Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak to extend furlough scheme until September
03/03/2021 | news | business | 2,428
The move will help millions of people, Rishi Sunak says, ahead of setting out his tax and spending plans.
02/03/2021 23:05:00 329 33
It is so frustrating. As a small business we were told on Sept 26th last year that the scheme was not going to be extended, so we made our entire workforce redundant as of that date. Then on Sept 28th they extended it, now for another year! How can any business forward. plan around this constant moving of the goalposts
The Great Reset - standard wage and social credit. Fear and control, that is what this is all about. Planned for decades.... they want to annihilate small businesses and have us dependent on big corporations. Removed
03/03/2021 00:06:13 21 6
tin foil hat brigade are out again I see. Planned covid 19 for decades did they? if you listen to some they can't plan 2 weeks in advance, which is it?
03/03/2021 00:19:55 7 1
Except with new gaps in the markets due to sadly gone small businesses, more small businesses will crop up. If "they" wanted to monopolise big business, they chose a particularly stupid way to do it
03/03/2021 00:43:00 5 2
Not a good plan then if they're paying 80% of small businesses wages !
02/03/2021 23:03:25 96 23
So they know things aren’t going to magically be better by 21sr of June as they are promising everyone.
All planned, constant furlough as the Government in memorandum call it 'the sweeteners'. It's to stop the people going into civil disorder, whilst they make their next lot of plans to break the economy, put peole on social credit and control them. Removed
03/03/2021 01:16:57 1 0
Why would a government deliberately set out to destroy the economy, thus depriving capitalists of their income?

You're really not very good at this conspiracy theory nonsense...
02/03/2021 23:05:29 441 74
Does this mean they are covertly planning for restrictions to last until Aug 31st? I sincerely hope not, otherwise what is the point of mass vaccination? How about scrapping HS2 to help pay for some of it in place of Nat Insurance rises?
02/03/2021 23:30:18 86 19
A lot of companies are opening offices in Dublin as a work around for new import regulations. It’s not a mass exodus, basically they’re opening small offices so they remain within the EU.

The economy is tanking as the economy is half closed due to COVID, brexit is still largely an unknown due to the current impact of COVID.
03/03/2021 00:45:21 6 21
Only if you believe leftist nonsense.
03/03/2021 00:46:29 10 9
This is not about brexit
03/03/2021 00:53:29 14 3
And it has 'conveniently' been sneaking under the radar for many.
Which suits these charlatans down to the ground.
03/03/2021 02:13:04 3 2
the general economy around the world is tanking !
03/03/2021 04:00:54 1 1
03/03/2021 05:05:01 1 0
And you actually believe Ernst & Young
03/03/2021 06:49:37 0 0
Ireland should enjoy it's low tax status while the EU let it last .... which now won't be for very much longer
03/03/2021 07:54:59 2 1
Yep. We had no choice but to relocate. 1 day shipments from Eu now 3-30 days. Extra costs also incurred. No one in the EU wants to trade anymore. Business has tanked. U.K. will die a slow death. Well done Boris
03/03/2021 08:08:08 2 1
Cork, ie is also shaping up to be the top relocation spot for all the pharma that the Brexiteers think validates their dumb choice.
02/03/2021 23:05:17 241 19
So much for normality by the summer, if things will be “normal” by then, why the extension?
03/03/2021 00:05:25 19 5
Just last week the news was all about 1,000 EU firms opening up offices in UK. Swings and roundabouts.

03/03/2021 00:05:55 22 6
Im pretty sure its the pandemic that has locked down the economy!
03/03/2021 00:11:56 27 9
are you going to post this lie over and over?
03/03/2021 01:01:21 17 21
Please give up on repeating the same nonsense, with links to leftist media as if that somehow makes it true.
Bloomberg is a peddler of socialist propaganda.
03/03/2021 01:48:28 14 12
give it a rest spouting your absolute drivel.
03/03/2021 03:04:47 0 1
That was there regardless of covid, Brexit shouldn't be the reason for an extension.
Why are we continuing with this ‘sit on your arse and do sweet FA whilst being paid’ scheme

Get on your bike and get working

Fed up with my taxes paying the lazy work shy
02/03/2021 23:28:28 6 4
Are you stupid. People are on furlough because the Government made it illegal for them to work, they didn't choose it they had no choice.
02/03/2021 23:55:14 0 1
Perhaps it is paving the way towards the new cashless society.

The money you pay in taxes is NOT yours, but the States (See the head on it).

Future might prove that everyone gets a livable wage from State and can augment it with work, starting a business, but able to live very modestly.
02/03/2021 22:59:57 201 43
We suddenly have a Tory money tree ??
02/03/2021 23:08:17 5 10
The pain of this must be shared equally, we can not have the special people who proportionally to their assets and income will pay very little.
02/03/2021 23:19:23 5 7
We live. We die.
Since no one gets out of this game alive anyway, was an economic generation worth it?

COVID only changes how we die. We never know when our last day is so it is irrational to say someone "died too young"
03/03/2021 00:02:26 7 3
And what about rewarding everyone who has had to work throughout the pandemic in stressful circumstances? Anything? Anything at all?
Life is unfair.

And the Tories are with us to make sure it stays that way.

That is why people vote for them.

Get used to it. Has it really taken the kung flu for the penny to drop ?
Funny how Pithi,was looking at adding curbs to the peoples right to protest the other day..... Removed
02/03/2021 23:43:22 137 153
This Gov't would rather walk over hot coals than face up to the reality of their over reaction to the covid threat.
Copying the CCP was always going to end in tears. They must be rolling in the aisles in Beijing.
The political cowardice is breathtaking, as they think keeping the right side of the polls and focus groups will see them through.
But you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
The Uighers are rolling in the isles, they are being enslaved in "re-education centres" I know where I would rather be. Removed
02/03/2021 23:56:59 11 8
Yes, clean our filthy streets and help the vulnerable.
Street cleaning hasn't stopped you moron. Removed
03/03/2021 00:17:29 14 16
no it didn't. Why make stuff up?
52 not out - get back under your Troll Bridge Removed
At the beginning of this, Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur tried to Furlough their staff.

Just saying it could be an excuse for some to take the piss.
03/03/2021 01:48:18 0 1
Shake that money maker.

Lots of people have saved on world credit the last year.

Get them out doing public services
03/03/2021 01:34:59 2 6
I smell conscription. I smell war.
02/03/2021 23:38:05 95 31
Can’t we encourage those on furlough to volunteer or do something useful to society?
02/03/2021 23:05:15 281 10
There needs to be careful looking into those companies that were already failing before the first lockdown last year. Collecting furlough payments when there aren’t any chances of retaining jobs is not on.

Also any company getting help should not be paying out any dividends or bonuses to senior staff.
02/03/2021 23:02:13 579 46
Let’s hope Sunak goes after the rich tax avoiders (e.g. Amazon) and other tax avoidance loopholes making use of tax havens and leaves middle income earners alone eh ! About time we had a level playing field when it comes to taxation !
03/03/2021 00:59:34 27 6
True to many lockdown lovers , where the hell is this money coming from ?
03/03/2021 01:01:21 17 21
Please give up on repeating the same nonsense, with links to leftist media as if that somehow makes it true.
Bloomberg is a peddler of socialist propaganda.
Try again. You brexiters are in deep denial. It both distrubing but funny watching you
03/03/2021 07:26:35 21 3
Furlough is beginning to look like unemployment avoidance, if the jobs have gone why pretend they still exist.
Do you really believe that? Or did some ranting idiot tell you that after a shandy? Removed
03/03/2021 01:14:56 6 4
How could the Government plan when they didn't know how long the virus would be around for.

Or rather how could they have know the extent of the public's non-compliance with social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown rules.

How can any government forward-plan around a virus that far too many people didn't take seriously.
Cygnus idiot! Removed
Yesterday I was reading of a Hedge Fund boss who took £353 Million pay this year. Some people are profiting. He used to be Sunak's boss, but there's probably no longer any connection. Removed
03/03/2021 08:35:47 1 2
Absolutely nothing to see here.....oh look, there's some foreigners in a boat.
03/03/2021 08:37:21 0 1
Sunak is down to his last £250 million. He feels our pain.
On budget day,Its amazing how our tax money is and has been used. Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal.

All this free money is a joke .

Might thick about some tax dodging from now on as I pay enough tax
Let's face it, Covid has exposed the roots of UK’s problems.
NHS has too many chiefs & not enough indians,
& gov’t has too many chavs & not enough indians
There will need to be tax rises, to pay for the failed Test and Trace system and the cronyism related to that.

There's no use complaining though. Dido Harding is married to the Tories so-called "anti corruption" tsar John Penrose.

You couldn't make it up.
03/03/2021 08:48:55 3 6
If this government cared about giving small businesses a chance as opposed to Amazon, they wouldn't have closed so-called non-essential businesses while keeping Amazon open, a company that employs hundreds if not thousands of workers packed together in warehouses. Does that make sense to you? Not from a pandemic transmission standpoint, but it makes perfect sense if there are pockets to line.
As of today, I am officially not of this planet. As such i am not bound by said planets laws and restrictions. Removed
03/03/2021 09:04:22 0 2
Only if you are not physically here, otherwise you are.... regardless of where you claim to come from :)
03/03/2021 08:56:25 8 2
Where's this dough for the extended furlough coming from, Rishi?
Probably from Bozo's magic money forest, oh sorry I forgot he gave all of that away to his useless chums. Removed
03/03/2021 09:08:22 3 17
Well done Rishi. You're doing an amazing job. Inventing the furlough scheme and playing a key part in the vaccine rollout. You're on e of the main reasons the Tories are riding high in the poles.
03/03/2021 09:05:23 11 6
Boris may have 'got Brexit done', but it is far from a good thing to have a populist in charge during a pandemic, never mind a compliant Chancellor who racks up debt.
As if this grinning idiot has not done enough damage already Removed
03/03/2021 09:13:09 7 4
I doubt the ultra rich (like himself) are worried about their stack. Sure the workers will foot all the bills for the extravagant contracts from the COVID pandemic. Stealth taxes, PAYE and cutting back on spending. ERG flexing their muscles to keep their tax liabilities low.
How anyone can criticise this initiative is beyond me, but yet the remoaners, Liebour and momentum trolls are here in force with the usual leftist twaddle. Especially the fool titled loveUK who's user name is the complete opposite of reality is he/she/they clearly only love the EU! I doubt if this will be posted but, never say die hey lol Removed
03/03/2021 09:24:28 2 1
It’s the Tories that are most critical- why should I pay for someone else etc. It’s classic Keynesian economics, that lefties love. Do loosen your tin foil hat, it’s cutting off the circulation.
Why does no one mention this guy is purposefully trying to destroy the IT industry in the UK and SM's in general. Removed
03/03/2021 09:36:09 0 1
I’m sure that’s why he’s working night and day, simply to achieve that goal.
May Nicola will make a speech late on UK economy .
Mind you she might bee writing her resignation letter ??????
03/03/2021 09:32:16 4 3
and now in English?
Stop this jab madness, it's just a ruse to control people. open up everything again as of tomorrow, especially schools, and stop the 20 quid a week top up gift for those who've made a career out of living on benefits. Without a massive injection of the public's cash the economy is going to crash big time. Removed
There is a lot of cash sloshing around on budget day .Lets hope it is better allocated than the untold hundreds of millions given to Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat from the Foreign Office to participate in covert funded programs to “weaken Russia.” ,going back to 1945.

03/03/2021 09:57:14 0 2
Peanuts compared to the amount spent on Covid and Brexit.
03/03/2021 09:58:50 0 1
The BBC is all for transparency and journalistic ethics which is why they will not remove the comment.
Giving up here on the BBC website. Front page has "Molly Mae" and glow in the dark sharks...what total rubbish to have to see. Removed
03/03/2021 10:02:20 4 1
The glow in the dark sharks is the most interesting story on here
I for one am glad that the government will continue to give billions of pounds to a bunch of spotty burger-flippers, allowing them to wake up in the afternoon and listen to noisy grime music in a drug and alcohol-induced haze until 6am. Removed
03/03/2021 10:04:25 2 1
Funny comment but I think the 'burger flippers' are working.
03/03/2021 10:05:38 1 1
A Daily Mail reader I presume, LOL.
03/03/2021 10:06:34 0 1
Yes, supporting grime music and the reasons for grime music. ????
Leftie Nutters Removed
03/03/2021 10:22:28 1 1
Rightie Nutters
03/03/2021 10:10:42 0 1
Not a Chance. Can you imagine any Labour or Tory Government doing or Suggestion that. Out of office they would be,
Yeah, it's amazing how quickly something like a sexual harassment case that is acquitted for lack of evidence can blow up when it has the rich-owned newspapers throwing their weight behind it... Removed
03/03/2021 10:00:05 0 6
To all those ‘smelling rats’ and whinging about furlough and government assistance.

You either live or die, accept the government’s vaccine or perish.

Keeping people paid has got to be logical and because it’s a Conservative government that is doing it, the ‘usual suspects’, Labour et al are stamping their little feet.

Of course the insolvent SNP loves it as it is paying their people’s wages.
03/03/2021 09:57:16 2 9
The only way we can get out of this is to have a total lockdown for the next two years. No travel, No schools or universities, No pubs or restaurants open. Its the only way to get to zero covid.
@ 10.24 so did the first minister just say there isn't much to do? why do we pay them at all then, did Sturgeon and Salmond have an affair or something? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-scotland-56251990 we're not bothered can we just save the money and get on with some real work please? Removed
How they laughed when Jeremy Corbyn proposed free high speed internet for everyone with Boris calling it a “crazed communist scheme”. Removed
03/03/2021 10:30:54 3 3
Yes, doesn't look so stupid now, does it.
03/03/2021 10:37:53 1 1
How they laughed when Boris described Corbyn's spending proposals as "unsustainable", even tho they were but one seventh of what Boris has spent since
.... And Boris nationalised they railways, without breaking step.....
03/03/2021 09:55:58 5 1
Can I have a side dish of conspiracy theory with my Budget please
03/03/2021 09:24:05 7 4
Great Reset would be fantastic, and would bring about a much fairer society, which is why the conspiracy theories are nonsense. Like the Tories would ever support that!
03/03/2021 09:39:17 6 3
I think you have been reading too many conspiracy theories.
03/03/2021 13:18:31 2 3
Yes, we could do the same next flu season....’if just one life is saved!’?

It must be like Christmas for the work dodgers?
03/03/2021 14:08:14 4 5
So many comments incorrectly linking extension of furlough to possible ext of restrictions. Wrong!!. Furlough and other support has to run until after the end of restrictions as the economy will not simply rebound fully on 21 June. Furlough is an OPTION for employers up until Sept NOT mandatory. Many firms and businesses will not be using furlough soon but it is there to help those who need it
I'm assuming you're the son of Katie Price with such childish naivety. Removed
03/03/2021 13:05:32 0 0
Wow, how did you come to such genius conclusion?!

Have you a crystal ball or something? Or perhaps you just don't understand the word "us"?....
I do understand that you’re a Troll and I didn’t need the crystal ball to know who you are. Removed
03/03/2021 09:24:41 2 2
I'd love to believe the governments of the west were capable of co-ordinating a global plan to save the environment.
Alas it isn't true.
We discuss this all the time in our facebook page about stocks and shares. Just another fb group no scams and no spam. facebook(dot)com/groups/623397191693053/ Removed
03/03/2021 09:40:00 20 9
The economy is in a mess due entirely to the failure of this useless lying corrupt Tory government

We can all see New Zealand

We can all Taiwan

We have the highest death toll

We have the worst economic in the world

We can all see clearly the Tory failure and corruption

Yet day in day out the failure deniers come on here pretending that the failure isn't true

What a Tory mess