Awesome England chase 337 to beat India
26/03/2021 | sport | cricket | 1,118
Jonny Bairstow strikes a magnificent century and Ben Stokes a brutal 99 in an emphatic England chase of 337 to beat India in the second ODI in Pune.
My goodness. As an Indian fan i feel like Mia khalifa who just had BDSM WITH 10BBCs.

BBC’s hmmmm????
26/03/2021 16:12:27 17 350
Come on. Are we celebrating slogging these days?
BBC, please remove this retard. Removed
26/03/2021 16:34:33 6 1
I second the motion.
26/03/2021 16:15:58 6 357
It was a match between two below average teams. One of them was bound to win. Let us not get carried away
There is a village somewhere searching for its idiot. Removed
26/03/2021 16:08:51 161 5
A stunning partnership from the two redheads. Some of the most destructible batting we have seen in quite a while! YJB is some player in white ball cricket.
There you go,, now look at all the attention your getting,,shame on your pointless drivel,,cricket fan or halfwit,,,answers on a postcard Removed
Nice of that giggling idiot behind the stumps to shut up for five minutes today as well, that's a sweet win especially against this lot, the most unlikeable side in World cricket including Australia, that's some effort. Removed
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Stop the spiteful comments..enjoy your win. Why do you have to judge others when your lot are caught claiming grounded catches. Or still under the illusion that you are the entitled? On a day of big win, commenting on the lost team speaks volumes about your likeability
26/03/2021 17:06:39 2 5
Always cribbing. You have lost everything on this tour so far. Had all the luck with the tosses and umpiring errors. Yet always whingeing about the pitches.
'Cribbing'-you must be the one for his knob! Removed
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It's a WUM account, ignore it.
Yes and I have reported it to the moderator on a few occasions but they do nothing about it and even remove my posts when I reply to them about being a troll Removed
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Kolhi is a slogger as is Bairstow. It works once in a while. Rarely does it work consistently
"Kohli is a slogger??"...Are you an idiot with 0 cricketing knowledge...butthead Removed
Now, that's more like it. The pompous Indians were given a masterclass in batting! Removed
26/03/2021 16:26:51 0 31
"JB is much more than a slogger and it comes off often enough for him to have a good record."

Not that I am an England fan, but I can tell you that the way your team improves is by having demanding fans -- not fans who celebrate below average players
Idiot. Removed
26/03/2021 16:11:56 11 172
Moeen is useless
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The top 2 teams in one day cricket , do you actually know anything about cricket
26/03/2021 16:56:24 241 9
Petition to ban Kate G F from BBC Cricket HYS
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That's as comfortable a thrashing as you are likely to see in ODI cricket, men versus boys, thought it was hilarious when that bloke ran after Sam Curran like he wanted a fight!! they just can't handle it!! lovely stuff, think we found who was the best side today!!
WHat the.. F*** you on about whoopy cushion
Mate I’ve seen plenty of thrashings and it’s nowhere near like this so chill out

One win so far and your head has inflated as if its going to explode ?? any second.
Good win yes
1-1 though with decider to come
Just think.. if India win on Sunday.. and we read this comment above again
You will look like an absolute lemon
26/03/2021 17:02:20 53 2
I am all for the odd troll comment here and there. Kate G F needs to calm down a bit and stop littering these threads so much with what is pretty tedious and unimaginative commentary. It's just getting in the way of the more interesting posts.
Who is this idiot Kate g f Removed
26/03/2021 16:10:30 9 4
You'd like to think Kohli will say India were completely outplayed by England today.
You sir, are an idiot. Kohli in the post-match presentation gave England and Bairstow and Stokes credit for blowing India out of the water, instead of roasting Krunal Pandya to a spit with a 12.00 economy rate in 6 overs, and Kuldeep Yadav's 8.4 economy rate for a second match in a row! Removed