Backlash grows against cut to electric car grants
19/03/2021 | news | business | 3,056
A government decision to reduce subsidies is criticised by the motor industry and UK businesses.
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Good. If you can afford 35k for a car you don't need a subsidy from the taxpayer
And if you talk garbage you should be allowed a computer Removed
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Stop bleating on about your tax money. The Evil Tories blew millions on a Spanish middleman and billions on a failed track and trace system. But Tory supporters don't bleat on about that. The Evil Tories have wasted billions of tax payer's money on projects for their pals and expect everyone to forget about it.
Hello comrade Corbyn where you been hiding. Removed
Why did the BBC not run a story about Patel's police powers bill that outlaws peaceful protest?

Are we already living in a fascist state? Tune in to GB News to find out... how wonderful your Glorious Prime Minister is, and not what's actually going on.
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No more subsidies for EV cars

Strange post you say ‘how wonderful you glorious PM’ so the your means UKs therefore we can all assume you don’t live in UK, why post on a British website rational not your strong point
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Says the person who is enjoying the taxpayer subsidy for their fossil fuel which Duty has been frozen for over a decade. Funny old world, innit.
Yet is still taxed higher than any other consumable product. Sit down and be quiet. I bet you are one of the militant cyclists who delight in jumping red lights in Cambridge every morning, while those of us in the devil's own carriages sit and wait patiently. Idiot. Taxpayer subsidy? I think you will find fuel duty subsidises you. Removed
Yet another article using the headline "backlash" with all it's racially sensitive connotations.
Surely the woker-than-woke BBC can do better than this?
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Backlash - "Racist" ???? "Sensitive" ??? "Connotations" ??? In the context of this article it simply means having an adverse reaction to a government decision. Keep it simple Phil - your life will be a lot less complicated and happier.
All of the rants about broadband speeds in previous postings are missing the point
Once again the Government have promised financial support and then withdrawn it again, exactly as they recently did on FTTP broadband too.
If money is so tight then perhaps they need to start by clawing back some of the billions wasted on unsuitable PPE, or Track & Trace or maybe even charge more for knighthoods
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The money for knighthoods goes into Tory Party funds!
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perhaps they need to start by clawing back some of the billions wasted on unsuitable PPE, or Track & Trace

Ehat has been spent is GONE - so how can you "claw it back"?
Shame there wasn't such a backlash when the gov made it illegal to protest, with 10 year sentences.

This country is becoming authoritarian.
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Latest polls: CON 42%, LAB 33%
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As a selfish idiot I'll abrogate all my responsibilities to future generations

I'll continue voting for those who never invest enough in vital infrastructure

I'll refuse to follow scientific evidence, preferring to spout tosh and nonsense, because I can

The thought of going green disturbs me and must be against my human rights

Why should I care if my actions poison the world? ?????
You'd make a lot of money down the docks when the navy roll in, you'll swallow anything Removed
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With a finite availability of cobalt for batteries, a lack of charging points, a slow recharge time, terrible range if you need heaters and lights, and absolutely NO way to recycle the batteries in the UK, this technology is already dead! Add to that the terrible environmental cost of building the cars and batteries, we would be as well to stay on fossil.
18/03/2021 17:47:47 2 5
Is there any tax relief or change in the law on buying an electric scooter? Or do I still have to dodge the police (whose wages I pay through my taxes) in order to get to work in a cheap environmentally friendly way.
Meanwhile the Scottish Parliamentary Committee concludes Nicola Sturgeon lied to Holyrood. Coverage from BBC News - ZERO. Removed
Does BBC ever report stuff it doesn't agree with, inquiry found first minister did mislead Holyrood, won't find it reported on BBC. Removed
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Ou est Nicole? Et Papa?
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Used Renault Zoes and Leafs are under £5k now. So you're wrong.
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Backlash Another made up story by the BBC. Getting boring reading this relentless criticism of the government. Time to change the record