Which way will the 'GOAT race' turn?
21/02/2021 | sport | tennis | 1,092
Not only was Novak Djokovic playing for the Australian Open title on Sunday, he was jostling for position in the race to be crowned the 'GOAT' in men's tennis.
22/02/2021 02:32:54 6 48
Wow. You ARE somebody Khurram. Very impressive. Khurram - is that male or female? I am trying to figure out if you won your Wimbledons in the men's or women's section for you to be questioning my lack of credentials to comment on Federer.
22/02/2021 07:08:16 12 0
So when did you win YOUR Wimbledons? After all, by you rules is seems only previous winners can comment.
Are you reading challenged, boy? It is Mr/Ms Khurram who talked being someone/nobody first. I guess Federer fans make up for their lack of reading skills with their excessively vulgar persona Removed
22/02/2021 11:38:58 4 3
My comments are fair and rational, unlike the ones from druken Federer fans.

"oh, my player is graceful; look, he can even cry gracefully"

A guy with losing H2H against his 2 biggest rivals, after having played more than 90 matches against them collectively on all surfaces for 14 years is considered All Time Great.

That logic makes sense to people who called others "stalker fans"
They're about as rational as a fat kid at a buffet.

Your type belong on menstennisforum where such bias, OTT opinions, stupidity or plain trolling are as good as encouraged by the mods on there.
Djokovic is a great tennis player but a total knob away from the court . Removed