Liberty Steel bailout plea turned down
29/03/2021 | news | business | 301
The government refuses a request for £170m to support the struggling metals group.
29/03/2021 10:51:33 7 7
Interesting that the government can bail out a satellite internet company that very people have a use for, and not a steel company producing essential steel for the UK. So much for levelling up and having a practical industrial policy!
29/03/2021 10:34:09 5 3
What does Dave think? He set this whole mess up and by all accounts was doing very nicely thank you very much.

Politicians and their SPADS, with a couple of senior civil servants thrown in for good measure...thought they were on the gravy train to riches...

And to think we used to be worried about paying for Duck Houses. This bunch of spiv tories have robbed the nation blind.
Labour are no better. Until the stupid British public realise that it doesnt matter what rossette they wear these are all the same people then we are powerless. Try asking people to vote for someone or something new. My mum wouldnt vote Labour because of Milibands suit FFKS, then of course 'anything but conservative is a wasted vote as they always get in here!' These people are allowed a vote? Removed