Budget 2021: Contactless card limit will rise to £100
03/03/2021 | news | business | 1,745
The move, taking effect later this year, will more than double the current limit of £45.
03/03/2021 11:38:47 17 12
Cashless society being implemented, no more anonymity when making purchases.
Good so only criminals, tax dodgers and tin hat flat Earth morons have to worry then Removed
I assume that the chancellors announcement of investment in Scotland is dependent on them staying in the Union! Removed
03/03/2021 13:24:06 2 1
Amusingly, the SNP were calling for the UK government to invest another 100 billion in Scotland to rebuild their economy.

And, at the same time, trying to leave the UK.

You really couldn't make it up.
03/03/2021 13:34:07 0 0
Most in Scotland want to remain in the UK. Don't listen to the mad rantings of the Scottish Nasty Party. What the SNP say does not represent the opinion of the majority of Scots, they just know how to shout loudest.
03/03/2021 14:00:40 0 1
Oh do give it a rest. Your schoolboy economics has some of the correct words but sadly none of the understanding.

Stagnant economy - does it get better or worse if people spend money?

Relevance to cash? None whatseover
Relevance to contactless? None whatseover
You're an idiot who doesn't understand real world transactions, the increased ease of overspending, and why a stagnant economy makes things worse for those who aren't already comfortable

But as long as things are hunkydory for some, who cares about the ever growing number of people struggling with their finances?
Governments and banks certainly don't
03/03/2021 14:30:21 5 0
No speaky Engrish ?
03/03/2021 14:06:25 3 2
Does anyone still write Cheques?
03/03/2021 12:27:04 6 14
It isn't if you are reducing visits to the supermarket. Hardly ever spend less than 45 if we are going once a week or less.
100 is sensible.
You won't be saying that after you have had your bank account emptied by a Romanian pick pocketer. Removed
03/03/2021 15:40:43 0 0
Or, of course, a UK thief, they are also available.....
Great news. The only people accepting cash these days are the homeless lounging around the pavements by cash machines. Removed
03/03/2021 16:08:25 3 1
It's only idiots who persist in making obviously fallacious claims????????????????????
Crap spreads. As do politicians that have a finger in the pie. Check out Sunak and Bojo... Removed