Covid: Almost two million in UK 'have not worked for six months'
18/02/2021 | news | business | 124
Those people affected were either unemployed or fully furloughed, the Resolution Foundation think tank said.
18/02/2021 18:30:44 12 4
Furlough needs to end soon, it is unsustainable. Harsh reality but if you haven't worked for 6+ months (some are closing in on 12months) then your job will not exist/be required in a post covid world
It’s started, the I’m alright bugger everyone else brigade are starting to show their ugly head.
Are you Thatchers love child.
18/02/2021 15:46:29 24 6
People had no choice here to be made unemployed or furloughed.

But the I'm Alright Jack brigade will still complain.

Signed, Someone who is in full employment with 100% pay (one of the lucky ones, for sure).
Must get bored of looking at the same brown boxes wizzing past on the conveyor all day though ? Removed