Budget 2021: Five things to look out for from Rishi Sunak
02/03/2021 | news | business | 648
Tax rises and an extension of Covid support are both tipped to be announced in this week’s Budget.
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Councils are going bankrupt after their social care bill has shot up. Help for that would not be money wasted, even if it is ring fenced.
And they should stop producing leaflets in multiple langauges. This is England, speak English. Removed
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And they should be a BNP logo on them, or maybe a swastika?

Forrners shouldn't be allowed to understand the leaflets explaining their rights or obligations, about when to out which bin out, how to apply for a job... Yes?
When richie comes out of no 9 we all know the red box contains a couple of sausage rolls & a bottle of vodka. Printed fiat money is worthless printed paper, produced out of thin air. The new economics is based on a paper bubble until bit coin can take over. Please keep feeding your mushroom audience on fake news until you can get to the airport with your one way ticket to china. Removed
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Isn't this person's name Rishi? Also, what exactly is 'Printed fiat money'? Honestly never heard of that.
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I make it £54,360. They pay their fair share like everybody is supposed to
Then you're clearly an idiot aren't you? Here's hoping you're not responsible for calculating people's taxes?! At £150k they lose their personal allowance completely! Removed
ive applied for a cold weather payment over a month a go after the bbc weather centre told me i was intitled to one for my post code yet still waiting for a payment do they really excist Removed
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"intitled" ???
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Property developers donate millions to the Tory party, young people donate next to nothing to them. What's a political party to do?
Property developers and construction companies benefited by far more during Blair's last government than any time in history with the stupid PPP contracts that we are all paying for now. Stop your stupid predictable leftist dross. Removed
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I set up a new business just over 3yrs ago. I used a New Co because (1) it offers legal protection (2) it is good for product development and (3) I could keep earnings in the business and re-invest. 2019/20 was a milestone year with £100k+ profits and plans for offices and staff. 2020/21 has been a disaster.

We are not all personal service companies or tax shams to avoid payroll or NIC!
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The grabbing hands grab all they can
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Two ways to survive in this country;
Be rich
Be poor
If you are in the middle you are a prime target for getting financially stuffed by ANY government
Ah, diddums. Did it cost you too much to fill up your Audi this morning? Can you hear the violins? Removed
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What a strange comment ?