Serco: Test-and-trace firm's boss defends scheme
25/02/2021 | news | business | 236
The boss of outsourcer Serco says there are now as many people being tested per week as vaccinated.
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Would like to know how this company got the contract. My company but a full digital and organics track and trace system in March 2020. Approached the Gov no reply contacted heads of NHS England no reply? Would have saved thousands of lives and lock down restrictions. So before you start advocating what a good job it is doing it should have been sooner. Save life's Gov moto this delay caused lives
Perhaps your poor English / typing skills contributed towards the problem you outline. Hopefully not but first impressions count and the first impression your post gives is not that good. Removed
Just reviewed yesterday evening's thread where I repeated media reports that BAME Communities are refusing vaccine & I was not surprised at vitriolic responses. One even wrote that I didn't value BAME who work in NHS. One responder even called me racist! Absolute spite & rubbish! Just to be clear, I'm sick of C-19 & wish EVERYONE good health regardless of colour, creed, culture, race or religion. Removed
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Take comfort in the knowledge that when they respond with insults you establish that they have no valid arguments.
Hi Mr Soames, how big a Dividend, Backhander, Bribe, Donation (or whatever other way you want to dress it up) will you be making to the Tory party in return? Removed