Magicians' tactics found in politics and marketing
11/03/2021 | news | education | 165
Magicians use "powerful tools" of psychology to manipulate people's behaviour, say researchers.
The ultimate parasites - 'royals' excepted. Removed
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These type of tactics are used by the media too, including the bbc
What sleight of hand landed Amol Rajan the Today gig? Removed
Playing cards must be banned. Spades are racist like some Royals. Removed
War Propaganda Psyops Slavery Racism Terrorism straight to the peoples head the KKK will protect the old ways of the nation and it's colonies and will fight against communism integration mongrelism Removed
Pure White is the biggest Con of hue man kind Removed
No magician or politician, Prince Harry has woken to the price of sham-democracy, ALL being made accessories, witting-or-not, to our entrapment by fear, and so our universal corruption. Census Day will find many, even of British-birth, debating our 'identification': Cornish or Highland, European or Californian, Human or Doomed? Our world needs the conscience of all. If not now, WHEN to speak-up? Removed
By Harry and Meghan a mirror is held-up to ourselves. From the institution of monarchy - constitutionally supposed 'safely apart from politics' - to the horror of politicians on all sides the revelation as come again of high-and-low our entrapment by insecurity and by fear, our universal institutionalised corruption, dictated 'by Money' through nightmarish income-inequality. Removed