Ikea aims to launch delayed 'Buy Back' scheme in UK
25/02/2021 | news | business | 30
UK consumers will soon be able to sell back used items with the aim of reducing waste.
25/02/2021 11:59:02 12 1
I've bought ikea for years. My lounge storage and display are Ikea, my bathroom cupboards are Ikea. I've had some of the stuff for 30 years.

When I move it goes back to flat-pack - easier to move, no huge removal vans, ergo less expense. AND it adapts to the new place much more easily than great solid lumps of furniture that once bought for a particular property never really fit anywhere else.
Our family has always used flat packed furniture, and have found it very easy to disassemble and transport when we've moved.

If you have a problem in assembling flat packed furniture though, please contact Happypam or myself, Apini Solutions, and for £50 per hour we would be happy to travel to yours and build t for you!