Covid-19 nearly disabled NHS says hospital boss
18/03/2021 | news | health | 729
The outgoing chief executive of a London trust warns the health service needs more capacity to avoid crisis.
18/03/2021 13:28:38 21 16
No. Covid is a virus, it didn't disable anything.

The lockdowns and decisions to close down vital services are what nearly disabled NHS. Cancelling cancer treatments is tantamount to medical negligence but hey, covid eh?

If a health service the size of the NHS can't deal with more than one illness at a time then its clearly not fit for purpose
tantamount to murder in some cases Removed
18/03/2021 13:33:03 186 72
Billions have been spent on the NHS and every time they come back for more. Time for a total re-examination of the structure that rewards underachieving managers and fails to reward front line staff. Also time to invest in domestic pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing capacity, likewise PPE and hospital equipment to ensure that we are self sufficient in the future.
It doesn`t matter one jot how much you give the Nhs, it will always do an Oliver and keep on asking for more. The organisation is top heavy with managers and full of Spanish practices. It is wrongly held in my opinion in such high esteem in this country that there is no way it will be every be made to run efficiently. Powerful unions and the Labour party will make sure that never happens. Removed
18/03/2021 13:50:14 34 8
" Powerful unions and the Labour party"

Are you living in the 1970s? Unions have virtually no power and the current Labour Party are a busted flush!
18/03/2021 14:19:01 20 2
NHS is underfunded in comparison to most advanced economies in Europe. The Tories cut NHS spending from 7.6% of GDP down to 7.1% and dumped unfunded social care costs in the millions onto it.

USA pays 18% of GDP into its private system, 12% of that is Government subsidy (so Americans pay taxes & private insurance for a health service). Once your treatment eats up your cover = bankruptcy!
18/03/2021 14:19:54 9 24
Totally agree with you. NHS experience is mostly mediocre at best. Time for a total re-think.
18/03/2021 14:24:33 4 1
Spanish practices? Surely you mean English practices?
18/03/2021 14:31:12 12 3
You have to laugh at this nonsense! Powerful unions, and the labour party with any influence?
The right minded cannot bear the fact that the NHS is beloved in the UK and they aren't allowed to dismantle it so they can sell it off bit by bit so they can make money - the British people will make sure that this "efficiency" seeking (code for privatisation) never happens!
18/03/2021 14:36:21 7 2
Which UNIONS would those be? The BMA, The FTA, The NFU, The Royal College of Physicians, The Law Society,etc.etc.. Two of those are CLOSED SHOPS as well.
So I suggest you start again, if you have the cognitive skills, and state EXACTLY what your mean rathere than repeating dogma ad infinitum!!!
18/03/2021 15:01:34 4 0
Most of the inefficiency is due to changes brought in to prepare it for privatisation, the switch to a private health insurance system. Ungainly and over-expensive ways of running things. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness were sacrificed to dogmatic belief in an ideology, and not one subscribed to by Labour Party centrists, trade unionists or 'the left'.
18/03/2021 15:18:23 3 0
increase in population will always drain resources. The reality is that if we want a health service and new treatments we need to pay for all who need it.
Unions will ensure that staff are treated fairly and it should be illegal for any place of work to stop people from joining one.
18/03/2021 15:22:06 5 2
Unions and labour party have had no influence on NHS for 10 years, and you say problems are all their fault. Interesting analysis there.
18/03/2021 15:42:03 3 0
Whilst underfunding by Tory Governments can only guarantee success.
18/03/2021 17:29:30 2 0
You don't seem to be believed. Any clue about that ?
18/03/2021 19:36:54 0 2
Spot on.
18/03/2021 13:28:29 64 21
"Covid-19 nearly disabled NHS says hospital boss"

"Nearly" i.e. didn't

Just to put this in perspective, we have just faced a civilian health crisis worse than that during the second world war, and yet the NHS coped
The Tory Bots can't help but make silly comments. Removed
18/03/2021 16:55:45 1 2
Germany France and Italy (of course) messed it up an have elections soon- big smokescreen to net get blamed for delay that's it - they go over corpses for their own gain !!!
18/03/2021 15:57:20 1 5
We should be spending money on defence, not wasting it on malingerers!!!
Awwww poor sausage did he actual have to do some work and not sit on his are arse collecting double pay on a Sunday!!!

Trust me I know.
18/03/2021 15:32:26 1 4
The NHS will never have enough. It is a money pit which expands to consume everything that is handed to it in the knowledge that it can always ask for more.
18/03/2021 15:16:13 2 1
So saving the NHS has nothing to do with the virus, it really had to do with years of mismanagement. Glad we crashed the economy for that. Time for a huge overhaul of NHS, including things such as user fees etc. It is used as if it has unlimited funds and should be available at a moments notice. So some serious behavioural changes required as well.
18/03/2021 15:04:31 3 0
Back in 2015, the Cameron government asked the NHS how much more money it needed. Si Simon Stephens came back with a figure of about £8 bn and the money was provided.
So where did it go ?
I am in favour of a clear ‘NHS Tax’ separate from income tax, to be spent solely on the NHS. Maybe when we realise that the NHS is not ‘free’ we might start asking more perceptive questions.
19/03/2021 08:08:00 0 4
the "free at the point of delivery" model only works if the vast majority act responsible.
money wasted on missed appointments, money wasted on continually treating those causing their own health problems, and not willing to change behaviour. Health tourism where "free" treatment is given to those that have not paid a penny in.
the NHS has become a sacred cow, that you must not suggest reform of