Jobless crisis shows signs of easing but under-25s hit hard
23/03/2021 | news | business | 1,048
The number of workers on UK company payrolls climbed by 200,000 in the three months to February.
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"Jobless crisis shows signs of easing but under-25s hit hard"

The lefties won't like that!

And as for the under 25s - they will vote Labour no matter what, so...
And a certain type of idiot will always vote tory. Removed
Jobs 'crisis' - BBC
The UK's 'crisis' levels of employment, most of the EU would love to have
Unemployment has been hit, but has been offset by estimated approx. one million EU citizens returning to their home countries. They then can claim unemployment benefit in their own country
Another Brexit plus
We dont have to take the EU youth unemployed and pay their benefits
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EU nationals contributed to the economy but hey why let facts get in the way of xenophobia?
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But the EU youth had far lower levels of unemployment than the general population in this country, and the tax the group generated more than paid for the benefits of the minimal number of people from the EU who were on unemployment benefits.
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I work in the rail sector, engineering and construction, and we are heavily under resourced. We really struggle to get skilled workers, and actively run campaigns to try to fill the huge work bank we have.

Historically we have been able to go overseas (Aus/S. Africa/Europe) to fill the skills shortage, but we can't do that now.

Surely we can marry increased unemployment with resource shortages?
The schools are a major reason for this
The teachers have never been employed in the 'real world' and pass on their lack of knowledge of industry and real world problems onto our kids
NUT's just full of Trots are in world of leftist fantasy and delusion
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Voted up in principle but even the school staff with no such principles need to push for high achievement over practical skill to boost their ratings to retain their OFSTED place and not scare away parents who naturally want the best possiable educational outcome That said with the loss of a easily availability of cheap labour we need schools to send out a whole range of skills & abilities
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NUT hasnt existed for years
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The BBC just can't get that every country is in the same position, talk down the UK, the UK is the worst at everything. Not one rational article from the BBC, they can't even admit that the Vacine rollout is going better than their beloved EU.
The first 'B' in BBC, no longer stands for British
They hate their own country
Jobless is easing??? Yeah alright. Just wait for the cliff edge whenever furlough ends and 4-5m jobs disappear because the companies the people work for are just propping the staff up with money through the scheme.

When will people wake up on this c o r o n a scam.
23/03/2021 10:51:58 0 1
Just like the Brexit 'cliff edge'
Who is being scammed?
Take a look at yourself
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I well tell that To my my old neighbours son who is ,currently in intensive care due to Covid , they will be so heartened to hear it’s a scam and they have nothing to worry about
The schools are a major reason for this
The teachers have never been employed in the 'real world' and pass on their lack of knowledge of industry and real world problems onto our kids
NUT's just full of Trots are in world of leftist fantasy and delusion
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There IS statutory sick pay and a 'living wage' which is now quite close to the 'real living wage' so what you are saying is clearly incorrect. If you want full financial security then take responsibility for yourself and take out an 'income replacement' policy to cover illness and redundancy instead of relying on UC, which is rightly only meant to be a safety net.
what is the real living wage? with no job IDIOT.

if you take out tory insurances why pay VAT, tories have one goal keep the greed for themselves at the expense of the UK.
Job crisis hits East Europeans should be the headline Removed
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Estimates of 1.5m European Origin workers believed to have left U.K. for good across 2020 2021 to date.
These were workers in hospitality and other low paid jobs.
Employers in those sectors will face labour shortages unless they recruit and pay adequately young and over 50s.
Well it please the Racists like Farage. The downside is we are flying in people from Africa. Drain those countries Removed
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pay people equal wage ...white salaries for all races
23/03/2021 11:02:49 1 38
You would fail the interview with your poor command of English.
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The EU workers I know that have gone home are itching to come back once the economoy re-opens fully....
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In a previous HYS on this topic, I drew attention to the poor educational achievements
of countless young people, who are now, not only unemployed but unemployable in today's competitive world
I was a Secondary Teacher for many years and encountered much disruptive behaviour from many pupils, who delighted in ruining lessons and rendering any learning impossible, not only for them but for others
There are jobs for young people. I am sure if they take their media study degrees to MacDonald/Burger King they will be offered a job. Time to stop filling their pockets with Universal Credit, and housing benefit. Removed
My heart absolutely breaks for all the young people who have had their future raped for the benefit of the elderly and sick who won't last the decade anyway. Removed
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I’m sure they’ll make a tik tok video of their plight and all will be well.
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As long as one of those elderly and sick is not one of your nearest and dearest?

Remember what Captain Tom did at the age of 100 or do you have a different cut off point?
Lots of eu citizens have left have they? Oh well. Another brexit benefit. We’ll be paying out less benefits to foreign nationals thus saving the hard pressed uk taxpayer yet more needless expenditure. Now if we could stop the ludicrous idea of paying child benefit to kids living elsewhere in the eu we’d really be getting somewhere. Presumably all the eu nationals have gone home to be vaccinated..? Removed
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Are you a KKK Wizard?
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Most of the benefits paid out in the UK are to the lazy indigenous population that don't want to work as they get sufficient benefits to support their worthless lifestyles. Stop blaming the EU Nationals; they at least worked harder than those born here and can't be bothered to work.

A Bulb grower reported to the BBC that he employed to UK workers who stuck it out for 2 days before quitting
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Foreign nationals do not get benefits. Working foreign nationals did not get benefits.

Instead, they now stopped poaying taxes into the UK coffers.

Well done. We are now all a little bit poorer, but at least you can talk proper english at your EDL rallies.
23/03/2021 12:23:59 7 32
With teachers of your 'calibre' is it any surprise?

Back to your bunker and dont let that foil hat slip.
23/03/2021 14:47:07 0 7
Really? Apparently Party of the Rich have to clean up after "Labours mess"? In the context that meant every time.

Your words or have you just swiped them off the Daily Mail headline?...
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It is easing beaches over 1 million migrant workers left U.K. in 2020 due to Covid and Brexit.
The U.K. Government will have to create min the region of 1 million additional jobs in public sectors and contractors. E.g track and trace.
As Boris says Greed is good and exploitative capitalism can produce work and vaccines.
Boris didn’t say greed is good.
He cracked a joke n retracted it immediately.
Which is fine.
Not really news is it given covid , vaccine war by eu, China human rights. The planet. The economy. The debt. Oh n small matter of lifting lockdown and AZ vaccine 100% effective .....
No no. No. Boris cracked a bad joke.
24/03/2021 09:58:30 2 0
Johnson IS a bad joke.