Coronavirus: Barclays says loans worth £4.8bn may never be repaid
18/02/2021 | news | business | 686
Barclays sees profits dive after setting aside billions for loans expected to turn sour due to Covid.
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Even before the covid crisis, the UK economy has been increasingly built on debt. Prior to Thatcher, private sector debt never exceeded 75% of GDP but now stands at a massive 220% of GDP and is increasing. This dwarfs public sector debt of 100% of GDP.
smart small and medium business to survive funnel drug money Removed
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Businesses who need support as they recover will only find it even more difficult to get banks to lend to them as the risks of lending to certain sectors will simply be too great. Obscene amount of profit? Would you rather banks made losses? A necessary evil until such time as we're all altruistic and, as the post-initial hit of selflessness has shown, everyone continues to look after number 1.
Grovel away. They can do what they want and you fall over yourself to give them your money in bailouts and tax holidays and indirect support.

Its contemptible.

They pay themselves stupefying sums on the basis they take risks.

YOU take the risk, clown. ALL of it.
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And when the risks become too risky, we end up where we got to in 2007, due to a lack of regulation equally as much as stupid risk-taking, chasing profit. And as far as your comment goes, 'grovel away' and 'clown'? Was confused until I saw your user name - that explains it all. Thanks for the laugh.
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But its OK for footballers, movie stars and TV personalities to earn that kind of money? Banks and other big businesses need skilled, experienced people to steer them.
Quite a lot of Thai massage shop owners are sporting new handbags, recently. Removed
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What a horrible insult to people who have worked hard and people who set up businesses, employ people and pay the taxes that keep the country going.
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So many people commenting are just jealous because they work an in an unskilled lower paid job but others work at an extremely high level of skill and knowledge and are paid accordingly. If you don’t like it... work hard, study, start at the bottom and work your way up , it’s not rocket science. If you are good enough, it could be you earning 6 figures plus in the financial industry.
Wind your neck in. No Man or Woman is worth 4 Mill a year. It's everything thats wrong in the world. I know a lot of suits, talented yes, exceptional? My A$$.

You can suck bankers off if you wish but they are just human like the rest of us.
It makes me sick to think there are men like Branson, Bezzos and Musk in the world, all worth hundreds of billions each, who probably keep 4.8 billion down the back of the sofa!

Yes will try be likes of these tycoons put their hands in their pockets and give struggling economies (and it's working masses who they depend on to make them ever richer) a hand? Will they sh*te!
Barclays are a toxic and criminal bank along with RBS and HSBC and should be aloud to fail just like any other failing business. Removed
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You may not like them but describing them as criminal ,‘isn’t that somewhat defamatory?
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Compensation to Jewish Holocaust survivors
In 1998, Barclays Bank agreed to pay $3.6m to Jews whose assets were seized from French branches of the British-based bank during World War II.[127] Barclays, along with seven French banks, was named in a lawsuit filed in New York on behalf of Jews who were unable to reclaim money they deposited during the Nazi era.

=What a disgraceful bank