P&O Cruises says travellers will need vaccinations
17/03/2021 | news | business | 440
Customers will have to prove they have had two coronavirus jabs to get on the company's cruises.
17/03/2021 10:41:57 19 3
It is inevitable that "vaccine passports" will be introduced sooner or later.

Is this the start of Identity Cards?
oh god here we go, tell us all about the Nazi's as though it's something we dont know

Wow do you get the chance to pick up some real live imigrants crossing the channel, now that would be interesting Removed
17/03/2021 11:31:05 44 6
P&O Cruises says travellers will need vaccinations...If thats what it takes to get a holiday then so be it. I am a farmer and raise pedigree Aberdeen Angus Beef. The cruise companies have been huge customers of mine including P&O and I cant wait to get back to providing my world class beef to them.
You don’t say whether your going to take that cruising holiday, I expect not as you’ll be looking after the farm, but I get the sense that you don’t care what happens to those passengers maybe even the Black Death as long as they keep consuming your Aberdeen Angus Beef, so it’s profit before people’s welfare then ??? Removed
17/03/2021 13:14:39 6 1
You're absolutely right, this farmer should stop selling beef and do what? I hope you enjoyed your insightful comment.
17/03/2021 10:26:03 29 25
Good, let’s hope all travel will do the same. Then shops, Pubs, leisure centres and so on.
The only exception on medical grounds. Nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17/03/2021 10:48:13 144 46
Vaccinated only and so it should be! All these anti-Vaxers moaning about ‘rights’ just like the ‘exemption’ crowds not wearing masks. If you choose to be selfish while everyone else makes sure we look after ourselves and each other then you can stay at home and everyone will be better for it.
Another ignorant idiot who needs to educate himself on the so-called 'exemption crowds'. Get over yourself. Maybe you should be the one who stays at home. That's what I'd do if I was so paranoid about catching covid and reliant on others. Removed