Is Euros selection getting tougher for Southgate?
25/03/2021 | sport | football | 855
England manager Gareth Southgate selects his Euro 2020 squad in two months - and that selection is not getting any easier.
26/03/2021 08:22:55 62 35
Typical of Sterling takes 6 chances to score one. Lingard needs even more. Awful players.
Sterling's goals to games ratio is worse than Heskey. The latter never complained that criticism of him was because of his race....the former is just a snowflake, completely over rated. Removed
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We keep hearing from so-called “football experts” that we need to make the game more entertaining - well scrap all internationals for a start. Job done! We’re never going to see the drama of Spain 82’, Mexico 86’ or Italia 90’ ever again. The modern game has become far too clinical. Even the match commentators sound bland and scripted. At least bring back those old analogue microphones.
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Why does Jude get a free ride at the squad?
Have a look, suits the establishment Removed
Not sure what to make of protests by Germany and Norway this week. Fine to make a stand, but wearing a t-shirt isn't going to change anyrhing. Qatar don't care, they've got the WC and after it has ended they will carry on as before as CHina did after their olympics. If real change is to happen tournaments need to be awarded on merit and potentially boycotted by those who wear the t-shirt. Removed
No HYS on the pathetic performance of our U21 team. Tactically inept and Boothroyd must be on shaky ground. England blessed with having an easy group for the senior team. Players are bound to get injured, so strength in depth is a good thing. Removed
26/03/2021 13:28:06 1 2
Mount is bang average. Maddison gives more of an X factor. Grealish shouldn’t be in doubt. Dier and Coady shouldn’t be anywhere near our squad.
'bang average'...says Mr below average Removed
Southgate looks as intellegent as the boy in deliverance playing a banjo picking his teeth Removed
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You sound intellegent too.
Dear BBC, you have two HYS's open, both about England. Did none of the other home nations play? Don't they deserve a HYS too: even the last one that was open was about Portugal (well Christiano Ronaldo); the first B in BBC is British, either change your attitude or change your name to the EBC Removed
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No liverpool players in the England squad = success.
And no endless moaning, blaming and abusing other players and plastic flag waving.

Yes, we are well rid of their players and fans

Thank you ??
I suggest letting Euro minnows play women's XIs from the midsized nations, e.g. Andorra v. Netherlands or Bailiwick of Jersey v. Switzerland.

As it is, it's a ridiculous mismatch. As if the Faroes could hope to beat Greece, or Iceland conquer England, especially when drawn away.

(consults stats)

Er, just a minute...
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We all know that John Stones is the Barnsley Beckenbauer but the rest are pure Barcelona.

Mount = Xavi
Foden = Stockport Iniesta
Grealish = Midlands Messi

Are you Barca,
Are you Barca,
Are you Barcelona in disguise ?
Well at least they arent 1.2 billion in debt like 'Barca'. So crooked their board sleeps on a spiral staircase. Coincidence that UEFA are scrapping FFP now their poster club are deep in the mire? Removed
26/03/2021 08:29:48 151 19
Get a grip it was a pub team they played !
Good to see the FA's bosses Man Utd gave them permission not to play Rashford.Another game against part time footballers another Utd player apparently out with an injury lol Removed
Just had a comment removed because I was being ruded about the BBCMU's favorite team Utd lol Removed
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To be frank, scoring only 5 against San Marino is pretty much akin to failure. When Watkins is a bit older he'll keep quiet about scoring against San Marino in case people laugh or ask "doesn't everyone?" .

And you can't tell a thing from individual performances against poor sides. It really doesn't help you understand whether a player should be picked against a Germany or Belgium at all.
He still worked his arse off and got to play for his country scoring on his debut.
He should be extremely proud

Unlike you
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I turned over to Saving Lives at Sea, a dog fell into the sea, was much better telly.
Was it an old sea dog ? Removed
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Only HYS going so....well done Tierry for making a stand, credit to the young lions even tho' it was only SM. Robbie Savage...... who?!!!!
Only HYS due to James Rodriguez Everton! Removed
26/03/2021 22:34:20 3 1
HAHAHAH BBC Trying to make out Southgate has a selection problem. This is the poorest squad England have ever had. If your under 14 you will think its exciting, in the grown up world we are very poor.
fool Removed
The Saturday after this pointless international. The BBC most concerned about 'poor little Dover' going down the pan....but on the same day, happy to TOTALLY ignore all lower league football in England to report on womens football and more pointless internationals (England not even playing today). Pathetic double standards from the anti British BBC Removed
27/03/2021 19:25:31 2 1
Spot on that man
Ban any post going that is even mildly controversial. The BBC, inverted racism at its worst from this once glorious organisation Removed
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If Lingard is such a quality player he will leave Utd in the summer and go and play regular football somewhere else.
The reality is though, he will go back to Utd and sit on the bench for them again next season, because he’s happy messing around with Pogba and going on social media.
Average player, same as Henderson, Wan Bissaka, and McTominay
Awwwww someone need a cuddle from mummy? Removed