National Trust maps out climate threats to historic places
05/03/2021 | news | science | 268
The map will help to plan interventions such as tree planting and peat bog restoration.
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Alarmist is any one from XR,Greta,Bruce to others who use the rpc8.5 as a probable forecast. And that includes the 2000+ papers, tip of iceberg, that the IPCC rebuked the other year. Those 2000+ papers were supported & peer reviewed by more than 2000 scientists!

Now that is a big worry.
At a guess you to have published your own work that is founded on other peer review articles.
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But severally dumbed down like ocean albedo. As it is too difficult & time consuming to model with the current super computers.

Do you think that the albedo is the same across all oceans & seas. Its easy to visualise than water vapour hence the swap.

Different groups around the world use different single values. Yet research indicates that the impact of over simplifying is measurable on the CMs
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But there is an over dramatization of events that is at odds with facts. Depending on where you start from hurricanes have increased, yet a longer record so a slight decrease.

Damage by hurricanes is more costly if you just compare it to inflation but then when compared to GDP its about the same.

Not as straight forward as you suggest.
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And still have a long way to go. Or do you think that research is still not going on.

An interesting aspect is how wind, waves & albedo interact. CMs massively oversimplify as it would need too much extra computer resources. Its not as if albedo has any bearing on the climate? or the wind speed or the near surface water vapour.

Or you think its ok to ignore major factors?
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Well said . They don’t get geologic epochal change versus anthropogenic forced change. That’s because they don’t see Earth as a system and hence have no respect for it.. the weather ‘happens’. They also don’t understand that sudden dramatic flips can occur by events that precipitate that because they’re locked in human observational time.
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"The chalk cliffs at Birling Gap are eroding" is not entirely due to climate change. Man-made infrastructure projects just along the coast have affected the tidal currents. By preventing the shingle build-up at the base of the cliffs, the wave energy now erodes directly at the base of the cliffs instead of being dispersed on the beach.
It's still a man-made problem.
The woke National Trust appears to be run by idiots who have no idea that climate is cyclical and has never been driven by atmospheric CO2 levels. The data is out there but they prefer to lap up the scaremongering pseudoscience of the green industry racketeers. Removed
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There is not a single climatologist that would agree with you. The climate change we are experiencing is caused by Anthropogenic sources and that is an established fact just as much as Evolution and the Earth being spherical is.

You can't deny facts just because they contradict your pre-determined and erroneous political ideology.
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Climate change is all the fault of the neanderthals! mostly from the greenie shires and of course the woke environmentalists !!
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"Less than 1 meter sealevel rise over 80 years with the current pledges is not the end of the world. Well unless you are really short"

It's not the high tides, it's the storm surges. Typical coastal plains have a 1 in 100 slope. Raise sea level by 1 metre and an average storm surge reaches 100 metres further inland.
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Obviously I was referring to rain.
But then I suppose simple things still have to be spelt out??
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Grumpy is a right wing troll probably a bot or Russian oligarch or even Donald Trump! Imagine that and you realise why he/she is such a cunning stunt.