Covid-19: Businesses 'throwing in towel' over uncertainty
23/02/2021 | news | politics | 253
Labour says the Budget must extend the VAT cut, furlough and the business rates holiday.
23/02/2021 16:40:24 12 10
The Govt will roll a million times how good they have been to companies and the Country. The reality is Covid 19 was a product of our abuse of the Planet and its assets so in the future we need growth intertwined with Viability not excitement based on a remake of the Past. That would need clear and viable thinking by the Tory Party can we really wait for that to happen while extinction beckons
No COVID is totally natural and is no more the planet fighting back than AIDS was god attacking gay people. A lack of control over wild animal consumption in China didnt help, but you cant blame Boris for that, or god for that matter. Removed
23/02/2021 19:48:19 2 7
For everyone trying to paint the government as failing remember the Labour leaders greatest success. He almost singlehandedly gave the Conservatives a thumping majority by his Brexit "policy". Who would trust him if he were to become PM?
Trump - my voters are so stupid, I could attempt a coup and they would still love me.

Boris - my voters are so stupid, I could kill 100,000 people, screw the economy, steal £20Bn, take bribes from Russian oligarchs in front of their face, and they wouldn't even question if I was "failing"
23/02/2021 20:22:24 3 6
Todays announcement was the usual political spin announcement, absolutely no certainty, we will do this, and this, and this, and this, and this, but only if this meets that, and this meets that, and this meets that, and this meets that, and this meets that.
Sunak in the budget needs to continue full and possibly added business support, must extend furlough, money should be no object.
24/02/2021 09:57:27 1 0
The armchair experts are at it again. They have all the answers with none of the responsibility. They condemn with hindsight but have no future vision other than selfish reasoning. Unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation or police themselves, they support other muddled thinkers who perpetuate ridiculous falsities. Devoid of experience, reliance on those that govern becomes necessity.