Green plan to upgrade homes was 'botched', say MPs
22/03/2021 | news | science | 348
A scheme offering people up to £10,000 for insulation has only reached 10% of its target, MPs say.
Grenfell Tower fire has all the hallmarks Tory bribes and mates contracts and backhanders wait and see where the money has gone.
500 million REVAMP for Buck Palace I bet that's green energy money gone.
22/03/2021 18:33:22 6 0
Back in 2016, then Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that stately home Wentworth Woodhouse will receive £7.6m to fund its restoration. Fellow Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg welcomed the decision. It is his wife’s ancestral home. And while Rees-Mogg was pleased to see public money going to the largest private manor house in the country, he voted repeatedly for keeping the bedroom tax.