US suspends tariffs on single malt Scotch whisky
04/03/2021 | news | business | 1,818
Tariffs on UK cheese and cashmere will also be lifted as the countries try to resolve an old trade row.
I wonder how Nicola and the SNP will spin this one. Congratulations Liz Truss. Removed
04/03/2021 15:08:51 58 157
Oh Ron give it a rest.
04/03/2021 15:09:43 10 51
All the DUTY is collected in ENGERLAND

As that is the port from where it was exported

SO the english have just lost tax money as SCOTLAND doesn't see a penny


What you gonna do for tap watrer after we leave?

90% of freahwater is SCOT:ANDs
04/03/2021 15:54:09 2 0
Id imagine she'll congratulate the Tories - anything to distract from her current situation.
04/03/2021 16:07:03 0 2
Bwa hahahahaha, yeah, thanks, Liz Truss
04/03/2021 16:12:20 1 0
Liz Truss, possibly the greatest Trade Secretary since... since..... well since..... when?
Ah yes, never.
04/03/2021 16:24:12 0 0
NIcola is too busy hoping that the 'law' regarding her isn't like the law regarding anyone else where 'ignorance is no defence' - listening to her yesterday, 'ignorance' was her only defence!!!
04/03/2021 16:37:21 0 0
Oh she will spin it in that it was her that got it done and not the UK government
Cheers Joe, glad the organge idiot is not president anymore, sorry we sent a moaner who wants privacy so bad that she has to go on Oprah to have a moan just because shes jealous that her Brother in Laws wife is more popular here than she is Removed
04/03/2021 15:14:17 48 4
You sound unhinged and cult like
Like English nationalists you mean? Removed
04/03/2021 15:17:52 14 0
Wondered how long it would be before Eeyore would pipe up.
04/03/2021 15:21:56 14 11
Truss's staff are busy posting on this one. Is she sitting in front of a Union Jack smoking a cigar?
04/03/2021 15:22:30 28 15
Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving!
04/03/2021 15:42:18 10 4
Great news for the Scottish Whiskey industry! No doubt the blue face painters will complain that it’s not been extended to include Buckie.
The ones I feel sorry for are all those Brexiteer friends of the PM who were short selling the pound as it was going to crash when we left. Removed
04/03/2021 16:01:57 11 3
Why do you think they were Brexiteer's ?

The Brexiteers probably did the opposite and bet on the uptick - thus making lots of money and at the same time celebrating the brilliant success of Brexit.

Pound up against Dollar and Euro.
House prices up
FTSE up.

Out of the ECJ
Out of the CAP
Out of the CFP
Out of the CM
Out of the FoM

Out of the unelected EUSSR junta.

Yipeeeee - everyone's a winner
04/03/2021 16:24:25 0 0
Ah yes; another Remoaner fantasy.
04/03/2021 16:09:05 22 6
The EU protectionist racket is exposed once more.

I wonder why wee Nicola wants to lead her people into this insular, inward-looking organisation. Perhaps she won’t for much longer if she gets locked up for telling fibs.
If you understood what you were saying you wouldn't say it. Removed
04/03/2021 16:53:48 1 1
IF you understood what he was saying you wouldn't make such a fool of yourself on HYS.
04/03/2021 16:06:30 10 4
Thank God for Brexit. If you don’t like Brexit then move to the EU. If you don’t like democracy then move to North Korea. I’ve heard the food is great in North Korea (if you can find any).
And if you don't like foreigners move to Little England? Removed
04/03/2021 15:35:51 71 40
Another benefit of brexit after the vaccine success and increase in pound value

Brexit- 2 Remain -0

But it's very hard for remainers to digest
More like Brexit 1.5 Remain 100s of thousands, I'm sure it will level out , but our children have lost a lot of their Birthrights and because of that I can never forgive the traitors who promoted leave. Removed
04/03/2021 15:21:32 40 4
Well done Biden.
Congratulations on the bombing as well. Rebranding child cages as detention centres was pretty fly too. Good old uncle Joe! America is back - who will they bomb next? Removed
04/03/2021 15:16:20 60 192
Yeah, flood the UK with cheap, unchlorinated chicken. That'll help British farmers.
As for the Brexiteers favorite Vaccine boast, well any member of the EU could have got the vaccine approved unilaterally under EU law! They didn't because just like the ventilators they thought it would be better to do it as a group (which we lost out on! but you forget that) How do i know this:-

The UK's own medicines regulator, the MHRA, confirmed this in a statement last month. (Nov 2020) LOL
04/03/2021 16:47:21 3 1
I see the EU is breaking internation law and legally binding contracts AGAIN, They have blocked the export from Italy of 250,000 AZ vaccine doses to australian in an act of facist extremism.
04/03/2021 16:49:46 0 3
Absolutely right. Even if in EU, UK could have opted out of the procurement scheme &/or could have placed orders in their own right. Several EU members did exactly that. And the vaccines were approved under EU law.
04/03/2021 16:48:09 2 0
04/03/2021 16:52:32 2 0
Then why is the EU Condemning the nations for seeking vaccines on their own and threatening to fine them.
04/03/2021 16:39:28 3 3
You hope....another ex remain UK hater.
This should be a warning about independence to Scottish drunkards. Independence will mean tariffs and higher prices for your national drink - Buckfast Tonic Wine. Removed
04/03/2021 16:49:39 0 1
As usual a lot of anti Sturgeon bile......... yet that cow Patel keeps her job?

How much to pay off the guys that resigned?

Tory fools.
04/03/2021 16:34:28 1 4
ROFL very good, but unless you put a smiley ;-) No one will realise you are taking the p*ss out of the left wing & woke. Many a remoaner would actually believe you were serious and agree with you!
It seriously, the tories are in government and many feel they can no longer speak their mind.

The right wing media are huge in the uk and dominant. The tories have key people at the bbc and will continue to install their people.

Unis are about to get the thought police.

All happening whilst tories are in power.

A bit like the huge increase in immigrants under Tory rule
04/03/2021 23:08:06 1 0
Blinkered, fact free, socialist nonsense.
04/03/2021 17:03:21 7 2
Think i'll buy myself a can of Irn Bru and celebrate to the Scots for this small win.
04/03/2021 15:19:47 51 102
Err, the UK dropped its tariffs first i.e. it caved in first because it is the weaker party.
04/03/2021 15:12:21 108 296
It's better to be inside the world's largest trading bloc than on the outside moaning that you're being 'bullied'.
04/03/2021 16:40:03 6 2
ROFL at least we told them we were doing it, imagine being the Irish PM and being asked by the MSM 'Do you know that the EU has just put up a hard border between you and Ireland and has trashed the NI Protocol for nothing to do with the UK or the US, who they also slandered, but because they got in a strop with a multi-national Pharma company?'
Always the victim. Little ol blight eh. Removed
04/03/2021 16:23:30 4 1
Nice story
This is about a dispute between aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

So who is buying their aircraft at present? It seems both sides were punishing other industries to protect an industry that it isn't manufacturing or selling its product.
04/03/2021 17:35:40 1 0
As is often the case with the airline industry when you find you cant believe something is happening - Ryanair
04/03/2021 17:38:43 0 1
Careful Jimmy, that looked pretty close to a coherent non-troll post old bean. I’m sure you’ll be back in toe-poke territory soon enough.
04/03/2021 17:09:34 3 13
Scottish lives saved. So there was a downside to Englishmen voting for Brexit...
Did your wife run off with a Scotsman or something? All I see from you is bitter, anti-scots racism from you. And your choice of username, I must admit it's very entertaining. Can't blame your wife for wanting a real man, Never mind, there are still plenty of fish in the sea! Toodle-Pip! haha! Removed
04/03/2021 17:20:07 4 2
You give them too much credit!
Well, at least you can spell 'too'. Makes a nice change, you being Brexity & all. Removed
HOW callous of an organisation to wilfully deny life saving drugs to others. EU true colours showing. China pulling its strings again to spite Aussies. Removed
04/03/2021 17:51:08 1 8
You mean like the UK did with the AZ supplies the EU had already paid for?
Haven’t heard anything positive regarding this from the First Minister, that’s right she’s too busy recovering from spending all day yesterday blinking. Removed
04/03/2021 17:59:56 18 2
And telling stories.
04/03/2021 18:43:52 4 0
Bit a farting as well I heard
05/03/2021 07:39:43 1 0
and subconsciously pushing the truth down with both her hands as she 'answered' Qs, either that or practising her CPR.

Must be exhausted.
04/03/2021 17:53:10 5 2
"held captive"... urgh, another soundbite. How inaccurate and wrong can you prove be?

There is not a single benefit to Brexit that I have seen or yet to see that is in the realm of reality.

The event in the article is not related to Brexit as I explained in my previous comment. It was going to happen anyway due to the US wanting to reduce trade barriers set up by Biden's predecessors.
04/03/2021 18:10:15 1 9
But you can’t prove that!

So you are telling stories aren’t you!
Annie give it up Salmond is only the start there are many things to come and those on Murrell alone will have you in adult nappies Removed
04/03/2021 17:46:31 0 1
You do realise the minimum price applies to retail in Scotland, right?
04/03/2021 19:02:21 2 11
Loyalists are now threatening the peace in Ireland.

Borders in Ireland = no US trade deal

Both the UK and US claim a trade surplus on the same trade under WTO classifications

If the US is right BREXIT will be an even bigger disaster
As usual the EU wants its cake and eat it

Signed late contracts for vaccines based on best efforts delivery - now blocking vaccine export to Australia.

Squealing about the illegality of U.K. extension of grace periods under the NI protocol whilst brazenly breaking international law for finance regulatory equivalence.

The EU is based on bullying.
04/03/2021 20:13:50 0 5
There has been a fair few comments suggested brexit is responsible for the successful UK vaccine roll out.
No EU country had to sign up to EU scheme, the uk as part of the eu would not of needed to either.
So how about some facts showing how brexit is responsible for successful role out?
04/03/2021 20:46:25 7 2
I guess Biden is turning out to be a big disappointment for frustrated liberals the world over.

He's long past retirement anyway.
Not at all, he's doing quite well. He's got the EU to join him imposing sanctions on Russia and he may well do the same on China. He's getting America back on Planet Earth to boot.

Trumptie may not be past retirement age but Biden doesn't have the mental age of a five-year-old.
Just because the USA thinks there are only Democrats or Republicans in this world it doesn't mean you have to be a Trump supporter to recognise what an idiot Biden is. Removed
High five to all the unselfish visionaries out there! and down vote if you love the Uk ?? Removed
Not at all, he's doing quite well. He's got the EU to join him imposing sanctions on Russia and he may well do the same on China. He's getting America back on Planet Earth to boot.

Trumptie may not be past retirement age but Biden doesn't have the mental age of a five-year-old.
Just because the USA thinks there are only Democrats or Republicans in this world it doesn't mean you have to be a Trump supporter to recognise what an idiot Biden is. Removed
Oops. I forgot. On the BBC you can call Boris an idiot thousands of times a day, but not Biden.

Biden is God.
We could congratulate Boris for such a fine job, improving trade relations with the USA, or we could call him "Bozo the liar" two thousand times a day. But if we called Biden "an idiot" once our comment would be removed. Removed
04/03/2021 21:41:52 6 1
Quite a few liars being uncovered recently.....
04/03/2021 21:50:12 6 0
Difficult tonight to get the comments up. Anyway, despite the British Biden Broadcasting Corporation we might at least say that it's good news for Scottish whisky producers and that even though whisky is not by any means healthy, hopefully this will help the Scottish economy.
Problems getting it up? Surely that's a private matter ?? Removed
while the tory pay nhs staff with a 1% pay rise !!

well done; keep clapping !!
04/03/2021 22:05:17 3 0
They are only doing their job. A good job but it's what they're paid for. I haven't had a pay rise above 1%for 5 years but I don't whinge about it
I would not be surprised if Joanna Cherry votes for anyone but SNP. Removed
04/03/2021 23:15:19 5 3
Give me an inch and I'll take a mile. Joe Biden is a rich bourgeois chardonnay liberal so far away from the daily lives of ordinary Americans that they've probably already forgotten who the hell he is.
04/03/2021 23:52:57 8 8
Fishing industry on its knees and nurses getting 1%

BREXIT promised to help both but has already completely failed

Where is the £350m
Where is the fishing deal
Why are you still supporting a policy that is just lies
Whilst Scotch Whisky is undoubtedly one of our higher quality products, the dim far right Brexiteers should be reminded that a US trade deal would be worth only 0.16% of GDP over 15 years. That will come nowhere near making up for the loss of Brexit. Sorry to rain on your parade. Removed
05/03/2021 02:02:21 4 0
And in the real world, whisky is a secondary concern here. UK exports of machinery (also covered by this deal, and also a high quality product) to the US are worth nearly 30 times as much as whisky exports (21 billion versus 750 million).
05/03/2021 02:43:10 10 10
You the majority,( just 52% ). Wanted Brexit, now suffer with your consequences of it. You have ruined the UK for decades.
Go to sleep ?? you lost ?? Removed
Leavers say this wouldn't have happened without Brexit.

Well neither would the loss of 346k jobs and a £222bn reduction in the economy. Alas, Little Englanders will still drink to that.
05/03/2021 08:53:50 7 1
Oh dear... Strawcat
“Every silver lining has a cloud” .... in your sad world at least.
05/03/2021 08:05:38 2 10
Read the article : little or nothing o do with Brexit.

It also undoubtedly helps a lot that the odious Trump has gone.
Sshh, don't expect Brexiteers to read the article. If they did they'd accuse the BBC of being biased. They just start with their conclusions and try and find circumstantial, anecdotal scraps of information to twist into it. Removed
05/03/2021 08:51:57 1 0
Pot, meet kettle.
05/03/2021 07:39:31 3 5
More likely NIexit, from the UK.
05/03/2021 08:50:02 0 2
That’s a fair point but the truth is a little more complex.
Yes Germany and France lent Greece money to pay back French and German banks but on much improved terms.
Who’s to blame? The borrower or the lender?
The Euro, Greece has no control over interest rates and it couldn't devalue its currency. The corrupt Greek government who cooked the books with the help of Goldman Sachs. The EU for not writing off part of the debt. However its greek people who have paid for it Removed
05/03/2021 09:01:26 0 3
Very simplistic. The Euro has positive and negative implications for Greece. It is a stable currency and protects Greece from hyper inflation, for example. The EU and IMF wrote of a considerable amount of debt and German and French banks had to take a haircut.
Boris refusing to reveal PPE contracts as promised, Patel has to pay out(probably taxpayers money) £340k plus costs for bullying, will she resign, Hancock has broken the law!!

Time to get out of this non PR voting dictatorship!!
05/03/2021 09:24:53 6 1
What relevance has any of that got to do with whisky tariffs?
You must surely be grateful that thousands of fellow Scots jobs have been secured?
05/03/2021 09:24:35 3 0
Is that the best you can do, EU block vaccine, yer try to defend this
Is strawcat still having a hissy fit? Removed
For the Loony Toons on here - can you please explain how the recent hike in Corporation Tax and freezing of tax thresholds is going to make any dent in the additional £400 billion Comrade Rishi has spent on fighting Covid?

National Debt due to rise to £3 trillion+ this year yet the savings made by these tax rises will be circa £20 billion per annum.

Slightest rise in interest rates = IMF time.
05/03/2021 10:54:27 5 7
Ssshhh! You’ll get reported for being off-topic for being so truthful about the so-called “levelling up” agenda in Brexit Britain. Brexiteers don’t like the truth. Of course, if that happens, there are still other active HYS open just now where the sham of levelling up can be ridiculed.
05/03/2021 10:55:14 3 1
Total Size of debt is irrelevant and each and every nation in this world have debt . Even super powers like USA abd Japan have bigger debt than UK

Even emerging powers like India have huge debt

Whether Britain able to pay its interest every year is all that matters

Tax raises are to pay the interest . Not the capital.

Capital is usually paid by GDP growth
05/03/2021 10:56:41 2 0
What are your considered alternatives at the moment considering that apart from freezing tax thresholds, raising personal taxation at this time is not a good idea?
05/03/2021 10:57:07 3 1
Comrade Rishi hasn't borrowed from the markets, he has borrowed from the Bank of England. The interest on that debt will be paid to the Bank of England, who then pays it back to the treasury
05/03/2021 11:07:32 2 0
How would you pay for CV19 crisis and Credit Crunch fallout?

Salmond and SNP were oblivious to any financial crisis....Scotland would have been in deep doodoo if SNP were in charge of dosh
04/03/2021 17:16:24 6 5
And that's why Brexit supporters use the phrase Remoaners, so that sensible remain voters like yourself don't get lumped in with the cretinous children that want the UK to go bankrupt because they didn't get their own way.
Anyone who uses the word Remoaner is simply a divisive idiot. There are plenty of Brexiters who aren't that childish. Removed
Where is the £350m for the nurses that risked their lives for the UK

No - would rather read made up stories in the Metro about a successful BREXIT.

Would rather sell London GP practice to US health first - remember those....
They charge you to hold your new born baby

Glad my kids out of UK :0)
Going downhill fast...
05/03/2021 11:03:30 2 0
£350m per week would pay for a 1% pay increase for 100m nurses.
05/03/2021 11:04:12 2 2
Bye bye to you too.... the rest of us will just get on with our lives.
05/03/2021 12:05:29 5 0
Glenlivet - French owned, Glenmorangie - French owned, Singleton - Owned by Diageo (HQ in London)
05/03/2021 13:54:37 10 0
Don’t know who got it done but great news. Have someone on TV practically everyday who and with her party have achieved squat in 14 years. Results not grievance- such a pleasant change.
05/03/2021 13:46:16 14 5
Fantastic news for Scotland, and all because we are out of the EU, and a part of the great United Kingdom. Even the most fanatical separatist, must now see the benefit of Brexit, and why we are BETTER TOGETHER
I wonder when Sturgeon is asked about this, she won't know the answer, or can't recall, or not in her recollection, or she will get back to us! What a charlatan she has now been proven to be