Own goal helps Man Utd edge past Hammers
14/03/2021 | sport | football | 1,537
Craig Dawson's own goal was the difference as Manchester United beat West Ham to boost their top-four hopes.
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Comfortable win for Manchester United.
West Ham didn’t really offer much.
You would of thought Moyes would of had a go at Old Trafford..
*would have.
I grew up supporting Man Utd so have always had a soft spot for them. Ole is doing a great job and well done to the Utd owners for being patient and giving him time to get things right.
I’m now a lifelong Liverpool fan and rivalry aside, think Man Utd and Liverpool fans are the best and most loyal around.
Let’s hope both Utd and LFC can challenge Man City properly next season.
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How the f can you be a lifelong Liverpool fan if you grew up supporting Man U?
14/03/2021 21:18:31 1 0
We have a unfunny comedian in the house
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How on Earth can you be a „lifelong“ fan of one team having grown up supporting another!?
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Grew up supporting Man Utd but now lifelong Liverpool fan, please explain how that works
14/03/2021 21:23:25 2 0
I'm also a lifelong Liverpool fan. Only started supporting them at the start of last season though, and stopped supporting them this season. Was a lifelong Utd fan growing up too. I'm now a lifelong City fan #lifelong
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Who you kidding ..you ain't a football fan. Since when do kids swap their beloved team they supported growing up ! Shame on you ! How old are you , sound like a millennial !
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You are saying the same thing to every team, Tomorrow I'm watching you!
You do have to wonder what the point of West Ham is - very few fans (pre-pandemic) and over 100+ years in existence without ever winning a single trophy.
Hardly the pride of West London!
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Grow up
14/03/2021 21:17:44 1 0
You need a brain, a history book and a map of London...
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West London lol? You might wanna take a glance at the map of London and learn where that place actually is...
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Point of correction..60,000 fans every week, three fa cup wins along with a european cup winners cup and the pride of East London..
So decided by a home goal.
West Ham 0 shots on target.
What a shower of sheeeet
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Learn to spell.
West Ham have blown their Champions League hopes. I reckon top 4 will be City, Utd, Leicester, Chelsea & Liverpool. Removed
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That's 5.
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That's 5 teams...
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that's a great top 4???????
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That's five?
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You mean top five?
14/03/2021 21:20:40 0 0
That's five clubs in the top four?
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Counting isn’t your strong point then.
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It could be 15 and Liverpool wouldn’t get in! They need a holiday and get to go again next season!
14/03/2021 21:33:15 7 7
Penalties and own goals ... best way for penchester Utd to win a game
Keep weeping love Removed
As long as Utd, Lester and Chavsea can keep top 4 slots, it keeps dirtypoo out of CL

That’s good enough for me )
14/03/2021 21:51:37 5 1
What if Liverpool win the CL?
14/03/2021 21:59:51 1 0
You're not very good at spelling, are you ? Are you not paying attention in school ?
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Wow dirtypoo now that’s a new one you must sit up all night thinking of these and what’s the point of Man Utd being in the CL but I suppose it’s a way for them to play in the Europa league (again)
14/03/2021 21:19:49 3 6
So this was a West Ham competing for the top four, and could even have gone second with a couple more wins. But United won comfortably, completely dominating and should have been about 3-0.

The two Manchester Clubs are just light years ahead of everyone else. But for a couple of silly results, United and city would be competing neck and neck. The rest are nowhere.
There will be suicidal feelings in The Queen Vic tonight. Will Billy Mitchell go and see Dr Legg? Removed
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Worth every penny of his new £180K per week Contract. Who knows, a bit more backing, maybe he will get past a semi.
His Wife will surely be hoping he can get past a semi this year. Removed
Moyes is so dull, thank f*** he left Utd Removed
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And you've got Ole now.
14/03/2021 22:16:09 2 1
Man City 0 Man Utd 2. City’s finishing was as comical as Gareth Bale’s ‘Ronnie Rosenthal’ miss against West Ham in the 3-3 draw earlier this season!
14/03/2021 21:11:20 153 72
Shaw is head and shoulders above any other LB in the prem right now
Head and shoulders and arse and belly... Removed
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"Citeh" ? What's that ?
14/03/2021 23:15:05 2 1
They are an incredibly average side, especially as you say, given the cost of the squad. Remarkable they are in top 4 but then again they are a minimum 12 points better off than they deserve to be
Sod off Removed
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McTominay moaning about teams that set up defensively and stifle the game.....


Just like United when they play anyone good then Scott.
Bollocks Removed
14/03/2021 23:54:07 1 1
best to ignore that mupit, when he runs out of nonsense he starts getting very offensive.
14/03/2021 23:54:07 6 2
Man utd are to football, as Donald Trump is to world politics.

Used to buying their own way, soulless entities and supported by the lowest common denomination in society
And that is commi g from someone who supports a club that has no soul, is owned by a bunch of oil rich morons. You're not gonna win this mate Removed
15/03/2021 00:14:31 6 7
Man Utd fan here and I was disgusted by Fernandes when he clashed with Fabianski. BF went over holding his left shin, that was a dive and he should have been off, same thing for Kane in the Arsenal game.
Bog off ya twit! It was a 50/50 challange. Removed
15/03/2021 00:14:42 6 5
I see Luke Shaw's personal sponsorship of Ginster's is going well.
15/03/2021 00:29:41 1 5
I've gone off Man U a lot since one of your fans started on me when I said I followed Liverpool.

Before then, yes, all happy clappy. I'd have been happy to see United do well in Europe, for example.

The daft thing was, he was a little poison dwarf and I could quite easily have knocked his head off.
Have a spliff and chill out ffs Removed
West Ham fans back to the 'sack Moyes' posts again because they're only 5th in the league. Said it before, great club, great history, but the most toxic of toxic fans imaginable. Alf Garnett being the prime example and model for them all to follow. Removed
15/03/2021 01:01:42 4 1
Sir Trev is a top bloke.
15/03/2021 00:31:57 2 4
As the reds go marching on! On! ON! Stick that up your Reece Smogg you haters
Reece Smogg's a good player from the academy. I'm not sure sticking anything up youth players is allowed outside of Manchester though. Removed
15/03/2021 01:22:13 0 2
You mean Stretford
15/03/2021 00:12:34 6 7
Crikey, United must get through some broken mirrors. There's not an oil-painting amongst them.

I can imagine Cavani and Fernandes bumping into each other and it'd be like 'ah, ah ah...'
Fernandes in one of those Private Eyes lookalikes likened to a donkey, his Gnashers. I’ve likened him to photo fits of Peter Sutcliffe. Removed
15/03/2021 02:27:42 3 3
Watching London clubs spuds and whu playing the way their managers set them out was painful to watch. Wanting to see both in top four after that? Feel sorry for the players. Could cost whu a top four place because of Moyes negative play. Again against mu. Makes you weep.
Stop talking shit you c-word Removed
15/03/2021 04:16:41 3 5
I find it even more amusing that you think finishing 2nd and winning the derby is a trophy and a successful season, I find it even funnier that you think Ole is the best Manager in Europe and that next season United are going to win the quadruple, I guess it’s all about a sense of humour, like you keep telling us, United are the best
Gorton Rd. When you sober up and evacuate your kebab please paste any and all comments where I say Ole is the best Manager, we'll win the quadruple, and United are the best. Be safest to do that when Mummy is happy with your homework. Clown. Removed
15/03/2021 09:55:05 1 0
I have had one glass of wine since new years eve and I don't eat kebabs nor do I live with my Mother so that's 0 from 3, it's all about opinions and if you think you've pushed City all of the way in the closest title race in the history of English football then that's your opinion
15/03/2021 05:35:08 8 2
You need to get your hand off it .
Go suck my dogs lipstick ?? Removed
I don't think the moderators work Sunday nights ?? Removed
Manure win by an Own Goal.

Im sure the script there was meant to be a penalty. Penedes was on for a penalty when he clearly dives. Just as Richarlison of The Red Cone Hating Swapping For Blue Cone Loving Ev Lot dives.

Penedes and Richarlison are the two top. Most hated footballers in the league and who do they play for Manure and The Ev Lot. Enough said.
15/03/2021 08:08:07 6 1
Red sour grapes? Woke up to the upsetting news of United and Everton well above you?
15/03/2021 08:12:12 0 0
Nice to see special needs kids getting access to grown up debates.
Manure are the second most ugliest club. One behind everton. Removed
15/03/2021 08:26:19 4 3
Still one pot ahead of your rabble.
15/03/2021 08:26:27 0 0
Stop it, you're just being kind.

We are the ugliest club, fact. You know what they say though...

After 3 a.m.....
15/03/2021 09:01:12 4 6
Correct me if I'm wrong but when a corner is taken part of the ball must be in the quadrant. It was clearly outside when Fernandes took the kick. Goal should have been disallowed. Is there anything Fernandes does not cheat at?
He doesn't cheat on your mum Removed
More despicable actions from the police & more countries banning vaccines, but no HYS on the news website. Disgraceful & yet Typical of the BBC!! Removed
15/03/2021 09:22:30 9 1
Why despicable action by the Police? People know the lock down rules and it is in place to protect everyone. Demonstrators flouting the rules are just selfish.
Luke Shaw is having a good season granted, its obvious he is thriving on empty stadiums, watch when the crowds return, he will bottle it, like he have the last 6 or 7 years, you can say the same about Donkey teeth aswell Removed
15/03/2021 11:01:54 3 1
Klopp does not play or manage Utd so where do you get donkey teeth from?
15/03/2021 09:53:59 2 8
After that total peppering from West Ham. Man U had to rely on a lucky own goal. At least, (for a change) they never relied on mandatory penalty.
Yet i'm sure if needed, The ref, Prem bias, VAR etc would surely of awarded YET ANOTHER.
Looks like Moyles still has a soft spot for yanited from the love-in he had with the tomato nose ref manipulator... Removed
15/03/2021 10:52:48 1 0
Up til midnight last night and back first thing this morning ?? are you ok matt? Do united really get to you this much?
15/03/2021 11:19:04 5 4
The fact that West ham are fifth illustrates how poor the Premier League is this year.
And the fact that bottlepool are eighth shows that last season was a complete fake engineered partly by their diving and partly by VAR.
Although we already knew back in July when City spanked them 4-0 in a game that could and should have been 6 or 7, that something was amiss.
15/03/2021 13:36:24 0 1
You sure you want take any rent from us LFC scousers?.......It just seems sooooo unfair that we don't pay rent to stay in your head. Never mind aye Queen !
15/03/2021 14:10:07 0 1
Only one fake engineered club in Manchester.

UEFA has got their number .?????? ????
15/03/2021 11:00:02 5 2
We were rubbish again and the football was boring, if we were good enough with the possession that WHU allowed us to have, we ought to have scored from open play.
Where is this super fast attacking football that Ole promised?
Why do you come on Man Utd HYSs and say "we" when you're not a man utd fan? Are you a troll or just a bit dumb? Removed
15/03/2021 11:37:45 13 7
Definitive answer : For those asking ‘how long can you look back ?’

The answer : the the beginning of the PL era.

NO-ONE IS INTERESTED in trophies loserpool bought in the 70’s and 80’s. And the ‘old division 1’ and ‘European Cup’ were different competitions, different rules.

Utd lead the PL titles with 13. And loserpool, inconveniently for their arrogant whingeing fans only have 1*
Wow....that Liverpool obsession cuts deep fella, why bleat on about it on a utd hys? Get another hit of those meds. Removed
I wouldn't bother replying to him, he will only cry to the moderators if you challenge him and don't use the T word to him as he will pretend to be offended and get your comment removed, even though he constantly offends and tries to provoke a reaction which by very definition is the T word. BBC wont do anything about him so just ignore him. Removed
Why do you come on Man Utd HYSs and say "we" when you're not a man utd fan? Are you a troll or just a bit dumb? Removed
Wow....that Liverpool obsession cuts deep fella, why bleat on about it on a utd hys? Get another hit of those meds. Removed
I wouldn't bother replying to him, he will only cry to the moderators if you challenge him and don't use the T word to him as he will pretend to be offended and get your comment removed, even though he constantly offends and tries to provoke a reaction which by very definition is the T word. BBC wont do anything about him so just ignore him. Removed
15/03/2021 16:28:13 3 1
Whereas, Frank Lampard was unable to bring the best out of Chelsea's world class players, Tuchel has forced, coerced and carroted the best out of Chelsea's big men. With the dominant and superlative performance by Man U against Man City and the gritty but less than domineering play by Man U against Westham and the embarrassment against Sheffield U.; it is clear that the inconsistent one is Ole.
where has in the last 5 Pl matches Ole has taken 11 points and Tuchel has only taken 9 points, so your theory is shit. Removed
15/03/2021 16:56:26 3 1
You made a good point, I was almost about to applaud you, when I noticed your ghetto language. Your impoliteness is worse than the mediocrity of Sheffield United and even worse than the rudeness of Jose Mourinho.
15/03/2021 17:12:41 2 2
The difference is that this is Oles 3rd season at the club whereas Tuchel has only just arrived at a struggling Chelsea and turned them around. He has not had a go in the transfer market yet either whereas Ole has had 2 goes.
We are favourites in the race for 2nd but not certainties, time will tell what happens.
As a Liverpool fan I judge my clubs success on winning major trophies, over the last 2 seasons we’ve tasted success by winning both the CL and the PL after going without a major trophy for so long, I’ve had several posts with a regular on here who judges the success of Man United differently for example beating City or finishing above Liverpool, do any more of you agree with him? Removed
15/03/2021 18:53:41 2 1
It depends on context. Ultimately, success is all about trophies but with City and Liverpool setting the standard in the last few years, Utd are building to challenge again. Utd fans had no expectation of challenging for the title this year but progress is measured by an improved league position and how you do against the teams setting the standard. That's success in terms of expectation. For now.
15/03/2021 19:01:00 3 1
Man Utd and Burnley judge success in the same way, which shows you where Utd are at. A nice run in the Thursday night kick around is celebrated as progress by both clubs too.
15/03/2021 19:18:14 3 2
I judge success by what is achieved over a season, if Man Utd finish 3rd again or even 2nd this season and dont win a trophy then I wouldnt consider that a succesful season, if we finish 2nd and win a trophy I would consider that a sucessful season
15/03/2021 16:58:18 2 3
No I am not, I simply do not think that Ole is the right person for the job and tell the facts as they are. It is you that seemingly has the Liverpool connection with your username.
I don't know how you have the heffin' nerve to post SUCH BLATANT LIES. Despite your feeble protestations to the contrary you must surely know you have been unmasked as a rogue LLLLLLiverpool fan, with many, many false personas. Removed
15/03/2021 21:23:58 1 0
I have not had any fake personas, you must be confusing me with somebody else. I am not a Liverpool fan, I am an unhappy Man Utd fan. I will always say what needs to be said and we have gone backwards since JM left.
15/03/2021 23:47:26 0 0
Yet another ABU still seething at receiving a spanking by Manchester United. It sticks in your craw doesn't it, and I'm more than delighted at that.
So don't be bashful, I'm sure we would all like to have a good chortle, if only you had the gonads to name your own team.
Let's not forget ABUs are also fans of opposing, but mainly PL teams. Do you have playground name calling sessions between you?