Holidays: UK domestic cruises 'could restart in May'
09/03/2021 | news | business | 183
Cruise lines will be able to restart domestic trips as early as 17 May, according to the maritime minister.
HYS about cruises, cat food pouches and home mom's but nothing on the main story BBC? Really? What exactly are you afraid of - worried Piers Morgan will get his barmy army to storm HYS?
No, of course not. You are happy to refer to 'allegations' as 'revelations' and act as if her story adds up. Wonder how much coverage you'll give to the court proceedings around her staff bullying 'revelations'?
Not as simple as black and white... or is it. Removed
Whilst musing about cruising, I found the bit of gloating from Amol Rajan about Piers Morgans vilification informative.
Is it Rajans opinion or BBC policy that we are in a culture war and a period of heightened tensions?
Is that why debate is so overtly stifled?