India beat England inside two days
25/02/2021 | sport | cricket | 3,648
England succumb to a 10-wicket defeat against India inside two days of a remarkable third Test in Ahmedabad.
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25/02/2021 14:42:42 2 1
That’s easy for you to say :)
India will do anything to win...ANYTHING, and the ICC will just turn a blind eye and enjoy the cheque, cricket loses today ?? Removed
25/02/2021 14:50:34 95 143
agree... how dare India be better at bowling AND batting... ICC will probably turn a blind eye to this blatant cheating
25/02/2021 14:53:47 18 7
I hope they qualify for the Test final and come to the UK and get scuttled for 36 again.

This pitch is a bad joke.
25/02/2021 14:56:19 9 5
Very true. I'm ashamed as an Indian cricket fan.
25/02/2021 14:58:39 11 8
Agreed, you certainly wouldn't catch any other test nation preparing pitches to suit their bowlers would you...
25/02/2021 15:01:12 17 3
Dead right. They received the goodwill of the sporting world for their amazing defeat of the Aussies and then turnout a pitch not even fit for a Sunday League match. If this continues England might as well play Leach and Root as their bowlers backed up by Stokes and eight specialist batsmen. At least then we might get to 150 runs in an innings. Difference between teams was runs hacked off pacemen
25/02/2021 15:20:12 2 1
Not only does cricket lose the cheque loses also, two days of paying public instead of five.
25/02/2021 15:34:51 2 4
England lost today and thoroughly deserved to.
25/02/2021 15:47:48 0 6
Why are you forgetting that it was England who won the toss and they could have easily benefitted from it but they didn't get enough in first innings. The fact is England is now facing a stronger and better Indian team, unlike the first test, where they were facing a team that was physically and mentally exhausted after their heroics in Australia
25/02/2021 15:53:29 0 5
hahahhahaa sour grapes
25/02/2021 15:55:00 0 5
Cry baby looser
25/02/2021 16:16:10 2 1
The ICC and the broadcaster and the public would prefer a longer test. You are turning a blind eye to the world of Johnny Bairstow who can’t play a longer form of cricket.
25/02/2021 16:48:58 0 1
Speaking of a blind eye, I agree. It was on show aplenty. Seems that was the affliction of the england batsmen.
25/02/2021 16:53:40 0 2
I agree. Like batting well. Why didn't England do anything to win? In fact, they did NOTHING. They seem to be pretty good at that.
25/02/2021 18:17:41 0 0
One things for sure. they wont do anything about it
25/02/2021 18:25:33 0 2
The ICC have changed the cricket rules to favor England. Witness Root complaining and then the umpire nearly taking "all day" to find an angle to give him not out.
Tapadh leibh, na h-Innseachan! Tòrr gaoil à Alba. Removed
25/02/2021 14:54:58 1 1
Ydych chi’n hoffi criced , Susan ? Dim chwarae ond rhyfel !
25/02/2021 14:50:04 2 3
Well at least England managed to survive losing this match until day two. So thats something dont you think
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25/02/2021 14:42:58 232 656
If England weren't completely inept this test would have gone well beyond 2 days.
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GUILTY - the indian players looked embarrassed and guilty...and so they should be. end the tour....hate to say cheats never win...even camera angles being used when in reality there was no need to revert to them due to the worse than park standard pitch...this is not cricket.. Removed
25/02/2021 15:12:04 0 1
Why are you not telling the truth?
25/02/2021 15:12:44 0 1
Meow it's all about the looks eh
GUILTY - the English players looked embarrassed and guilty...and so they should be. end the tour....hate to say cheats never win but somehow they have manged to in Sri Lanka and in the first test in Chennai, this is not cricket.. Removed
GUILTY - the indian players looked embarrassed and guilty...and so they should be. end the tour....hate to say cheats never win...even camera angles being used when in reality there was no need to revert to them due to the worse than park standard pitch...this is not cricket.. Removed
GUILTY - the English players looked embarrassed and guilty...and so they should be. end the tour....hate to say cheats never win but somehow they have manged to in Sri Lanka and in the first test in Chennai, this is not cricket.. Removed
25/02/2021 15:15:51 1 2
England should donate their match fees to charity , absolutely crap ??
On that basis, so should India. The groundsman might think about committing ritual suicide and then we can play India for the ashes. Removed
25/02/2021 14:44:32 183 397
England need to look at their sub standard batting line up first.
You’re like an airborne virus. Bloody everywhere Removed
The ICC won't investigate as they're in the BCCI's corrupt back pockets. Removed
25/02/2021 14:58:16 48 14
I'm embarrassed they named the stadium after Narendra Modi.
I'm glad they named it after Narendra Modi. The game reflected the person which is abysmal. Speaking as an OCI (Overseas citizen of India), Modi has been a problem, and the Kashmir and new Bill promoting a seemingly anti-Muslim bill (half sikh- half hindu here) reflected the pitch. Abysmal. I'm happy to see India win, I'm aghast it took two days!! Root getting 5 Wickets and Patel gets 11 on debut! Removed
25/02/2021 15:27:16 6 9
Just like an English man to have a good old moan!

Get on with it!

England produces green tops every year, if you didn't Jimmy wouldn't be half the legend he is.

Plain and simple India have been the better team!

Yes the pitch has been poor the last 2 matches but play what you are given! Same all around the world!

Looking forward to a 3-1 win now, happy daze ??
idiot Removed
The ICC won't investigate as they're in the BCCI's corrupt back pockets. Removed
25/02/2021 15:35:09 2 4
I said this before too.
England are too sentimental.
They need to dump all their 30+ players. Too many miles on their wheels.
Need some fresh approach, thinking, mindset, confidence.
This bunch had their day and it was not a very good day. Give them a watch, pat them on the back, send them home.

If they lose to India like this, they will be destroyed in the Ashes and it will not be pretty.
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Is Red Shell a complete idiot last year at home in U.K. condition England 4 India0 off course its the wickets in both countrys that why if test cricket is to survive it need independent officials overseeing the wickets , Removed
ICC to BCCI - "Thanks for the check! Let's see if you can make the next TM last 1 day or less" Removed
25/02/2021 16:00:29 3 6
Poor wicket,
Again the 3rd umpire gets too involved or not. There's incompetent and there's cheating. You decide.

Easy to blame England but the wicket, sandy beach!

Let's see if the ICC have any teeth?
Points deduction from the championship?
Or are they afraid of India?
25/02/2021 16:02:11 3 2
If the ICC do nothing here regards to a very poor pitch it will lead to people thinking that the organisation is currupt.
Let's see if any thing happens shame on you for producing such a pitch . I'm sure that cricket fans around the world will be so disappointed .
25/02/2021 16:06:59 4 4
Yeah, I remember when Stuart Pearce's penalty was saved against Germany. I guess that was the pitch's fault too....... ??

Idiots use emojis. Removed
25/02/2021 16:19:00 0 1
Sore losers lash out.
25/02/2021 16:29:54 2 4
The pitch looked like the remains of a construction site.....
Hahaha, bitter, bitter tears. Hahaha. Removed
25/02/2021 14:50:57 125 484
hmmmm 49 without loss says don't blame the pitch XD
25/02/2021 14:52:28 148 387
Except Sharma cruising to 49/0 and averaging 91 in this match? Just admit it. Our batsman are crap and can't play spin. And Root is our best bowler. I said before the series that this would happen.
cynic .... that comment shows a total lack of cricket knowledge . Made an idiot of yourself again Removed
25/02/2021 17:02:07 1 0
You couldn’t make it up! Brilliant stadium, shame about the cricket.
The British don't rule India anymore though... Removed
25/02/2021 15:22:38 18 147
The pitch was just a pitch. If you don't like the pitch, why tour ?
Indeed! Poor pitches, Indian umpires, an Indian third umpire and an Indian match referee. There will always only be only one winner. India! Removed
What next, pitches in Australia are too hard and bouncy ? Conditions were the same for both teams, stop whinging and making excuses, all is hunky dory when England win, India woke up in the last two Test matches, after being on a high from their Aussie triumph. Whinging, moaning by Root, Broad and Anderson and cheating by Stokes , firstly claiming a dropped catch, then using Saliva on the ball. Removed
25/02/2021 17:38:26 1 1
Anyone calling for Bairstow to be even in team let alone wicket keeper must having been inhaling diesel fumes all day.
He's gone, no technique just a flat track bully. Foakes did well with gloves and he can keep them until Butler next available.
25/02/2021 17:36:34 1 6
Even Rohit Sharma can swing and seam the ball on English meadow pitches... same, same.. karma and all that!
There is a wave of nationalism sweeping India at the moment the new ground named after the prime minister meant they just had to win at all costs ! the new ground could not fail to provide a victory and they got it ! now they can carry on persecuting the Sikh farmers who feed the nation but they are not Hindus are they ! Removed
25/02/2021 19:40:26 1 1
Stick to cricket buffoon.
25/02/2021 19:53:09 0 0
We also persecute our country's backbone, workers keeping UK running on 0hrs contracts, no pension prospects, poverty wages, no job security...because they're not like those of us who had sufficient backing, & did well
There's a wave of destructive nationalism sweeping far more countries than India: remember 2012 Olympic Stadium & golden Sat 5.08.2012 + Brexit...what's the difference? - not a lot!
India don't allow neutral umpires, they don't apply the DRS correctly (extra angles and time for Indian decisions), they design a pitch that does not even allow for a fair contest. Then the Prime Minister Decides only Hindu players and names the stadium after himself. May as well be North Korea or China. Corrupt. Removed
25/02/2021 19:54:48 0 0
Blah blah blah blah blah blah, change the record, such sore losers!
25/02/2021 14:40:25 691 22
Proves the old adage “Don't judge the pitch till both sides have batted.” Turns out IND couldn't bat on it either in the 1st innings! It's entertainment, I guess, but I don't think a pitch that produces a 2 day Test is going to be rated very highly be the officials. And it shouldn't be. Outplayed by IND again; no argument; but that wasn't a good advert for Test cricket.
25/02/2021 14:48:05 462 16
India deserved the win - poor team selection by England, but when a part time spinner like Joe Root get the figures he did you have to seriously question the pitch.. a long way from anything acceptable for test cricket
25/02/2021 14:44:55 366 24
Worst thing about a pitch that offers that much spin on day one is that spinners can continue bowling over after over without needing to be rested and the pitch will only gradually deteriorate more in their favour.

I don't like flat batting tracks or green tops either, but both of those wicket types degrade over time and eventually bring other facets of the game into play.

A farce and a shame.
25/02/2021 14:41:42 420 57
Had that been a game between two English counties there would have been a thorough review of the pitch. England have been stitched up and no credit at all to India.
25/02/2021 14:46:56 329 38
If I wanted to watch endless hours of spin I would have sat in front of the washing machine. A terrible advert for Test cricket.
25/02/2021 14:44:02 254 28
Think I'll give the last test a miss because whatever the last two "games" have been they certainly haven't been test cricket. But maybe that is what the Indian authorities want to ensure the demise of test cricket and complete their dominance of the short format.
25/02/2021 14:46:22 232 21
That’s not test Cricket.
25/02/2021 14:45:51 224 17
Never mind neutral umpires in test matches, how about neutral grounds men to prepare pitches?
25/02/2021 15:19:04 80 86
If you watched England's dismissals in the first innings, most of those were from balls that didn't really spin.
Ffs. The whole point is that the bowler has no idea what the ball will do when it lands so how does the batsman have any chance? Removed
25/02/2021 20:38:55 2 5
If India continue with sub standard test wickets then their ability to host tests should be taken away.
Who are you ?Lol Removed
25/02/2021 20:43:54 0 1
Someone talking sense... unlike you.
Narendra Modi is quite known for fudging economic numbers to make he and India look better than they are. Now there is a stadium in his name to make India cricket team look way better than they really are. Removed
25/02/2021 23:07:14 8 1
As a ex club cricket groundman nearly 40 years u have to water wickets up to 2 days before in dry conditions even in this country
In India it's not being done so the wicket breaks up after a few hours play
No $hit Ian! Should England Pi$$ on the wicket beforehand then, rather after as normal? Removed
26/02/2021 11:25:34 2 3
Are the English still cribbing? 9 test matches end inside 2 days in England but that's all lies and happened in 1800s! What a bunch of cry babies!
Have you considered one of or a combination, of the following:
(a) getting a job
(b) getting a boy/girlfriend
(c) speaking to your GP
Cheating Indians at it again! Removed
26/02/2021 20:48:56 1 0
2 things occurred to me
Firstly, Test cricket should adopt the away team bats first rule and there is only a toss if they don't want to.
Secondly ,when India play in England I want every pitch to be a green top