a bore draw with Durham in dank drizzle.
Hoping the Moderator notes this post. Four cricket features on the BBC sport homepage at this moment, two of which are IPL related. None feature the first day of play in this years County Championship. Shame on you BBC! Removed