CL reforms 'devastating' for English football
10/03/2021 | sport | football | 1,323
Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish says the proposed Champions League reforms would have "a devastating effect" on English football.
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If the UK does not like the Champions League any longer then the UK can always leave the competition and play with itself.
shut up you nonce Removed
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It has nothing to do with making the CL a better tournament, it is all about more games = more money. More meaningless games.
spot on mate, an how are the top Prem clubs supposed to fit another 4 matches into their schedules BEFORE XMAS??

FIFA, UEFA (IOC too) Money grabbing, corrupt, arrogant b*st*rds
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Since it moved to BT Sport only, I haven't watched a single Champions League match.

That is the future, more and more fans will get less and less opportunities to watch matches.

And when the World Cup becomes subscription only then football will start to wither on the vine.
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Since it moved to sky I haven’t watched PL
Sadly this has been on the cards for some years now, forget current form and position, entry based on historical data - let's rename it the "make the rich clubs richer and **** the rest cup" - IT STINKS
Once you close off the CURRENT elite from the rest of the football pyramid you will ultimately strangle the professional game.

So commit suicide if you wish.
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aaah ... nostalgia ehh ... like your last home win ...
Are you a MORON...... The las three seasons every Premier League team that came to Anfield put 10 men on there own 18yd box and hoped for a quick counter attack...European Football is two teams trying to win. Removed
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I'm waiting for the Eufaexit comments...
Then you're a moron aren't you. Removed
Well done to Brazil for renaming the Maracana to after Pele (short version).

Saw a local derby at the old stadium in 2005. Totally sketchy getting to the ground.

And thankfully the new naming wasn't arranged prior to the 2014 WC - the infamy.
Cheaty fans are a bit of an anomaly really. There are very few of them and most of them live near their new ground. You'd expect most of them to identify as 'working class'. But they support a murderous regime that, amongst other atrocities, murdered a journo with a bonesaw in one of their embassies last year. You'd think that the locals would be horrified by these things but they don't care! Removed
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Eat that Liverpool haters.
Calm down, calm down............. revenge is a meal best eaten cold - klip klop the one trick pony. Removed
It won’t be devastating for Liverpool fc man
The only devastation will be when Liverpool take the gold brother.
Call it what you want man
You can call it the new world order of professional soccer brother
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Hi I don't suppose we could have translated into English please ?
It won't matter for everton as The Blue Cone Loving Red Cone Swapping Ev Lot are still banned from participating in European's Elite Competition.

The everton bitters do have their FA Cup Win in 1995 to keep them warm. That's the only cup since the late 1980's for the club who go round building pretend stadiums.
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It stopped being the champions league when teams that had not won their league were allowed to enter, it all about money now days, every little helps.
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UEFA have asked me (and league representatives from other UEFA member countries) to prepare an analysis of current ‘big’ teams based logically on the last 25 years of competition. My report as follows :

Big : Utd 11, Chelsea 5, City 4, Arsenal 3
Small : Leicester 1
Tiny : Liverpool *

n.b. although LFC will also receive a ‘cheat’ penalty (no pun intended), they anyway fail to make the cut