University to pay out £5k for 'less valuable' experience
02/03/2021 | news | education | 216
Details of student complaints about Covid's impact are released - including one award of £5,000.
02/03/2021 10:56:33 3 4
Your analogy of toilet roll to Universities is one of the craziest things I have ever heard.

Not sure if you are serious?
02/03/2021 10:36:18 45 12
I'm a university lecturer. Lockdown has crippling impact on workload. Lectures & seminars now take much longer and are emotionally exhausting, trying to remain energetic & positive while talking to a machine. Working from home has massively increased admin. Little tasks that used to take 10 minutes now require days of back/forth emailing, constant meetings, emails 24/7. Totally exhausted.
It must be a right drag when it stops you pushing your far left agendas on students. Don't worry I'm sure your summer will be filled with statue toppling and virtue signalling Removed
02/03/2021 11:18:02 10 2
Not all of us are Marxist lunatics. Have you got any idea what it's like to be a centrist, surrounded by people who think Corbyn was too right wing?
02/03/2021 10:41:30 6 5
"A university has been ordered to pay a student £5,000 in compensation for lost teaching time during England's first lockdown"

?? I wonder which university that was?

?? It was a priority in many universities to ensure that teaching time continued at the same rate during lockdown

?? Not all universities are the same!

?? Lecturers have also helped lots of students with mental health issues
I wonder if they'll have to lay out for the lost teaching time when all their far left wing lecturers were out on the streets rioting, looting and toppling statues?

I hope so but doubt they will.
02/03/2021 10:19:51 14 19
Good! No course is worth what they pay, every student (or rather whoever paid) should get at least half back, Thatcher and her ilk making education a business is to blame for this, education is a right, not so some rich people can become even richer, sickening.
Hopefully it comes out of their funding pot used to push their far left wing agendas. This could be a win win situation for all! Removed
02/03/2021 10:39:51 0 9
I heard of a university student who averaged over 80% in written assignments. They failed their exam which was another written assignment, so why if they averaged over 80% did they fail the exam. I think that was a case for money back and an investigation into the institution.
They probably didn't write enough about far left wing agendas and promote it enough in their exams. Would have gotten 100% pass rate if they did. Removed
02/03/2021 11:58:09 1 1
Blimey, give it a rest, you are becoming boring.
02/03/2021 11:11:24 3 5
Another day another bout of whinging from the students.

Half of them didn't care about their courses when they were breaking lockdown rules to party or attend far left rioting and looting last year.
02/03/2021 13:31:19 3 1
Do we really want to be footing the bill for make believe courses like gender studies, contemporary circus and theatre or surf science?