Government sets out £1bn plan to cut industrial carbon emissions
17/03/2021 | news | business | 289
The government wants firms to waste less energy and develop low-carbon technologies.
17/03/2021 10:42:27 35 12
Do you hear that everyone? That's the sound of another empty promise.

We'll do what we in the UK always do - hide the problem by outsourcing our manufacturing to another country, then complain about THEIR carbon footprint and how the UK doesn't have a manufacturing industry anymore.
17/03/2021 13:38:13 11 4
Only non-scientists and shills argue with the peer reviewed, overwhelming scientific evidence about human influence on global warming. This website is great at defeating every "argument" these industry lackeys, or trolls, produce:

I don't accept deniers are merely voicing an opinion. Opinions should be based on verifiable substance. They have none!

Without fail, the uneducated quote a website designed by a cartoonist as a source of "fact" The same website that claims that the wind always blows strong enough to always power Wind Farms??.

But lets take it a little step at a time;

Q) How many 10MW Wind turbines do you need to provide a continuous 10MW of power?
17/03/2021 14:52:25 2 1
"the uneducated quote a website designed by a cartoonist as a source of "fact""

I sense with a post grad in physics he has a better grasp of the science than you Grumpy. The cited link is to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

If you think they got their figures wrong feel free to set out where... ??
Didn't Gordon brown lead the way to level up EU gold reserves .
We lead the way . Rworld say sod that that make use scint
Dominic Raab is so correct !

All right-minded tories will sign and share this petition -

Do not restrict our rights to peaceful protest.
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The biggest threat to the UK is not climate change but those who believe in the doomsday cult of carbon zero -- there have been 50 years of failed climate change predictions. If a so called climate scientist told the truth -- no funding and no job. Harrabin with his English degree is a zealot as Boris and Carrie etc -- the money wasted on going carbon zero will do nothing for the planet.