Why misfiring McIlroy needs Sunshine State swing
22/02/2021 | sport | golf | 421
Rory McIlroy missed the cut last week for the first time in 30 PGA Tour events but while underlying statistics suggest a deterioration in form, here's why the Florida-swing offers cause for optimism.
23/02/2021 08:48:31 9 7
When you get married and have a kid, your priorities in life change. Especially if you are a well-balanced individual. Rory will be back-he is simply too good not to.
23/02/2021 14:25:01 4 6
The only thing I find shocking about these articles about MAClLroy and Woodsy in the build up to the Majors, is that when they fail by Friday evening, this golf department completely loses interest in the tournament, no matter how big it is, and then it repeats prior to the next one etc etc
Very very laborious.

MAC and Woodsy don't have a hope in winning another tournament again.
Busted Flushes.
23/02/2021 16:52:32 3 3
The BBC should concentrate more on Victoria Hogland.
23/02/2021 17:44:47 1 1
When he's a multi major winner along with every other achievement maybe Victoria would get a mention.
MaksiNorway's constant deliberate misspelling of McIlroy's name and general rantings against all Irish golfers does make one wonder if his boyfriend left him for a ubiquitous beautiful Irish red head. ??

Sad way for arguably the GOAT to end his career if it comes to pass that Tiger cannot play competitively again.

I note Leslie Thornton has popped up with his distasteful comments. Vile man.
24/02/2021 14:15:45 2 0
Leslie may well have it in for the Scots, as you say, but on a broader level likes to hack away at anyone who is popular, regardless of nationality. Vile posts about an American last night, for example, for no other reason than the fact that he gets lots of coverage for his outstanding career. Sad way to live.
24/02/2021 14:18:19 2 0
Ah no ... can't spell MacIntyre either. Do you always get your Mc's and Mac's mixed up? It's pretty simple stuff, but seems to be beyond you.
Jimmy-He is thick. Removed