A few frequent flyers 'dominate air travel'
31/03/2021 | news | science | 780
Those who fly more should be taxed more, and air miles incentives should be banned, campaigners say.
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I'd expect better reporting standards by the BBC. What dates did this study cover? If 2020, this was a very atypical year?

What is the criteria to be in the 15% wealthy population?

Number of flights also do not equal total emissions.

I'm sure the wealthy are over represented, but this article needs better information.
"There are calls for a frequent flyer levy - a tax that increases the more you fly each year."

We already have one in the UK. It's called Air passenger duty. The more you fly, the more you pay.

This is just socialist unwashed jealousy wanting to stop people doing things they cannot do.

Now if the great unwashed really wanted to help, how about those German and Polish coal fired power stations?
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It’s also called dictatorship!! But totally agree with you
This is the problem for the wealthy . Their air space has been invaded by the great unwashed (me included) in the last few decades. Green wave and increased prices should wash these suckers out of the market. Removed
31/03/2021 10:08:07 3 5
Thats life. Always has been, always will be. Get over it, get on with your own life and stop the envy.
Bootlicker Removed
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And thanks to Brexit, Eurostar is at risk.
Its covid you retard ...and french owned hows that for 2 facts that upset your day Removed
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When you can afford the Jet A1 for a Gulfstream an ‘envy’ tax is unlikely to stop you flying?
31/03/2021 10:45:22 3 2
Remove all first class and business class seats. Make all seating a hybrid of economy and business. More people will be able to fit in a plane and those who normally sit at the front will have to mix with us plebbs in the back. That might make them think twice about flying.
31/03/2021 10:41:31 2 1
A frequent flyer tax won't happen.

a) Difficult to administer.
b) The wealthy will just get another passport that doesn't carry the tax.
c) Donations to the conservative party would go down
This country has been Toryfied and the public vote for how things are. Example: American, Centrene Corporation has taken over 30 + of our GP surgeries since Christmas, not even mentioned on the BBC news. Trump and Corbyn were right all along. For goodness sake become aware as to what is going on and why the rich get away with it. Removed
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Is this article really worth a HYS?
could you really see them risking one on racism as a limiting factor on social mobility, sexually motivated crime against women, sexually motivated crime against children by other children, the possible thrombocytopenia link to the AZ vaccine, policing in a pandemic, etc.?

dig in
it's clearly meagre ground
but this is the BBC

racier stuff is availbale on other outlets
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While I've spent a year working 6 or 7 days a week alone in a tiny one-room flat, told not to go anywhere in the same country lest it kill people, and no chance of a summer respite from the grinding gloom unless I want to pay a massive fine. But if you're a rich celebrity, lockdown either doesn't exist or can be bought off with fines which to them are less than a round of drinks. What's the point?