Is Europe's AstraZeneca jab decision-making flawed?
15/03/2021 | news | health | 4
Some nations are suspending use of the vaccine, but move may do more harm than good by costing lives.
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The worry is not just about Europe, all the bad press about AZ means poorer countries will not want to buy it yet it is the cheapest. This means they might buy less doses from a more expensive company.
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Considering uk incidence for dvt is 1 per 1000 in a year, which probably similar across eu, then out of 17 million vaccinated, you'd expect 17,000 of that group to develop a dvt. Kind of difficult to link the really low 37 dvt episodes to vaccine. How many develop clots with covid? Lots. Some politicking goin on to divert attention for low stocks?
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This British vaccine was rubbish right from the very onset. It’s never stood up to the others, in particular the fabulous Sputnik that we are denied access to here.
Unfortunately no amount of propaganda is going to make this vaccine any better than it already isn’t!