Retail sales stage partial recovery in February
26/03/2021 | news | business | 127
Outdoor furniture and DIY sales were strong, but clothing stores continued to struggle.
HONDA PLANT gets investment of 700 MILLION and thousands of jobs. NOTHING on our so called National BBC. DISGRACEFUL. Removed
27/03/2021 10:29:05 4 1
Do Brexiters need everything spoon fed to you?

Panattoni started in the USA in 1986 & is the world’s largest privately owned industrial developer.
In Europe they're re the largest developer of logistics property having delivered over 100 million sq ft of new build space.
Panattoni is the largest speculative developer in the UK.
27/03/2021 13:35:02 2 0
No mate
Honda plant closing
Land has been bought up by speculative developer, who could sit on it for years
No jobs whatsoever, so far
In fact jobs in automated distribution warehouses are quite few
Less than the high street retail they displace
27/03/2021 13:58:56 3 0

They've closed down the plant and sold it dirt cheap to a property developer!
27/03/2021 09:02:16 5 7
Better tell the OBR that.Predicting a post Covid vaccination/economic recovery of c.12% next two years. EU will be c.6%, excluding the recent impact of the German constitutional court injunction on Merkel signing the EU recovery fund deal. EU kaput more like!
27/03/2021 10:15:42 13 2
How can a German Court block an EU bill? Brexiters told us that the EU & Brussels are supreme & that individual countries must bow to their instructions!

Is this just another of their many, many, many, many lies???

Termed current affairs. Do try reading credible media sources, not twitter feeds
27/03/2021 11:42:17 7 1
I don't read twitter as it's as factual & truthful as a Boris Johnson speech!!??

However, all the principle Brexiters always said that to be in the EU was to be dictated to by Brussels & that we had no control! So is that a lie or is it the truth? If it is truth, then all these EU countries must be acting unlawfully then?

Your answer???
26/03/2021 11:28:14 40 10
BBC reporting the blindingly obvious!

Food and DIY stores are open.

Clothing and non-essential retail closed.

A chimp with a passing interest in economics could have written this!