Letter demands action over 'UK nature in freefall'
01/03/2021 | news | science | 476
Wildlife experts urge the prime minister to step up action on the loss of species in the UK.
Domestic cats are a big problem in the UK. I came here from Australia where all cats have to be neutered, microchipped and kept on the owner’s property. Councils will set traps and destroy stray cats. It`s also OK to poison the vermin. I asked for cat poison in a local hardware shop, I`ll never forget the look I got! Removed
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Best (only?) way to 'save the planet' would be a couple of generations of global H. Sapiens 'negative population growth', we seem determined to breed the species into exctinction (that pair of numpties with 22 kids springs to mind). Snag is we'll NEVER manage it because the Wokeists would complain about it infringing civil liberties and the rights of some ethnic groups to breed like rabbits Removed
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The 22 children "couple" are an extreme example, but large families seem to be the norm.

Maybe someone could work out an R-value for stable population growth and enforce it by taking away any benefits and tax advantages for families and single parents who think it's OK to behave like rabbits.
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Please explain the meaning of this term.
It used to be a compliment, as being aware, but some numpties have turned it into a meaningless insult.
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More nonsense about population growth. In every continent apart from Africa, birth rate is already below the replacement level.

In Africa birth rates are falling fast, and anyway, Africa is only responsible for 2% of carbon emissions. Even if it's population doubled, it wouldn't make much difference.

Top tip - identify the problem before proposing solutions.
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The population is explosively growing, Tony Blairs ideology of fa free for all immigration policy.

Stop all of these foreign companies with great ideas that are ruining what was once Great Britain.
The cats in my street can do somersaults. Mind you, the number depends on how hard I kick them! Removed
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The most depressing aspect of HYS is the complete absence of a sense of humor in many posters.