Covid: Three in 10 care home staff in England not vaccinated
18/02/2021 | news | health | 62
In London only half of care workers have had a jab, despite being in the top four priority groups.
W have it if you are not at risk? the responsibility is on those who need it... and the worried well are welcome to have it also. My family have refused with zero data into the long-term effects of these vaccines. This is part of what is a robust vaccine...long term data. However, if you are at risk then on balance have it. In contrast to the hysteria message, most people are NOT at risk Removed
19/02/2021 21:39:28 8 1
Who has gotten to you???? IT'S A PANDEMIC GET VACCINATED
19/02/2021 21:52:23 5 0
please dont get a jab, hopefully darwinism will do the trick for you