Coronavirus: How the common cold can boot out Covid
23/03/2021 | news | health | 358
It looks like the viruses that cause colds wins in the battle to infect our cells.
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When some Scientists were saying this, their reputations were besmirched, their voices silenced! Lesson? Never stifle debate, never ignore those who seem like mavericks. They may just turn out to be right!
There's more to come from the Mavericks.The current hysteria of Covid as the 'New Black-death' is going to be kicked into touch. The cure, worse than the diseaser will kill more. Covid Cultists will rush to deny they were ever for the cure. As professional protestors have suddenly discovered anti-lockdowners were right, - freedoms once lost don't just come back. Covid Cult has a lot to answer for Removed
In time the common man will boot the Tories out of office. Removed
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We'll need a new party before that happens, as no one will put in any of the others.
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"Dr Susan Hopkins, from Public Health England, has already warned of a "hard winter" as a result"

I know, just to be really, really safe, why don't we close all clubs and restaurants forever. The clothes shops can go too: we can all wear sackcloth. And who really needs a foreign holiday. Let's put a permanent end to them.

Does Hopkins know the difference between living and just existing?
So no more 'Night Nurse' for me unless she is very nice!

OK OK sexist comment...smack me on the bum.
why has this article "Covid: £5,000 fine for people going on holiday abroad" disappeared from the main page?
Too many negative comments or what?
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Tell that to the families of 126 thousand people who have died from Covid
they really have not nowhere near soldier, gone to hospital for any condition and had a positive result from a pcr test shoved passed their blood brain barrier ,that does not test for sars cov 2, the inventor admits it so. Mr Mullins...THIS IS THE BIGGEST CRIME THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN...wait and see watch the arrests.. Research proceedings from the famous German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Removed