Fifth of students 'poorly prepared for university'
25/03/2021 | news | education | 191
Two in five students say they would have made better choices if they had had better advice, Ucas finds.
I'd be looking scared sitting near to those 3.. Removed
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The drive to fill university places with as many (fee-paying) students as possible, regardless of their ability, is responsible for this phenomenon.
Positive discrimination in favour of diverse & PC , intakes from state schools only and the rejection of public-school candidates is also to blame
Many students often, of an ethnic origin, are unable to cope with a degree and will simply drop-out
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As someone who teaches teachers, I can assure you that the pay is not 'too high'. It is below or at best equal to other graduate positions, graduate recruits won't compare their potential salary with those of unskilled or semi-skilled positions. I have lost many aspiring teachers, who would make great science or STEM teachers because they can get more money in retail, finance etc.
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This was true back when I left public school to do a science degree. The gap between school and uni in the basic laboratory skills, techniques and kit was significant. Almost as though the unis and schools didn't talk to each other and only communicated via A level grades. ...
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Pay is too high, it attracts in those after the money instead of the inspiring dedicated teacher not in it for money. The very function of schooling now with the ‘irrelevant' tasks, teaching to tests etc. All part of why schooling as the 'method' is the entire problem in education. For both teachers and children.
Alex Salmond offered job on BBC Alba channel, fuels bbc Children's University row ahead of EU Covid jam scandal. Removed