Schools back 8 March in England with Covid tests taken at home
22/02/2021 | news | education | 1,017
Parents of secondary school pupils will carry out Covid tests and face masks will be worn in class.
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I cannot understand making schools the priority. Who is crying out for it? Not the teachers, that's for sure

Other businesses could be opened first with a lot less risk. Cutomers in a shop generally take social distancing seriously. Having seen the secondary school kids getting on the bus last October, I can't say the same for them at all.

Surely the economy's needs come first?
I bet your children hate you Removed
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I don't have any. So it would be a bit difficult.

But there needs to be a viable economy for them when they do come out of school. Otherwise their education is not going to do them much good.
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Well done Boris caved into lobbyists rather than follow science, to many lazy parents cant wait to get rid of there kids back to school, we will not send ours back until safe to do so, probably September, home schooling is a breeze if you have half a brain, with two grammar school children to aid yr12 and yr9 not been easy but rather that than stuck in a drafty classroom, they are onboard with it.
???????????????????????????????????????????? I feel sorry for your kids and I hope social services get involved. Removed
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They are happy home learning and it is not an offence to home school if we wish to continue doing so
still no hys on hancocks lies. bbc johnsons little puppy. Removed
I know this is a Serious HYS for Serious teachers but try this:
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Why can't school return be staggered? What is the logic of letting 9 million simultaneously mix at once?
Agreed. Unfortunately we have a moron running the country. Removed
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Assume you are from Scotland!
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maybe because it is in the same category as a chocolate fire guard?
Idiot Removed
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I am suck of reading hate filled comments about teachers
My daughter has now caught Covid from teaching key workers children and vulnerable children.
She is also pregnant
Down tuck that one and you need treatment!
"She is also pregnant"

Did the children cause that as well?
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Ooooh Luke!
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Schools going back is a political decision by the government.

Will it cause more infections. Probably.

Will it cause more deaths. Probably but not many due to the success of the vaccine roll out.

Is it worth it. Absolutely for the sake of the future opportunities of 10 million children.

If you disagree then there are local elections this summer and a general election in 2024.
Except every study shows it won't, schools reflect the wider population, not the other way round.
Keep your probables to yourself - will we all die if a moon sized meteor hits Earth? Probably. Will a moon sized meteor hit Earth whilst humans are still on it, probably not.
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It's clearly and obvious that liar Johnson ability and failures on lockdown have 10's of thousands of lives

The truly staggeringly unbelievable thing is we are letting the worst person in the world

Have another go at getting lockdown right

We must be completely mad

He can't even comb his own hair
The truly staggering thing is how great swathes of the British public have fallen for the MSM fear mongering bullshit hook line and sinker. Removed
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If the thickos aren’t allowed to vote it would be a good idea.
Are you a democrat or fascist? Removed
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What, that makes 20 kids per class. Have you been to a state school?
Teachers are not the only staff as school has.

A test takes merely second to administer. At one per minute it is only around half hour per class and a further half hour to wait for the result.

Taking two hours out of an entire in the context of having no education at all as an alternative is not too bad is it.

Stop shirking and get back to work.
22/02/2021 21:39:28 6 3
Bob. Don't comment on stuff you know nothing about eh? We've had twice weekly testing for staff at my school. It takes a LOT longer than a minute. There is the registration, the logging, the tags so the tests don't get mixed up, the constant cleaning down after every stage of the process, and that is before you've even got to the test. And as for your puerile 'shirking comment......
Terrible news for school kids and parents. Masks should not be required in schools - there is very little evidence that they provide any benefit to wearers or others and mounting evidence that they cause harm. Mass testing healthy kids with LF tests is not supported by experts in the field but the govt has decided to ignore their advice, Scandalous. Removed
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Yes keep them at home for another year. And make them repeat the 2 year of education they are missing
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So, if you've ever had to have an operation, I assume your surgeon and the staff were all wearing masks? And have done so throughout their career...with no ill effects? A little test to prove how they work - put some paper on the floor and spit as far as you can. Then repeat with a mask on, and see the difference...but of course, they don't help to prevent droplet they?
Yet again on the news we have a woman on her doorstep in her onesie saying it's too soon to send her kids back. She obviously wants them to grow up as stupid as she is. Removed
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Mask'em or send them packing.
I’d send you packing if I could you vile parasite. These are children not dogs!!! Removed
Yet again on the news we have a woman on her doorstep in her onesie saying it's too soon to send her kids back. She obviously wants them to grow up as stupid as she is. Removed
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Uk teachers are great...

Uk teaching unions are a disgrace and a bunch of pussies

I should know , I was in one of the most militant unions ever in the uk, the NUM , I had nearly year on strike back in the 80s .

The only strike the teaching unions want is for all members to be off work on full pay !!!!

If Boris had said the kids could go back in September the teaching unions would have said now
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Good on you Chris. I have been appalled to witness through my own daughters schooling, how little the rhetoric has changed from my day.

Constant negativity about “pass your exams or your life is over”, as well as bitchy input from overweight, middle aged women about how short a skirt is or how tight trousers are.

During Covid they couldn’t wait to get school closed.

Well said!!