Space projects scrubbed in UK overseas aid cut
17/03/2021 | news | science | 343
Ten international collaborations using space data to tackle developing-world problems lose funding.
Maybe if we didn't send aid to counties rich enough to have nuclear weapons and a space program (India and China, any more ?) and a country that flout agreements over Hong Kong, practises genocide on its people and has tried to destroy our economy by giving us Covid (still China), than we'd have the money for these projects. Removed
17/03/2021 16:25:43 22 11
Don't send aid to rich countries, and the poor, subjugated people in those countries tend to die - the rich don't even change their lifestyles...
17/03/2021 19:51:46 7 2
Maybe if we did not historically send weaponry to these countries to support morally bankrupt regimes... or go to war in them...... we would not need to send aid to them +20 years.
17/03/2021 21:30:10 2 5
We don’t send aid to either China or India.
17/03/2021 23:16:46 2 2
"has tried to destroy our economy by giving us Covid (still China)"

how ignorant.

...but we have enough £ to increase our nuclear arsenal and to support Saudi bombing Yemen.
17/03/2021 16:21:48 11 15
A crying shame and yet another signal that the Tory Government wants Britain to be seen as a pariah state, on a par with North Korea or Myanmar.

The money can easily be found by chopping HS2 and Trident replacement - one a white elephant, the other a hair trigger weapon system that isn't an "independent" deterrent (the missiles are bought from the USA) and which we daren't ever use.
17/03/2021 16:24:37 96 47
If you want to know where the money went -ask Dodo Harding how she spent the £32Bn on a useless Test and Trace application!

These are the very self same Tories who promised us gazillions of cash if only we left the EU, an extra £325M a week on the NHS and have "stiffed" nurses with a 1% wage rise

Oh -and don't forget the extra nuclear bombs -how useful are they at feeding starving children?
Congratulations on misquoting a Remainer lie. Do you work for the BBC, or is it some other MSM outlet that pays you a salary? If neither, you should definitely send your CV to all of them. If you work for them you're free to kill people at will. As long as you don't sexually harass anyone or have an original thought. (this will definitely get pulled ROFL) Removed
17/03/2021 17:49:32 12 4
Harry are you that young?, over the decades we've sent over donkeys, schools, water taps and host of other things, why can't they stand on their own two feet yet?
Probably because they are to busy sitting on their a**e Removed
17/03/2021 21:53:43 1 2
17/03/2021 22:08:57 2 8
What has that got to do with this story?
All these little Britain stories how many vaccines are your beloved EU going to send to the third world ( and I don’t mean Italy ) The EU can’t even meet their own demand Removed
17/03/2021 17:48:54 12 9
Aid is ment to help the sick,hungry and oppresed,not fund their space program and lavish life styles.
Poor troll is poor troll. Go back to watching the footy mate. Sure there's a two week old kabab you can go drool over. Take your crappy little flag with you. Removed
18/03/2021 08:27:39 2 5
You hate Britain, don't you...?

The Hard Left all do and can't wait to bring about its collapse.
17/03/2021 16:14:31 22 17
The research is funded and done. If the countries want the delivery they can fund it.
The delivery should save them money.
For too long countries have been happy just to take.
Please do try and read the article. Not just the bit that triggered your "forrners! money! scum!" reaction. Removed
17/03/2021 17:42:47 27 74
This325 million againNO ONE said it WOULD go to the NHS.
Yes they did muppet, it was on the side of a big red bus, try learning to read Removed