Norwich demolish Huddersfield in rout
06/04/2021 | sport | football | 238
Championship leaders Norwich move within five points of securing automatic promotion as they hammer Huddersfield Town.
As it's a Championship hys, great win for the Dees tonight at Ayr. Removed
07/04/2021 07:57:13 0 0
As you’re on the subject, how about I.C.T. v G.M.
You did to Huddersfield what Villa did to Littlepool Removed
07/04/2021 00:28:28 4 32
Big deal, they put seven past Huddersfield, but we all know how this plays out- two years from today they’ll be leading the Championship once again, and everyone will be saying how they’re now ready for the Premier league this time round...........yawn.......
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Great away place to go to. Wonderful day trip for all ages .Grandest of English cities and very underrated. Character and all.
Football is always a great excuse to go there. Well connected with the rest of the country. True East Anglian gem in the English crown.