'Tests dead if England rotate in Ashes'
10/03/2021 | sport | cricket | 797
Michael Vaughan says "Test cricket is dead" if England rest and rotate players during this winter's Ashes series against Australia.
10/03/2021 13:12:26 11 10
MJ Vaughan is trying to be the new Boycott, the Piers Morgan of cricket. An outraged, attention-seeking opinion every week. We’re only really rotating bowlers, which makes sense given injury prone Archer & Stones, Broad & Jimmy getting on. Aussies rotated bowlers to go effect in the last Ashes.
Shut the fk up. Removed
Who asks this idiot in the first place, please stop. Removed
11/03/2021 12:03:05 2 5
As usual and like his fellow illustrious Yorkshireman, Vaughan speaks the truth and is to the point, unlike most of the "ex players" who haunt the media these days with their "expert!" opinions, who only care about towing the party line, being PC and keeping their jobs!
He is SPOT ON.