Why misfiring McIlroy needs Sunshine State swing
22/02/2021 | sport | golf | 421
Rory McIlroy missed the cut last week for the first time in 30 PGA Tour events but while underlying statistics suggest a deterioration in form, here's why the Florida-swing offers cause for optimism.
23/02/2021 11:09:30 3 1
He needs something for sure, but the PGA Tour's Florida swing is probably not what is required.

He needs to get back to his old enjoyment of the game and play without too much thought, and that as others have said probably means getting a caddie to 'help' by bouncing ideas and thoughts off.

He is probably also missing his new family so ought to be cut some slack.
23/02/2021 12:06:54 1 6
Yeah bless him. Must be hard competing against all these automatons without families they maybe missing.
He has been cut so much slack since his last major.
So many corner's turned, new philosophies & techniques.
The way some people go on about him is like someone saying borussia Dortmund are the pinnacle of European football.
23/02/2021 10:55:51 2 0
Seems to me like he just needs to get that monkey off his back and win again, we all know how good his A game is, the longer he goes on without a win, the more the pressure builds.
23/02/2021 12:09:29 0 0
Can think of an awful lot of golfers with a cracking A game.
Most of them win things occasionally.
He's not so good a tap is gonna be turned on and watch him go.
His putting will never keep him up there yet Augusta is the one he wants?
23/02/2021 11:14:05 5 2
In relation to the others at the top of the World list, he can't.

Compared to the average club golfer he can.
23/02/2021 12:13:23 1 6
That's a harsh thing to say.
There's only 113 better putters on PGA tour alone better than him.
He's a young man, give him time for him to haul himself up that list.
Of course being outside top 100 in practically anything else except driving hinders him but it's not his fault there are better golfers than him about. And have been for better part of a decade.
Poor forgotten mite.
23/02/2021 12:24:18 2 0
Was he not recently voted the best player of the last decade?
23/02/2021 10:13:12 13 1
I wouldn’t be worried if I was him, and he won’t be. 500 million in bank and travelling the world playing golf at the best courses. Aye I wouldn’t swap my life for his :-) wow he had one bad round. Who cares.
23/02/2021 12:17:53 0 2
Didn't realise one bad round lasted 22 months.
Who cares? Obviously not him.
Got his cash, well done. All of it down to talent and not (strange) marketability from a decade ago?
Other golfers win cash and trophies.
23/02/2021 10:22:35 2 0
Oxford English dictionary meaning - Resilience - a word that footballers do not understand, hence bouncebackability
23/02/2021 12:20:17 1 0
Not just footballer's that don't understand resilience.
As I believe Twonotrumps was pointing out.
23/02/2021 12:24:18 2 0
Was he not recently voted the best player of the last decade?
23/02/2021 13:46:51 0 3
By people focussing on a decade ago.
Other than by fanboys and the BBC he has not been in genuine contention with the other big boys (& There are a lot of them) for a long time. If he gets close he chokes.
Over a decade you could argue Chelsea are better than city, Klitschko is better than fury & Usain bolt is the fastest man in the world by a mile.
23/02/2021 08:54:53 3 5
Going solely by Majors =20th in the history of the game (and still only 31) played by millions worldwide but you think he's only 'ok'.

Golf not your subject really is it.
23/02/2021 23:23:29 1 0
To use an equivalent solo sport, how much adoration would the =20th best ever tennis player get?